Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sarah Palin's New Facebook Post Today 10/31/09

I want to personally thank Republican Dede Scozzafava for acting so selflessly today in the NY District 23 race. Now it's time to cross the finish line with Doug Hoffman so that he can get to work for District 23 and the rest of America.With Congress poised to overhaul one-sixth of our economy with so-called health care “reform” (which is really a government takeover of health care) and with plans to enact a cap-and-tax bill just as our economy struggles to recover, Doug Hoffman will be a voice for fiscal responsibility and common sense in Washington.We need candidates like Doug now more than ever. In these final days of the campaign, it's vital that Doug continue to receive the enthusiastic support of those who want to bring common sense to Washington. Let’s help make it happen! You can help Doug by visiting his official website today and offering your support:

- Sarah Palin

Denzel Washington To Play Obama

Denzel Washington the exceptional Hollywood actor has been chosen to play a not so exceptional President Obama in a upcoming movie about the President.
We are 10 months into this Presidents four year term and he has already received a Nobel Prize for Peace, for doing nothing. Now Hollywood is making a movie about him.
If you look at past movies about historic figures and events you'll notice that unfortunately the movie always overshadows the truth.
So, now we have to look forward to the "propaganda" coming out of Hollywood about this "egocentric minimalist President ".
Usually, its our kids that get duped by this technique of subliminally suggesting that this man is good for America. With the voting age at 18, we have a new crop of voters coming out for the next Presidential election who will most likely vote for this man, only because they made a movie about him. So, he must be good for America, right ?
Hollywood over the past 50 years has bashed Republican Presidents and events in history leaving the viewer with a twisted and perverted opinion of the party and events that they effected. Republicans never do anything right for the country and the people, according to them.
Big corporations are on that hit list too. Of course, they link big corporations and the military to the Republican party. The Big 3 of the Hollywood hit list. Oh and the CIA, can't forget about them. After all they did kill the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King.
Also, everyone knows that Republican actors and writers get nowhere in Hollywood. The top 10 grossing actors and actresses in Hollywood are democrats and contribute heavily towards democrat candidates. This is a fact that has been around for years.
If you look at movies made prior to 1950, war and political movies were pro military and pro big corporation. They had no political axe to grind against either party. They glorified the country instead of bashing it. Those were the good old days.
Not, now though, because in the early 50's we had the Un-American Activities Committee Hearings that tried to root out communists that had embedded themselves into Hollywood and Broadway.
This process left a bad taste in their mouth. We on the Right have been paying for the extraction for almost 5 decades but the country was made safer for the exercise.
After the fall of the Soviet Union many documents from their archives proved that there was a Soviet plot to use our media industry to sway public opinion towards a more socialist/communist ideology.
So, the next time you go to the movies on a Saturday night with your significant other, remember there is a head game being played on you.
With Obama, I mean Denzel Washington now in office, I would expect much more of the same style of indoctrination coming out of Hollywood.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bush Never Brought the Cameras to Dover !

Yesterday, in the early A.M. President Obama flew by White House helicopter to Dover Delaware to view the incoming U.S. dead from Afghanistan, "that he killed".

With White House photographers in tow, he used the dead bodies of our, "not his", fallen soldiers to propagandize his so called sorrow.

Since September 16th we have lost 96 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. The 16th is the date that he was informed by his "commander in field" that reinforcements had to be sent "as soon as possible".
So, now we have approximately 192 mothers and fathers that have been given the unfortunate news that their sons and daughters have died because of his lack of concern.
That's wonderful Mr. President, as Dick Cheney well coined, "your dithering" is killing our sons and daughters.
Its time to do something with "the plan" you were given almost a year ago.
Today, through the very articulate voice of Liz Cheney, she revealed that President Bush made this very same visit to Dover many times over the years to show respect and honor for our fallen soldiers. Has anyone reported this? No, of course not. Because President Bush knew it would be wrong to use this event as a political ploy.
But this Marxist President makes one trip to Dover and brings the propaganda cameras to spread his lies and disingenuous feelings. He is not my leader! He is not your leader! He is not a President and he is not a American!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Cry A Lot These Days !

On August 11th of this year I started this Blog, my first. Being a financial guy writing has always been something that has been secondary. Most of my communications had always been verbal and dealt with numbers and their importance.

Once I started this Blog I suddenly realized the power that was at my fingertips and with the ability to touch so many at once. As I produced more articles the feelings for my country galvanized more than ever. Every day hundreds of new people entered my life through the Blog, with almost no opposition to my ideas. Validating that I was on the "Right" track. My short articles made it easy for busy people to get the point quickly.

By using Twitter to get my articles to the people, it opened up more contacts and more interaction. It was expanding into an ever growing community of like minded people.

It still is growing at breakneck speed as our country becomes more dissatisfied.

In the morning, I would notice that 35 people on twitter were now following me. My first reaction to this was surprising to me, a relatively tough guy, who has developed a pretty hard shell over the years. I started crying ! The fact that people from around the country felt that my words meant something to them, left me with great satisfaction and fulfilment.

It was wonderful to know that I was not alone in my struggle to change the mistake we all made back in November of 08.
Occasionally, I'll find that someone has quoted from one of my articles and re tweeted it throughout the world for all to see and yep, there I sit sobbing my eyes out, again.

The love for this country by true patriots across the nation is pouring out from every village and town in America. I know, because I occasionally watch the thousands of town and city names that hit my website. Names, for the most part, I've never heard before.

People searching for the truth, the like minded and the life source that runs through the veins of every hamlet and metropolitan area in America.

They are searching and finding. With modern technology no one should feel as a "lone voice in the wilderness".

So, shout, shout, shout to the heavens your displeasure with whats being done to your country. Shout, shout, shout and don't stop shouting.

For our country needs you now, more than ever.

And yes, I still cry a lot these days.......
for this wonderful country.......
America !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Martial Law in America is Coming !

