Tuesday, August 30, 2011


By Nicholas Contompasis

I titled this article "Internationalism" not "The New World Order," although, I was tempted.
For the past two decades since George H. W. Bush uttered the words on the world stage "The New World Order" it was obvious to most that we had embarked on a new course in world supremacy. But did we?
Per Wikipedia, the definition of "Internationalism is a political movement which advocates a greater economic and political cooperation among nations for the theoretical benefit of all. Partisans of this movement, such as supporters of the World Federalist Movement, claim that nations should cooperate because their long-term mutual interests are of greater value than their individual short term needs."
Per Wikipedia, the definition of "New World Order" refers to the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government.
Now, reading the definitions of both, they appear to be synonymous, one and the same and in fact are the same!
There is no doubt that the interconnecting of nations by wireless and internet devices has brought the people of the world together and they're comparing notes.
The Third world is now joining hands and using the United Nations to push for a New World Order of Internationalism. Some insist it's a top down movement but in fact it's the opposite.
The countries on the short end of the stick now have the clout and the guts to confront industrial nations over their greed and dominance that have been prevalent for decades. The industrial nations realize they're outnumbered ten to one, so a compromise had to be reached or there would be wars and disruptive mass migrations. After all, the third world has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
A good portion of most industrial nations' politicians have sympathized with the Third World and have structured a game plan to soften their own people for the big change.
In Europe, the Labor and Socialist parties have combined forces to break every national bank with more and more labor demands. In the United States it's the Democrat party that's doing the heavy lifting, led by President Barack Obama.
But, most everyone over the age of thirty-five sees nothing more than a resurrection of the failed Soviet style brand of communism or socialism in this New World Order of Internationalism.
The promoters of this new Internationalism speak of a one world language, no borders, no hateful speech, minimizing religion, one currency, one global banking system, laws that reach across borders, troops that reach across borders, and last but not least, one world government.
The idea is for everyone to be equal and for everyone to have the same station in life, meaning the ones that now have, have to give it up to the ones that don't.
It sounds noble and Christian but in reality, globally this seems pie-in-the-skyish.
Internationalist's realized early on that for any movement to be successful the opportunity to make billions of dollars was necessary. So, the smart ones came up with the schemes, the lies and falsified facts relating to our weather, our industrial progress, our health care and most of all anything logical was now turned on its head and viewed as lunacy.
It can now be said that Al Gore is the poster-child for the Internationalist's global-warming scheme supported by false science, the United Nations, and promoted by Al Gore who received a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award for the largest hoax ever perpetrated. Little did most Americans know that, at the time, Mr. Gore was scheduled to benefit handsomely from every trade of carbon credits traded on a new exchange of which he would have partial ownership.
But, one must not feel alone in fighting this global movement, for it's in every country around the world in one stage or another.
Historically, leaders have always tried to emphasize a nationalistic feeling amongst their people, to galvanize them into an efficient fighting force that can defend their borders or invade their neighbors, but not Internationalism.
In first world countries Internationalism does everything in its power to destroy a citizen's love for his country. They tear down everything that's good and working in a country, to make way for the changes brought in by Internationalism.
The formation of the Tea Party in the United States is a product of the enormous push-back coming from the American people. Ironically, there are branches of the Tea Party forming in Europe in an attempt to restore nationalism destroyed by the Eurozone.
Make no mistake about it, Internationalism is here to stay and will slowly attempt to destroy your love for your country. They will attempt to divide you from your country, your flag, your God, your children and your property.
Internationalism should be feared, because it is attacking you, where you live.
From environmentalists using lizards to shut down portions of our private sector, to school teacher unions pushing for more time with your children to indoctrinate them with Internationalism, this threat is great.

How Obama Lost His Presidency in 2009

By Andrew Breitbart - Tuesday, August 30, 2011 12:00 am

When the history of Barack Obama's one-term presidency is written, August 2009 will be remembered as the turning point.
It was then that thousands of ordinary citizens began to rise up against a health care bill being forced through Congress. And it was then that the Obama administration declared war, through its union proxies, against the American people.
Obama had been elected to fix the economy. But Democrats had planned for years to use the first year of the next "progressive" presidency to push universal health care, according to the plan written in federal prison by convicted fraudster and Democrat strategist Robert Creamer. That plan declared: "To win we must not just generate understanding, but emotion — fear, revulsion, anger, disgust."
The Democrats followed that plan to the letter and vowed to pass ObamaCare — then known as H.R. 3200 — before that summer's end. But when they dispatched members of Congress to town hall meetings to sell Obama's policy, they met unprecedented outrage — not just protests, but the simple, searing questions of their constituents: "Why should we pay for abortions?" "Does the legislation cover illegal immigrants?" "Have you even read the bill?"
Some of the opposition was organized by Tea Party groups that had sprung up in the wake of President Obama's massive stimulus in February 2009. But much of it was spontaneous. Then-House Speaker (now Minority Leader) Nancy Pelosi called the protests "un-American" and falsely accused Tea Party members of carrying swastikas. That made the public even more indignant.
By early August, President Obama realized he was losing public support. So he turned to the "community organizing" techniques of his Chicago days. On Aug. 6, 2009, Jim Messina, then-White House Deputy Chief of Staff (now managing Obama's re-election campaign), told Democrats to "punch back twice as hard." The same day, John Sweeney, then-president of the AFL-CIO, issued a memo telling union members to show up at the town hall "battleground."
That very evening, union thugs at a town hall meeting in Tampa assaulted a man who opposed ObamaCare, ripping the shirt off his back. And that same night in St. Louis, Ken Gladney allegedly was beaten up outside a town hall meeting as he tried to distribute Gadsden ("Don't Tread On Me") flags by union thugs yelling, "What kind of nigger are you?" The next day, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius thanked SEIU members for their efforts at town halls.
It didn't stop there. On Aug. 31, left-wing organizers outside a town hall meeting in suburban Chicago instructed activists to block residents' questions. The Gladney attack was a small part of a much larger campaign of intimidation, directed from the White House. The acquittals in the Gladney case cannot erase what happened, even though the high-flying lawyers brought in by the SEIU outmatched the rookie prosecutor. But the verdict has been seized upon by the left-wing propagandists at Media Matters, which received a hefty donation from the SEIU after the Gladney attack and which set about trying to destroy Gladney's credibility.
Local graduate student Adam Shriver has been a willing accomplice in Media Matters' revisionism. In an Aug. 25 oped column in the Post-Dispatch, he accuses me of 'smearing" unions — yet in this case and others, Shriver focuses obsessively on shreds that favor his ideological patrons, knowing and caring little about the facts as a whole.
Recently, when professors at the University of Missouri were caught indoctrinating their students in violent tactics in labor disputes, Shriver tried to dismiss the evidence by focusing on edits in a highlight reel created by an independent blogger. He refuses to join calls for the university to release video or transcripts of the course as a whole, thereby assisting the administration's cover-up. Both private and public unions continue to use those thuggish tactics — most recently in the Verizon strike, where union members staged a mock funeral outside an executive's home, and even put a little girl in front of a truck to scare replacement workers.
Ken Gladney was an innocent victim, singled out by thugs specifically because they thought he was a black conservative, for whom the Janeane Garolafos of the left reserve special contempt. Those who accuse the Tea Party of being "terrorists," and who blamed Sarah Palin for the Tucson massacre, have yet to be held accountable for the violence they unleashed in August 2009. They "won" the Gladney case, but they are losing the nation, thanks to the extraordinary courage of ordinary people who will not be silenced.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Barack and Michelle Really are Dumb-asses

Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write

By Jack Cashill

On November 16, 1990, Barack Obama, then president of the Harvard Law Review, published a letter in the Harvard Law Record, an independent Harvard Law School newspaper, championing affirmative action.
Although a paragraph from this letter was excerpted in David Remnick's biography of Obama, The Bridge, I had not seen the letter in its entirety before this week.  Not surprisingly, it confirms everything I know about Barack Obama, the writer and thinker.
Obama was prompted to write by an earlier letter from a Mr. Jim Chen that criticized Harvard Law Review's affirmative action policies.  Specifically, Chen had argued that affirmative action stigmatized its presumed beneficiaries.
The response is classic Obama: patronizing, dishonest, syntactically muddled, and grammatically challenged.  In the very first sentence Obama leads with his signature failing, one on full display in his earlier published work: his inability to make subject and predicate agree.
"Since the merits of the Law Review's selection policy has been the subject of commentary for the last three issues," wrote Obama, "I'd like to take the time to clarify exactly how our selection process works."
If Obama were as smart as a fifth-grader, he would know, of course, that "merits ... have."  Were there such a thing as a literary Darwin Award, Obama could have won it on this on one sentence alone.  He had vindicated Chen in his first ten words.
Although the letter is fewer than a thousand words long, Obama repeats the subject-predicate error at least two more times.  In one sentence, he seemingly cannot make up his mind as to which verb option is correct so he tries both: "Approximately half of this first batch is chosen ... the other half are selected ... "
Another distinctive Obama flaw is to allow a string of words to float in space.  Please note the unanchored phrase in italics at the end of this sentence:
"No editors on the Review will ever know whether any given editor was selected on the basis of grades, writing competition, or affirmative action, and no editors who were selected with affirmative action in mind."  Huh?
The next lengthy sentence highlights a few superficial style flaws and a much deeper flaw in Obama's political philosophy.
I would therefore agree with the suggestion that in the future, our concern in this area is most appropriately directed at any employer who would even insinuate that someone with Mr. Chen's extraordinary record of academic success might be somehow unqualified for work in a corporate law firm, or that such success might be somehow undeserved.
Obama would finish his acclaimed memoir, Dreams from My Father, about four years later.  Prior to Dreams, and for the nine years following, everything Obama wrote was, like the above sentence, an uninspired assemblage of words with a nearly random application of commas and tenses.
Unaided, Obama tends to the awkward, passive, and verbose.  The phrase "our concern in this area is most appropriately directed at any employer" would more profitably read, "we should focus on the employer." "Concern" is simply the wrong word.
Scarier than Obama's style, however, is his thinking.  A neophyte race-hustler after his three years in Chicago, Obama is keen to browbeat those who would "even insinuate" that affirmative action rewards the undeserving, results in inappropriate job placements, or stigmatizes its presumed beneficiaries.
In the case of Michelle Obama, affirmative action did all three.  The partners at Sidley Austin learned this the hard way.  In 1988, they hired her out of Harvard Law under the impression that the degree meant something.  It did not.  By 1991, Michelle was working in the public sector as an assistant to the mayor.  By 1993, she had given up her law license.
Had the partners investigated Michelle's background, they would have foreseen the disaster to come.  Sympathetic biographer Liza Mundy writes, "Michelle frequently deplores the modern reliance on test scores, describing herself as a person who did not test well."
She did not write well, either.  Mundy charitably describes her senior thesis at Princeton as "dense and turgid."  The less charitable Christopher Hitchens observes, "To describe [the thesis] as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be 'read' at all, in the strict sense of the verb.  This is because it wasn't written in any known language." 
Michelle had to have been as anxious at Harvard Law as Bart Simpson was at Genius School.  Almost assuredly, the gap between her writing and that of her highly talented colleagues marked her as an affirmative action admission, and the profs finessed her through. 
In a similar vein, Barack Obama was named an editor of the Harvard Law Review.  Although his description of the Law Review's selection process defies easy comprehension, apparently, after the best candidates are chosen, there remains "a pool of qualified candidates whose grades or writing competition scores do not significantly differ."  These sound like the kids at Lake Woebegone, all above average.  Out of this pool, Obama continues, "the Selection Committee may take race or physical handicap into account." 
To his credit, Obama concedes that he "may have benefited from the Law Review's affirmative action policy."  This did not strike him as unusual as he "undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career."
On the basis of his being elected president of Law Review -- a popularity contest -- Obama was awarded a six-figure contract to write a book.  To this point, he had not shown a hint of promise as a writer, but Simon & Schuster, like Sidley Austin, took the Harvard credential seriously.  It should not have.  For three years Obama floundered as badly as Michelle had at Sidley Austin.  Simon & Schuster finally pulled the contract.
Then Obama found his muse -- right in the neighborhood, as it turns out!  And promptly, without further ado, the awkward, passive, ungrammatical Obama, a man who had not written one inspired sentence in his whole life, published what Time Magazine called "the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician."
To question the nature of that production, I have learned, is to risk the abuse promised to Mr. Chen's theoretical employer.  After all, who would challenge Obama's obvious talent -- or that of any affirmative action beneficiary -- but those blinded by what Obama calls "deep-rooted ignorance and bias"?
What else could it be?

There's Big Trouble in China's Military

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iran Says It's Time to Attack Israel

Editor's Note: The writer is the author of "A Time to Betray," a book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards.
The Iranian Armed Forces' Headquarters today issued a statement saying that the ongoing revolutions and popular uprisings in the region have created the ideal situation for Muslims to finally clinch a victory over the "Zionist regime" and to free Jerusalem from the "Zionist occupation."
The statement urged Muslims to turn out for a massive rally to support the International Quds (Jerusalem) Day on Friday, reminding them that the rallies are intended to show that the "Zionist regime of Israel is sinking in the gulf of Islamic awakening and popular anti-Zionist uprisings."
The International Quds Day was initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic regime in Iran, and is observed on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan, when Muslims all over the world hold rallies in support of the Palestinian resistance against what Khomeini commonly referred to as "the illegitimate Israeli regime occupying Palestine."
The Iranian Armed Forces Headquarters also said that the serial collapse of the U.S.- and Zionist-backed dictatorial regimes created the potential for the formation of a comprehensive Muslim front against Zionism.
The statement underlined that the recent developments also have provided the grounds and the opportunity for a "final victory" for the Palestinian people over Israel.
Without mentioning the suppression of the Iranians and Syrians and their quest for freedom, the radicals ruling Iran go on to conclude that, since the beginning of this year, the region has witnessed an unprecedented and overwhelming wave of change: Tunisia saw the overthrow of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in a popular revolution in January, which was soon followed by a revolution in Egypt in February that toppled Hosni Mubarak. Since then, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Yemen have all experienced protests against their totalitarian rulers, who have resorted to brutal crackdowns to silence their critics.
Also in an interview with the Revolutionary Guard-run media outlet, Fars News Agency, Habibollah Boorboor, director of the Islamic Revolution Loyalists, discussed the importance of Quds Day this year.
"Today we are witnessing the Islamic Republic of Iran's tree of life firmly planted and growing in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen and, of course, all of these uprisings have been inspired by and modeled after our glorious revolution where all of the region's dictators are being overthrown," Boorboor said.
Boorboor emphasized that the resistance front has been fortified and is better prepared than ever before to confront the Zionist regime.
He added: "Although the American government and other such despotic countries are willing to support and protect this depraved and corrupt Zionist regime, the Muslim people have awakened and will destroy this cancerous tumor. Muslim countries will take action."
During a recent secret meeting with his high command, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that the time is close at hand for the final move to destroy Israel and facilitate the glorification of Islam worldwide.
Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, and the rest of the radicals ruling Iran believe that as America and Europe become more distracted with their own internal problems, it is less likely that they will get involved in any further conflicts in the Middle East.
They are convinced that they now have the best opportunity to coordinate a multi-front attack on Israel. This, in turn, they believe, will trigger the promised coming of the last Islamic Messiah and will lead to Islam's conquest and a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Egypt: Police arrest man for posting Facebook comments "that were insulting to the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed and Islam and Muslims"

