Sunday, August 30, 2009

John McCain - It Could Get That Bad

No one has more respect for Senator John McCain than I. That's why I'm sharing this observation with you.
While he holds his town hall meetings this August I've noticed when asked questions or confronting statements that could be viewed as hostile towards President Obama he seems to curl up like a turtle. He steps back from the crowd and says with a meek voice that President Obama is not this or that but he's a good American and we should take those thoughts from our minds.
What is compelling Senator McCain to make statements that are clearly deflective and passive in nature?
When I first saw this I was shocked and a feeling went through me that chilled me to the bone. It took me a few days to completely analyse this feeling.
After great thought, I realized what I was seeing.
It was fear !
It was the look of just how bad this could get. It was the look from someone who was in complete survival mode. It was the move by someone who has been there and has realized that it's more important not to fight but to survive to fight and conquer another day. It is the reaction of a survivalist. It is the look of a courageous patriot.
Our Senator is behind bars again but now it's not in Hanoi, it's Washington DC.
We should all pray that he survives this even greater challenge. The stakes couldn't be greater for all of us.

"Liberal Jews" and "Restitution Blacks" Dominate the Obama Administration

That's right, you don't have to look long at the Obama administration to notice the face and personality of this far left administration.

President Obama has selected some of the most divisive people to be in charge of our most important sectors of government. You know what happens when you appoint controversial people to high posts, you get dysfunction in the organization. Is this what Obama whats? I think so.

You can't take over a country when things are running smoothly. If it's running well you must disrupt it. Than you throw the rule books out and make your own rules. That's where we're headed. Get ready, this will be traumatic to normal people in America. I'm afraid for America and how she will react to this disruption.

With the Face of the Government becoming more and more " Restitution Black" and " Liberal Jew " the majority of Americans "White Christian " will feel unrepresented.

Historically, this is a formula for violence. The form of violence that America has not seen since the King assassination. But, this time a majority will be up in arms and the US military will have to intervene on the side of the majority. This is all part of the cookbook for revolution.

It will all start with a back lash against Blacks and Jews in general even though not all of them voted or support Obama's leftist views. That's why I have written of my frustration with the Gang of 13 Jewish Senators in the US Senate. They have the power to stop Obama. Don't they know where this is all leading. They have even disconnected from their own home land Israel. In a poll taken, 96% of Israelis feel Obama is anti-Israel while the gang of 13 and America Jews support all of Obama's policies.

It will all end violently and quickly with a military take over to stabilize the country.

So, fasten your seat belt, this could get rough !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Poll in Israel Says 96% of the Country Feels Obama is Anti-Israel

"If at first we thought Obama was omnipotent, we see polls in Israel and in the US that the magic and nice words have finally begun to wear off," Danon said. "Obama's extremism against Israel has united the population from center to Right behind Netanyahu."

Press headline for full story.

The Irony of Bill Ayers - Terrorist

By Nicholas Contompasis

In the late 60's as a member of SDS ( Students for a Democratic Society ) and while going to college in the DC area I received an education in radicalism that, frankly, I think every American should be exposed too. The months on the street being involved with the far left opened my eyes to what they really wanted.

My objective in getting involved was simply to stop a war that I thought was mismanaged and was going on to long.

But the more radical side of SDS wanted a complete and utter destruction of our government and our way of life. I for one didn't want any part of that.

The one common thread that united all of us was that we were " angry."

I knew of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn in the group who later branched out into the Weather Underground.

In my exposure or more like indoctrination I realized that for any movement to succeed you must have the guys who will do the unthinkable " terrorism."

The dirty little word that turns a civilized argument into a war and war is just what they wanted.

Let's understand Bill Ayers is, was and always will be a punk. His private access into the oval office should frighten every American. Like I've mentioned he and his friends are no friends to America. I know.

As the Obama Administration attempts to turn the country hard left at breakneck speed it would not surprise me if a symbolic gesture of payback could happen to Bill Ayers.

