Friday, January 24, 2014

Putin Calls Obama a Pigeon

"Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game." - Putin 

Putin is on to something. Obama refuses to send the proper amount of troops to Afghanistan and we all sit around wondering why the war is lost.
He pulls our troops out of Iraq after the country is secured and refuses to leave a proper amount of troops to keep the peace.
He creates ObamaCare and everybody loses their doctors and health plans. Plan costs skyrocket and the quality of care tumbles.
He passes the Dodd-Frank Act, strangles the capital formation industry and everyone wonders why there are no jobs.
He supports terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood just to see what happens when he gives them the keystone to the Middle East, Egypt.
He is now in a desperate attempt to threaten anyone that stands up to him with jail time, something you would only see from a South American dictator.
He lies, lies and lies some more while never admitting his horrible blunders.
Like Putin has said he walks in knocks all the pieces off a chess board and lies by saying he won the game.
Our country has a serious problem with this man and he must be removed any way legally. - N.P.Contompasis

Mitt (Romney) on Netflix Now

Just watched Mitt the movie documentary on Mitt Romney and his Presidential bid in 2012 on Netflix. 
A lying deceitful man with no character won out over a great American with the character this country desperately needs this very moment. 
- N.P.Contompasis

Obama on the Warpath

You are now witnessing the bizarre Presidential tantrum of Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States. The President has so damaged his own brand with lies, cover ups and deceptions that he now feels he must use his Attorney General Eric “The Murderer” Holder to strike back at anything that’s Republican, Conservative or Tea Party.
In the past few days he has managed to have the former Republican Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell and his wife indicted for campaign fraud and Dinesh D’Souza maker of the damning 2012 Obama movie for again campaign fraud.
Just this week he sued Moody’s rating agency for not doing what he wanted. Staying on Wall Street we have the CEO of J.P. Morgan Jamie Dimon sweating bullets over an ensuing trumped up criminal charge relating to banking practices, because he spoke out against the President’s inability to lead.
Moving right along, we have “Fat-boy RINO” Republican Governor Christie being investigated for anything they can find. On a lesser note we have the investigation of Senator Lamar Alexander’s chief of staff for child porn.
While all of this is going on Obama’s FBI still won’t investigate the Obama Administration on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS and the NSA.
The President is now, along with his many talking heads in the Mainstream Media trashing Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party, Conservatives and anyone who speaks out against him. He takes this stuff real personal if you haven’t noticed.
The idea here is to keep the Right in the media to be trashed, demonized and isolated, you know, Alinsky crap.

This won’t stop and will get much worse as the Obama anger continues to reach lower into the population pool. Big time players are in his scope obviously, but tyrannical leaders never stop there as they start picking off the little people like you and me. – N.P.Contompasis 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Mainstream Media and Where It's Going

In a Globalist world each region will be represented by "ONE" news outlet spouting the same thing. It's kinda like four Soviet Pravda's regurgitating the same government lines. 
In Europe it's BBC, in the Muslim World it's Al Jazeera, in Asia it's China's propaganda machine and in the United States we call it the Mainstream Media. 
They are all working in tandem to slowly brainwash you into thinking that Globalism is good for you, it's fair for all and you can't live without it. Like the Global Warming Hoax the next hoax will be the Global Mainstream Media that will tell you what they think you should know and never ever told the truth.
If you don't believe me track the media since the fall of the old failed Soviet Union and watch were they take us in the coming years. Our younger genrations won't stand a chance as they paint history and the world like another one of Oliver Stone's disinformation movies. - N.P.C.

New U.S. Military Changes From Obama

This new military ruling that allows beards, hats and other religious expressions is just another move towards "GLOBALISM" - You really have to start thinking Globalism for everything that's coming out of our government. 
It is to prepare you for the onslaught of foreign and very different people who will be coming to our country due to an open borders policy. 
PROBLEM - One of Putin's major problems is that one third of his military are Muslim. When you factor that into his decisions relating to al Qaeda, Syria, Iraq and others you understand how a military and a country's policies can be effected by it's racial and ethnic mix.
This explains why our effectivness and mission has been up untill now been so effective.
When Americans can no longer identify with their military, that's when the shooting starts. - NPC

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Obama the International Man of Mystery

And the Obama mystery continues. New info on the murdered Hawaiian birth certificate official. 
January 22, 2014
Barack Hussein Soebarkah?

By Jason Kissner
Dr. Jason Kissner is associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno.

One of the unexplained mysteries in the scanty documentation of the early life of the 45th President of the United States is the appearance of the name Soebarkah as his last name on an official document filled out by his mother.