This is the kind of law that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is trying to compel Western states to adopt. The OIC’s campaign, OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu emphasized in June 2011, was “a matter of extreme priority for the OIC.” And it has met with a good deal of success. In November 2010, the UN General Assembly voted to condemn what it called the “vilification of religion.” Every majority-Muslim state, without exception, supported the resolution. This wasn’t the first time. The UN has previously passed resolutions condemning the “defamation of religion.” A Reuters report claimed that the language was softened in the November 2010 resolution from “defamation” to “vilification” in order to win more support from Western nations, but these words are essentially synonyms, and both dangerously subjective: if a binding resolution were passed, what constitutes “defamation” or “vilification” would presumably be left up to some UN body, which would mean, essentially, that it would be up to the OIC.
The OIC hopes ultimately to compel Western states to criminalize criticism of “matters regarded by followers of any religion or belief as sacred.” The latest iteration of the UN resolution specifically condemned “Islamophobia, Judeophobia and Christianophobia,” but if anything was a sop to Western nations and their bothersome notions of the freedom of speech, it was the inclusion of the last two. Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ, Chris Ofili’s dung- and pornography-encrusted Holy Virgin Mary, and a thousand anti-Semitic caricatures in the Arabic media vilifying Jews and Judaism in the crudest terms, never gave rise to any calls for United Nations action against “defamation” or “vilification” of religions. The OIC is the driving force behind such resolutions, and its aim is to proscribe “Islamophobia.”
In other words, it wants the U.S. and Europe to adopt Islamic blasphemy laws, such as the one this Facebook commenter fell afoul of in Egypt.
"Egypt police arrest man for Facebook 'Islam insults,'" from AFP, August 21 (thanks to Wimp Boy):
CAIRO (AFP) - Cairo police arrested a man who allegedly 'insulted Islam' in postings on Facebook after they tracked him down through his internet address, state news agency MENA reported on Saturday.
The agency said the 23-year-old, identified only as Ayman Y.M., posted comments 'that were insulting to the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed and Islam and Muslims.' It did not disclose what he allegedly said.
The youth was referred to the prosecution, which may charge him under a law that penalises 'insulting religion.'...

Democrat Mayor and Friend of Obama in New Mexico Arrested Smuggling Guns to Mexican Drug Cartels in U.S. Police Cars?

By Doug Ross

Several city officials of the New Mexico border town of Columbus recently admitted they smuggled firearms and tactical gear to the La Linea drug cartel. And now, it turns out, that case may be linked to "Operation Fast and Furious", the malevolent Justice Department project that shipped thousands of murder weapons to Mexican drug gangs.
The Columbus gun smuggling case might be linked to a national case... The mayor, police chief and a trustee have all pled guilty to running guns to the Juarez drug cartel "La Linea".
At a hearing for police Chief Angelo Vega on Thursday, it was revealed that six of those weapons may be connected to "Operation Fast and Furious"[, ...] an ATF program that allowed thousands of guns to cross into Mexico so that federal agents could track them.
Now "Fast and Furious" is under investigation, because officials lost track of more than a third of the guns, many of which were linked to shootings.
Last month it was revealed that Columbus city officials were using the town's police cars and other equipment to run guns to the cartels.
The former mayor of a New Mexico border town pleaded guilty to gun smuggling charges four months after he was arrested in a federal sting.
On Tuesday, Eddie Espinoza, 51, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy, three counts of making false statements, and three counts of smuggling firearms from the United States.
The guilty plea means the former mayor of the village of Columbus could face up to 50 years in a federal prison.
In March, federal agents arrested Espinoza and several others, including Columbus Chief of Police Angelo Vega and village Trustee Blas Gutierrez.
Federal documents state the group smuggled more than 200 guns from New Mexico to the streets of Cíudad Juárez and Palomas, Chihuahua. The documents further state that at times the group used unmarked police cars registered to Columbus to smuggle the guns across the border... the guns [were connected] to at least eight murders in those cities.
Gunwalker is a bigger scandal than Watergate. American law enforcement officials have been killed by the weapons smuggled to the drug cartels by a rogue Justice Department.
If we had a real media in this country, a firestorm of outrage would have already been ignited among the electorate. And the most partisan Attorney General in American history -- Eric Holder -- would be testifying every day in front of Congress.

Republican Puerto Rican Senator Resigns Over Homo Sex Scandel - Where the Hell Do These Wackos Come From?

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The chief of Puerto Rico’s senate says a lawmaker has resigned following reports that explicit photos of him surfaced on a mobile network application for gays and bisexuals.
Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz announced Sunday that Republican Sen. Roberto Arango has presented his resignation letter. Arango represents the U.S. territory’s capital.
Schatz has not released the lawmaker’s letter, but says the circumstances that led to the resignation “are very lamentable.”
One picture depicts a nude torso and is reminiscent of images that led to the resignation of U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York earlier this year. The other pictures show a nude man on his hands and knees.
Arango has neither confirmed nor denied the photos are of him.

How Close Is The Military To Perfecting ‘Swarm’ Drones?

Liz Klimas is a science and technology writer at The Blaze.

Boeing recently sent two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) on a mission using swarm technology. Although testing drones isn’t new, the fact that the two drones were two different types of aircraft is.
Popular Science has more about what’s called the “swarm” concept:
This project is unique because it integrates two disparate types of aircraft, which is likely to be necessary if drone swarms are ever called up for duty.
In a disaster area or war zone, if drones are present at all, odds are pretty good that they won’t all be exactly the same, or they at least won’t have the same hardware. Swarms of these unrelated drones would need some common communications system in order to work together. Ideally, drone swarms could improve response times, by letting drones work out the most efficient routes and sorties amongst themselves. [John's Hopkins University's] swarming technology is designed to do just that — and reduce human pilot requirements.
According to a release by Boeing, two ScanEagles manufactured by Boeing subsidiary Insitu and one Procerus Unicorn from The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory were sent on a reconnaissance mission above Oregon where they communicated using Mobile Ad Hoc Network and swarm technology developed by Johns Hopkins:
Swarm technology is similar to how insects communicate and perform tasks as an intelligent group. The UAVs worked together to search the test area through self-generating waypoints and terrain mapping, while simultaneously sending information to teams on the ground. A broader demonstration is planned for the end of September.
“This is a milestone in UAV flight,” said Gabriel Santander, Boeing Advanced Autonomous Networks program director and team leader. “The test team proved that these unmanned aircraft can collect and use data while communicating with each other to support a unified mission. This swarm technology may one day be used for search-and-rescue missions or identifying enemy threats ahead of ground patrols.”
Through three UAVs may not quite constitute a “swarm,” Gizmodo points out that the technology for a successful swarm is getting there:
These independent drones could be incredibly useful for ground troops, but obviously the potential of this technology is not going to stop there. It’s not hard or crazy to imagine swarms of small, inexpensive, mass produced combat drones, perhaps with reactive skins and embedded warheads.
These warbirds would be given enemy signatures and, perhaps aided by other reconnaissance drones, they would be capable of taking down enemy planes, attack armored ground forces or destroy whatever hostile target they acquire.
According to Popular Science, Boeing has more tests planned for September.
This post originally appeared on The Blaze.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ode to Omar

By Nicholas Contompasis

"You Only Live Twice or so it seems,
One life for yourself and one for your dreams.

You drift through the years and life seems tame,
Till one dream appears and love is its name.

And love is a stranger who'll beckon you on,
Don't think of the danger or the stranger is gone.

This dream is for you, so pay the price.
Make one dream come true, you only live twice." *

For those not old enough to remember, Omar Qaddafi of Libya has been the arch villain that came to mind whenever watching any James Bond movie in the '70s, '80s and '90's. His support of terrorists and their acts are now legend. He has faced the likes of Reagan and Bush (both) and survived.
So, I feel it's now appropriate to give recognition to the world's longest lasting villain in his waining days on earth, as his own people hunt him down, like the dog he is!
Nevertheless, one must admire his tenacity to survive among the Super Powers of the past decades and even amongst his own terrorist tribes.
For Omar is now an anachronistic ancient figure, out of place, and now alone, running from one tunnel to another beneath his lost capital of Tripoli.
He has outlived his usefulness for not only the terrorist elements of the world but his own dwindling followers. In this age of Twitter and the Internet, the old villain has finally met his match.
So, here's to you Omar, "You only live twice."