If you think that the Obama Administration is going to go away in 2012 because of an election or the expiration of his term, you better think twice.

America........, its time to wake up. The White House has been taken over by Marxists. They will not give it up nicely. They've waited decades for this takeover, do you honestly think they'll just walk away?

Barack Obama is a Marxist. Marxists by definition are dictators who historically have killed millions and have sent societies backwards by decades.

There is no progress with Marxists, just power grabs, one right after another, country after country. Many of the foolish followers of Obama are on board for their own power and monetary gain but for Barack Obama this is about seizing and keeping control of the most powerful nation in the world. He intends to mold America into his likeness whether you like it or not.

We are in trouble my fellow Americans.

In the first week of November we will be experiencing several elections across the nation. The techniques that Obama uses to sway these elections should be watched very closely.

Obamas use of groups like ACORN have perverted our elections in the past and will most likely haunt elections in the future, if we let them.

It is my belief that Obama is planning, at this moment, the manipulation of the 2010 congressional elections and will use this same plan as the blue print for his reelection in 2012.

As he slowly starves the populous of the capitalist economic system of which we are all accustom too, he will expect us to become more reliant on his government for our survival. The idea is for us to forget about capitalism because its not helping us now, "we need to seek a better way" is his plan.

Obamas plan of complete domination of our federal government was well on its way until April 15th 2009 when America for the first time in decades took to the streets to say NO to his plans of complete domination. Even his liberal democrats in congress took notice of the tea parties and town hall meetings across the country.

This flat out rejection of his policies by the American people, according to polls, have forced Obama to rethink his tactics. The speed at which he is pushing his agenda through congress is one of the changes along with numerous Executive Orders. His appointments of many left wing socialists and redistribution types are setting the framework for seizing not only government control but also using the process of "Clawback" to seize from a selected wealthy. That wealth will be redistributed to his loyal power base such as in the GM and Chrysler takeovers.

If you remember your German history that is exactly what Hitler did when he confiscated Jewish assets in the 30's.

It is my belief that if Obamas popularity continues to decline and his followers continue to lose seats in congress, which is projected for 2010, I would expect Obama to do the unthinkable.

If Obamas reelection looks bleak going into 2011 expect him to fabricate a national emergency that will cause him to declare Martial Law. This emergency could be caused simply by issuing an Executive Order that would anger White Christians. In reaction to the order, people would take to the streets and he would clamp down on our rights by seizing guns and limiting rights by cutting off the Internet and delaying elections.

It can be done that easily and that quickly. So, its very important for all of us to keep networking and spreading the word. Peaceful resistance will be the keystone of our endeavour. If you've done nothing, get involved, even if its just a chat board or going to a Tea Party demonstration. Write letters, call your representatives, do something and don't stop doing it until this National Nightmare is over.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Obama-Cloward-Piven Strategy Will Kill Us All

"First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University ( the college Barack Obama attended and graduated from ) sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven ( husband and wife ), the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse." *
Mao Tse-tung, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler are the most resent tyrants in history who have gained control under the guise of "a better society for all" . They ultimately killed
millions of their own people and even more through war.
All three had their own unique way of changing society and consolidating power. But, they all ended up the same way except Mao. Mao's China which has become less violent and has adopted many capitalistic principals.
With that said, It's important to know, that our own modern day home grown Socialist movement, all started with the acceptance of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, in our academic settings.
If you examine the first paragraph of this article you can understand why we are now having problems in America.
We now, have Unions, Senators, Congressman, Judges, Minorities, Non Profit Organizations and most disenfranchised groups in America heralding this strategy as a war cry.
Now, the Executive branch of our country has been taken over by left wing theorists who think they can change America into this nightmare.
Let's remember that its very possible that our President was taught by Mr. Cloward (socialist)at Columbia but because his college records have been sealed, we don't know for sure. But, again another sign and tactic of a takeover regime.
To illustrate this strategy lets take a look at Unions and how they work in America.
Unions first muscle their way into a company and eventually an industry such as the auto industry. The aim is contrary to normal belief and rhetoric that the purpose is to better the worker.
It is to bankrupt the company and eventually turn over the company to the Unions. By asking more and more benefits for the workers the company can no longer exist. This is basic socialism.
That is what President Obama is trying to do to America with the help of liberal congressmen.
He wants to bankrupt America financially, lower the standard of living for all Americans and consolidate his power by reshaping our economic system, values and beliefs into the image he feels it should be.
If that sounds scary to you, it should. You should be shaking in your boots at this point.
As you can see it doesn't take long for this to happen, yes, even to America.
According to Moody's the rating agency, Americas debt will lose its highest level of quality within 5 years. Meaning that at that point we will have to pay more to borrow our debt. Meaning that most or all of our tax revenue will go to paying off the debt leaving nothing for the people for support services that maintain a normal safe society. You can just imagine what happens than, a complete breakdown of our society.
All that will be left will be a ruling tyrannical government that will crush all civil liberties and rights.
As you can see there is no normal end game to this madness. Most likely millions will die, wars will be fought and a great divide will occur in this once great country of ours.
All for the sake of power by just a few. Are you going to let that happen?
Remember it took almost 5 years for Hitler to consolidate power in Germany. Will it take Obama that long or will it be less?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Trouble at the U.S. Border !

