Friday, May 28, 2010

Hey You Jews – Hey You Blacks

“Hey you Jews” come and sit over here. Now, what’s wrong with that statement? If you got up and blurted that out in a crowded room to a group of Jewish friends, why would that be any different than saying “Hey you Italians” or “Greeks” or whatever? OK, let’s take this a step further. What about “Hey you blacks” come and sit over here. Wow, not good, right? But why does it sound so wrong?
Maybe it’s perceived as wrong because of the people perceiving it. Could it be that the people that are offended perceive themselves as victims, of course? Not all Jew’s or Black’s would be offended. Why are, some offended and other not? Why are some politically liberal and some politically conservative? The answer could be found in how one perceives them self. If you look at yourself as a victim of a Nazi lead holocaust and the number one target on the second largest religions hit list you might “not” want to be pointed out in a crowded room. If in years past your people were actually enslaved by “some” of the other guys but you’re still pissed about it, even though you weren't there, you could look at yourself as a victim. Now, again not all blacks would be offended, just the ones that are pissed and still feel the victim.
By now you’re probably wondering why I’ve chosen these two disenfranchised groups within a group to discuss. Well, you see, these groups of minorities are offended by you the “majority” and they’re now in control of “your government.” So if you’re wondering why the policies coming out of the Obama administration drive you up a tree on a daily basis, it could be because the ones in control perceive themselves as victims and have a grudge against you! We now have vengeful victims running and defending our country. Do they care about you, of course not silly, Gulf oil spill, health care bill you don’t want, no effort to create more jobs, won’t defend our border, more taxes, cap n trade redistribution of your wealth to the third world, war on terror, nationalization of industries. Need I say more?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio 5/27/10

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio

Breaking News White House Tonight 5/27/10 - One Step Closer to That One World Order

Tonight the Obama administration quietly posted the article I’ve included below on the White House Blog. It’s not Friday night but it might as well be with most people making a four day weekend on this Memorial Day Holiday by taking tomorrow off. So it’s no surprise that Obama would release such a proclamation, minimizing any possible damage from the alternative media – like yours truly. But, not much gets past us these days so here it is.
It appears that Obama is about to spread his wings over our communication networks (Phone, Internet, Television, Radio, etc) by using national security as his excuse. This guy is not kidding and he wants total control of our communications with access to everything and anything that goes across it. The link in the article is the full text of the Obama plan to dominate our communications networks, press it at your own risk.
One thing you must understand, most of the time this stuff is being told to you, you’re just not looking when it happens. Read this article and be afraid, be very afraid.
A Blueprint for Pursuing the World that We Seek
Posted by Nikki Sutton on May 27, 2010 at 7:51 PM EDT
The President’s highest priority is always to keep the American people safe. Today the Administration is releasing the National Security Strategy that lays out a strategic approach for advancing American interests, including the security of the American people, a growing U.S. economy, support for our values, and an international order that can address 21st century challenges.
The National Security Strategy is guided by a clear understanding of our increasingly interconnected world where the free flow of information, people and goods continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace promising new opportunities while simultaneously posing challenges that no longer recognize borders: global networks of terrorists and criminals, threats in space and cyberspace, a degrading climate, and technologies with tremendous destructive power. The response systems and international architecture of the 20th century, designed for another time, are buckling under the weight of these new threats. Currently, these realities describe the world as it is.
Throughout American history, we have risen to such moments of transition and faced new challenges head on to help shape a world of greater security and prosperity. The National Security Strategy is a blueprint for pursuing the world that we seek by outlining a strategy to rebuild our foundations, promote a just and sustainable international order, strengthen and integrate national capabilities, all while advancing American interests, security, prosperities, and universal values.
From ensuring strong alliances, which are the foundation of U.S., regional and global security, to leveraging American leadership to encourage sustained international cooperation to address global issues, America has the tools to face the national security challenges of the 21st century while holding true to the universal values our nation has stood for since its founding.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Biden – Job Offer – Sestak – Biden Steps Down

The key to our new “Deep Throat” scandal of who offered Joe Sestak a job to step down from his Senatorial race in Pennsylvania lies with David Axelrod. Our first clue is Axelrod’s response to questions regarding the issue last week. It was very telling as to who made the job offer to Sestak. Axelrod stated that it would be illegal to have offered anyone a job. No other member of the administration has been that aggressive in describing the violation, meaning that he must know all about the situation and may have orchestrated it himself. Now, using deductive reasoning the next most logical question is who does Axelrod want out of the White House’s inner circle and who did he set up?
It would be my hunch that whoever made the offer was an idiot who thought that Sestak would keep his mouth shut. Also they just may not have known that it was a felony to do so or they're just an idiot. So, by using the same deductive process one must ask who is the dumbest guy in the administration? Well, let’s see, we have Joe Biden and then we have Joe Biden and let me see, oh yea what about Joe Biden? Enter Nancy Pelosi Vice President of the United States.

