Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Will George Soros Fix the U.S. 2012 Presidential Election?

Borrowed from Anthoney Martin of the Examiner - Thank You The news story being circulated around the alternative media concerning the Spanish company SCYTL and its contracts with 900 U.S. voter jurisdictions is a complicated one. And it is one that has tended to lend itself to broad generalizations and, in some cases, misinformation. Digging deeper into the vote tabulation controversy should help separate fact from fiction.  First, it is important to consider what has been discovered to be either fiction or at the very least unconfirmed speculation. Rumors, innuendo, and opinions that cannot be verified by the paper trail cannot be considered fact, although there may be some kernel of truth within them. A perfect example is the oft repeated claim that George Soros owns SCYTL. There is no evidence that the Leftwing billionaire has any financial stake in the company. SCYTL is funded by three sources, venture capital corporations that specialize in investing in privately owned companies. Those three sources are Balderton Capital, Nauta Capital, and Spinnaker SCR. Advertisement SCYTL's board of directors and information concerning its founder can be found at the corporate website. Information on the company's management team can be found here. However, all attempts to discover who exactly owns SCYTL have come up empty. The company is listed in all official profiles as a "privately owned corporation," but no information is given as to the identities of the private owners. Another common claim is that SCYTL is owned by the Spanish government. This is not true. When the company was first established in 2001, the Spanish government was one of its initial investors. But Spain has never had nor currently has controlling interest in SCYTL. The company's headquarters is located in Barcelona, Spain, but it does business throughout the world. Yet another claim being circulated far and wide is that Barack Obama contracted with SCYTL to handle the vote for the 2012 general elections in the U.S. Again, there is no truth to the claim. Neither Obama nor the Federal Elections Commission have the authority to make contracts on behalf of all of the voter jurisdictions in the United States, which are controlled by state and local governments. It is for that reason that SCYTL has over 900 separate contracts with over 900 voter jurisdictions in over 14 states. There can be no blanket contract that covers all voter jurisdictions, given that each one is a separate entity. Further, the nature of the contracts that SCYTL has signed with the 900 voter jurisdictions varies from entity to entity. In some areas the company will actually tally the vote through the software it has provided to state and local governments. These entities are using electronic voting machines exclusively, or what is known as e-voting. In addition, some states have implemented what is called remote online voting, which allows a voter to cast a ballot live, online, even from the comfort of their own homes. Comparatively speaking the jurisdictions that have implemented such a system are few in number. So far such a system has been utilized only on a limited basis in local municipal elections in certain selected test markets. Most of the contracts state and local governments have signed with SCYTL are for the electronic reporting of votes after the votes have been counted and entered into the company's software database. This allows states to provide detailed graphics concerning election results, but it does not involve the actual counting of votes. The company has also contracted with numerous jurisdictions to handle absentee, overseas, and military ballots. Thus, what, exactly, is the problem with the various jurisdictions using SCYTL? Critics say that the machines and software the company provides are too vulnerable to hackers and to those intent on perpetrating voter fraud. In 2010, Washington, D.C.'s new electronic voting system installed by SCYTL was hacked. And during the South Carolina Republican Primary this year there were numerous reports of irregularities associated with the company's electronic system. The problems associated with electronic voting led to a major complaint being filed with the Election Assistance Commission by Voter Action.  Prior to 2012 much of the software being used for voting system upgrades came from a company called SOE. However, SCYTL acquired SOE in a purchase agreement in late 2011 and early 2012. The platform that SCYTL currently uses actually originated with SOE before the acquisition. But herein lies yet another problem inherent with the software, according to critics. Elections and vote fraud expert Bev Harris of Black Box Voting says that the uniform system SCYTL now uses makes it nearly impossible to check for accuracy, given that it does not mandate a paper trail of votes. There is no proof, no written record, no documentation. If the company utilized two separate counting systems, the two could be compared and contrasted to test for accuracy. But such a system of checks and balances is not being implemented by the company, and some states no longer require a paper record of votes. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of systems like that of SCYTL, however, is the fact that it is possible for elections officials in government, and the computer programmers who work with the machines and software, to see how each individual citizen votes. According to Harris, such a system is a direct threat to voter privacy. Harris states that public officials in Colorado have admitted that they can see how an individual citizen votes.  And given that at least 11 other states use the same system, it can be safely assumed the same thing can happen in those states: Public officials now admit they can see how you voted and link it to your name. This issue affects Colorado, almost all of Washington State, as well as some locations in California, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia and likely other states as well.  If you vote by mail or at combined-precinct "vote centers" your vote may be viewable by public officials and/or vendors.  In Colorado, election officials have been trying to cover up this inconvenient (and unconstitutional) issue, by preventing the public or the media from being able to examine ballots -- ever, even after elections are over. While this particular issue has not been traced specifically to SCYTL, it is common knowledge that electronic voting systems can be programmed by vendors according to the specifications of local elections officials, meaning that if they wanted to do so government officials could direct vendors to tweak the software in such a manner as to make it possible for individual votes to be traced to individual voters. This is illegal and a violation of the constitutions of the various states.  Thus, while the software provided by SCYTL is vulnerable, the broader issue lies with local elections officials who sometimes operate outside the boundaries of the law. This is not the fault of the company but is an indication of a systemic cancer that is growing within the U.S. regarding the integrity of those who are chosen to manage the elections process. Incompetence is also an issue according to those who monitor the elections process.