Signs in politics come in many ways, from a character assassination to an 8 oz. chunk of C-4 as you turn the key of your front door. Now wouldn't that be ironic.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Next President of the United States General David Petraeus Ph.D

As the ancient warrior from the dusty pages of a long forgotten empire steps out into present days light his mission is one. This mission is as old as the history books from which he emerges.
His goal is to right the wrong. His mission is to save his people for whom he has fought for in far off lands, spending years in foreign soil and feeling the blood of many enemies.
His love for his land is full and true. A love that is felt to the core of his being. This love of empire is the common thread that links the people of the empire to him.
As the years pile up in his endeavor to save the empire from the menaces from afar, the storm clouds grow over his homeland.
The threat now is more from within than from afar and the Eagle is watching and waiting. The corrupt leader and senator's of the ancient forum have now pushed the people to the brink of existence.
But, the Eagle is waiting. As this ancient general of the loyal armies dusts off his shield and sharpens his sword and spear he sets his eyes on his homeland.
With a tear in his eye and the wind under his feet he will return to right the wrong, to free the enslaved, to stop the oppression and to ultimately heal the scars of his homeland.
For the Eagle is coming to save his land, to save his people. He is coming to save his America.
And when his mission is met he than can rest back into the ancient page's of history till it's time once again to emerge for the people.

Ted Kennedy was the Father of Political Hate Speech in America - Rush Limbaugh

Per Rush Limbaugh on the radio today. Listen now to the details of the Kennedy hate speech history. No truer words have been said.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Omar Kadafi the State Sponsored Muslim Terrorist Want's to Camp in Your Backyard

You have to ask yourself, would Omar " the Lockerbie killer " Kadafi dare come to America if President's Reagan or Bush were in office.
You know the answer to that question " hell no ".
But it seems that Muslim terrorists around the world now see our President Obama as a fellow sympathiser and they are now relocating their tents to America.
As I remember during the US Presidential race Kadafi stated on video (still on YouTube ) that Obama was a brother Muslim.
Well, it looks like Omar is on his way over to America for some of that " Obama Love ".
In the past I have not been very kind to the "Gang of 13" ( Jewish democrat's ) in the Senate on their lack of courage to resist the new Obama tough love policy with Israel.
I wonder if they will finally find their voices and sing in unison "God Bless America, Stay Away Omar" ?
Or have they completely sold America out again?

The Last Kennedy is Dead - What Could Have Been What Would Have Been !

As the last Kennedy passes into the pages of history I can't help but recall the many tragedies in American history that are linked to the name Kennedy.
The name Kennedy ......... invokes thoughts and very vivid thoughts of the killing decade, the 60's.
As we entered the 70's with only one of three Kennedy's you have to ask yourself why them? Why was that family targeted as a threat to America ?
Maybe the answer to those questions are being answered in the streets and town hall meetings around the country.
If the Kennedy's had lived we most likely would have been dealing with these same issues, than instead of now. But, as students of history we understand that in those days threats to the social norm were handled in a different way.
The Jack Kennedy thing in Dallas did stink, I have to admit. The Robert Kennedy elimination in Los Angeles also had unusual overtones.
If you take the time to evaluate the assassinations in the 60's you come away feeling that the left was under mortal attack by someone. The military industrial complex of which President Eisenhower warned us of, who knows? But, it sure did smell to high heaven.
The hijacking of the democrat party by the left is now resurrecting the same fears for the majority of Americans.
This fear is just as great as it was back in the 60's and all of this could end up the same way if the same powers are still in place.
My feelings for the left and democrat's are not a secret. So let's not hide a fact.
But when I see President Obama on TV, I see an " occupier " and when I saw Senator Kennedy I saw an "American".

Monday, August 24, 2009

Angry President Obama Attacks the Bush Administration as He Losses Ground on his Government Health Option, Cap n Trade and Major Polls.

Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement today to go after CIA employees for torture seems to be another Professor Gate's like reaction from the President. Mr. Obama is not getting his way around the country with polls dropping and bills getting watered down. He is looking more and more like a lame duck president every day.

As his anger grows I just wonder how far he will lash out at the American People. I have stated in prior articles that " America has never felt this level of anger from a president".

Will he rule by executive order ? Will he have to bypass the congress to attack the American People, only time will tell.

You do know he is angry at you the American People. It's you that are effecting his policies and bills on the hill. It's you the American People that have stood up and said NO to his radical agenda.

It's the American People who can change the congress in 2010.
The Obama election was an American mistake and like in the past when this country has flubbed up we have self corrected. Well it's time for the self correcting process to begin.

The Interrogation Czar Will Protect You - Don't Count on It !

Interrogation Czar........ hum, this takes me back to the good old days of the Vietnam War. The war that went on and on, remember and the war we lost.