Joe Sestak’s War on Obama – JFK Would Be Proud

Hey Kennedy, where the hell is Jack? I’ve got another chapter developing for your famous book “Profiles in Courage” and it’s a democrat this time, a real democrat! Back in February Joe Sestak democrat, who is running for Arlen Specter’s soon to be vacated seat in the Senate (Pa.) started a shit storm by admitting that he was offered a job if he bowed out of the senatorial race leaving Specter the lead dog in the race. Since then Specter lost in the primary and now the offhanded comment Sestak made on a KYW radio show in February is coming back to haunt the Obama administration in a big way.
Sestak is no dummy and he knows what he did when he made the statement. He still, in interviews makes it sound like it’s no big deal, but it is and he knows it. His sheepish responses are going to go down as simply an “I didn’t know” defense.
Sestak, a former Admiral, has watched as the radical thugs from Chicago have taken over the country and our foreign policy, thus weakening our country domestically and our influence around the world with disdain. For months most democrats have been asking where the real democrats are with no answer. Well that answer has now come across the airwaves loud and clear, Joe Sestak.
As a lone democrat in the wilderness Sestak is now single handedly fighting this leftist takeover of our government. Republicans are also calling for hearings on the matter with possibly calling for a special prosecutor. Before this is all over this investigation will reach the White House and somebody’s head or heads will roll and that includes the President's.
Yes, impeachment is in the cards if the orders lead back to the President.
But let’s not forget who we’re dealing with, right? Joe Sestak will someday soon reveal who offered him the job, or will he? In the true “Chicago Way” that day will never come if you’ve been following the murder/suicides coming out of Chicago of late. If Sestak can take the President down, his life could be in danger and he should do everything possible to protect himself from the “Chicago Way.”
As John Fitzgerald Kennedy once wrote in Profiles in Courage "The true democracy, living and growing and inspiring, puts its faith in the people - faith that the people will not simply elect men who will represent their views ably and faithfully, but will also elect men who will exercise their conscientious judgment - faith that the people will not condemn those whose devotion to principle leads them to unpopular courses, but will reward courage, respect honor, and ultimately recognize right."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tonight's Show of Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio

ShoreBank – The Preferred Bank of the Obama Pirates

The bailing out of ShoreBank of Chicago Illinois is nothing more than a third party taxpayer bailout of, next to Fanny and Freddy-Mac, the most corrupt bank in the nation. With strong connections to the Obama administration this bank is the slush fund bank for the most corrupt political machine in America. With ties to Van Jones President Obama's controversial former "green jobs czar" who resigned in September after it was exposed he founded a communist revolutionary organization and Valerie Jarrett, a top staffer to President Obama who according to rumors acted as a bag man for Chicago’s Mayor Daley, this bank stinks to high heaven.
Now, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chairman Sheila Bair has, under pressure from the White House (Obama/Jarrett), allowed Shorebank to survive with a monetary injection from a group of banks that have been propped up by taxpayer dollars. Sheila Bair, who is considered a most reputable government chairman, has now soiled her sterling reputation with the dirt from Chicago. I wonder how she’ll sleep at night after this travesty. Rather than close this pillar of political corruption the FDIC chose to keep it open with third party banks, soiling them also. Goldman Sachs is one of those banks. Are you getting it now? Could the hearings and charges against Goldman just be leverage against them to make sure they cooperated with the pirates in the White House to save their booty bank or banks? Sure looks that way.
This blog has reported of many deaths coming out of Chicago lately involving corrupt politicians who were close to spilling the beans on the Obama money laundering machine. I’m sure Sheila Bair reads the Chicago Tribune’s obituary and got smart real fast by cooperating with the thugs in the White House.
By keeping ShoreBank open it will allow the White House to keep the money laundering machine going for future capers while forgiving existing loans that padded the pockets of local corrupt politicians.
Remember, your taxes are paying for these holes in our bucket and remember the gate keepers to these money laundering schemes sit in our Congress and Oval Office and you should be mad as hell.
Oh, and keep checking that Tribune obituary column, you never know who’s name could pop up.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Distinguished Patriotic American Addresses President Calderon of Mexico – God Bless America

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio 5/24/10

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio

Eye Witness Proof of President Obama’s Delay to Help Gulf States

Based on the Clean Water Act the President of the United States has dictatorial powers when he or she deems necessary to have our waters cleaned if an accident occurs that harms the water in and around our country. This is a fact that President Obama seems to have conveniently overlooked. Shame on you Mr. President, for your usage of this great water disaster to benefit your no drilling agenda. Shame on you Mr. President for wasting over 30 days while the oil spilled from the Gulf’s floor contaminating fisheries and waterways, when you knew you could have done something about it and didn’t.
In this video a parish president describes how the Obama administration purposefully delayed action to stop the spread of this great oil leak. Watch this video before they take it off YouTube.