In a recent contribution to American Thinker, Nick Chase offers very persuasive evidence that the long-form birth certificate released by Obama is a forgery.

While in the midst of developing an argument supporting the idea that Obama was adopted by the Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, Chase states:

Finally, we have Stanley Ann Soetoro's 1968 application to extend her 1965 passport (now destroyed) for an additional two years, as shown in Figure PPA.

On the second page of the application, Ann moved to exclude her son Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah) from her passport, but the item has been crossed out -- perhaps on the advice of the consulate in Jakarta, as this would have left seven-year-old Barry passportless -- so it didn't happen.

The appendage "(Soebarkah)" has never been satisfactorily explained by anyone, and I certainly don't know what "Soebarkah" means, but it does seem to indicate a name change or change in citizenship status for the boy.

Clearly, just what constitutes "a satisfactory explanation" varies with respect to persons, subject matter, context, and so forth.

And yet, there is a very good -- and simple -- explanation for the seemingly random appearance of the sobriquet "Soebarkah" on Mother Soetoro's passport application.

Believe it or not, the reason may be linked to one Loretta Fuddy.

Yes, that Loretta Fuddy -- the Hawaii state health director who approved the release of Obama's long-form birth certificate and who has apparently succumbed to a nasty case of post random plane crash induced arrhythmia.

Ann Soetoro and Loretta Fuddy appear to have one very odd thing in common: both have been linked to the Subud cult, which originated in, of all places, Indonesia and was founded by the Javanese Muslim Muhammed Subuh.

The smallish cult appears to have had, at least circa 2001 and according to this profile of sorts in the Honolulu Advertiser, 20,000 members worldwide. Notice the picture of Deliana Fuddy, then "regional helper" and member of the faith? Let's return to her Subud status in a second.

Note also that the World Subud organization seems to have been based in, of all cities....wait for it...Chicago. Indonesia...Chicago...Hawaii... three locales linked to Obama's life.

Next, observe that the Advertiser article states that Subud was introduced to Hawai'i in the 1960s (more on this in the conclusion).

Now to Ann Soetoro. She was linked to Subud by her biographer (and New York Times reporter) Janny Scott (Harvard '77) in the book A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother," reviewed by the New York Times here.

Loretta Fuddy was more than merely a follower of Subud; she worked her way up the ranks and became chairwoman of Subud USA, based in Seattle from 2006 to 2008, and was known to Subud not merely as Loretta Fuddy, but as "Deliana" Loretta Fuddy. In fact, you can see that in its headline, the official Subud "memorial" page drops "Loretta" and refers simply to "Deliana" Fuddy.

Ann Soetoro's close association with members of the Subud cult will be documented below. But first, note in passing that of all the persons -- Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindu, or you-name-it -- that could have been installed as Director of the State Department of Health in Hawaii, Hawaii alighted on Fuddy -- a leader of a small cult with roots in Indonesia and connections to Ann Soetoro -- Obama's mother. Second, observe that Fuddy assumed the Director position in Hawaii in January 2011, just a few months before the release of Obama's long form birth certificate.

Now to Ann Soetoro's links with Subud and to a brief discussion of the Barry "Soebarkah" mystery associated with Ann Soetoro's 1968 passport renewal application.

Read the following excerpt from SubudVoice in 2011 (and please note that I have italicized a couple of sentences to emphasize that the Subud "Staff Reporter" is drawing on material from Janny Scott's biography of Ann Soetoro; they aren't simply making an anonymous, empty assertion that can't be substantiated.)

Obama's mother and Subud

By Staff Reporter...

A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother,a biography of the mother of US President Obama, Ann DunhamSutoro, contains several references to Subud. As is generally known Obama lived with his mother in Jakarta for some years...

Arianne (no second name) wrote to me to say, "Talked to Irin Poellot who is reading the book about Obama's mother and has already run into several literal mentions of Subud!!! I remember the late Mansur Madeiros mentioning he knew her in Indonesia and he is mentioned in the book! I can't help wondering if we will get inquiries about Subud since it is mentioned often in a book which probably will be widely read. It also is a delicious fact that our Subud sister, Ms Fuddy, just was appointed to her post in the Health Dept in Hawaii in time to be involved in the documentation of fact that Obama was born there."

I wrote back asking for more specific information and Arianne replied, "Irin kindly supplied some quotes:In chapter 4 "Initiation in Java" the Subud members are quoted. And then (on page 116): "...she (Ann) was hired to start an English-language, business-communications department in one of the few private non profit management-training schools in the country."