*From James Bond 007 - You Only Live Twice, 1967

The Best of Nick on Facebook - July-August 2011

By Nicholas Contompasis

Dear President No-Hope,
One term of your Presidency has destroyed the very generation that voted for you.
America can't afford another lost generation and MORE OF YOU!!!
Hopefully Yours,
The Tea Party

Let's see, Gadaffi's still not dead, they still can't find him, NATO takes over 6 months to crush him, yet, where the Fu*k is he? I personally loath him, but you have to admire his tenacity. Give me 100 Omar Gadaffis and I could conquer the world. - N.P.Contompasis

Dear President Still-on-vacation,
No, you had nothing to do with the Libyan revolution.
So, back in the pool numb-nuts.
From the Revolution that never sleeps,
The Tea Party

Dear David Letterman,
"We were going through the CBS life insurance policy to see if I was covered for jihad." - D.L.
Your opening joke last night directed at the Muslim terrorist cowards that threatened your right to say what you want was very courageous. Even though we don't agree politically, we stand with you in defending your right to say it.
Stay Safe,
The Tea Party

What the newly governed countries in North Africa and the Mideast will learn from Democracy is that the infighting will be so intense they wont have time to make war with their neighbors. Well, let's hope anyway!!! - N.P.Contompasis

It's my take that on Friday Federal Reserve Head Ben Bernanke, will announce additional purchasing of U.S. Debt. In other words QE-3 will be a reality. He has no other choice. - N.P.Contompasis

Rights and responsibility go hand in hand. When a right is guaranteed, it's the responsibility of government not to destroy the country insuring it. - N.P.Contompasis

Dear President When-will-this-vacation-end,
Omar plus Osama doesn't equal Mubarak, if you're Israeli.
Still Keeping Score,
The Tea Party

Social Security Disability is a new scam by lawyers who have a fast-track with the Administration to overload the government with false claims. They are now advertising on radio and TV across the country to swell the ranks of bogus claims that will make it impossible to balance our budget. - N.P.Contompasis

D.C. Middle schools sending drug testing kits home. "Now, Little Johnny put your crack pipe down and do your homework." N.P.C.

Obama calls on Syria’s Assad to step down -
"This is a joke right? NATObama can't even get rid of dirt-ball Gaddafi, he's going to get rid of Assad who's linked at the hip with a Nuclear Iran. Yeah Right!!!" - N.P.Contompasis

I'm sure you're wondering why the aggressive Muslim movement and Liberal Socialist movement move in the same crowd. It's because they thrive and grow on well calculated disruptive behavior and fear.
It's very probable that on a rainy evening in a dark office building in most likely Chicago these two forces signed a pact to take down our great country. Don't let it happen America. - N.P.Contompasis

Bill Maher calls for a liberal tea party - Hey Bill-douchebag you already have one - its called the Liberal Teabaggers Party known as the Democrat Party. - N.P.Contompasis

Our government (both parties and the President) has added to our debt and refused to make the serious cuts the world rating agencies asked us to make. They did this to keep handing out the goodies this country no longer can afford to assure their reelection. They've sold out our country's very existence in return for money and dwindling power. It's just that simple. - N.P.Contompasis

So, Obama says S & P made a $2 TN error on their debt downgrade last Friday night. S & P have been around a zillion years, much longer than Obama. They have know idea what they're talking about, right? Yeah right!
So, Obama and Little Timmy Geithner says S & P made a terrible $2 tn mistake. No Timmy, you made the mistake, just like your little TurboTax error evading $100,000 in taxes a few years ago.
This Administration lives in fairytale land. They have no perspective of reality nor do they have any idea how to save this country from the economic catastrophe of biblical proportions that's headed our way. - N.P.Contompasis

Obama's $787 billion stimulus package didn't move the needle on our economy. This should scare the hell out of every American. If 3/4 of a trillion dollars can't move the U.S. economy, what can? Proportionately speaking, it's obvious to all, the magnitude of government stimulus money needed to move the needle is so great, it would destroy our economy. Yes, it would blow up. Your lives as you know it would end. Are we in trouble, you've already bet your life on it!!! - N.P.Contompasis

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Sees Stock Market Drop after Downgrade - "Another idiot who does the Sgt. Shultz act - "I Know Nothing" when everything fell apart." - N.P.Contompasis

Monday, August 22, 2011

Liberal Chuck Green in Colorado is a Democrat, But Now He May Have Found, He's An American First

By Nicholas Contompasis

Green lays out the many things conservatives have been telling America for two years. It's refreshing to hear the same message coming from the Left. This is more indication that middle of the road Democrats are jumping the Obama ship in droves.
Read the piece and you decide.

Obama is victim of Bush's failed promises !

By Chuck Green

Barack Obama is setting a record-setting number of records during his first term in office:
Largest budget ever. Largest deficit ever. Largest number of broken promises ever.
Most self-serving speeches ever. Largest number of agenda-setting failures ever. Fastest dive in popularity ever!
Wow ! Talk about change.
Just one year ago, fresh from his inauguration celebrations, President Obama
was flying high. After one of the nation's most inspiring political campaigns,
the election of America 's first black president had captured the hopes and dreams
of millions. To his devout followers, it was inconceivable that a year later his administration would be gripped in self-imposed crisis.
Of course, they don't see it as self-imposed. It's all George Bush's fault !
George Bush, who doesn't have a vote in congress and who no longer occupies
The White House, is to blame for it all.
He broke Obama's promise, to put all bills on the White House web site for five
days before signing them.
He broke Obama's promise, to have the congressional health care negotiations broadcast live on C-SPAN.
He broke Obama's promise, to end earmarks.
He broke Obama's promise, to keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent.
He broke Obama's promise, to close the detention center at Guantanamo
in the first year.
He broke Obama's promise, to make peace with direct, no precondition talks with America's most hate-filled enemies during his first year in office, ushering in a
new era of global cooperation.
He broke Obama's promise, to end the hiring of former lobbyists into high
White House jobs.
He broke Obama's promise, to end no-compete contracts with the government.
He broke Obama's promise, to disclose the names of all attendees at closed
White House meetings.
He broke Obama's promise, for a new era of bipartisan cooperation in all matters.
He broke Obama's promise, to have chosen a home church to attend Sunday
services with his family by Easter of last year.
Yes, it's all George Bush's fault ! President Obama is nothing more than a puppet
in the never-ending failed Bush administration.
If only George Bush wasn't still in charge, all of President Obama's problems
would be solved. His promises would have been kept, the economy would be
back on track, Iran would have stopped its work on developing a nuclear bomb
and would be negotiating a peace treaty with Israel . North Korea would have
ended its tyrannical regime, and integrity would have been restored to the federal government.
Oh, and did I mention what it would be like, if the Democrats, under the leadership
of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, didn't have the heavy yoke of George Bush around
their necks? There would be no ear marks, no closed-door drafting of bills,
no increase in deficit spending, no special-interest influence (unions), no vote buying ( Nebraska , Louisiana ).
If only George Bush wasn't still in charge, we'd have real change by now.
All the broken promises, all the failed legislation and delay (health care reform, immigration reform) is not President Obama's fault or the fault of the Democrat-controlled Congress. It's all George Bush's fault !
Take for example the decision of Eric Holder, the president's attorney general,
to hold terrorists' trials in New York City . Or his decision to try the Christmas Day underpants bomber as a civilian.
Two disastrous decisions.
Certainly those were bad judgments based on poor advice from George Bush !
Need more proof?
You might recall that when Scott Brown won the election to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts , capturing "The Ted Kennedy Seat", President Obama said,
Brown's victory was the result of the same voter anger that propelled Obama
into office in 2008. People were still angry about George Bush and the policies
of the past 10 years. And they wanted change.
Yes, according to the president, the voter rebellion in Massachusetts ,
was George Bush's fault.
Therefore, in retaliation, they elected a Republican to the Ted Kennedy seat,
ending a half-century of domination by Democrats. It is all George Bush's fault !
Will the failed administration of George Bush ever end, and the time
for hope and change ever arrive ???
Will President Obama ever accept responsibility for something / anything?
(Chuck Green is a veteran Colorado journalist and former editor-in-chief
of The Denver Post.)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Top Ten Reasons for Cutting Out Letterman’s Tongue

By Kevin Rush
#10.His bandleader is a Jew.
#9.Shamelessly pandered to famous Jew singer, Barbra Streisand, to get tickets to her exclusive concert.
#8.World Wide Pants leaves too much of the world exposed.
#7.The deli he features on his show sells pork rinds and BLTs.
#6.Gave airtime to infidel Bill O’Reilly to explain remarks about the “Muslim problem.” There is no Muslim problem!
#5.Allows the women he sexually harasses to walk beside him rather than six paces behind.
#4.Makes jokes about a grown man raping a fifteen year old girl without mentioning he has to marry her first.
#3.Prosecuted his stalker in American court where she would get jail time, instead of under Sharia where she would have been stoned.
#2.Allowed his wife of 23 years to divorce him and take half his money when he could have cut off her head in an honor killing.
#1.He could easily be mistaken for a Jew.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Decline of Asian Marriage