Plain Language About What’s Going on With Our Economy and Government Over Spending

OK, here it goes, stay with me because we’re going fast and I don’t want you to miss anything.
For the past decade the juice that propelled the world’s economies has lost its steam and credibility. We now are readjusting our economies to the new norm which will, before it’s all over, be about 50% from its high. 50% of the old norm is hopefully where we will level off, but by all other measures we could drop to zero of the old norm if we don’t watch it. That would mean our world’s economies would have collapsed. In other words our economies have already spent way more than they have and could ever repay.
Now, what’s holding us back from falling off the cliff to zero and financial ruin? Coordinated Global government spending and measured currency devaluations are now being executed to attempt to give the world a soft landing to these new norm levels.
With the G30 and our global monetary heads orchestrating this landing we all hope we can avoid a complete disaster both economically and civilly.
Now, did you get it? Do you understand now what’s happened and could happen? Probably not, right?
OK, I’ll make this simpler for you. Think of a room full of blown up balloons representing countries around the world, all the same shape, but all of them have different levels of air in them making them different sizes. Well, the process that’s going on now around the world is the slow deflating of these balloons with an eventual leveling of balloons all to the same size. That’s right the same size. That means that the USA balloon being 3 times greater than France will now be the same size as France. Get it? The devaluations and spending levels by governments are equalizing the size of all balloons. Unfortunately, for the American people this means that if the balloon contracts by 50% your standard of living is reduced by 50%. That means that if you have electric on in your house all day, you may have to cut that to a half day. That new car that you buy every 3 years may have to be put off to every 10 years and it might have to be a used car at that. Sound farfetched, not at all and you should be concerned because it’s all going on without your approval and knowledge.
Do you understand now what I’m saying? Is that plain enough for you to understand? I sure hope so. Now, what are you going to do about it?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio 5/21/10

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio

Thomas Paine’s New Video on Amnesty, Arizona, Washington and You

Thomas Paine’s riveting videos on YouTube have kept the American people spellbound with his patriotic words seemingly coming straight from our founding fathers. This video released just weeks ago has become another one of his lightning rods galvanizing the vast majority of Americans against the current regime in Washington. Watch as he brings it all home and speaks the words your thinking about the attacks on the people of Arizona and all Americans who want our boarders protected and secured from illegal aliens.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama Appoints Radical Islamic Imam to Head US National Intelligence as Blair Steps Down Today

It looks like the recent rash of radical Islamic terror attacks and attempts on America has taken its first victim, Dennis Blair the former U.S. Navy Admiral who has held the job for the past 5 years. He served both President Bush and President Obama with only incidents occurring during his term with the Obama administration. Gee, I wonder why? Admiral Blair served our country with distinction and honor and it should never be said that he failed at his job. But it could be said that President Obama hampered his efforts to keep America safe. He steps down May 28th in 8 days. Who will run this very important agency and most importantly when will President Obama appoint someone?
This vacancy leaves a huge hole in the security of our nation and should be filled by someone with a strong military and intelligence background as soon as possible. Leaving this vacancy open for even one day will signal to our enemies the lack of resolve our nation has in protecting its citizens. But maybe it’s something Obama isn’t interested in doing, keeping American citizens safe.
The fear I have now is, will we see a Van Jones appointed or even worse a Muslim? Knowing the modus operandi of just about everyone in this dysfunctional administration we will most likely see a radical Islamic imam appointed. With the clock ticking on this President’s less than 1000 day administration, the possibility of all of us surviving it becomes more precarious every day that passes.