Eric Holder - Hold-on Here!!!

I find it interesting that AG Eric Holder would bring criminal charges against a lowly engineer from British Petroleum for deleting texts during the Gulf oil spill. Yet he still won’t release his emails and texts relating to “FAST AND FURIOUS which led to thousands of MURDERS on our border!!!!”  – N.P.Contompasis 


By Nicholas Contompasis

Today President Obama warned American college students and graduates with large loans owed to him that their loan interest rates would double next year. He was implying that if you voted for him this year, he could change that situation. Of course, you remember months after he took office he nationalized the student loan industry. In 2007 his Democrat controlled Congress caused that doubling of interest rates on student loans which Obama warned of today.
This doubling of interest rates on student loans is a contrived way of controlling our young America college students and graduates by forcing many of them to default on their loans leading to a massive outcry for help, similar to the mortgage crisis, which Obama may grant, but first you must vote for him now. 


New FDA order-Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes, snoballs & breads must be delivered in separate trucks.

This is how Obama destroys industries that produce food or for that matter anything you love, but he feels isn't good for you. 
Wake up America, your industry could be next..... 
This is not about Twinkies - It's about TYRANNY!!!! - N.P.Contompasis

Monday, April 23, 2012

It Looks Like George Clooney Has Crawled Up Obama's Ass

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Obama Sellout President Video - More Obama Lies

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dangerous Rank Amateurs

After reviewing this picture of the back of Zimmerman's head it's obvious that the DA and the Chief of Police in Sanford Florida did the right thing by not charging Zimmerman. 
But what's troubling is that the Obama operatives that pushed this event politically, and got such legs from the Mainstream Media, are dangerous rank amateurs that could start a civil war based on absolutely nothing. - N.P.Contompasis


Freedom of speech is nice, if you have the balls to open your mouth. 
It's like having a nuclear bomb. What good is it if you won't use it!!! - N.P.Contompasis

The Stealth Depression

Economists wonder why the U.S. economy is stalled at 2 ½ percent growth. It’s simple, government spending. If government didn’t spend we would have negative GDP as far back as 2008!!!
That’s called a DEPRESSION America. Wake up!!! – N.P.Contompasis

Watch the French Election America

America – watch the French election – If polls are correct, a socialist will become President and the European Union will crumble. Germany won’t backstop a Union that won’t help itself. – N.P.Contompasis

The Secrete Service Spills the Beans on Obama

Secrete Service supervisor Greg Stokes who was fired last week over the prostitution scandal just could spill the beans on Obama and his inner circle. He plans to fight his firing by suing the Obama Administration. This is going to be very interesting in an election years!!! - N.P.Contompasis

Remember America

Remember America, it was because of President Obama’s Afghan policies of restricted engagement and shortchanging the troops requested from the Pentagon that you’ve soured on the war. So, now you want out!
Remember America, your lack of confidence in your government is because President Obama has turned it into an oppressive regulatory and penalizing authoritative hammer. So, now you want out!
It’s not the war or the government you want out of, it’s Obama you want out!!! Keep your eye on the ball and don’t be distracted. This is a tactic he’s using to reshape our world. Don’t let him get away with it!!! – N.P.Contompasis

Respect !!!

Don’t respect someone for making a promise. Respect them for keeping it.
Need I say more???? - N.P.Contompasis

BREAKING: George Zimmerman released from Florida jail on $150,000 bond

This is Your President America - Do You Get it Yet???