What does President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and the violent "La Familia" Cartel all have in common ?
For the past two years Chavez has been working with Ahmadinejad of Iran to cook up a scheme to hit back at the U.S. without being to obvious.
Chavez is attempting to fund and direct "La Familia" the drug Cartel with the aid of Iran.
This past week across the U.S., hundreds of members of this Cartel have been arrested in an attempt to slow its growth. In an economic down turn its a losing battle to try and stop the drug flow coming from Mexico. It's a noble cause but a losing one.
This is why this developing story is so important.
For the past 7 years Chavez has been supplying money and arms to the gorillas in Colombia. Why is he so interested in Colombia? Colombia's biggest export is cocaine. The gorillas and Chavez use it to fund the revolution in Colombia and keep the flow of illegal drugs open for the Mexican Cartels.
Now, that the Colombians, with the support of the Bush Administration, have turned this war around. The gorillas are on the run and have been minimized.
Now, Chavez, with the help of Iranian operatives in Venezuela, is taking his game to the big league "Mexico". This Colombian template has now been laid across the vast Mexican landscape. Yes, a failed template for taking over a country but not for infiltrating Al Qaeda and Iranian terrorists.
Both Chavez and Ahmadinejad have big axes to grind with the U.S. so, expect anything coming across our pores southern border (Guns, Drugs, Terrorists, Weapons of Mass Destruction).
It is speculated that with the help of the Cartel, terrorists are now in our country ready to strike at any given moment.
It's believed that any attack on either Venezuela or Iran would result in terrorist bombings and attacks in cafes and malls across America.
Now take note of the arrests, just this week. If you recall at the beginning of the week suspected Arab terrorists were arrested in Massachusetts attempting to acquire automatic weapons to attack malls and shopping areas. Than, later in the week we have the arrests of La Familia Cartel members.
There is a connection and I'm quite surprised the majors haven't pick up on it yet. Maybe they will some day if they ever get out of "Obama Jail" and start acting like reporters instead of lap dogs.
Something is definitely up, so I thought I would pass this on !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It Was a Perry Mason Moment for Dick Cheney Tonight

Many of you are to young to remember the famous fictional lawyer Perry Mason who would in the final throws of a story force a confession from the murderer while on the witness stand. Stanley Gardner's character would stand in the middle of the court room wielding his legal tongue while slowly checkmating his opponent.
This colorful and skillful attorney came to life this evening in the form of former Vice President Dick Cheney.
Cheney the sole defender of the Bush Administration proceeded to shred the Obama Administration to bits by giving the full story of the recent transition of power to Obama & Co.
The topic was Afghanistan which seems to be the current administrations dilemma.
If Obama thought he had problems before Cheney spoke he sure would have more afterwords.
Prior to the transition Cheney and Bush handed over a complete review of the Afghan war including the need for more troops to Obama.
That means, that Obama knew he needed more troops almost 10 months ago and he did nothing!
When Obama took the reins of the new administration he asked Bush and Cheney not to say anything about the review, which they agreed.
I'm sure that the agreement would have been kept if it were not for the comments made this past weekend by Obamas new 5 Star General "Rahm Emanuel".
This little Jewish punk from Chicago on Sunday declared that he would not authorize more troops until after the Afghan election runoffs.
I imagine the top brass in the Pentagon must have been throwing beer cans at the TV after that comment.
With General McChrystal playing a loose and fast game with the President over this same topic we now have a Midget Thug from Chicago telling our Generals whether we're going to send in reinforcements to save the forces on the ground.
So, in response to this incredibly stupid move by Obama & Co. the Generals sent in the biggest gun in the west, Dick Cheney.
Tonight, armed with the sharpest tongue known to man Cheney reduced the Obama Administration to children playing in a elementary school yard.
It was inspiring to watch Cheney as he skillfully carved up the carcass of the new and very inexperienced administration but sad to see that it all had to come to this.
It's not a good thing for a President to battle with his Generals because the President always loses, one way or another!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boycott by of Fox is Illegal !

Noah T. Winer, the editor of's online news bulletin has obtained illegally, a list of California school employees email addresses. He is using that email list to promote a boycott/petition of the Fox News Channel and is soliciting for contributions.
Your reading this first before it hits the main news outlets, well at least Fox, because it was my wife who received his email at her school, where she works. It was addressed to her school email address. She has received 6 emails in the past few day from and some of its affiliates.

His use of public school email addresses is flatly an illegal act that should be stopped immediately by California school districts and should be reported to California's Attorney General Jerry Brown.
So, wants teachers in California and our kids not to watch Fox. Is the brain washing of our children just around the corner? Are our children now being told in our tax payer paid schools that Fox is bad? Can we now not trust the teachers that see our children every day, more than we do? is a 501 c 4 non profit organization used as a political action arm of the democrat party.
Included in this email are many false statements about Fox and why people should not watch Fox until President Obama says its OK.
They mention that my wife is a member of which she is not.
  • UPDATE 10/21 - Today my wife received a email from thanking her for signing the FOX petition, which she did not do. So, it appears that this petition is also being rigged by its originators.

  • UPDATE 10/22 - Today Fox News mentioned on the air that is sending around a petition for everyone to stop watching Fox on TV. They have not put together the fact that they are soliciting non members from local schools. Emails that are only used for school business and are not normally made public.

I have contacted Fox but have not heard back from them as of 4pm PST 10/20/09.
There is no doubt that President Obama has sent the order out to stop people from watching Fox. This juvenile attempt to stop a "News Channel" that reports the facts that he feels hurts him politically will not work.
Just think we have a President in the White House that will attempt to destroy one of your guaranteed rights in the Bill of Rights for his political gains.
It appears to me that the President we have in the White House is a fascist dictator who will stop at nothing to destroy your rights as citizens and consolidate his power.
This guy has invaded our family, will yours be next ? This is a new level of fear the American People have never felt before.


From: Noah T. Winer, Civic Action []
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 11:35 AM
To: xxxxx,xxxx
Subject: Stay off FOX

Clicking here will sign your name:

"Democrats should support President Obama's effort to call out FOX. Please stay off FOX for as long as he does."

Sign the petition

Dear MoveOn member,

All year, FOX has worked 24/7 to block President Obama's agenda—repeating lies about "death panels," promoting Tea Party protests, and whipping up fake political scandals.1

Now, President Obama is fighting back. The White House communications director said FOX is a "wing of the Republican Party...let's not pretend they're a news network."2 To draw attention to its biased coverage, President Obama will not appear on FOX for the rest of this year.3

It's about time Democrats stood up to FOX! Can you sign this petition asking Democrats to support President Obama's stance by staying off FOX as long as he does? We'll deliver it to Democratic leaders. Clicking here will add your name:
The petition says: "Democrats should support President Obama's effort to call out FOX. Please stay off FOX for as long as he does."