Obama Soon To Be Exorcised From the American Scene

It seems that every day the Obama administration gives the American people one more reason to visit the little Catholic priest down the street for an exorcism. Just last night while the President partied down with his new Arizona bashing buddy President Felipe Calderon of Mexico the now international bashing of the people of Arizona and America continues. By sucking up to the President’s domestic political agenda against Arizona, Calderon was assured receiving his billion dollars to fight Mexico’s drug war. Make no mistake about it there will be plenty for all including the drug gangs.
But the one big thing our President forgets is that while advancing his political agenda he’s stepping on every, man women and child in America. As polls prove the vast majority of Americans favor the Arizona law curbing “illegal alien’s illegal activities.” Alienating, there’s that word again, Americas 300,000,000 legal citizens while courting 15,000,000 illegal’s makes no mathematical sense or political logic.
As Americans around the country watch the destructive methods of their very own President towards his citizens of Arizona there is no doubt fear comes to the forefront. Fear that they could be next. Fear that if they stand up for their God given rights they will be attacked from the highest office in the land and allowed to be threatened by foreign governments. Now the average American is starting to wonder whose side is he on. Will he throw us under the bus too? Well, actually dictators do just that. A dictator’s subjects are just that, subjects, a number with no story. Subjects can be smashed like a bug on a windshield without a thought. This American fear is spreading throughout our land with many fearing the worst. America has never felt this level of fear before, well at least not since the civil war of the mid 19th century but its here again and it doesn’t feel good to America.
When Obama is finally removed from the America scene all that supported him will be looked upon as pariah. There will be no schools named after Obama, no streets, no airports, no mountain tops, for the Obama name will be wiped clean from American history like a long forgotten plague. The Obama stain on America will be forever bleached from its history and will never resurface again unless we lose our way, again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breaking News From the Middle East – War Any Day

Israel and Iran are on the verge of war that will kill millions in the Middle East. This video is the most up to date information available to the average citizen in the U.S. This should be watched and pay attention to the comment by the General about Iranian container ships off the U.S. coast armed with Iranian missiles with biological weapons. This summer is going to be hot hot hot.

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio - AZ CUTS LA ELECTRIC

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio

The Second Great America Civil War – 2010

In December of 2008 Russian writer Igor Panarin was reported in Vanity Fair and The Wall Street Journal as saying the United States of America will enter into a new civil war in 2010 that would fatally fragment this once great nation. I thought he was off his rocker, but as time goes by things seem to be falling into place for just such an occurrence.Let’s just look at today’s news out of Arizona. Shortly after the Obama administration ordered the cancellation of the Mexican-Arizona border fence, Arizona passed the famous immigration bill for law enforcement to arrest illegals after they have broken another law. In response to this law, liberal lead cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles supported by the Obama administration have started economic boycotts against the state. Is this what other states will be facing if they pass similar laws?As the victim, Arizona now has shot a responsive volley right back at the city of L.A. by threatening to cut off 25% of this city of ten million’s electric which seems to be coming happily from Arizona.Is this now the beginning of the battle between the states? I hope not! As our economy continues to contract and the Obama administration sits idly by, it looks like more of this kind of action between states, local governments, ethnic groups, political groups and have and have not’s could escalate to violence in this upcoming sweltering summer. I don’t like the level of rhetoric that’s coming out of our highest office concerning what was once the campaign promise of Obama to unite America. Obama is doing just the opposite by inflaming and exaggerating all divisive issues. Instead of using his self proclaimed heavenly gifted powers to unite America, he is dividing it. Good job, Mr. President.It’s going to be very important for the American people to keep their cool for the next 6 months until the November 2nd midterm elections. Any violence between states or political groups could give the administration cause to cancel the November election, which could set the stage for major violence throughout the country and Mr. Panarin’s prediction would come to pass. So, keep your cool America, keep your cool.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Obama Hit List Keeps Growing

What I want to know is where the hell is Oliver Stone? We have one of America’s biggest and still growing killing fields and nobody is writing or talking about it. Maybe they’re too scared to. After following this never ending murder/suicide theme in the home state of our President Barack Obama, one comes away realizing that there is a purge going on to eliminate anyone connected to the Obama Regime. It’s downright frightening when you see how many people have died so far. I have chronologically listed the eliminations below.

May 7th 2010 – Phil Pagano of Chicago, Illinois – Director of Metra – jumped in front of train - and under investigation for alleged financial corruption.

March 28th 2010 - John Thornton of Washington Park, Illinois - Mayor – assassinated, shot in the head – was under investigation and served time in jail for financial fraud involving the city.

November 16th 2009 - Michael Scott of Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Board of Education Chairman - shot in the head - The 60-year-old under investigation for preferential admissions at the city's top schools and for a deal to develop land near a planned 2016 Olympics site while he sat on a board overseeing the city's Olympic bid. Scott was a three-time member of the Chicago Board of Education, going back to the days of Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne, and was close to Mayor Richard Daley. He had also been head of the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Urban League

September 12th 2009 - Chris Kelly – Chicago, Illinois – drug overdose – 51 year old construction contractor who became one of the governor's top fundraisers and the go-to guy in the administration. He faced the brunt of allegations for years of pay-to-play dealings under Blagojevich and was indicted by the federal government three times in two years on corruption charges.