By Nicholas Contompasis

Drew spent an evening with Obama and a group of Marxist-Leninist friends at a restaurant where they discussed politics and Communist revolution.
Drew had graduated from Occidental and was doing graduate work at Cornell University when he returned to visit friends at Occidental.
Dr. Drew was still a Marxist-Leninist at the time he debated Communism with Obama and his friends. Drew had grown disillusioned with the idea that violent revolution could come to industrialized societies, but Obama disagreed.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Follow This!!!

By Nicholas Contompasis

Follow this…..
In Europe, indications are that fiscally responsible politicians will fail to correct the sinking ship that’s called the European Union.
With most European countries militaries weakened to a point of ineffectiveness, it bodes of major widespread civil unrest and anarchy that will only be controlled by NATO troops. This act along with currency devaluations will be the death nail for individual national sovereignty in Europe and will shatter a once peaceful continent.
The problem for America is that with the loss of our strongest trading partner our economy will take decades to recover if ever.
Furthermore, going forward, if the U.S. fails to provide domestic fiscal restraint, the world as we know it will end and President Obama’s promise of a “fundamental change” will have occurred!

Liberal Black America Listen up!

By Nicholas Contompasis

For decades you’ve preached to white America, that we need to search our souls and purge racism from our hearts. White America has done that with proof sitting in our White House today.
Now, if you vote for Obama only because he’s black, that makes you a racist!!!
So, maybe it’s time you start looking into your souls, and purge your poisoned hearts of that toxic waste called Racism!

As the Plantation Crumbles They Dance

By Nicholas Contompasis

It’s 2012 in America, but it’s more like the post-Civil War era, better known as Reconstruction, which was between 1865 and 1877. Reconstruction, yea right! It was more like Destruction when Northerners moved into the badly beaten Southern states and bought up the deteriorating plantations and all the land that went with it for a song. It seems we have the same thing going on in America today with the Obama Administration doing next to nothing to save one in four homeowners from foreclosure and uncertainty. He is doing next to nothing to employee the millions still unemployed after the longest recession in America history, a recession that may soon be classified as a depression. While weeds grow around millions of these deteriorating homes, homes once owned by proud families and families still living in them, but in banking hell, they slowly deteriorate as did the once proud plantations of the South. Is this President attempting to wipe out the white man’s dominance and image just as the Carpetbaggers from the North did to the Southern way of life? This analogy is perfect in a reversal of fortunes sort of way, with a now black President orchestrating the demise of the white middle class in America. After closer analysis, this could be described as a purely racist act by the President of the United States.

Tell It Like It Is Brother - This Video Goes Viral

Friday, April 20, 2012

Harry Reid is an Idiot!!!!

I'm waiting by my mailbox all day today for my junk-mail like Senator Harry Reid said I do......

Actually I'm really waiting for that nasty Penthouse magazine my wife likes to burn.....
Spank me baby - spank me hard lol

Breaking News - Bloody Picture of Zimmerman's Head

After reviewing this picture of the back of Zimmerman's head it's obvious that the DA and the Chief of Police in Stanford Florida did the right thing by not charging Zimmerman.
But what's troubling is that the Obama operatives that pushed this event politically, and got such legs from the Mainstream Media, are dangerous rank amateurs that could start a civil war based on absolutely nothing. - N.P.Contompasis

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Call Him Hero

If you don't think we have enemies out there that want to bring the battle here, you better take another look at this brave Marines face who successfully kept the battle over there so you can play on your iPod's and complain about your TV reception!!!
- N.P.Contompasis

Where’s Obama’s Outrage and Most of All Where’s America’s Outrage???

In Oklahoma last Tuesday, Bob and Nancy Strait, who had been married for 65 years, had their home broken into by a black teenager (Tyrone Woodfork) unarmed except for a BB gun. The teenager beat and raped the 85 year old Nancy Strait to death. Her husband, a veteran of the 101st Airborne in WW2, is in the hospital struggling to make it.

There will be no million hoodie march for Bob and Nancy, two mere white Americans. Their killer will have pro bono lawyers and innocence projects helping him until he's finally set free again.

Certainly Obama will make no statement on how Nancy Strait could have been his grandmother or how Bob Strait could have been that uncle who "liberated Auschwitz ". Mitt Romney did not pop up to call for a "thorough investigation", reminding us of why Santorum kinda had a point about him.

Bob and Nancy Strait won't get the screeching coverage that Trayvon Martin got about white racism because a Hispanic neighborhood watch captain shot a black teenager.

California is Lost - Stuart Varney of Fox News Explains Why

By Nicholas Contompasis