Democrats often appear on FOX in hopes of reaching out to conservative viewers. But FOX cuts off their mic, distorts what they say, or runs biased headlines at the bottom of the screen.4 In the end, Democrats always lose on FOX.

FOX insists there's a difference between its news shows and its right-wing opinion shows with Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others.

But in August, FOX's so-called news shows "aired 22 clips of town hall meeting attendees opposed" to Obama's health care plans and zero in support. CNN and MSNBC were more fair and balanced.5

In another "news" story, FOX passed off a GOP press release as its own research—typo and all.6

FOX executives now describe the channel as "the voice of opposition" to Obama's agenda. FOX president Roger Ailes—a former adviser to Nixon, Reagan, and George H.W. Bush—said, "I see this as the Alamo."7

But a Capitol Hill newspaper reports, "In the House and Senate, Democrats who pledged to follow the administration's near-boycott of Fox were hard to find, although many expressed support for Obama's stance."8

Democrats will only find the courage to join Obama if they hear from enough concerned voters. Sign this petition to ask Democratic leaders to stay off FOX. Clicking here will add your name:

Thanks for all you do.

–Noah, Nita, Michael, Kat, and the rest of the team

Monday, October 19, 2009

Glenn Beck De Ja Vous of The Smothers Brothers Show and TW3

By Nicholas Contompasis

Glenn Beck on The Fox News Channel has a new show that appears to be the resurrection of investigative journalism with a twist of humor. A skill that seems to have been lost in America after the "immaculation" of the anointed one " Barack Obama ".
I'm old enough and I'm sure many of you are, to remember two great TV shows that played during the mid 1960's, That Was the Week That Was and The Smothers Brothers Show.
Both shows had a biting edge of political satire that eventually got them thrown off the air.
Beck's show is starting to remind me of such great shows.
In the 60's the Vietnam War was heating up, the democrat party was falling apart as the far left liberals tried to grab control from the moderate democrats. Scandals and assassinations were happening almost all of the time with the American public losing faith in its governmental leadership. People started wondering "what the hell is going on with this country".
Then comes TW3 and the Smothers Brothers who start asking serious questions in a satirical way. This soft sell approach become very effective in getting the liberal point of view across to the main stream public. They did their homework just like Beck is doing and people are starting to wonder again " what the hell is going on with this country".
Beck is now a target of the White House and the far left because he is attacking them and doing it with a smile on his face. He is attacking almost every member of the Obama Czar list from Van Jones to Anita Dunn and he is very effective in his slow but deliberate approach.
He is exposing every dirty secret this group has and there seems to be many.
Glenn Beck is connecting the dots that the main stream media wont do. To his surprise and his riches hes coming up with the gold.
Every day his show becomes more compelling as he unravels the web of lies and misdeeds of the Obama Administration.
So, if you have the time, catch his show for it truly is becoming a classic that many years from now will be remembered fondly as a show that made the difference as did TW3 and The Smothers Brothers Show.

Obama Wants to Drug Our Kids for Votes !

According to several websites, this is a picture of President Barack Obama smoking marijuana when he was younger.
Today this same President has for all intentional purposes legalized marijuana in the United States.
By ordering his Attorney General Eric Holder to back off on all federal cases involving smokers and sellers in states that have legalized medical marijuana, Pot is in essence legal.
As a resident of a state that has legalized medical marijuana, its common knowledge that just about anyone can get it for just about any medical reason, legitimate or not. Kids all over the state are now getting it for fake headache's.
Now, let's put our thinking caps on and look at the front pages of every paper in America. Across every page we see how the new massive health care bill is pushing through congress.
Based on expert opinions, a bill will be passed and most likely with a government option.
So, is this the end game, the legalization of marijuana? The federal government will now be the pusher of a once illegal drug?
Does this also mean that you the American tax payer are going to be on the hook for this drug handout? You betcha !
That's right, with the new Government Health Care Plan, you the American taxpayer will be paying for the dope that these losers will be smoking.
Obamas attempt to dopify America is right on the horizon with the potential of drugging millions of our countries young people. With many kids eligible to vote in the next Presidential election I'm sure he's licking his chops to help swing the vote his way by assisting our kids in getting high.
Parents should be very concerned about this new development, because it shows a clear intention by the Obama Administration to drug our high school and college kids.
Will this President stop at nothing to get votes from our young and inexperienced citizens? It appears so!
I think it's time to stop this President from destroying our children's future and the future of America, don't you?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Last Conservative

The dark days collapsed into weeks and weeks into years as the great nation declined into a unsettled sleep.

The once great empire that touched every nation was now in decline but not by choice, more by design. A design that was created from the dark side of men's souls. Men that had no love of God and country. Men as dangerous as any in history.

As the great nation faltered from self strangulation. Its clouded eyes gazed upon a distant image through the hazy morn.

The once proud people, now enslaved, with eyes in permanent sorrow felt a change this hazy morn.

The haze, as it slowly burned above the rolling hills began to reveal the approaching force.

This force was once the lifeblood of the mighty empire but was lost in years of turmoil.

Confusion and lies ruled these days leaving the people wanting and searching but never finding until this hazy morn.

For on this morn, the sun now shining for the first time in years, burning off the deadly fog, revealing the image of good and evil on the battlefield of right and wrong bringing clarity to the eyes of the people of this great land.

As this clarity spread, the evil was destroyed and the now proud nation empire was once again leading the world with its love of God and country, for all nations.

Madoff Halloween Mask a Jewish Slam or is It ?