This is from my Uncle who was a high ranking officer serving there at that time " My staff and I would meet every morning and plan our moves against the VC. It would be me, a representative from the south's army and a representative from the State Department. The State Department had veto power over anything we did on the ground. It was my opinion that the war could have been won if the State Department had let us do our job".

Now we have a Czar overseeing the collection of information from apprehended terrorists.

As we all know every one of the 30 some Czar's are political including this one.

If Obama continues to change his organization chart with all lines leading to him, guess who takes the fall, and that fall is inevitable.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

“The Axis of Idiots” - The Real Enemy is Here in Washington

The Axis of Idiots

J.D. Pendry is a retired Marine Command Sergeant Major who writes for Random House. He is eloquent, and he seldom beats around the bush!

Jimmy Carter, you’re the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home, and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embassy and our people hostage. You’re the runner-in-chief.
Bill Clinton, you played ring around the Lewinsky while the terrorists were at war with us. You got us into a fight with them in Somalia and then you ran from it. Your weak-willed responses to the U.S.S. Cole and the First Trade Center Bombing and Our Embassy Bombings emboldened the killers. Each time you failed to respond adequately, they grew bolder, until 9/11/2001.
Read on at this link, it's worth the read.

Capitol Hill Becomes Mosque for Friday Islamic Prayers (jummah)

Danger America Danger straight ahead.
For those aware of Islam’s lack of delineation between politics, religion and law (not to mention defense) but rather a ‘complete way of life’, these efforts at dawah to gain a political foothold align well with the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’.

Massive TV Ad's from the Right Opposing a Government Option on Health Care to Air Next Week

As President Obama vacations on Martha's Vineyard the Right is barbecuing a nice surprise for the inexperienced president. It seems that Mr. Obama has taken up the presidential tradition of playing golf or vacationing while under fire, as an attempt to show the opposing side that he's not sweating the battle at hand.

Well, Mr. Obama should take heed and cut his vacation short, head back to the White House and prepare for a multi-million dollar TV blitz depicting him as a vacationing fool while his ship is sinking.

But, based on the way the White House handlers have been handling, they''ll botch this one too.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Reverend Barack Obama a Man of God

Wow, watching the President yesterday speaking as if he had spent 20 years in a seminary, made me just want to head over to a church and light a candle for him. The words flowed from his silver tonged mouth like a well oiled machine.

He was acting and the world knew it. That's what made it all so surreal. We had a President switching from his atheistic persona to The Reverend Barack Obama all within hours of a TV appearance that depicted him as the far left radical he is.

The failed 24 hour approach to split Christians in our country over the Government Option on health care was amateurish.

Whoever is guiding Mr. Obama in this battle must have been reading the latest issue of Mad Magazine. You would have to be mad to take the view of a Christian and say it's OK for a godless government to run your health care a la abortion, elderly termination of life by denial of service and on and on.

Maybe it's time for the President to run as fast and as far away from this idea of Nationalizing the health care industry before his presidency is completely destroyed and he becomes a lame duck before his time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

President Obama vs Rush Limbaugh on the Radio

Today is a historic day if you didn't know. President Obama today has acknowledged by his action of broadcasting on radio during the hours that Rush Limbaugh ( talk show juggernaut )broadcasts that he is losing the battle for the Government Option on health care.

This simple act acknowledges the power and influence of the Limbaugh radio show and Rush Limbaugh himself.

With the President running in full retreat from the majority of US voters this desperate act signals that he just may ram his health care bill through congress infuriating the masses.

One has to question the President's motive to aggravate the average person in America.

Rush has mentioned many times on his show that Obama's motives could be to cause such disruption in America that would lead him to declare martial law and eventually through Presidential orders take your guns and rights.

Rush's worse case scenario seems to be playing out as the people of America continually are ignored.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sarah Palin's New Tweet

In Sarah Palin's new tweet expect a ground swell of support from around the country. With her grand slam tweet last week, almost crippling the Obama "Government Option", she will focus with laser accuracy an attack on the left.

General Charles De Gaulle of France during the Second World War sent radio broadcasts penetrating the Nazi war machine in occupied France to create a resistance second to none.

I'm sure the Obama strategists have to fear "that next tweet" and how much damage it will create.

The power of one tweet can change the world as we are now noticing.

Rahm Emanuel the New J. Edgar Hoover for Obama?

