Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Disgraceful Presidential Salute

When I saw our President do a fake salute with a cup of coffee in his hand I nearly lost it. 
I find is so incredible that the Commander in Chief of the the most powerful military the world has ever known would show such disrespect towards them. 
It's incredible how he can order them into harms way one night and blow them off the next day. 
Our military has tolerated his childish behavior for six years now with no outward show of resistance towards him. The United States Military are a group of the most professional Americans anyone could ask to defend this country and it's my belief that this President owes the American people and more importantly the Marine who saluted him a public apology. - N.P.Contompasis

Sunday, September 21, 2014

When Kurds Run Something Very Bad is Coming

Major Problem Seen - This morning I've been getting many reports that Syria is crumbling under ISIS forces. 
When you have hundreds of thousands of "Syrian" Kurds in over 60 towns right now streaming into Turkey something is seriously going wrong.
If AMERICA thinks these forces are going away with airstrikes we're kidding ourselves. 
ISIS is like the wildfire that's burning up the Lake Tahoe area, it won't be stopped until it burns itself out on its own and God knows how many people will die and be displaced before that happens.
Our President's refusal two years ago to contain this evil has unleashed the powers of Hell which will be his legacy. - N.P.Contompasis 

White House Invasion

Breaking- White House invader was Hispanic multiple-tour Iraq War vet with knife who was very pissed at the President for his Iraq policies.
Expect military vets to be targeted by FBI for terrorist threats.
It's now clear there is a giant divide between our military and the President.
Would the President fire all top Generals??? Expect it!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

IS Grows

IS's ranks have increased from 10,000 to 31,500 because they can pay their fighters now and it will grow much larger in years to come. 
This is it people, this is the Islamic enemy/army that has risen up so many times before in history to devour the world. - NPC

Watch the Left Squirm

I'm really enjoying watching the Right question the Lefty talking heads and Administration's flunkies about the warring Mr. Obama and his invasion of Iraq and Syria.
They squirm and stutter when having to explain that the Presidents actions aren't a war and that IS isn't a country.
Such stupidity in action. Such hypocrisy.

Ray Rice

Notice how the press is all over this Ray Rice wife beating story, digging and vetting all sources to get to the bottom of a simple spousal abuse case, "YET WHERE ARE THEY ON THE BENGHAZI SCANDAL , THE IRS SCANDAL, THE VA SCANDAL, THE NSA SCANDAL, THE DOJ SCANDALS, FAST AND FURIOUS AND ABOUT A DOZEN MORE OBAMA F**K- UPS.
Makes you wonder is this just another diversion from the real story of Obama's destruction of our country. - NPC

The American Press

Isn't it interesting how IS used YouTube and other internet websites and not the mainstream media to get the beheadings out to America. 
They were smart enough to know the MSM wouldn't show it to the public and thus wouldn't force the Obama Administration to take action against them. 
They want us back in the fight again. They want more American be headings and the only way to get them is to capture them on the battlefield. 


Where is the MSM on the attacks on IS??????
I thought we are bombing these assholes now?
Where are the pictures of smart bombs and things blowing up?
Where are the videos of IS guys being blown up? 
There aren't any and there won't be any, not from our MSM. 

The failure to stop IS will be the green light needed to lose one third of the worlds population to anachronistic Islamic barbarians. - NPC

Glenn Beck Was Right

Five years ago why Glenn Beck was kicked off Fox News and CNN for is now front page news around the world. He was right and continues to be right. This article is from my blog five years ago.
You never know how good something is until it's gone. - NPC
Monday, October 19, 2009
Glenn Beck De Ja Vous of The Smothers Brothers Show and TW3
By Nicholas Contompasis
Glenn Beck on The Fox News Channel has a new show that appears to be the resurrection of investigative journalism with a twist of humor. A skill that seems to have been lost in America after the "immaculation" of the anointed one " Barack Obama ".
I'm old enough and I'm sure many of you are, to remember two great TV shows that played during the mid 1960's, That Was the Week That Was and The Smothers Brothers Show.
Both shows had a biting edge of political satire that eventually got them thrown off the air.
Beck's show is starting to remind me of such great shows.
In the 60's the Vietnam War was heating up, the democrat party was falling apart as the far left liberals tried to grab control from the moderate democrats. Scandals and assassinations were happening almost all of the time with the American public losing faith in its governmental leadership. People started wondering "what the hell is going on with this country".
Then comes TW3 and the Smothers Brothers who start asking serious questions in a satirical way. This soft sell approach become very effective in getting the liberal point of view across to the main stream public. They did their homework just like Beck is doing and people are starting to wonder again " what the hell is going on with this country".
Beck is now a target of the White House and the far left because he is attacking them and doing it with a smile on his face. He is attacking almost every member of the Obama Czar list from Van Jones to Anita Dunn and he is very effective in his slow but deliberate approach.
He is exposing every dirty secret this group has and there seems to be many.
Glenn Beck is connecting the dots that the main stream media wont do. To his surprise and his riches he's coming up with the gold.
Every day his show becomes more compelling as he unravels the web of lies and misdeeds of the Obama Administration and radical Islam with their thirst for world dominance by forming an Islamic caliphate.
So, if you have the time, catch his show for it truly is becoming a classic that many years from now will be remembered fondly as a show that made the difference as did TW3 and The Smothers Brothers Show.