Is the new popular Halloween mask for 2009 antisemitic and a stereotypical Jewish slam?
With probably thousands of children running around on Halloween night pulling Ponzi schemes on their neighbors by demanding candy, you have to ask yourself is this more of a slam on Jews than just a crook who took a bunch of rich people for a ride?
The mask of course is of a elderly Jewish looking face that could be seen on any street corner in America. Yes, Jewish, but what is the lasting thought? What does one take away from this seemingly antisemitic site?
Is this just another advertisement for how " The Jews on Wall Street " ( not my quote ) have taken the American People for a similar ride ? Maybe !
With the American People now facing increased taxes from bills being jammed down their throats in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the great depression.
Who are the faces they see every night on the nightly news doing the governmental jamming ?
Maybe that mask is more than just a sign of the times.

"1984" is Knocking. Are You Going to Open the Door?

At the end of 2010 the Bush tax cuts will expire and taxes will increase for all Americans that pay them. These tax increases are across the board and are in every area of taxable events.

Now, lets add to this the New Tax given to us by the Cap and Trade Bill. This will be a tax passed on to every ones utility bill that would eventually be increasing bills by as much as 300%.

Oh, and finally, I wish, we have the National Health Care Bill. This bill should be renamed "eliminate every loophole in the tax code, bill". Because it does just that. Its changes encompass everything from penalties for not filing a personal tax return to massive taxes laid upon the medical industry that will of course be passed on to you.

As a tax professional for over 40 years I have never seen a more comprehensive tax bill since the Reagan years. Except, Reagan's bill benefited the private sector and the American People. This bill encumbers them.

So, I'm trying to understand how a fiscally irresponsible and undisciplined government is going to collect all of these taxes from the American People without a REVOLUTION occurring.

That's right a REVOLUTION!

With the almost guaranteed doubling of the federal government and the smothering of the private sector and its potential. This congress and President are destroying the future of America.

I feel sorry of our children and grandchildren who will have to try and survive in this smothering environment.

An environment that will take all of your pay for taxes, "slavery ", and will tell you how to do everything from what to eat to what to say and think.

" 1984 " is knocking at your door ! Are you going to let it in ? Are you going to continue to do nothing ? Are you going to stand up for your family, your children, your grandchildren ?

Are you finally going to do something for your country instead of taking ?

Well do it, do it NOW. Because your country needs you, NOW, not tomorrow, TODAY.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh, Mr. President Your Waterloo Has Arrived !

How loyal are the moderate democrat voters? How shifty are the independent voters ? How dissatisfied are the far left voters. These three voting blocks are Mr. Obamas Achilles Heal. He's done a poor job of satisfying them over the past 10 months.
Just about the only people he has satisfied are liberal congressmen and an assortment of enemies around the world but they don't vote or do they ? After the resent exposure of ACORN it wouldn't surprise me if Saddam Hussein voted in our last election.
Gay voters are furious with him because he completely ignores them. Loyal old book democrats are starting to wonder if this President is beginning to effect their credibility.
Independents that voted for change are now looking at massive tax increases at all income levels, something they where promised wouldn't happen.

So, now the President is in a constant campaign mode trying to mend fences with his supporters, who are starting to feel just a little bit taken by his half truths and flat out lies.

His poll numbers have for the first time dipped below a 50% favor ability level. This is why he's jetting around the country as I write this article.

So, who's minding the country while this is all going on? I imagine the Czars right ? None of which have been confirmed by congress and the press, well forget them. Glenn Beck seems to be the only guy in the country that's informing the public of who they really are. Every one of his shows are now scaring the hell out of me.

So, ( there's that word again ) we have 10% unemployment, third quarter earning numbers are OK but nothing to write home about. We have every one of our enemies empowered by his indecisiveness.

We have two massive bills going through congress that will eventually cripple our economy and lower our standard of living so dramatically that you wont recognize our country in 10 years ( if he gets a second term ).

All of this turmoil is now churning faster and faster as the far right conservatives hammer this President for his numerous follies.

This President whether he realizes it or not is headed straight for his Waterloo.

I'm sure his ego is insulating him from the realities he seems to be floating over but this soon will end and he will face the stark reality that he is a President that has done nothing to help the country, his voter base or the future of the American People.

This is why he should go and go now !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time To Boycott Pro Football For One Week Starting Now

With the attacks on radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh the country is now embarking on one of the nations biggest boycotts in history. The false racist claims laid upon him right before a business deal to buy part of a professional football team has been labeled pure racist against whites in America.

This Black on White crime on Mr. Limbaugh is typical of the left attacking anyone calling themselves conservative in America.

Conservatives are not Racist, to the contrary, but its being used to divide this country even more.

It seems, that the tactics of the "Justice Brothers" are going to be used against themselves. America is turning the tables on these racists.
Since the majority of pro football watchers are white maybe its time for American Whites to stand up for their rights too.
The boycott is for America not to watch or attend pro football games around the country for one week starting October 15th which is today.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doesn't Anybody Think Anymore ?

Who the hell is leading the Health Insurance Industry in America ? Is the industry that fragmented, that with a train heading for them at 110 mph they don't have the good sense to get out of the way.
Did they actually think that this congress, with its far left leadership and a socialist President like Obama, would leave them alone? Did the executives of these multi billion dollar corporations really think that they could cut a deal with tax cheats, racists, double talkers and liars in this congress and the White House ?
Obviously YES, and it just may cost every American the good health care they have cherished for decades.
The issue is now forcing this insane government to " throw out the baby with the bath water " and force more taxes on the American people to be of course waisted on another inefficient government agency that will eventually bankrupt our great country.
If the Health Insurance Industry would have healed itself by correcting issues that the far left liberals had against them our country wouldn't be in this mess. Yes, if they had "fallen on their swords", "bit the bullet" and sacrificed a good portion of the profits earned, this country would be much better off. It would have also minimized the government argument.
So, now we have chaos, more taxes and a downward spiral of quality of care.
Oh, and let's not forget the eventual extinction of the Health Insurance Industry in America.
Nice job guys ! Doesn't anybody think anymore ?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Their Blood is Now on Your Hands Mr. President !