Ann "found a group of young Americans and Britons enrolled in an intensive course in Bahasa Indonesia, the national language, at the University of Indonesia recalled Irwan Holmes, (a member of the original group). She was looking for teachers. A half dozen of them accepted her invitation, many of them members of an international spiritual organization, Subud, with a residential compound in a suburb of Jakarta.."

And ......Mohammad Mansur Madeiros, a reclusive and scholarly Subud member from Fall River, Massachusetts, and Harvard, whom Ann hired as a teacher, had immersed himself so deeply in Javanese culture, language and religion that friends nicknamed him Mansur Java. When he died in 2007, friends recalled his preference for the company of ordinary Indonesians --street vendors and becak drivers -- over that of other Subud members and expatriates."

But what might the Ann Soetoro, Deliana Fuddy, Subud links really have to do with the sobriquet Barry Soebarkah?

To help answer that, transport yourself backward in time and sit at the feet of the Indonesian Subud master Bapak circa 1963:

Question:1 Many people in Subud change their names. Is this necessary? Is it important? How does the change of a name affect us? Physically, spiritually or both?

Bapak: Brothers and sisters, whether it is necessary or not depends on what you want....

If changing one's name for "spiritual reasons" was something frequently done by followers of Subud's Bapak, and Stanley Ann Soetoro was in fact closely associated with Subud, it is reasonable to suppose that "Soebarkah" arose in the same way new names for others (like "Deliana" Loretta Fuddy?) associated with Subud did: as a matter of course depending on the case.

Readers might agree that the above is a quite reasonable account of the origin of Barry "Soebarkah."

But there is something else. The above biographical material bonds Ann Soetoro to Subud members via an English language, business communications department post. According to the New York Times here, that would have been around 1970 or 1971. However, the passport renewal application with the name "Soebarkah" dates to 1968. This suggests that either the "Soebarkah" handle came from nowhere, or that matters are as we have discussed and that Ann Soetoro in fact came to Subud before 1970 -- perhaps in Hawaii.

Clearly, we might want to recall that the above linked Honolulu Advertiser Subud profile indicates that Subud was introduced to Hawai'i in the 1960s.

In closing, the Ann Soetoro's 1968 passport renewal application raises the spectre of possible Obama birth certificate fraud yet again. Have a look at page 2 of the document:

For a larger version, click here

"Sorebarkah" appears in the section labeled "Amend to Include (Exclude) Children."

The name Barack Hussein Obama (Sorebarkah) is crossed out.

Nick Chase has concluded that this signifies that Ann Soetoro had improvidently decided to exclude Barack from her passport renewal. Chase thinks that Soetoro changed her mind about exclusion after having been informed by the Consulate that doing so would leave Barack passportless.

But there is another possibility -- one just as valid on its face.

What if Soetoro was trying to include Obama in the renewal, but she wasn't able to produce a birth certificate, and the Subud name "Soebarkah" just didn't do the trick? (hat tip Louise Hodges for the "inclusion" possibility; one can't be certain why she did not link the inclusion possibility to Soebarkah).

That could explain why the name Subud name "Soebarkah" appears nowhere else (that we are aware of anyway),

Of course, we might then have to wonder exactly how Obama did his traveling at certain points in time, but then perhaps Subud is, at least at times, more than a mere cult?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Assad is now being called Hitler by the New World Order

This is how it works. The British Broadcasting Corporation - BBC is the mouthpiece of the New World Order - NWO. I usually don't use that term. My preference is Globalists. 
It's very important to listen to the BBC because they tell you who's on the Globalists hit list and right now it's Assad of Syria.
This is how it works. With the largest news network on the ground in every country around the world the BBC acts as the CIA, a news gathering organization, to expose human rights atrocities. Currently many from Africa are on their list since Africa along with the Middle East is where most atrocities occur.
The BBC develops or stokes international opinion against a target which can and does end up in the International Criminal Court at the Hague.
The idea behind this is that individuals commit war atrocities/human rights violations and humans can be picked out individually to pay for these crimes. By turning any world leader into a pariah and issuing arrest warrants globally they become the hunted and can never leave their country. They become prisoners within their own country while Globalists support internal forces to pressure him or her out of office. Sometimes civil wars occur and sometimes street demonstrations do the job, but one thing is sure this new method of human rights enforcement is starting to work.
Let's hope this method works with Assad and other tyrants around the world. 

Breaking News - BBC this morning is reporting internationally proof Assad of Syria is a mass murderer. Defector has over 55,000 photographs of murdered, starved and tortured citizens, 11,000 in all. War crimes lawyers say he must be tried at the Hague. Assad is Hitler.
The defector was working for the Assad government for 30 years. This is a big deal. International crimes lawyers have been interrogating him for months.

