Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Obama Follow-Through

World leaders now know that OBAMA doesn't follow-through.
Just like his golf swing he never finishes.
All around the world where OBAMA interfered with his wireless social media revolution, leaders who were forced out refrained momentarily out of fear of "the follow-through" which never came.
Egypt's military took Egypt back after noticing the absence of a follow-through. So, they kicked out the terrorist group backed personally by OBAMA/Clinton, the MUSLIM Brotherhood.
It all really started in IRAN when he tried to overthrow their terrorist government.
That ended in a disaster with many killed and wounded. Again, OBAMA leaving everyone hanging, while waiting for his follow-through.
And we can't forget LIBYA that's turned into a living hell after he had a reformed terrorist overthrown for a ISIS invasion.
I could bring up Iraq and Syria being taken over by ISIS but that would be piling on, wouldn't it.
OBAMA kicked out the Ukraine's Russian backed President. PUTIN knew OBAMA wouldn't follow-through so he invaded.
See what I'm getting at, the man can't finish and the world knows it.
So, from now on, what he does world leaders don't take serious because there's never a follow-through. - N.P.Contompasis

This is How I See It

The Liberal Left support Globalism. Globalism is about no borders and acceptance of all global peoples into any country one would chose.
Along with that is redistribution of wealth from those that have acquired through mean old Capitalism to anyone who has their hand out, anyone. 
Normally no borders means chaos but to the Liberal Left no borders can work as long as everything in life is regulated and monitored by a BIG GOVERNMENT.
That's what is going on in America today.
Putin is right, Obama did influence The Ukraine's last election that put a pro-West Administration in power.
This is why Obama won't escalate the war with Russia, because he knows that he started it by pushing Putin's man out of Kiev.
It's not about guilt but more about the obvious...... he f**ked up again and everybody knows it!!!
The Obama FCC is jamming through Net Neutrality this week to effect the 2016 Presidential election by jamming their boot-heel on alternative media blogs and social networks. 
He used the IRS to do the same thing, RIGHT!!!! It has nothing to do with speed........ Wake up America!!!
- N.P.Contompasis 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Global-Speak the new International Language

How to recognize the new international language called Global-Speak.
When MUSLIM terrorists kill Jews in a Kosher deli in Paris, you call them random customers.
When MUSLIM terrorists behead CHRISTIANS on a beach in Libya the headless victims are called citizens.
When a Muslim terrorists kills soldiers at Ft. Hood it's called workplace violence.
Are you getting this?
You see the President doesn't speak English anymore. He speaks Global-Speak.
This is the language of the New World Order. It's meant to be nonspecific. It's meant to be detached from loyalty and obligation.
It's meant to not give a shit!!!
As more and more of our leaders pick up this new language you'll feel even more the disconnect from these bastards that rule us!!!
We're getting close people, real close.  - N.P. Contompasis

Monday, February 2, 2015

The European Model - BULL

Not sure if you noticed during the last big snowfall that hit only part of an area that it was supposed to hit was predicted by our weather people using what they called the European Model.
Well, as you can see the European Model was so off by predicting a complete calamity that it forced all states in the region to shut everything down.
This should be further proof to you all that the part of the world that developed the bogus idea of Global Warming and now Climate Change (BRILLIANT) EUROPE is now predicting our weather.
Man, are we a ship of fools!!!! - N.P.Contompasis

Russia Spearheads a New European Civil War

Members of RUSSIA'S government have initiated a change in policy regarding the 1990 reunification of East and West GERMANY.
In other word this is the first Russian volley in an attempt to destabilize Europe's economic shining star, Germany.
PUTIN after attacking parts of the UKRAINE has now set his sites on destabilizing the European Union.
This is how it starts with PUTIN, first he drums up some far fetched idea justifying action against a country and then takes action.
This is no joke. PUTIN is pissed after being thrown out of the G-8, now the G-7.
His currency and economy is in tatters because of Western sanctions.
He's now operating on a Cold War footing with a soon to be hot war with Europe.
He's serious and sure as hell isn't going to back down.
With OBAMA refusing to help the UKRAINE properly, PUTIN is seeing this as a lack of resolve from the West and an opportunity to reclaim all of the old Soviet Union.
Obama's vacuum regarding PUTIN has receded to the UKRAINE and now on to Berlin. What's next the steps of the U.S. Capital. - N.P.Contompasis