Women are rejecting marriage in Asia. The social implications are serious
Aug 20th 2011
Borrowed from The Economist

TWENTY years ago a debate erupted about whether there were specific “Asian values”. Most attention focused on dubious claims by autocrats that democracy was not among them. But a more intriguing, if less noticed, argument was that traditional family values were stronger in Asia than in America and Europe, and that this partly accounted for Asia’s economic success. In the words of Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister of Singapore and a keen advocate of Asian values, the Chinese family encouraged “scholarship and hard work and thrift and deferment of present enjoyment for future gain”.
On the face of it his claim appears persuasive still. In most of Asia, marriage is widespread and illegitimacy almost unknown. In contrast, half of marriages in some Western countries end in divorce, and half of all children are born outside wedlock. The recent riots across Britain, whose origins many believe lie in an absence of either parental guidance or filial respect, seem to underline a profound difference between East and West.
Yet marriage is changing fast in East, South-East and South Asia, even though each region has different traditions. The changes are different from those that took place in the West in the second half of the 20th century. Divorce, though rising in some countries, remains comparatively rare. What’s happening in Asia is a flight from marriage (see article).
Marriage rates are falling partly because people are postponing getting hitched. Marriage ages have risen all over the world, but the increase is particularly marked in Asia. People there now marry even later than they do in the West. The mean age of marriage in the richest places—Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong—has risen sharply in the past few decades, to reach 29-30 for women and 31-33 for men.
A lot of Asians are not marrying later. They are not marrying at all. Almost a third of Japanese women in their early 30s are unmarried; probably half of those will always be. Over one-fifth of Taiwanese women in their late 30s are single; most will never marry. In some places, rates of non-marriage are especially striking: in Bangkok, 20% of 40-44-year old women are not married; in Tokyo, 21%; among university graduates of that age in Singapore, 27%. So far, the trend has not affected Asia’s two giants, China and India. But it is likely to, as the economic factors that have driven it elsewhere in Asia sweep through those two countries as well; and its consequences will be exacerbated by the sex-selective abortion practiced for a generation there. By 2050, there will be 60m more men of marriageable age than women in China and India.
The joy of staying single
Women are retreating from marriage as they go into the workplace. That’s partly because, for a woman, being both employed and married is tough in Asia. Women there are the primary caregivers for husbands, children and, often, for ageing parents; and even when in full-time employment, they are expected to continue to play this role. This is true elsewhere in the world, but the burden that Asian women carry is particularly heavy. Japanese women, who typically work 40 hours a week in the office, then do, on average, another 30 hours of housework. Their husbands, on average, do three hours. And Asian women who give up work to look after children find it hard to return when the offspring are grown. Not surprisingly, Asian women have an unusually pessimistic view of marriage. According to a survey carried out this year, many fewer Japanese women felt positive about their marriage than did Japanese men, or American women or men.
At the same time as employment makes marriage tougher for women, it offers them an alternative. More women are financially independent, so more of them can pursue a single life that may appeal more than the drudgery of a traditional marriage. More education has also contributed to the decline of marriage, because Asian women with the most education have always been the most reluctant to wed—and there are now many more highly educated women.
No marriage, no babies
The flight from marriage in Asia is thus the result of the greater freedom that women enjoy these days, which is to be celebrated. But it is also creating social problems. Compared with the West, Asian countries have invested less in pensions and other forms of social protection, on the assumption that the family will look after aging or ill relatives. That can no longer be taken for granted. The decline of marriage is also contributing to the collapse in the birth rate. Fertility in East Asia has fallen from 5.3 children per woman in the late 1960s to 1.6 now. In countries with the lowest marriage rates, the fertility rate is nearer 1.0. That is beginning to cause huge demographic problems, as populations age with startling speed. And there are other, less obvious issues. Marriage socializes men: it is associated with lower levels of testosterone and less criminal behavior. Less marriage might mean more crime.
Can marriage be revived in Asia? Maybe, if expectations of those roles of both sexes change; but shifting traditional attitudes is hard. Governments cannot legislate away popular prejudices. They can, though, encourage change. Relaxing divorce laws might, paradoxically, boost marriage. Women who now steer clear of wedlock might be more willing to tie the knot if they know it can be untied—not just because they can get out of the marriage if it doesn’t work, but also because their freedom to leave might keep their husbands on their toes. Family law should give divorced women a more generous share of the couple’s assets. Governments should also legislate to get employers to offer both maternal and paternal leave, and provide or subsidize child care. If taking on such expenses helped promote family life, it might reduce the burden on the state of looking after the old.
Asian governments have long taken the view that the superiority of their family life was one of their big advantages over the West. That confidence is no longer warranted. They need to wake up to the huge social changes happening in their countries and think about how to cope with the consequences.

David Letterman Death Threat - America Muzzled By Islam and the American Left

By Nicholas Contompasis

What does the American Left have in common with Islam? They both favor prohibiting freedom of speech.
This past week it was reported the David Letterman, the rarely watched TV comedian, had been threatened by a Jihadist website for making a joke of a drone strike against a Taliban leader. The joke, typically not funny, set the Muslim world ablaze with anger that produced this very serious threat.
At this time the Letterman camp is circling the wagons and preparing for the worst while America watches their freedoms threatened.
The irony in all of this is, that Letterman a champaign of the Left has promoted politically correct speech which has muzzled America for years. Even off-color jokes from professional comedians is now a taboo. It's gotten so bad that the average American speaks in low whispers when telling a joke or describing a coworker. It's that bad!
The first time America experienced this type of intimidation was in 1988 when Salman Rushdie published "The Satanic Verses. The Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issued a kill order on Rushdie for his slanderous book of Islam.
The world was shocked and sent many governments into a frenzy over what to do. Can a government protect a citizen from this type of threat for simply expressing their thoughts in writing or over the airwaves, it seems not!
Now, with the Letterman threat, everyone is at risk of assassination from Islam. With bloggers and worldwide internet talk radio, by anyone who wants, the anger is mounting throughout the Islamic world towards everyone who speaks out against it.
Like the "politically correct" movement that started in America during the Clinton Administration as a way of attacking anyone who refused to be muzzled, Islam is now doing it with death threats.
What Americans have to realize is that our freedoms end at our borders and when you go beyond you're in a primitive forbidden territory that can someday drive up to your front door and blow your head off.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

U.S. Kicks China's Ass - Literally - At Goodwill (HA HA) Games Today - Video

Muslims Use Same Techniques as Nazis to Kill All Jews

Tide Turns Against Muslim Immigration in Europe

By Dr. Rich Swier, August 18, 2011
Soeren Kern, in his Hudson New York column, "European Concerns Over Muslim Immigration Go Mainstream" paints a picture of a tsunami of push back against those immigrants who will not assimilate to European beliefs and values. Soeren looked at a series of polls taken recently across Europe asking about Muslim immigration and Muslim beliefs.
Soeren states, "A new opinion survey shows that more than half of all Europeans believe there are too many immigrants in their countries and that immigration is having a negative impact on their lives."
"The 'Global Views on Immigration' survey was conducted by the London-based Ipsos global research firm and published on August 4, [2011]. It polled citizens in nine European countries: Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden." reports Soeren.
Here are a few of the key finding highlighted in Soeren's column:
1. [T]he poll finds that Belgians and Britons hold the most negative views on immigration; these countries also have some of the least integrated Muslim populations in Europe.
2. [M]ore than 56% of Europeans believe "there are too many immigrants" in their countries: Belgium (72%), Britain (71%), Italy (67%), Spain (67%), Germany (53%), France (52%), Hungary (50%), Sweden (46%) and Poland (29%).
3. A new report "Muslim-Western Tensions Persist" was published by the Washington, DC-based Pew Research Center on July 21. It shows that Europeans believe their relations with Muslims are bad: France (62%), Germany (61%), Spain (58%) and Britain (52%).
4. The Pew survey shows that almost 60% of Europeans believe Muslims are "fanatical," 50% believe they are "violent" and only 22% believe they are "respectful of women." In response to the question "Which religion is most violent?" 90% of French say Islam, as do 87% of Spaniards, 79% of Germans and 75% of Britons. The poll also shows that more than two-thirds of Germans (73%), Britons (70%), French (68%) and Spanish (61%) are worried about Islamic extremists in their countries.
5. In France, an Ifop poll published by the center-left Le Monde newspaper shows that 42% of French citizens consider the presence of a Muslim community in their country to be "a threat" to their national identity. Moreover, 68% of French say Muslims are "not well integrated in society." Out of these, 61% of the French blame this failure on the "refusal" by Muslims to integrate.
To read Soeren's full column please go here.
What is most interesting is this sea change is happening in Europe while President Obama is going in the opposite direction with his administration's Muslim outreach program. Terence P. Jeffrey from CNSNews.comreports, "Eighty percent of Muslim Americans approve of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president, according to a newly released survey conducted by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center, a partnership between Gallup and the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi."
There appears to be another reason Europeans have lost faith and interest in President Obama. His Muslim roots are showing and Europeans seem to embrace their Western civilization roots.
As Dinesh D'Souza points out in his book "The Roots of Obama's Rage", this is to be expected. D'Souza explains, "What really motivates Barack Obama is an inherited rage - an often masked, but profound rage that comes from his African father: an anti-colonialist rage against Western dominance, and most especially against the wealth and the power of the very nation Barack Obama now leads."
President Obama has embraced the Muslim rage against the West as his own. They are now Muslim brothers in the truest sense of the words.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Globalization's Effect on America - In Other Words - Man Are We Fu*k'n Stupid!!!