In the book " J. Edgar Hoover - The Man and the Secrets " by Curt Gentry the author goes to great length to show how Mr. Hoover who was head of the FBI for decades crafted the morality of America. He used his power and information he gathered from his agents to pressure both Presidents and Congressman. He was always against communism and socialism. By investigating elected officials and finding their Achilles heal he would use this information against them if they tended to lean to far to the left.

Since his death no one person in America has come close to this level of power until Rahm Emanuel now White House Chief of Staff.

When you hear in the press of the arm twisting by Mr. Emanuel of Blue Dog Democrat's you have to question what do they mean by the term arm twisting. If you look at the history of arm twisting "a la J. Edgar Hoover " you can feel free to include just about anything.

Threats and smear campaigns and fabricated evidence just could be part of that arm twisting.

At this time while the dust is swirling no one is talking but I'm sure many books will be written shortly of just how far the Obama administration will go to pass its Socialistic agenda.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As a Californian I Object to Two Liberal Jewish Women from the Left Running My State in the US Senate !


Nicholas Contompasis for President - Who's That You Ask?

Nicholas Contompasis for President, who's that you ask ?
He's you and me. He's just the average US citizen who has lived a long and trying life and just may have something that most politicians don't have, "common sense".

Government today has lost it's common sense and has drifted into the twilight zone. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the way our elected officials make decisions.

Maybe it's time for Joe or Jane Six Pack to be put in congressional positions to bring us in line with the principles that have guided main street for the past 200 plus years.
Term limits would help this to happen. Term limits should be the new battle cry from the people. Term limits would clean out the corruption and good old boy and gal system that is destroying this country. Term Limits !

Someone who will ignore the lobbyists in Washington and make a decision that will benefit the people and not the special interests that seem to be clouding our country's thought processes.

So, next time you vote try voting for "A Nicholas Contompasis" for President.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama Addresses the VFW Today - The Silence was Deadly !

If today's reception by the VFW ( Veterans of Foreign Wars ) to President Obama is any indication of the attitude towards him by the military he should watch his back. With very few applauds and several boos the silence was deadly.

Obama Thinks You're Stupid and Want's You to Back a Freddie and Frannie Med

With billions of your hard earned tax dollars going down the drain over at Freddie and Fanny Mac the Obama administration wants to turn our medical industry into the same losing type of entity. Everyone knows by now that Freddie and Fannie for years have been run and abused by the Democrats in congress.

Would the congress run a new medical entity the same way ? I think so !

No deal Mr. President, no deal.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beware - of the King Makers

Beware of the person that says one thing and does another.

Beware of the person that tells you that you make too much money.

Beware of the person that wants to tax your take home pay until you have nothing left.

Beware of the person that tells you they know better than you.

Beware of the person that tells you what to think.

Beware of the person that tries to destroy your privacy.

Beware of the person that tells you that your not the majority.

Beware of the person that wants your property.

Beware of the person because that person has his/her wealth and doesn't want you to have yours or be able to acquire your own wealth.

By destroying your ability to gather wealth they become the king makers of the land.

Brad Pitt - Godless People Create Godless Governments and Godless Governments Have No Respect for Life

The other day Brad Pitt declared that he was an atheist and had no use for religion. His declaration was made to a staunch atheist Bill Maher on his cable tv show.

I imagine when you have over $ 100,000,000 in the bank you feel like a god. Well, I wonder how much of a god like feeling it would be if everyone stopped paying good money to see his movies.

One thing that most people don't understand about global celebrities is they have to appeal to the masses world wide. So, they try and portray an image of being less committal.

They don't believe in anything unless it's popular. This is much like what a politician does.

Is he really an atheist or is he just playing another role? Nevertheless, he has stuck another pin into the body of Christianity.
Let's remember that Godless people create Godless governments and Godless governments have no respect for life.

Next time you see his name on a marque you might want to remember that.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Israel Threatens Obama - Per Arutz Sheva

"If the current US administration wants to retain the great amount of Jewish support it received in the last election, and maintain a sense of trust and friendship among the Israeli people, then it must take a hard look at why Israel has shifted its attitudes toward the concept of "land for peace". Obama has to deliver the "change" he promised and stop arrogantly insisting that the US has the only solution to the conflict. He must try to listen to the Israeli people and their representatives, who echo their concerns."

Well, well, well, it appears that the 13 Jewish Senators in the US Senate may just have to do their duty for their homeland or will they sell them out like they are doing to the American people. We will see...............

