Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Was the CIA Standing Down on Christmas Day?

Today, the Wizard of Oz (Obama) released an audio clip of his voice from Hawaii in between 18 holes of golf. I guess he’s now ruling by voice only. I hope the next tape is more uplifting.
He attacked the entire security network responsible for the protection of the American people. If he’s going to attack them, why isn't he attacking himself, since he’s their boss? I wonder how long the Wizard of Oz is going to continue to govern from afar. He can’t keep voting “present” forever, or can he? As President Harry Truman once said “The buck stops here” and he was a democrat! Maybe, this President feels no need to be responsible for his own actions and lack of action.
It’s maddening how this guy continues to coldly appear to be governing our country.
With that said, Obama’s tone today sounded more like ………. Drum roll please……… paranoia! Yep, the Wizard of Oz is now feeling like he’s being set up by the guys that had a long talk with him months ago, the CIA. If Obama feels that the CIA is standing down on terrorist attacks, is that not an attack on his administration, it sure is.
As you examine this fiasco of a terror attack, it seems that everybody messed up, even the terrorist. Do you really think the CIA and their friends just let this guy get through for no damn good reason?
If Obama is thinking right, which I know he is, he knows that his attacks on the CIA in the past, which prompted a visit to the White House by all past directors for 40 years, “are coming home to roost.” This is where the paranoia comes in.
Obama knows that if this is a message from the boys in the shadows, he knows they could stand down when it comes to his personal security and safety. It’s common knowledge on the” left” that the security network that protects the President stood down for JFK and we know how that ended, don’t we?
So, since the Wicked Witch of the North has it out, for the Wizard he might want to click his heals like Dorothy did to get him back to Kansas. Whoops, that’s a red state isn't it? Well, anywhere but here, right Wizard? I think the jig is up Mr. President! Maybe it's time to start acting like an "American."

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Anonymous said...

CIA standing down sure due to the stroke of Obama's mighty pen with changing the Interpol agreement. We should all blame Interpol for dropping the ball, wonder how much the bill is for Fed Ex to ship all related docs to Lyon, France, no wait, Interpol has a large office located in our own Justice Dept.