Thursday, December 3, 2009

"TRUST" in America and in Yourself, Now !

In the past 100 years the United States has perfected all aspects of life for its citizens. We have benefited from our natural resources, geographical location and capitalistic economic system. We have prospered and all who chose to participate have benefited, over time.
But it appears that we may have killed the goose that laid the golden egg. The goose being “Trust”, for trust is the glue that keeps our system together and working.
The government that looked after the defense and well being of all, we trust no more. The media, that without bias informed, we trust no more. The science community, that we looked to for technical guidance, we trust no more. The economists, that helped direct our prosperity, we trust no more.
This situation has caused most trusting souls in America to drift rudderless into an uncharted abyss.
It seems that a minority of our political leaders have misdirected all of us down a path of lies and deceit for no other reason but their own enrichment. These leaders now have corrupted the archaic branch of the media, that now reports only what the government says, while with an outstretched hand grabs for government subsidies. Now, those in the science community also with outstretched hands, trade money for lies about our environment. Finally, our once trusted government representatives have sold out our entire economic system, guided by corrupted economists.
What was once red white and blue is now just red. What was once pride is now shame. What were once a proud people is now a country in decline.
Is that what you are now? Is that what our legacy will be? Is that the future for our children?
No, of course not! Now, start trusting in yourself, your family and your friends who are of like mind. Trust your God and most of all trust that your country will survive this enemy of the State. The enemy of the State is the State and that has to end.
So, yes, it’s time, that’s right, its time to do something about it. You know what to do. Now, do it!

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