Staff Sergeant Aaron J. Taylor Age 27, Specialist George W. Cauley Age 24, Sergeant 1st Class Kenneth Westbrook Age 41.

What do these three U.S. Service Men have in common with the President of the United States? These men all died in Afghanistan after their Commander in Chief Barack Obama received the Nobel Prize for Peace on October 9th.

This is the same President Obama who was informed on September 16th that his Commanding General in Afghanistan needed an additional 40,000 troops to win the war.

So as the President of the United States celebrated his award in the White House this weekend, parents of these fallen soldiers where being notified of their sons death.

Since the September 16th announcement 38 U.S. service men have died in Afghanistan.

I feel safe to say that since this President has done nothing to fill this request for more troops, the blood of every U.S. soldier is now on his hands.

76 Mothers and Fathers with numerous Wives and countless Children are now mourning their loss because of this Presidents mismanagement of the war.

Their blood is now on your hands Mr. President !

As every day passes we lose more troops on the battlefield of right and wrong while this President does nothing..........

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tweeting For Freedom

Wow, Twitter, what a simple concept but what a fabulous idea. The symbol for this mobile personal instant messaging system is a unassuming baby blue bird.
Don't be fooled by this tiny birds meek demeanor, for when necessary the bird turns into a fierce and ferocious eagle for freedom.
Superman and Batman can't hold a candle to this winged messenger for freedom around the world.
As the common man fights the forces of tyranny that continually try to enslave him, this little bird is there to send the message of hope.
This summer both the people of Iran and Honduras used the freedom loving bird to communicate with the outside world of their plight.
Now, we find the people of America resorting to the use of this friendly but firm blue bird.
Every day more people around the country are seeking to voice their displeasure with the Obama Administration and the way the economy is going.
They are gathering but not at street corners. Their gathering on twitter and communicating their displeasure and seeking answers to the biggest questions they've been forced to answer in a long time.
Their numbers are now in the millions and growing every day. The Right side of the political spectrum doesn't do things like this, normally. They live their lives quietly around the country raising children and working hard to care for their families.
But now there is a call to arms around the country, a call that has not been heard for decades. This call is for freedom and a more moderate solution to our countries problems.
Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Teachers, Teenagers, Fathers, Mothers, Politicians, Professionals, Ditch Diggers, Priests, Ministers, Nurses, Doctors, Cooks, everyone is using the blue bird to get the word out that they are not happy and they are going to be heard one way or another.
They go by names like, AmericanEagle, GWashington, FreeAmerica, Patriot, chantusa, ThePatriot09, GOPattorney, God_Guts_Guns, TheFreeNat., FlyingPatriot, CaptDougMetko, Loyalist1780, DieForFreedom, 2BlueStarMom.
They are all freedom loving Americans ready to defend the country they love. No leftist government is going to take that country from them.
As storm clouds gather over the evil people in power, a small blue bird with claws and beak of an American Eagle descend upon them for the final kill.

Steve Wynn For President - Simple Truths !

Today on The Chris Wallace Show on the Fox News Channel, Steve Wynn said it all, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS MR. PRESIDENT. "You should have been creating jobs from day one" he stated.
It was as though he was channeling Ronald Reagan as he spoke. His comments came across like a laser penetrating listeners minds.
Steve Wynn the Las Vegas billionaire who is probably one of the smartest businessman in America laid it on the line lambasting the Obama Administration and the Governor of Michigan on their philosophy on growing the economy.
The quivering mouth of Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan illustrated the weak argument she had against the eloquent statements from the good looking sharp executive.
The comments by Wynn today will be echoed in the media for months to come as this economy is purposely being dismantled by the Leftist Obama Administration.
Watch the Fox video.

Friday, October 9, 2009

October 17th Protest at NBC, CBS and ABC Around the Country Will Be Unprecedented

Notice the picture of the nasty old hag to the left. She is Anita Dunn the new point person that if successful will take the Fox News Channel off the air. Sorry for losing my professional cool in describing her in that manner but I think its fitting under current conditions.
FNC has become a must watch news source for most of America now that the other channels have slugged down the Obama cool aid.
This new turf war is a relatively new conflict in a free America. Free America, hum, isn't this what happens in the early stages of a fascist take over?
Let me make this more clear. The U.S. Government is battling to shut down a news channel. No, not a porn channel a news channel and a good one at that.
Freedom of speech and the press are now under full attack and every American has to be aware of this situation and must stand up against it.
She will most likely stop at nothing to please her Fuhrer. As we have seen in the past the far left are capable of anything.
In the midst of this battle across the country Patriots are gathering to strike back and defend our Bill of Rights and send a message to the White House that we wont take this sitting down.
On October 17th in over 100 cities across America, Patriots will gather at local ABC, CBS and NBC TV stations to protest the "GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA" that oozes from its airwaves.
Below I have listed all of the locations for the rallies.
If you have a little time to sacrifce for your country, your children, your grandchildren and most of all the freedoms that we hold so dear. Show up and send the message of freedom.

The Nobel Obama

I woke up this morning in a pool of sweat from a nightmare in which President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for killing 300,000,000 Americans. I was relieved after a few seconds realizing that it was just a bad dream until I looked at my IPhone and read the news of him actually getting the Prize for Peace.

Peace ! What Peace ? Detroit with its 30% unemployment has turned into a battle ground of black on black murders. Now, we have people waiting in lines for food and money reminiscent of the Great Depression. For the record Detroit's unemployment is much higher than any number during that period. All of this happening while the Nobel Obama does nothing.

Peace ! What Peace ? As unemployment increases to 25% for American youth this powder keg is ready to blow and turn our streets into a sea of discontent and crime while the Nobel Obama does nothing.

Peace ! What Peace ? Ask Al Qaeda and the Taliban about peace as they continue to blow people up while the Nobel Obama does nothing.