No killings in 2008. This was the year Barack Obama was running for election for President of the United States. No surprise here!

September 13th 2007 • Orlando Jones – Chicago, Illinois – shot in the head – 52 year-old former top aide to former Cook County Board President John Stroger and his godson, shot himself days after the FBI tried to question him. Jones, also a lobbyist, was reportedly under criminal investigation for wrongdoing regarding hospital contracts in Las Vegas and he had been questioned in relation to pension fund deals in Illinois.

More people have been eliminated but I think you’ve got the picture, right? Make no mistake about it, the people behind the President play for keeps and the American people should be worried about the thugs that are now running our country.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Inauguration Day 2013

By Nicholas Contompasis

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court raises his right hand instructively to the newly elected President, it’s January 20th 2013. The last hope for the free world raises his hand and repeats “ I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States ” while a thunderous reunited Israeli - U.S. strike force attacks Iranian oil, gas and nuclear facilities.
He goes on to repeat “and will to the best of my ability”, as targeted members of the last administration are arrested for treasonous acts against the state and from a third story open window the cross hairs of a snipers scope zeroes in on the fat face of a Venezuelan dictator.
The President-elect now just seconds away from the most powerful job in the world glances over at his beautiful “hockey mom” of five Vice President and finalizes his oath with “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” while the U.S. Pacific fleet sends North Korea into a state of panic with surgical attacks rendering them defenseless. As the strength of the retired powerful General’s voice now President splits the cool January air like Abe Lincoln's axe on a giant oak, America eagerly waits.
The new hope for freedom and democracy now lowers his right hand and turns with a gentle smile to address his nation with the power and confidence that has long been missed. For the 45th President of the United States has arrived.

Why There Will Never Be Peace in the Middle East

George Mitchell, representing the Obama administration, has just announced that he has come away from this centuries old war torn land with little progress in bringing Israel and the PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah together.
I might as well get with it and say that there will never be peace in the Middle East as long as oil is the cornerstone of the world’s energy empire. Oil rich countries of the world benefit from the tensions in this region and others. As long as this premium is priced into a barrel of oil, most parties will play this chess game while pocketing the massive oil profits it generates. Everything you see on the world stage of false hopes and images is just that. It’s simply made up of actors with lines delivered out of the corners of their mouths.
It is said that we in the west are addicted to this Middle Eastern oil but it should also be recognized that Middle Eastern countries are also addicted to the money it generates. The lifestyles now being raised by most in this region, have become like opium that without would send them reeling into a giant withdrawal.
With Saudi Arabia as the big oil enchilada, Iran grows ever dominant in the region with only the United States as a protector. One has to ask the question, will there be peace and uninterrupted flow of oil to the west if Iran takes over the Middle Eastern region?
To even think of this happening a year ago would have been crazy talk, but with the Obama administration now stepping away from our global commitments, the possibility is real and dangerous for the world. If the mullahs in Tehran were more like dictators than religious zealots we would have half a chance at getting through to them, but as we all know religious zealots go down with the ship, and that ship could be the world.
The point of this article is simple, any further talks and negotiations with anyone in the Middle East about peace is a waste of time for America. It’s time to simply protect our interests in the region as long as we can and if that fails let’s leave it to the insane people who live there.
Let’s let “them” deal with the killings, decapitations, kidnapping, arms buildup, biological weapons, nuclear weapons, centuries old hatreds, hijackings and maybe some way, some how, they’ll someday realize their insanity.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5/5/10 Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio

The PIIGS Are Burning

PIIGS is the perfect acronym to describe the bloated and union led socialist governments of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain. Their years of spending and promising more than what they have, now has a price tag, violence and civil disorder leading to possible anarchy.
The creation of the European Union and its currency the Euro has turned out to be just another money grab by the nonindustrial-socialist countries of southern Europe. After the creation of the union it became an open door to most peoples from around the world to migrate to. With the acquisition of a citizenship in any of the Union’s member countries, it allowed you to live, work in any of the other member countries and utilize their social programs such as medical and retirement plans. This mechanism has allowed many from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to utilize its social systems so to encumber them beyond the ability to finance them, which is where we are now. We currently have 3 dead and scores of buildings burning as the union led violent demonstrators continue their rampage of discontent because they just won’t tighten their belts to save their country.
Does any of this sound familiar? It should, because it’s the same path the United States is on if we let it. With no control of our borders and government growing out of control all you have to do is watch the video included in this article to understand what our future will look like. If you actually think that it can’t happen here, think again.
I remember when most major cities in America were on fire just as Athens is now. After the assassination of Martin Luther King the destruction to American cities was massive. So yes it can happen here and most likely will if this government continues on its destructive path.
Unfortunately, the progression of such civil movements leads to a more military and dictatorial government with a stifling of civil liberties to maintain order. So as you watch the evaluation of the Greek situation remember it’s just a microcosm of what will happen here sooner than you think.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5/4/10 Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio

5/3/10 Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio

DANGER - Infects Your Children’s Teachers Daily

This is an email that has been sent out to each and every teacher across the country including most union members of other trades. I have posted the email and have entered my thoughts in (CAP’S) on the various comments made by Justin Ruben one of’s socialist leaders. Let’s remember this organization is funded by George Soros the international billionaire who hates America. I think you’ll find this compelling, informative and downright threatening to our children.
Last week, I asked MoveOn members to help launch one of our most important campaigns ever—to end the stranglehold that big corporations and lobbyists have on our democracy. (CORPORATIONS THAT EMPLOYEE THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS)
The response has blown away our expectations. So far, almost 10,000 people have pledged monthly donations for a total of over $50,000 a month—an incredible start.(THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU)
We're already more than halfway to getting this campaign fully funded. So I'm reaching out to you to help us get there.(THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU)
Like you, I worked my guts out to elect Barack Obama. And while some really important things have happened as a result—especially the health care bill (A DISASTER FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE)—it's pretty clear that the fundamental change we all want will be impossible until we kick the big corporations and their lobbyists out of Washington (IF THEY DO, ALL THAT WILL BE LEFT WILL BE SOCIALIST UNION LOBBYISTS).
Dreaming of a clean energy future? Dream on. Thanks to the energy companies, legislation being debated in the Senate right now would actually expand nukes, offshore drilling, and coal (LET’S SEE, IF WE STOP ALL OF THESE SOURCES OF ENERGY WE WILL BE THROWN BACK INTO THE DARK AGES AND OTHER COUNTRIES WOULD DESTROY OUR CIVILIZATION. THESE PEOPLE ARE CHOCKS).
Want to make sure every job pays a living wage and that all workers can choose the protection of a union (SOCIALISM AND CONTROLLED BY UNION THUG BOSSES. CAN YOU SPELL TEAMSTERS UNION JIMMY HOFFA?)? Probably impossible, as long as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spends nearly $150 million per year on lobbying alone—not even counting campaign contributions. (GOD BLESS THE U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE).
How 'bout closing the widening gap between the rich and the poor (SOCIALISM AND WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION)? How 'bout investing enough in education so every child gets a decent education and every family can afford college (WHY GO TO COLLEGE SINCE THERE ARE NO JOBS.GO INTO DEBT WITH OBAMA’S COLLEGE MONEY SO HE NOW OWNS YOUR CHILD. NOT MY KID. OVER MY DEAD BODY)? How 'bout making workplaces really work for people with families, including paid sick leave and parental leave (SURE AND WHY DON’T WE PAY FOR EVERY TIME YOU TAKE A CRAP, OH WE ALREADY DO)?
Right now these proposals would get you laughed out of the room in Washington. Because they all face overwhelming opposition from powerful, entrenched interests. (THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU)
That has to change. So, after consulting with thousands of MoveOn members, we've made a decision: to launch a massive campaign to fix our democracy (FIX OUR DEMOCRACY, HEAR THAT? SOCIALISM IS WHAT THEY WANT TO CHANGE TOO) and put We the People back in charge (YOU WILL HEAR FROM “WE THE PEOPLE” SHORTLY).
It's a hugely ambitious idea. It won't be done this year, or next, though I think we can make real progress quickly. It definitely can't be done by MoveOn members alone (THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE A SMALL MINORITY THAT PLAN TO CONTROL THE MAJORITY LIKE SIMILAR TYRANTS HAVE DONE IN THE PAST). And, even though it'll be powered and led by volunteers (SOCIALISTS), we need to raise at least one million dollars to make sure we have the resources to take on such huge opposition (YOU HAVE’NT SEEN OPPOSITION TILL YOU‘VE SEEN US IN THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS).
So I'm writing to ask you to invest in this idea, to help build a movement, from the ground up, to confront corporate influence and revive our democracy (OH DON’T WORRY, OUR DEMOCRACY IS BEING REVIVED WITHOUT YOUR HELP).
Thank you for all you do.
–Justin and the rest of the team