Sarah Palin - Vote Straight Christian Next Time

Per Wikipedia " 19 and 26 percent of the American electorate self-identify as liberal" and of that per Wikipedia " 43% report they seldom or never attend religious services" and of the total " more than one-third never married (36%)".

It looks like the same disfuncitonal godless people that are attacking Sarah Palin are trying to destroy your country with over spending and the destruction of your privacy.

So, let's stop tiptoeing around the 800 ton elephant in the room.

The attacks on Sarah are an attack on Christianity. Christians ( 76% of US pop. ) are the sleeping giant in America that the left wants to keep sleeping. Sarah Palin's power to draw Christians out of their slumber is great and the left is frightened of that power. Christianity has been on the hit list of liberals for decades so maybe it's time to defend your religion.

Next time it's time to vote, VOTE FOR A CHRISTIAN.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sarah Palin Controls Democrats on Health Bill

It's been less than 48 hours since Sarah Palin exposed the "Death Panels" in the new Health Care Bill . She used her Facebook blog and Tweets to communicate to the world of this discovery.

The uproar was so great that it forced democrat's in congress to rewrite that portion of the bill.

Now I'm starting to understand the power of this women.

The attacks on Sarah are finally understood for what they are. The democrats understand the power of her principles and understand how much of a threat she is to their socialist policies.

I can't wait for her next tweet ?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Run Mr. President, Run as Fast as You Can !

If President Obama doesn't run and I mean run quickly away from the Cap n Trade bill and the National Health Care bill he will be a one term president. It's just that simple. You cannot pass bills that the vast majority do not want. He and the major players in congress who are pushing this junk will pay with their political careers. Their epitaph's will read " Here lies a political fool who forgot the basic principles of politics in a representative Democracy".
That major principle is staying in office as long as possible.
You see we the people have been exposed to the games of wall street over the past two years and have found that if you make a financial product that no one understands "you can sell it".

As we have all learned, that one concept is what almost destroyed our world economic system.
Now, the US Congress and President Obama are doing the very same thing to the American People all over again and the American People are finally getting it.
All around the country they are standing up and speaking out against the wholesale take over of the private sector and the personal privacy that all Americans cherish.
We the American People are not 3rd world people who have always been told what to do and have been held down by a suppressive governments. We are Americans, we will not stand for some government employee ( President Obama ) telling us what to do and when to do it. America wont stand for it.
So, run Mr. President, run as fast as you can..

Rioting California Prisoners Apply Basic Economic Principles to Their Early Releases

It appears that over 150,000 of California prisoners in facilities peppered throughout the state have been reading the paper.

With the ongoing California budget crisis it has been revealed by legislators that they would cut costs in the prison system by allowing early releases for inmates.

Well, it appears that inmates up and down the state have taken out their pencils and calculators and figured that if they cause millions of dollars of destruction in their prisons that more of them will be given an early release.

The more it costs the state to maintain these facilities the more released inmates.

A pretty simple formula that yes, even prisoners understand.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christians and Jews in the US Senate

Ho Ho Ho, I can already hear the anti-Semitic sabers rattling in the background but take a deep breath and read on.
Per information provided by Wikipedia, 15% of Senators ( all Jewish democrat's ) in the US Senate represent 100,000,000 ( 34% ) of the US population from various states.
In the current Senate of 100 seated the democrats hold about 60 seats. The pure Jewish vote has the power to make or break any bill that the democrats write. This includes influence and leverage on a President's foreign policy. They actually can make or break a President at this very moment.
Now, let's talk about Israel and the new Obama administration's hardball policy towards our strongest ally in the middle east. I have been searching for a reason why the Jewish Senators have not pressured Mr. Obama to back off. Is it possible that the once fiercely proud and supportive Jewish Senators are no longer in love with there hard fought homeland. Is it possible they are selling out the one great democracy in the middle east for the visionary ideas of President Obama, where all people will forget the past and live happily ever after.
I wonder who is more naive the Jewish Senators or Mr. Obama.
Now, let's extend this thinking if it is correct to the now proposed national health care bill. If our Jewish Senators can sell out there own homeland, selling out the American people just might be a piece of cake.
If I could say one thing to our Jewish Senators it would be " SAVE YOUR HOMELAND AND SAVE OUR NATION ".

Spector - Town Hall Meeting Today - is a Nightmare for Him

Today's town hall meeting held in Lebanon PA. by Senator Arlen Spector turned into a orderly demonstration for American freedom and independence. After over an hour of questions it was very obvious that Mr. Spector's days in Washington are numbered.