Peace ! What Peace ? Ask Israel about peace. With the country that has vowed to destroy it about to acquire nuclear weapons the Nobel Obama does nothing.

Peace ! What Peace ? As the proud people of Iran fight in the streets against the tyrant mullahs the Nobel Obama does nothing.

Peace ! What Peace ? Ask the people of Honduras about the support they should have from the Nobel Obama who does nothing.

You see the Nobel Obama does nothing because he is waiting for his Prize. Again it's all about him. As people die and are threatened more and more, the Nobel Obama does nothing.
He lowers our defenses and empowers our enemies by doing nothing as our country of 300,000,000 heads straight into the jaws of hell, while the Nobel Obama does nothing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Next Level of Incompetency For This President

The President is embarking on his "next level of incompetency". As he is forced to confront the many complex problems of our nation this "Minimalist President" is trying to find a backdoor out of every quagmire that he encounters. After all a Senator who's voting record that's near nonexistent is ruling true to form.

With all of the talking and speeches around the world and domestically he really hasn't done anything to make our countries problems better and in many cases has made them worse, much worse. He has even created more problems for the country just based on his management style and hiring decisions.

From Afghanistan to Health Care to the indoctrination of our school children this man is about to decline into the "next level of incompetency".

It's not that he's and idiot, he's not, but his mind set and ideas of what he thinks America should be is not at all what the American people have in mind. This situation only causes strife, mistrust and anger from voters.

His polls have finally hit bottom and have leveled off. This is the critical juncture that all mislead and delusional leaders reach, when they realize that they actually have to be a leader instead of just acting like one.

More speeches wont work. After a while the people know when they're being BS'd. They want real action, positive action that will please them and not divide them.

Is he capable of this ? I don't think so !

With all of the issues on his plate, the chances of him scoring 50% favor ability from the American People would be amazing. Based on his governing experience of which he has none, this country is in a world of hurt with him at the helm.

The "Minimalist" in him will always put our country on the losing end of any deal he strikes. He is selling America short because he sells himself short. If you don't commit or follow through there is no result to be measured by. That's his motto. It's just that simple. Its just that sad, for him and for America.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gold is Going Up, Yes, You Should Be Frightened !

Gold is an emotional barometer for the world economy. If the world economy is healthy gold stays low and if sick gold goes up. Right now gold is going up fast, alarmingly fast.

We know that gold trades in USD ( U.S. Dollars ) so if the dollar slips in value due to poor fiscal policies which we are now experiencing the dollar will move lower and gold moves higher, but not this fast.

Today's meeting at the White House with the President, high ranking congressmen and the military was said to be about Afghanistan. Don't think so ! The gold action today spilled the beans on that little gathering, big time.

I know, you heard that some members of OPEC had a meeting last night and it was said they talked about trashing the dollar and replacing it with a basket of currencies to buy oil which is also bought in US Dollars. Don't think so !

My belief is that the meeting was about Iran not Afghanistan. The Administration cannot telegraph any move against Iran whether it be military or sanctions. But, gold figured it out and soared today. If my thesis is correct, gold should move up, much higher, along with oil as a final confrontation with Iran moves closer.

What is more troubling to me personally is that gold moved up much more than oil. Of course oil will be a problem if Iran is attacked. With an Iranian blockade of the Strait of Hormuz oil will move to $150+ a barrel and global economies will be traumatized.

But that's not what troubles me. It's gold.

When you see gold move this quickly its more a sign of a future catastrophic event or events.

I feel the market is pricing in a direct attack on Iran soon, with a not so pleasant outcome. That's the problem, "the outcome". If the markets are pricing in a ugly reaction from Iran I would imagine just about anything could happen including Iranian terrorist in the U.S. or a nuclear detonation in the Middle East.

Bill O'Reilly on his TV show has been stating that if there is an attack on Iran it will quickly turn into a regional and possibly a global conflict.

So, watch gold and maybe its time to start digging that fallout shelter in your back yard.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Are We Losing So Many Troops In Afghanistan ?

Why are we losing so many troops in Afghanistan? WOW ! I'm amazed at how oblivious everyone is when it comes to this subject.
If you can figure out why the increase, you might be able to stop it, right ? That seems reasonable doesn't it ?
Now we have General McCrystal duking it out with the President in public over his request for more troops to solve the problem. This is creating a side show for all of our enemies to enjoy after a long day on the battlefield but its not helping our public machismo.
I know the answer to this daunting question but I think Ill savor this just a bit longer.
Historically we really haven't had that many casualties in this war. I know, 1 killing is too many, but when it comes to war, our losses in this one are small.
But in late July of this year President Obama changed his strategy in Afghanistan which most in this country missed and seemed to have forgotten.
That change was to attack and crush the opium trade which produces 90% of the worlds heroin.
President Obamas orders were to kill the drug kingpins in the region.
For years the Bush Administration has let them do their business almost unimpeded until Obama.
Now, all of a sudden our casualties have doubled and tripled since the change in policy and everyone wonders why. I think after 100's of years of doing business these drug dealers are just a little upset.
Take a look at the list below. Its as plain as the nose on your face.
So, thinking logically why don't we just stop attacking the drug dealers and go after the Iranians who are well on their way to developing a nuclear bomb.
But, i guess It's easier to beat up on a General instead of the enemy right Mr. Obama.
I guess Mr. Obama wants to do a President Truman on General McCrystal to gain his manhood. Bad form Mr. President, bad form !

Deaths U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

J 25
F 24
M 28
A 14
M 27
J 38
J 76 * <= Change of policy on drug dealers
A 77 *
S 70 *
O 20 *
N 0
D 0
399 Total for 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is President Obama Being Held Hostage in the White House ?

Do you get the impression that we have a dysfunctional White House ? I know it can be rough getting started running the most important job in the world but the guys in the White House seem to be almost at war with each other. It seems to be a fundamental battle between two of the many disenfranchised groups that make up the current democrat party.