Monday, May 3, 2010

Shahzad Faisal Arrested For Bombing Attempt on Times Square


Arrest made in Times Sq. bomb attack
From the New York Post 9:45 PM PST
Police have arrested a Connecticut man in connection with the attempted car bombing of a busy Times Square Street Saturday night, NBC is reporting. Shahzad Faisal, of Connecticut, was arrested in Long Island within the last hour.
Earlier today, federal authorities said they identified a naturalized American citizen who recently returned from Pakistan as a "person of interest" in the attempted car bombing on Broadway Saturday night but did not release his name.
Associated Press, quoting two law enforcement officials, reported that he is the man who purchased the SUV involved in the attempted bombing.
The Nissan Pathfinder parked outside a theater playing the hugely popular "The Lion King" and containing a crude propane and gasoline bomb, was set on fire but failed to detonate. Officials have said that had it been successful, the bomb would have inflicted massive damage in the crowded tourist Mecca.
The last registered owner of the Nissan Pathfinder told authorities he recently sold the car on Craigslist for $1,300 in cash to a “Middle Eastern” or “Hispanic” looking man, CBS News reported. The buyer reportedly paid in cash, with $100 bills.

Arrest in NY Bomb Plot

From Reuters 9:20 PM PST

US authorities have arrested a man in connection with the failed car bombing in New York's Times Square. NBC News identified the suspect as Shahzad Faisal.US investigators earlier said they wanted to arrest a Pakistani-American man they have identified as the buyer of the vehicle. The man recently returned from a trip to Pakistan, the newspaper said, citing people briefed on the investigation. The naturalized US citizen from Pakistan, who lives in neighboring Connecticut, bought the 1993 Nissan sport utility vehicle with cash and no paperwork in the last three weeks, the Times said. "Investigators who were tracking the man were also exploring whether he or others who might have been involved in the attempted bombing had been in contact with people or groups overseas," it said, citing unnamed federal officials.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It’s Now Down to Us

For most of my life I was told that in a sleepy little village in a mountainous region of Greece there stands a statue of one of my ancient relatives who died courageously leading a resistance movement against the Persians. As a young man, most of this story went in one ear and out the other with only specks sticking to my young mind. After curiously looking into my long lost Grecian tragedy, I came to realized that my relative lost his life and tragically lost in his fight for freedom, freedom for his family and freedom for his country. I wondered what would drive a man, or for that matter a woman, to sacrifice a life of bondage and servitude for the mere chance of freedom.
It was hard to believe that in a country that brought the world Democracy, such a violation of human rights could occur. My family had to leave this intolerant foreign ruler that strangled them with taxes and smothered their God given rights. It must have been hard for them to leave a land that was theirs for thousands of years. It must have been so hard. So, after generations of failed resistance our family eventually found freedom in a far off land called America.
The tapestry of America is woven with millions of similar stories. These stories are more than tales of why we’re here but describe the character of most Americans. It could almost be called the fabric of America. For this fabric doesn’t take kindly to oppression and fiscal strangulation. You could say that most people that have made it this far are not going to leave because their government has turned corrupt and has passed intolerable laws against their will. They will stand and resist, first peaceably and if necessary with a force of 300 million stories of oppression and degradation of the human spirit.
So, as the 300 Spartans from my family’s mountainous hometown in Greece held back ignorance and oppression from the world, our 300 million freedom-loving Americans will stand up against the same, and will preserve the rights mankind has journeyed and fought so long and hard for.

Oil Spill Could Be a Blessing in Disguise

With millions of gallons of beautiful Gulf crude pouring into that nasty emerald green Gulf of Mexico, with its mission to blacken the glaring white sugar sand beaches of the region, we just could kill two birds, excuse the pun, with one oil rig. That’s right, the answer to our problems have been solved. As America’s unemployment rate keeps rising near and above 10% this oil spill has become a blessing in disguise. Some experts think it could last at least three months, oh goody. Wow, just think of all the oil that needs to be cleaned up. It’s an oil bonanza that “we shouldn’t let go to waste.”
Of course this environmental disaster is only temporary so let’s make hay while the sun shines. In a year all this oil will be gone and the beaches and water along with the fishies will be back to normal. But in the meantime let’s make some money and solve some of our national problems.
A simple stroke of the pen by our Grand Poobah could solve this crisis. By ordering a massive hiring effort to employ a million unemployed to clean up our beaches for the next 12 months, this would be a stroke of brilliance and it would put a feather in his now dingy old hat.
This would be a win-win for everyone except the current fish and birds who are caught up in the swirling bubbling crude now spreading, towards shore. We could lower our unemployment and keep the beaches clean for the upcoming summer season. Oh and let’s not forget the billions saved by not having to pay out unemployment benefits.
And guess what, it wouldn’t cost the American taxpayer a cent. British Petroleum would have to pick up the entire cleanup cost. Gee I’m smart, but let’s see how smart our President is?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Senator Obama Fathered Love Child?