It must be said that it did take a lot of courage for him to show up. He didn't answer many questions. The knowledge of the citizenry was quite extensive and in most encounters more than the Senator's.

What came out more in the meeting was the suspicion and lack of trust for elected officials in Washington, reinforcing yesterdays article in the New York Times stating that "the American People get it and understand that the game is rigged ".

Monday, August 10, 2009

The New Obama Afghan Policy Could Put Him in the Crosshairs

Per the New York Times the President's Afghan policy has changed from targeting just the Taliban to including Drug Lords who supply 90% of the world heroin market. This market is estimated to be upwards of $70,000,000,000 ( US ).
The Bush administration left the drug lords alone for unknown reasons. It has always been understood that money does go from the drug lords to the Taliban to fund their war.
Logic only tells you that by taking out the drug lords you strangle the Taliban's war efforts.
But, reality tells you that this policy could put you on a hit list by the world's most wealthy and dangerous people.
Who are these people, the Russian mob, the Mexican mob, the US mob and not to mention Al Qaeda themselves.
This policy is going to anger a lot of evil people in the world who really don't give a damn if they live or die or who lives or dies.
This policy could jeopardize the safety of NATO force elected officials, including President Obama and European Presidents.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Maybe President Obama's Negotiating Techniques are a Window on the Anger that he has for Your American Way of life

If you analyze "negotiating techniques" and apply them to the issues being discussed on capital hill, such as the national health care bill, you come to the realization that the proposer of the bill has no concern for the well being of the country. One could interpret this as indifference to the America people.

You have to ask yourself why would someone proposing a bill risk total alienation of they're constituency if it was not born in anger.

Is it possible that the president is angry at America as it is ?

Does America have on it's hands AN ANGRY PRESIDENT?


What people on the Left need to understand is that it takes almost no effort to get a rally going against the Obama health care plan. That's not normal in normal times, but it is normal in abnormal times. I know, I've organized 22 since April 15th 2009.

Is This a New Level of Fear for the American People?

In the late 60's and early 70's president's Johnson and Nixon both had enemies lists that effected the man on the street as did Obama's announcement last week of a web site that would take information from civilian spies on people that didn't agree with his policies.

Not even Richard Nixon did this.

To turn the American people on each other is not American and has been used in lesser governments that are more totalitarian than democratic.

Maybe Rush Limbaugh is correct about our new president. Maybe his intention is to divide this great country and create such strife that he would have to declare martial law to confiscate your weapons.

Seems far fetched? Not really, just look how fast he took over parts of our private sector when they were ailing.

My contention is that the recent surge in the stock markets have been a survival strategy by the private sector to save itself from the grasp of nationalisation by Obama and his crew.

Portfolio managers know that they must save themselves and the private sector or perish.

Are you looking over your shoulder? Why is that person looking at me so long? Is this American?

Are you feeling a new level of fear ?

Mark Your Calendar - Tonight on Fox 9 pm est Hannity Exposes Obama

"Mark your calendar - This Sunday on Fox Sean Hannity, of Hannity & Colmes ~ Fox news, is going to air a very important documentary about Barack Obama, Sunday night at 8:00 PM central / 9 PM eastern. He stated on the air this evening that no one in the news media was willing to do this. Hannity is going back to Obama's earlier days, showing even then his ties to radical professors, friends, spiritual advisers, etc., he stated this evening that he will show in detail his ties to Rev. Wright for 20+ yrs. How he was participating with this man, and not for the reasons he states! He has uncovered more of Obama's radical leaders and we will see things that no one in the media is willing to put out there. This will be a night that you will learn more about Obama than ever before Hannity is very passionate about this program and asked that everyone please, please watch~~Sunday night, 8 PM. CT; 9 PM ET

The Last Word on the Gates / Obama Affair, or is it !

On the night of President Obama's address to the nation to talk about his health care "take over" he at the end of his news conference invoked a racial element to the event concerning the Gates arrest.
Let's not forget that on that very day he was given information that his health care plan was running into trouble. I imagine he was quite mad about this. With the timing of the Gates arrest his comments were a pure streak of anger from a president who was not getting his way. The first thing out of his mouth was an amateurish comment that you would expect from a " typical angry black ".
Will we see this side of President Obama in the future as many of his plans are running into great resistance by the majority of Americans.
His anger could undo his presidency and could hurt average citizens who in the past have never been touched by the personal anger of a president.
This is a new level of fear that the American people have never felt. We have seen this from other less sophisticated countries. Is this where we are heading ? Is this the change you wanted ?