I still have the words of Reverend Jeremiah Wright rattling around in my head from his response to a question in early June. If you recall he was asked if he has spoken to the President. His response was very telling of the way this White House is being run. He said "them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me." This antisemitic statement from the Christian Reverend who has run President Obamas church for years seems to be showing his true colors.

But was it just a slip of the tongue or is there more to the statement ?

When I first heard the comment I immediately thought of the movie director Spike Lee and his many battles with Hollywood over his seemingly antisemitic remarks.

Is the first American Black President being held hostage by his liberal Jewish handlers ? It seems so !

Spike Lee calls a spade a spade whether the world likes it or not. Along with the Reverend they both reflect a growing antisemitic underbelly to the African-American community. This is something the liberal Jewish politicians in America don't like to talk about. Mainly because its important for them to keep the nearly solid 14% of the U.S. vote "enslaved".

Obamas seemingly antisemitic attitude towards the state of Israel has lead even the people in the homeland, to believe that he is just that.

There appears to be no love between these two rivals who coexist only to rule.

But, the cracks are starting to show already with many important decisions being put off or deferred to so called Czars. Decisions that a President should be making.

As the Reverend has correctly pointed out the Jews outnumber the African-Americans in the Big House right now. How long will that last is the big question?

With the 13 liberal Jewish democrats ( who represent 1/3 of the U.S. population) in the U.S. Senate, Obama can't pass one bill without their blessing and he knows it.

The numbers brake down like this, 14% U.S. African-American population with 1 Senator representing and 1.8% U.S. Jewish population with 13 Senators representing out of 100 in all.

Now, what does that look like to you? Is there hostility, " you betcha " and that hostility is about to erupt in the highest office in the land.

As each month passes President Obama is looking more like a kept man in the White House only to be let out to do his many speeches.

This Uncle Tom like appearance to his African-American constituency is starting to leave them frustrated and angry.

The African-American community seems to be losing patience with the lack of action on the part of the President to redistribute the nations wealth which he promised he would do.

With the obvious lack of unity in the "Big House" the possibility of a "Saturday Night Massacre" orchestrated by the President of his Jewish handlers is becoming more of a reality every day.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Not Afghanistan Stupid

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during yesterdays "25 minute potty break" between General McCrystal and President Obama in Copenhagen. 25 minutes, hum, not really enough time for even that ! So what could they have said that was so important that the General had to fly 600 miles for the meeting?

That's about enough time to hand off a pink slip to an employee, right, or maybe a promotion ?

But, not nearly enough time to talk strategy, but enough time to tell your General that your completely pissed at him for discrediting him on national TV.

Was this a wood shed moment? Maybe.

The 60 Minuets revelation, of only talking to the President once since he took command, looks more like a conspiracy between the show and the General to attack the President.

Is it possible that CBS has finally seen the light and has decided to join the fight along side our patriots.

Not so fast my friends, but you know it did make a great story and put the show back on the side of true investigative journalism when it comes to politics.

Apart from the very brief meeting General McCrystal not only requested more men but he supposedly has asked for a completely new game plan and is seeking the Presidents approval.

My god a General asking the approval of a community organizer. I bet this will be good. I'm sure the first thing out of Obamas mouth was setting up ACORN offices all over Afghanistan. Where's Fox News or should I say the pimp and the prostitute ?

OK now lets all step back from this part of the story and look at the bigger picture. What is the elephant sitting in the middle of the room that everyone wants to ignore ? Iran / Israel , very good, you win a pickle as Don Rickles always says.

Why is the President hesitating to send troops ? This seems to be the big question that most military annalists are asking. Surprisingly, I think I have the answer and it's not a simple one.

How President Obama takes care of this issue telegraphs to Iran what the US has in store for them. He knows this too.

Its my belief that what we've witnessed for the past few weeks between the General, the President and the Press is all contrived to mask the true strategy for Iran not Afghanistan.

I further believe that the US realizes just how bad it could be if Israel attacked Iran alone. So while the world is watching the left hand the right hand ( western allies with Israel ) is getting ready to take out Iranian energy facilities. This would cripple the country economically, emotionally and would cause a change of regime.

I want to give this President the benefit of the doubt and expect him to go along with our generals military plan for Iran. Of course this isn't his plan he's just a liar who gives speeches.

If I'm correct and he pulls this off he gets a huge feather in his cap, Iran becomes neutered Hezbollah and Hamas are castrated, "to keep the theme going" and he swings the US independent vote back into his column.

Its a win win win for the President, Israel and the World, but is this the plan and if it is will he carry it out. Or will he do what JFK did who left the freedom fighters on the beach at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba to be cut to shreds by Castro ? As JFK found out it's not a good thing to go half way with the U.S. Military. Are you listening Mr. Obama ?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama and Letterman Have "Jumped the Shark"

There comes a time in some peoples lives when the tide turns, the winds shift and the stars move out of alignment.

It looks as though that time has come for Barack Obama and David Letterman. Its almost biblical in form as David is forced to expose his sexual behavior to the public and Barack has to fly back to Chicago and explain why the "anointed one" has lost the Olympic bid for their fair city. Let's not forget his Health Care Bill which is headed for a direct confrontation with the American People.

As the tides become stronger against the endeavours of both men they continue to spin out of control.

I'm sure many on the right especially Sarah Palin are sitting back with a smile of glee.

This is typical of the far left as they fall into their own trap.

With Letterman blasting Palin about her personal life and exposing his perverted version on stage every night during the elections and after. He is now forced to swallow the big one.

Obama on the other hand tries to push the Olympics on Chicago which according to polls "they don't wont" by 70%. Sort of like the Health Care Plan, right !

Both men should take a rest and reevaluate their position in life and find some decency.

The tides and winds will get stronger as their decline continues to spiral them downward.

Taxing the American People into oblivion and demeaning decent people are not qualities anyone should admire.
Both men are now experiencing what its like to " Jump the Shark "