Breaking news update 5/2/10 - Coming out of Switzerland newspaper Le Matin will be releasing videos and emails showing Obama and Baker in compromising positions. The emails are supposed to prove of the affair back in 2004. They say the videos and emails will be released soon.
This story is no surprise to me but it seems that finally the media is ready to tackle this one head on. On the front page of The National Inquirer is a lead story titled “Obama’s Cheating Scandal : Shocking New Report.” I know it’s the National Inquirer, but you have to remember they are the ones that broke the John Edwards love child scandal two years ago which most blew off because of the source. Now, everyone is paying attention, finally. The National Inquirer timed thier piece perfectly with The White House Correspondents' Dinner meeting this evening in Washington. Hundreds of the media elite use this dinner to hobnob with the President and other elected officials. If you want to get the main stream media’s attention this is how you do it.
I researched this story 6 months ago and came away thinking that it could be true, but it would take a bigger budget than mine to dig up more facts. Since the NI is now involved expect fireworks from this one. Michelle Obama is not the type that will be humiliated by her cheating husband like Hilary. Expect WWIII coming out of the White House or should we call it the Red House, now.
Obama’s alleged affair with Vera Baker, a fund raiser back in 2004, is now front and center with the American people and they just won’t look the other way. This is the type of juicy story everyone loves, especially the Right. This President has been called just about everything in the book, but when it came to his family he still is admired for his good father and husband qualities. These qualities appear to be the last of any form of character he has left. Now even they are in jeopardy.
I must report to you that on December 9, 2009 I published an article titled “The Obama – Rogers Affair?” Link . In this article I mentioned a possible affair with Desiree Rogers, White House social secretary, that shamefully lost her job for jeopardizing the safety of the President and his guest, the Prime Minister of India. As you may remember it involved the two party crashers who were without invite.
This is when things get a little spooky. I remember shortly after posting the article getting many hits from the island of Martinique, which I thought was a bit strange and simply a first for my blog. So I filed it way thinking it may be a retiree from Chicago who is interested in dirt involving Obama. As I later investigated Obama’s relationship with Vera Baker I found out that Michelle had her banished to the Caribbean, specifically Martinique. It was rumored that she was with child and had to leave the scene ASAP so as not to embarrass Michelle and the Senator. You have to ask yourself why would she leave the country if she wasn’t paid off and told to stay away.
So that’s when my antennas went up. What if it was her that was jealously checking on the father of her child? Vera is no dummy, she’s on the net, you can count on that. Island life can be confining. Now, I have her ISP address for those hits and I will be reporting to you soon on what I find out. In preparing this piece I was given further information that Vera was on the Chicago Municipal payroll till 2008. Now how can she be on the payroll and be in Martinique. If this is so, that means that Mayor Daily is involved, right?

Stay tuned the plot thickens.

Obama – So, Let the Beatings Begin!

By Nicholas Contompasis

As the American people watch on national TV this weekend, Hispanic Power gathering in the streets of our border states, what will be their lasting feeling, fear, fear, fear? A portion of this once silent shadow population has now been mobilized by far left operatives to create civil disorder in our cities. As we view the thousands of illegal aliens in the streets, we finally see the magnitude of our folly. But the handlers of this minority haven’t thought this through. If they had they would have realized how threatening this image is to the average American. This new fear will force more states to tighten up on illegals in the same way Arizona has and the far left operatives will become more violent and vocal causing state clampdowns from Obama. So, let the beatings begin!
But again this is part of Obama’s new America with all of its ugly warts now being exposed. Now, let’s backtrack to the Gulf oil rig explosion and now massive oil leak that threatens most of our southeastern beaches reaching from Louisiana to Florida. As Rahm Emanuel President, Obama’s operations czar, once said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Well, it seems that Obama is sticking to the game plan with his dithering for a week before getting serious about the spill. After all if you’re promoting a green energy and an anti- oil program, you want the white sugar sand beaches of the south to be splattered with crude oil, dead birds and fish, right? Oh and let’s not forget that most of these states are Republican. So, let the beatings begin!
Now let’s move on to this week’s decision by Obama to scar the great Nantucket Sound with ugly, inefficient windmills. Even Senator (D) Ted Kennedy requested he not do this prior to his death in a personal letter to the President. But of course we know why Obama ignored the Senator's request. The Scott Brown (R) win in Massachusetts embarrassed Obama and now he has one more enemy on his ever growing enemies list. So, let the beatings begin.
As you can see we Americans are getting beat up by this president every day. We must all now be punished for our gluttony and excessive lifestyles. We must be punished for our world dominance. We must be punished for our excellence. We must be punished for our love of country. We must be punished. So, let the beatings begin!