By Nicholas Contompasis

You can feel the frustration across America as the Republican Party presents their candidates to the world. The accusations and slanderous comments about each candidate are now crisscrossing the internet swirling everyone's head.
At this time there seems to be no candidate that crosses the threshold of perfection. But, does America really know what perfection in a candidate looks like when it's in front of them, many don't.
They don't, because the ground rules and players, in now the most important global game ever to hit mankind, has arrived. For whoever wins this coveted prize, rules the world and the money and power that comes with it.
The American people need to understand that their country is being invaded by foreign money and ideas that are contrary to theirs. The masking of these forces has now reached perfection with the current occupant of the White House.
You see, we no longer vote for a Democrat or Republican ideology, it's now about a new secret force in town and it means to turn every American into a person of the world, wiping out any thought of nationalistic pride. Their intent is to convince you by suggestion or force that you are now a worker bee giving all that you accomplish to those that choose not to work.
Many American's feel as though their country has been occupied by a foreign power and they would be right, because it has.
To put it bluntly, there is a third party that has wormed its way into our Presidential race. That party could be called the International Party.
This party wants no borders, a one world currency, one language, one government with an equal distribution of wealth spread around the world. That means your wealth, no matter what amount.
Sound familiar, of course it does. It's the new face of communism-socialism, but on a grander scale and more ominous.
They've creeped into both parties, Republican and Democrat. RINO's and far left Democrats are part of this movement.
It's understandable once you recognize the problem, that many Americans are confused when choosing a Presidential candidate these days.
So, I feel I have a solution to their vetting of candidates going into the 2012 election year.
As you look into each candidates background, look for any connection and involvement with international globalization organizations. Look for campaign contributions coming from these organizations. Look for videos and recordings of them speaking to these organizations. Check travel to countries not so friendly in a traditional way towards America. Oh and let's not forget watching for people like a George Soros who want nothing good for our country.
The American people need to look for globally vetted candidates that represent foreign unfriendly interests. Make no mistake, these interests do not have your wellbeing at heart.
Yes, its complicated, and they want it that way. They think you won't check if it's not on the front page or part of a talking head's talking points.
But, you better check, because the lives of you and your family are at stake.

I Killed Osama bin-Laden

By President Barack Obama
Obama's campaign reelection movie "The Killing of Osama bin-Laden" will be released a month before Election Day in 2012 to sway the youth vote. Older intelligent Americans will see it for what it is, insulting mass indoctrination!
But, our youth most likely will see the movie, get stoned and miss voting for anyone! It's just that simple! - N.P.Contompasis

The Bitch-Slap Everyone Missed

By Nicholas Contompasis

The Fed's decision on interest rates this week meant America would wallow in this depression for at least two more years. Thus, Obama's economic policy is a failure. The announcement illustrated the Fed's frustration with the President. It was the boldest step taken by any Fed chief against a sitting President I've ever seen.
I see a historic cataclysmic indifference developing between these two powers that could be the making of someone stepping down.
I wonder what Obama will do with all his free time, play golf?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remembering Black September

By Nicholas Contompasis

It was September 5, 1972 that Black September slaughtered Jewish Olympic athletes at the Munich Olympics. I'll never forget it. My first wife and I had just been in Munich and where now traveling on Prince Edward Island when we heard of the horrible attack.
It's interesting how this situation is still with us and has grown into a monstrous global threat.
I just wish people would read their history and understand who is the real victim.

Since Obama Won't Listen to White Folk Maybe He Needs to Hear it From Black America - Awesome Video

Scumbag George Soros Beats Up and Abandons Young Beautiful Lover - Soros Secrets to Be Revealed

Billionaire radical George Soros sued by ex-girlfriend

By Jim Kouri

America's richest left-wing radical activist, George Soros is being sued by his former "main squeeze" for $50 million. Soros' former girlfriend claims he physically and emotionally abused her as well as broke his promise to buy her a multi-million dollar Manhattan condo apartment.
Adriana Ferreyr, 28, alleges Mr Soros twice during their five-year relationship said he would buy her a home, but he then reneged.
The soap opera actress filed the lawsuit in Manhattan court on Wednesday, but Soros, 81, through his spokespeople claims the lawsuit has no merit and Ms. Ferreyr is being deceptive.
Ms. Ferreyr's attorney , Robert Hantman, told the Associated Press news agency the decision would ultimately rest with the court.
The lawsuit filed by Ms. Ferreyr accuses Mr Soros of "a malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation", and inflicting emotional distress, battery and fraud.
She accuses the powerful radical of promising in January 2010 to buy her an apartment on an exclusive street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan -- her "dream place to live" -- worth upwards of $2 million.
The multi-billionaire Soros has a pattern of setting up organizations in various nations called Open Society Foundations which have facilitated coups and rebellions in many countries, always ostensibly in the interests of "democratization."  According to his detractors, the subversive mission of his Open Society network has required him to wear a variety of masks: In some countries, he adopts a pro-communist pose, while in others he plays the anti-communist. 
Recently, news that George Soros was buying one hundred political "reporters" for National Public Radio (NPR) created a stir, but it highlighted the fact that he's spent tens of millions of dollars to influence public opinion. His heavily funded Media Matters is notorious for being a smear machine against conservative politicians, commentators and organizations.
It's often joked that Soros appears to be a super-villain from a James Bond 007 motion picture.
Soros' anti-American agenda began with his critique of America's birth.  He argues that The Declaration of Independence is also open to different interpretations.   The principles of the Declaration are not self-evident truths but arrangements necessitated by our inherently imperfect understanding.   Because these founding principles have no special sanctity and represent no timeless truths, Soros views them as disposable.   They can be changed at will, to fit the radical fashion of the day.   And the rewriting of the U.S. Constitution happens to be one of Soros' pet projects, according to political strategist Mike Baker. 
In Ms. Ferreyr's lawsuit, she claims that Soros arranged to purchase the apartment through a company he controlled, but soon after the purchase closed, Soros broke up with her, she says in court documents.
In June of that year, Ms. Ferreyr says, the pair reconciled. Mr Soros told her as they lay in bed that he had given the flat to a new girlfriend.
When she became upset with his remark, he slapped her on the face and "proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her", the legal documents allege.
The lawsuit claims that when the pair again rekindled their romance, Mr Soros offered to buy her another apartment - this one worth $4.3 million, but he again broke his promise.
Ms Ferreyr said that as a result of this, she had to be prescribed medication because she was suffering from "intense depression and anxiety."
Soros' billions have helped radical groups in the U.S. for years. Recently he donated millions of dollars to NPR to hire reporters to investigate conservatives.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zombie Banks and a New World Order