The Draft is Back

Democrats want the draft back for many reasons and many of them have said just that publicly. 
With a global Islamic war blossoming, anyone with children or grandchildren between the ages of 13 to 35 will see them on the front lines of this royal Obama f**k-up. You should all be praying to God this air attack destroys IS. If it doesn't these young ones will be forced to clean up Obama's mess. As I recall he has daughters, doesn't he?
Because of his lack of a proper response in the Syrian and Iraqi situations he is now jeopardizing the next generation of Americans only because it was politically inconvenient for him to act effectively. - N.P.Contompasis

America, you better start taking back and defending your football soon or you'll loose it like your country. - NPC

Here's the BIG BOTTOM LINE since 9/11/01. 1.3 million Muslims killed and 6.5 million Muslims displaced. Expect another million or so killed and maybe 10 million displaced before IS is destroyed. U.S. dead at this point are 6,687. Now, when you hear a Muslim cheer over the 9/11/01 attack on us, show them these numbers. - NPC

Come on America snap out of it. You don't wanna look like England with every part wanting to succeed and most of your buildings falling apart from a lack of maintenance brought on by a self-imposed decline? Well, do yea? - NPC

Breaking - Well they did it again. IS just released a video of the beheading of British citizen David Haines. Developing - NPC

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bush Called It

Mr. Obama You Said

Mr. Obama, you said Al Qaeda was dead!
You said the Iraq War was over. 
You said you'd protect us. 
You said time and time again that the war on terror didn't exist and acts of terrorism was now workplace violence or acts of criminality.
What is wrong with you, are you blind or something? 

Ray Rice Take Down

Spousal abuse isn't a funny matter, but this Ray Rice knockout of his wife is probably the funniest bitch-drop ever to hit the public airways. 
Since the last video release that shows her going after him and the loss of his huge money job, she's now out of millions and is pleading to America that it wasn't any big deal. 
Can you believe this shit???
Now, take his/her multimillion dollar contract out of the equation and Mr. Rice would right now be serving time. - NPC

9/11 Again Mr. Obama - Your Worst Nightmare

Breaking - Pro-Western rebel leader in Syria blown up by ISIS. 
FLASHBACK 9/11/01 - Al Qaeda blew up the leader of the Northern Alliance 9/9/01 in Afghanistan just days before they flew planes into our World Trade Center and the Pentagon. 
With ISIS's threats on America, just like Al Qaeda's we have 48 hours to prepare. - N.P.Contompasis

The only reason why we have radical Islam is because of $100-$150 oil. Drop the price of oil and poof Putin's Russia, ISIS, Iran and radical Islam goes away. Have you noticed since Russia's invasion of the Ukraine oil has been falling. Now what a coincidence. - NPC

Obama's worst nightmare is an American pilot on YouTube getting his or her head cut off. And it is coming. So, get ready for it America. - NPC

CNN and Obama in Bed Over Last Night's Speech

Notice that CNN already had this made up and tweeted out to the world during Obama's speech last night. Until I got my hands on it.
This will be the big debate for weeks to come so Obama doesn't get blamed for bombing an Islamic nation, which ISIS is. - NPC

Feeling Safer on 9/11 after all these years?

If you don't, this could be the reason why. 
What you're experiencing for example is the fear of your President who has every back door ripped off its hinges (our Southern border) and tells you there are serial killers and rapists (ISIS) who are coming to get all of us.
You're not feeling any better after he comes out on national TV to tell you he'll manage and contain them. 
All the while he's doing everything in his power to take away the one thing you have to protect you and your family, your gun.
This may sound a little far fetched, but the vast majority in America, today especially, are feeling this way.
Doesn't it seem as though we're all being set up by this man who just doesn't seem to be an American??? - N.P.Contompasis