The American Public is Waking Up !

The left’s worst nightmare may well be unfolding as we The American public are waking up. They are pushing too hard and in the process of trying to get everything they want regardless of cost they are nudging the great silent majority out of their complacency.Not so long ago someone else who thought his side had the edge said something about fearing that they had awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.The left should brush up on their history.

Will Your Taxes Go Up ?

This video can help you understand what is going to happen to your tax bill, yes even if you're making less than $ 250,000.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Danville California Tea Party Organized by Nick Contompasis

This is a partial background story on the author of this blog from The Danville Weekly. He is a local coordinator for the National Tea Party.
Crowds line Hartz Ave. in Tax Day Protest Danville Tea Party one of hundreds around the U.S.
Geoff Gillette
April 15 is normally a pretty busy day at the post office, but Wednesday it also brought crowds to downtown Danville as more than 250 area residents converged on the intersection of Hartz Avenue and Diablo Road to take part in the nationwide Tea Party event.A grass roots movement organized almost entirely online, the Tea (which stands for Taxed Enough Already) Parties were held to protest government spending and issues like the massive bailouts of AIG and Wall Street. The Danville Tea Party was broken up into two events, one from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. and the second from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., with residents from all throughout Contra Costa County taking part. Former Congressman Bill Baker manned a corner during the afternoon, holding a sign reading, "Change is all you'll have left". He said he felt it was necessary for residents to send a message to their representatives in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. "I think it's time the people stood up to congress," he said.Baker said the Fed has been working to stabilize the situation, but Congress just keeps on spending, which makes the situation worse. He also said he felt the stimulus package was not going to solve the problem. "Only 12 percent goes to infrastructure and the rest is going to more government. And that doesn't put people back to work."Baker's wife Joanne also attended the gathering. "The budget's way out of control," she stated, "and they have no intention to bring it under control."
Nick Contompasis is the organizer of the Danville Tea Party and he said it really required very little in the way of "organizing." "It took very little effort on my part," he said. "There's a real need here. People want to let the government know that they've had enough."Contompasis is no stranger to organized protest. In the 1960s, he was a part of Students for Democratic Society (SDS), a movement protesting the Vietnam War that grew to 100,000 strong at it's peak. "
I've basically switched sides," he said, adding, "I'm using the tools I learned in the streets of Washington, D.C. here on the quiet streets of Danville."While the SDS protests were at-times raucous affairs, the event in Danville was festive, with little or no conflict. "
I was a little worried," said Contompasis. "I was concerned that there might be an element of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) out here today but so far it's been nice and peaceful."Wednesday's protest is not the last to be seen of the Tea Party activists.
Contompasis said they may be putting on another demonstration in the next few weeks, and they are already working on an application for the group to walk in this year's 4th of July Parade in Danville.

President Obama Caught on Video Saying No More Private Insurance for America

President Obama on video says he wants to eliminate private health insurance. Ok, you don't believe me. Would a video of him saying just that convince you? Take the time to watch this amazing video on Youtube.

What Does Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi Have in Common?

They both invoked the image of Nazi's this past week in describing each other. So what does the liberal Anti Defamation League do but lambaste Rush and not Nancy. Again, we see how fair and balanced this country has become.

Is this really leading to where I think it is ?

Please read this article from the Jerusalem Post.

Is Your Tail ( OBAMA ) Wagging You ?

The left should remember, that with the Obama administrations continual alienation of the independent voter, they the left, are becoming more and more of a minority.

America will not allow the tail to wag the dog.

A Godless Government

I have always said that if you want to show a godless government that you are not happy with them " simply go to your place of worship and keep going and keep going and don't stop going " .
Mistakenly many people of other religions tend to lean the other way when watching a video like this, but they should realize that a godless government is rejecting their God too.
Godless people make godless governments and godless governments have no respect for life !

Muskets and Cannons

"The battles defending the fundamentals that have made this country great, are as I write, being fought on smart phones, laptop computers, Facebook and twitter. Things and words that our forefathers would have scratched their heads at, nonetheless just as important as " Muskets and Cannons". The true America will be heard and will prevail. God bless this land, America
"Nicholas Contompasis