- N.P.Contompasis

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The California Drought Disaster of 2014


Poncho, hace tu madre tiene espacio para mí en tijuana ???

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snowden - Manning - Globalist - Plot

The more I research and understand Edward Snowden's action along with the sexually confused Private Bradly Manning's top secret cable releases, the more I think that Globalists are behind a plot to diminish and equalize the last Superpower on Earth with the rest of the world's industrial nations. 
After all, things being equal they can then finalize their One World Government.
One key piece of evidence to my theory is that under normal circumstances both of these individuals would have already been executed or disappeared. - N.P.Contompasis


Remember, Obama doesn't care if ObamaCare works. Globalist-Socialists create government regulations/severe monetary penalties to break the back of a private sector while destroying that industry. That's exactly what he's doing to our health care system, energy sector and our capital formation sector. 
- N.P.Contompasis

NSA and Trust

Congress and the President want more Congressional oversight over the NSA, but the NSA doesn't trust Congress or the President. Can you blame them? Nobody trusts anybody anymore while the American people are either spied on or victimized by terrorists.
If we elected morally sound American patriots maybe than we could trust the elaborate systems our country relies on to protect its citizens.
- N.P.Contompasis

IAEA expert arrives in Iran to monitor nuclear deal implementation - BUT HE MUST KEEP HIS BLINDFOLD ON!!!

Per BBC - We now have less sunspots causing very cold winters. The last time this happened was in the 17th Century when winters were cold for decades. Bundle up Global Warming is about to become extinct. N.P.Contompasis

MORE LIES FROM YOUR PRESIDENT - Obama - He Didn't Know Extent of NSA Surveillance

Head of IMF Killed - Afghanistan

Head of IMF in Afghanistan killed. 
At least two Americans were among 21 killed in a Taliban attack Friday on a Kabul restaurant, according to the U.S. embassy in the Afghan capital. 

More on this story

Per BBC - Britain's national health care system is now taking children right from the birthing table and forcing an adoption because the government thinks you're not capable of taking care of the child. Government Heath care gone wild. Many couples are now fleeing the country to mainland Europe to escape this practice. This is where ObamaCare is taking us.

Pope Benedict in 2011 and 2012 defrocked over 400 priests for child abuse. This is outrageous that so many priests from one religion would be child molesters. OUT"F**KING"RAGEOUS!! - N.P.Contompasis

Many ask why we're against abortion and suicide on demand. The sanctity of life is important and must be maintained otherwise things get out of control. You see inherently man doesn't give a good goddamn about his fellow man. That's how genocides occur. -N.P.Contompasis

Seriously, did George Bush lie to the American people like Obama has and continues to do?

Canadians Flee Their Health System to America

Fraser Institute report: 41,838 Canadians fled Canada to USA to get medical care in 2013.(Canada has single payer)

DOJ eliminating country of origin profiling... Obama & Kerry Want 30,000 Muslim Middle Eastern Refugees in 2014 - MORE MOSQUES MORE BULLSHIT

Hey Liberals

Now, tell me again where ya want that sh*t pile that's in the White House???

ObamaCare is a coverup of a coverup of a coverup of a coverup..... Oh almost forgot a whole bunch a lies too. - N.P.Contompasis

FATBOY HYPOCRITE LIBERAL-JEW WEINSTEIN IS ABOUT TO ATTACK THE NRA AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT - MAYBE SOMEONE SHOULD READ THE VERY SHORT HISTORY OF GERMAN JEWS AND WHY THEY ENDED UP IN THE OVENS. SORRY FOR BEING SO BLUNT BUT HOW STUPID CAN THESE PEOPLE BE???? An anti-NRA movie starring Meryl Streep is in the works by progressive Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who says the drama will make the National Rifle Association "wish they weren't alive." - N.P.Contompasis

Where is Senator Schumer and the rest of the Liberal-Jews that gave us Obama? - WHAT!!! All of a sudden Obama's out of control trying to divide Israel. You had to be blind or just greedy as hell to miss this move from Obama the Muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP LIBERAL-JEWS - WAKE THE F**K UP BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR HOMELAND FOREVER. - N.P.Contompasis

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Obama's Secret Iranian Nuke Deal

Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s point person for the secret part of the Iranian nuke deal has for the past six months used the skills she picked up while serving under her former boss Mayor Daley of Chicago as his bagman. 
Bagman, bagwoman, bagperson, whatever you want to call it, she put together the biggest bag in bagman history and most of the spoils were headed into Barack Obama’s back pocket. With over $24 Billion of frozen Iranian assets both domestically and internationally Kerry and Obama had the pick of the crop of overseas assets to be transferred into their charitable trusts and secret corporations fronted by trusted straw men. The fix was in and they made sure that Hillary wasn't left out of the pirate’s bounty. That’s why Hillary had to win the Presidency in 2016, to keep the investigative dogs at bay.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the President was wondering who Michelle was screwing under the swaying palms of Oprah’s secluded Eastern Maui estate in the very out of the way village of Hanna. She was pissed at him for his many affairs of both genders and she figured it was time to cut the cards. Michelle knew about the Iranian asset deal and she wanted her share now!
Barack knew he had to cut her in to keep her quiet. His loudmouthed bitch could sink him in a Chicago second and that won’t be allowed to happen. He had two choices, jam millions down her throat and if she wasn’t satisfied, shut her up for good with a hit from a loyal ex-Chicago cop.
Things weren't looking too good for Hillary and the President as the Senate released a damming bipartisan report on their Benghazi debacle. The cover-up was being uncovered leaving Hillary out in the cold for 2016 with many unanswered questions. The President was running out of excuses and blocks.
Michelle awoke from a long sexual night. Oprah slipped into her silk robe and headed back to her room while Generals and Admirals at the Pentagon roasted marshmallows’ around the campfire. They spoke quietly of Petraeus’s upcoming coup d’etat.
From the novel Now the Eagle – by N.P.Contompasis

Friday, January 10, 2014

Islam and Its Two Major Sects Shia-Iran and Sunni-Saudi Arabia

Iran is Shia, who we hate because of their terrorist activates and who continues to attempt to spread its influence around the world.
Saudi Arabia is Sunni, where the West gets all of their oil and who tends to side with Western ways and interests. But, make no mistake they suck too.
Some say Obama has sided with Shia-Iran and has allowed them to continue to develop their nuclear program while walking away from a relatively fragile partnership between Israel and Saudi Arabia-Sunni.
Obama was raised Sunni (Saudi Arabia) in Indonesia. That’s his background, not Shia!
Some say that Obama refused to go into Syria because he backed the Shia-Iran element fighting against Assad who is also allied with Iran. Confused yet?
Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that Obama isn’t really siding with anyone. He’s simply scared to death of getting involved with anyone that will involve him in a protracted conflict that would hurt him politically instead of supporting his allies and their interests. Those allies are Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe who gets most of their oil from.
He simply is putting his political survival in front of the West’s interests around the world and our enemies now know it. That my friends, is very dangerous for us as a people because when quasi-super powers like Russia and China see this yellow streak down the back of a U.S. President they see opportunity.
As this religious war wages on and its puppet masters continue to pull their strings, lines become more blurred as the last Superpower on Earth is absent, making matters worse.
Where has support for the greater good gone, to Hawaii on vacation???


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As the first commercial Danish ship slipped out of the Port of Lattakia, Syria with the first load of Assad’s deadly weapons Ahmad busily prepared his assault boats on the Turkish side of the island of Cyrus. The U.N.’s plans were to keep the ship at sea, while being guarded by Red Chinese, Danish, Norwegian and Russian vessels.
Ahmad’s plans were simple. He is to highjack the vessel and point it towards the Port of Tel Aviv where his al Qaeda led group wipes out half the population of Israel with its deadly cargo. With China and Russia at the lead guarding this vessel it was worse than a fox guarding a henhouse. The fix was already in and Ahmad had a green light from the two quasi-super powers to board the deadly chemical laden nautical vessel of mass destruction. After taking control Ahmad knew that no country would be responsible for sinking this vessel and polluting half the Mediterranean with the deadly cargo. So, while the big-wigs talked about what to do he will have already reached his target.  
Russia and China know that Israel is the keystone to the Middle East, not Egypt. If Israel is crippled the West is done in the region and the Muslim Sunni-Shia regional war can wage on unbridled stopping oil and gas flows to the West. The balance of power globally would be devastating to the West and irreversible. The economic impact would be like a thousand nukes going off throughout Western capitals.
As Ahmad slipped off in the middle of the night headed towards his moment in history the U.S. President Obama was back after one of his lengthy vacations trying to distract the American people from his lies over his high-jacking of their healthcare system by quietly pushing an open door policy for the millions of illegal immigrants that are fleeing from the ever mounting global war.

From the Novel “Now the Eagle” – by Nicholas Contompasis