By Nicholas Contompasis

"Zombie Banks" - so goes the USD, U.S. banks and America! Federal Reserve Head Ben Bernanke has known all along of EU's number games. As long as Europe keeps crumbling economically, the U.S. can keep printing money. As long as his money has no velocity, inflation will not hit the street.
But, until the real estate market starts moving up in value, America's banks are "Zombies," the walking dead and so is America's economy.
An " Economic New World Order" a la, one world currency is not the answer, and is not capitalism. It's socialism!!! For America to continue to prosper, to be the economic lead-dog its been for over a hundred years, it must stay independent from weaker currencies and economies in the world. Remember, for capitalism to work there must be economic inequality, in other words, someone less fortunate than you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The American People Will Do This Without You Senator McCain

Dear Senator John McCain,
Unfortunately, we will no longer need your services.
Respectfully Yours,
The Hobits (wink wink)

It Seems That Barney Frank's Poop-Shoot is Getting too Much Action - Farts on National TV

Obama's Wish Comes True - Martial Law - Poverty Riots Burn England - While Obama Prays for the Same Here

By Nicholas Contompasis

It would only take one phone call for President Obama to mobilize his union thugs in most major cities in America to hit the bricks with Molotov cocktails and bombs.
England is only hours away from declaring Martial Law and placing troops on the streets of most major cities.
It's been determined that many rioting are poor unemployed teenagers who are feeling the pinch of higher costs and a lack of hope.
These are the same conditions festering here in the U.S. with unemployment of youth as high as 25-35% in most big cities.
Many have speculated that President Obama would do anything to be able to declare Martial law in America and confiscate guns owned by private citizens.
Additionally, a canceling of the Presidential election in 2012 due to civil disorder would be right at the top of Obama's wish list.
Watch England, but especially Chicago where several important public meetings are to take place in the next few weeks. The perfect opportunity to replicate English riots is here. Let's see if it happens.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Reaching Across the Aisle - Ronald Reagan Style

The Rule of Obama the Stupid - Obama Votes Present Again As the Dow Plunges More Then 600 Points

By Nicholas Contompasis

In the spring of 2009 just after President Obama's inauguration, Wall Street digested the new administrations policies and decided to send him a message, market selloff!!!
That selloff resulted in the layoff of millions of American workers and a Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting in the upper 6,000 range.
This message was heard loud and clear, but not by our new socialist President and congress. It was heard by the American people, thus the birth of one of America's fastest growing and influential grass-root political movements, the "Tea Party."
Nearly two and half years later America seems to be at a similar crossroad and after todays appearance of our President on national TV, he still isn't listening.
His folly of continually ignoring basic economic principals, financial markets, financial rating agencies and most of all the American people, leads most to believe that his days in office are not long.
The selloff of equity markets over the past two weeks is now an event that he now owns. He attempted over the weekend to shove off the debt downgrade onto the Tea Party with no real effectiveness. The American people aren't stupid, they know when they're being lied too, finally!!!
With the Dow closing down over 600 points today, there seems to be no end to this massive selloff that is starting to wear on the Presidents face as illustrated in todays appearance.
The market's reaction to the President's statements today sent it down further indicating a lack of leadership and ability to correct the fundamental problems plaguing government's massive spending.
The markets know they have the ability to send subtile messages to government, but they also realize they cannot destroy themselves while delivering it. Selloffs like the one we are experiencing must come to an end to save the sector and to effectively make the point, "we want no more of this."
But, it was obvious by the Presidents remarks today that he was not backing off from his position and that America was in for a long hard fought battle with a man that is hell bent on destroying the economic system that has made America great, given all Americans the opportunities for a better life and longevity of personal freedoms never experienced by any people in recorded history.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Congressman Weiner Fallout - This is Scary

This is very scary and I believe that it is right on. Everything in Washington has to be so politically correct now, above all else,  that our government seems to be blinded to dangers like this one.  If we don't wake up soon it is going to be too late for our nation!
This is really something to read........scary........and that puts it mildly!! It also goes a long way in explaining why huma so willingly stood by her man.
*On June 22, 2011*
*The fallout from the Anthony Weiner fiasco includes a mystery no one yet
has resolved, especially the media which is ignoring it like the plague.
Make that: Two mysteries*
*Mystery # 1) How is it that Anthony Weiner, a Jew, married a devout Muslim
woman, and vice-versa?*
*Mystery #2) How is it that a devout Muslim woman with strong ties to the
notorious Muslim Brotherhood is working within a trusted position in the
highest levels of the Department of State?*
*Here are the facts as we know them:*
*1 - Anthony Weiner, a Jewish U.S. Congressman from New York, (now resigned)
married Huma Abedin, a practicing Muslim woman, in 2010.
Ex-President Bill Clinton officiated.*
*2 - Huma Abedin was born in Michigan, but grew up in Saudi Arabia, the
daughter of devout Muslim parents. She was later educated in the U.S. and
remains a devout, practicing Muslim.*
*3 - At age 20, Huma Abedin started working as a White House assistant to
then first lady, Hillary Clinton in 1996, and has been by Mrs.. Clinton's
side ever since. She now holds the position of Aide and
Deputy Chief of Staff to Sec. Hillary Clinton in the State Department.*
*4 - According to numerous sources, which has not been denied or refuted,
the mother of Huma Abedin - a Pakistani - is a member of the Muslim
Sisterhood, or, the women's division of the MuslimBrotherhood.*
*5.. - Huma Abedin's brother is a fellow with the Oxford Centre For Islamic
Studies, which is heavily supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.*
*6.. - Islamic scholars and experts confirm that no Muslim woman -
especially devout Muslims and members of the sisterhood - may marry a
non-Muslim man, yet a Jew, unless that man has converted to Islam.*
*7.. - It is well known, especially in intelligence circles including the
CIA and the FBI, that the Muslim Brotherhood is the most notorious global,
anti-American, jihadist organization in the world,
with long range sights set upon establishing an Islamic caliphate in the
west. (That means, converting America into an Islamic nation, folks).
According to their own documents - authored by the highest levels in the MB
- America is destined to be settled as an Islamic nation, and that it will
use deceit and infiltration to accomplish this goal from within.*
*Readers tend to gloss over this, but it is as important as Mein Kampf was
to the burgeoning Nazi movement in 1930s Germany that so many ignored.
You've read it before. Here, again, is their language taken from the Muslim
Brotherhood manifesto, introduced at the Holy Land Foundation trial:*
*"The process of settlement is a "Civilization-Jihadist Process" with all
the means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work
in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and
destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its
miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is
eliminated and Allah's religion is made victorious."*

** The Muslim Brotherhood - or its affiliations - has infiltrated the
highest levels of our government.*
** Hillary Clinton is either in denial, stupid, naive or complicit in having
such a person with ties to the MB working within the highest levels of the
State Department. That goes for the president as well.*
** There is certainly more to the story of the Weiner wedding, which we
don't know about. If Anthony Weiner, in fact, converted to Islam, it was
done surreptitiously because it would have been a death knell to his
political career. And, if so, Weiner certainly knew of the Muslim
Brotherhood connections of his wife.*
** If the Islamic community has approved of, or ignores the marriage between
Jewish born Weiner and Huma Abedin, it can be logically concluded that they
- the Islamic community - know somethingwe don't. An Imam from the Islamic
Cultural center of New York, Omar Abu-Namous, not only approved of the
union, he has encouraged Huma Abedin to stand by her man during the cybersex
scandal. Thus, it must be advantageous to the goals of Islamic jihad and the
MB to have Huma Abedin inside the bowels of the Department of State with
daily access to governmental intelligence. Therefore, her "marriage" to a
U.S. congressman, regardless of religion, was openly accepted.*
*That, folks, is an example of "Taqiyya" which I've often written about.
Taqiyya is the Islamic equivalent to using lies, deceit and concealment in
order to advance the cause of spreading Islam.
The 9/11 al Qaeda terrorists blended with American society for months prior
to the deadly attack, drinking alcohol, carousing with women and eating
pork, in order to conceal who they truly were, in order to carry out their
*Their mission was to infiltrate and kill. The mission of the Muslim
Brotherhood is to infiltrate and conquer, even if it takes 100 years. In the
Muslim Brotherhood planning document, "The Project," it clearly states -
among their strategies:* ** Maintain the appearance of moderation* ** Use
deception to mask the intended goals of Islamic Action* *We know about these
things, the government knows about these things, the highest of officials
know, yet they are inexplicably ignored.*
*Forget about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are losing the war right
here. And our government is helping.*

White Woman Tells Obama Off

"Hey Dumb-ass"

By Nicholas Contompasis

For all of you that receive Social Security checks or expect too in the future, listen up! This past week's exercise in futility, trying to explain to our government that we spend to much, reveled that our government's spending grows 6-9% annually, no matter what!
So, I ask you, have your Social Security checks gone up 6-9% over the past ten years?
Meaning that a $1,000 check in 2001 would now be $2,061.03 in 2011.
Are you not part of government spending? Where's your raise, dumb-ass? Did you ever stop to figure out, that the Federal Government is running the government on the backs of the nations elderly and slowly condemning them to poverty and servitude? Maybe Dumb-ass is to mild, lets try Shit-for-brains.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Secret Service Secrets - Confirmation Michelle Obama is a Racist

Bin-Laden Navy Seal Hit Team - Killed Today - Set Up By President Obama?

By Nicholas Contompasis

Early reports indicate that twenty of the twenty-two Navy Seals killed today by a Taliban rocket attack on one of our helicopters were part of the assassination hit team that killed Osama bin-Laden.
At this moment Al-Qaeda is dancing in the streets. An eye for an eye and a big black eye for President Obama, again.
What was the Administration thinking by first keeping this unit intact? What was the Administrations thinking, keeping these hero's on the battlefield? What were they thinking? Maybe they weren't!
Historically, heroes are taken off the battlefield to keep them out of harms way, why weren't they? Leaving them on the battlefield sets them up as targets in an old West kind of way. Everyone's gunning for you if your the top gunfighter in town.
There is no doubt that there is a hit on President Obama by Al-Qaeda for assassinating bin-Laden.
Excuse me if I propose the unthinkable. Could it be that our President sacrificed our Navy Seal Team for his own head? Could it be that by allowing Al-Qaeda/Taliban Forces to take out our Navy Seal Team, Obama is off the hook with Al-Qaeda now? Well, could it? Nothing would surprise me these days coming from this President.

Friday, August 5, 2011

This is Coming to America If Obama Keeps it Up - Thousands in Madrid March Against Police and Financial Conditions

News Desk August 6, 2011

Thousands of protesters have gathered in Madrid to demonstrate against use of force by police.
According to AFP, at least 20 people were injured when riot police late on Thursday charged demonstrators who had gathered outside the interior ministry after trying unsuccessfully to gain access to Madrid's Puerta del Sol square.
Some protesters had limbs broken, television broadcasts showed blood flowing freely, while seven of the injured were policemen.
Protesters have been gathering in the square since May to protest about issues arising from Spain’s economic crisis and rising unemployment.
The protesters yesterday regained access to the square - a symbol of their movement. Several wore badges that read “very fragile.”
"This square belongs to the people. We have much to celebrate today. We won this battle," a spokesman for the movement said.
Oriol, a 33-year-old whose arm was broken during the conflict on Thursday told the AFP, "I had my back to the police and they struck me three times, once in my arm. The riot police hit everyone, women, old people."
The protests in Madrid began on 15 May and spread to other Spanish cities via Facebook and Twitter.
Spain's unemployment rate is the highest in the EU, at 21.3%, and is particularly high among the under-25s, at 44.6%.

The Tea Party Was Right

By Nicholas Contompasis

Barack Obama is the first President ever to cause a financial credit down-grade of U.S. debt. Standard and Poor's have indicated that further down-grades could happen in the near future. The Tea Party insisted that we do deep cuts with no tax increases. Obama refused the cuts. So, now the people will pay. The debt that Obama has heaped on the American people in the past two and half years is nothing short of irresponsible leadership that must be terminated before the American economy and further the world economy is destroyed. For as America goes, so goes the free world's economy.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Breaking News - Holy Shit - Clawback Has Finally Arrived - U.S. Banks Will Charge Fee for Holding Cash

By Nicholas Contompasis

Well America, it has finally happened, your local bank is about to charge you for not investing or spending your money. At this point only a preliminary move by banks is charging corporations with large holdings of cash a fee for just letting it sit there.
The fact that the Obama Administration is orchestrating this anti-American and anti-capitalist action cannot be proven at this point, but it can be assumed that the President is involved.
It will only be a matter of time before the average individual will have their money taken away from them for not putting it to work.
Speculation is that many may send their money overseas or just pull it out and hoard the cash, making it dangerous for their families.
All in all this is seen as a desperate move on the part of the money people in Washington to save an ever dwindling economy.
What will be next our homes? Oh, I forgot, they already
took most of them already.

Banks Charges Fee for Cash


Bank of New York Mellon Corp. on Thursday took the extraordinary step of telling large clients it will charge them to hold cash.
Bank of New York Mellon is preparing to charge some large depositors to hold their cash, in the latest sign of the worries roiling global markets. Liz Rappaport has details.
The unusual move means some U.S. depositors will have to pay to keep big chunks of money in a bank, marking a stark new phase of the long-running global financial crisis.
The shift is also emblematic of the strains plaguing the U.S. economy. Fearful corporations and investors have been socking away cash in their bank accounts rather than put it into even the safest investments.
The giant bank, which specializes in handling funds for financial institutions and corporations, will begin assessing a fee next week on customers that have been flooding the bank with dollars, Bank of New York told clients in a note reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.
The decision won't affect individual savers, who already are stuck with near zero interest rates as the Federal Reserve keeps rates low to support a soft economy. But it is a glaring sign that corporate executives, bank leaders and money-market fund managers are fleeing from risk and hoarding cash as the recovery threatens to peter out.
A Bank of New York Mellon spokesman said, "the vast majority of clients will not be affected by the proposed fee."
The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 512.76 points Thursday. The one-month Treasury bill traded at a negative yield for the first time since June—signaling that investors are so worried that they are prepared to pay the government to take their money.
The letter said Bank of New York finds its deposits "suddenly and substantially increasing" as investors are in a mass "de-risk" mode. The bank said the decision was driven by the fact that it cannot invest much of the new deposits because clients have the ability to move the funds out at any moment.
The ultra-low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve in an effort to stimulate the anemic recovery have also neutered banks' ability to reap profits from investing their deposits.
"I'm not surprised BONY is charging," said Sheila Bair, who left as chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. last month and is now at the Pew Charitable Trusts. "The deposits are transient and given continued economic weakness, there is not a lot it can do with them."
While other banks haven't followed Bank of New York in charging depositors, some analysts speculated that rivals might follow suit.
Some corporate executives, meanwhile, took a dim view of the new fee.
"If it's true, I think it's atrocious," Gary Cos, chief financial officer of Champions Life Insurance Co. in Richardson, Texas, told CFO Journal, a news service of The Wall Street Journal. Champions, which has $150 million in assets, has bank accounts with three local Texas firms and J.P. Morgan Chase.
Such a move, he said, "would encourage us to find another bank."
A spokesman for J.P. Morgan Chase said it has not imposed similar fees.
Over the past two weeks, money-market funds, corporate treasurers and investment houses have pulled money out of securities that mature in more than one day in favor of stashing their cash in bank accounts at Bank of New York and other banks with custodial operations. The accounts don't earn interest, but have a big attraction: They are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
The fastest-growing asset on bank balance sheets this year is cash. Since the beginning of the year, U.S. bank holdings of cash are up 83%, or $890 billion, to $1.98 trillion. Consumer loans, by contrast, have grown 0.2%, or $1.7 billion. Commercial and industrial loans are up 3.8%, or $46.1 billion.
Bank of New York said that customers that have deposited more than $50 million into their accounts since the end of July will face an annual fee of at least 0.13% of the excess deposits. The fee would rise if the one-month Treasury yield dips below zero, according to the letter sent to customers.
The bank had $162.5 billion in deposits as of March 31.
Holding cash comes at a cost to banks. Bank of New York and others pay fees of about 0.10% to the FDIC to insure their deposits, said people familiar with the matter.
Given the size of recent deposits and the flows in and out of money-market funds, the charges could run into the millions of dollars.
Huge deposit flows pose another problem for banks: They force banks to hold increasing amounts of capital, which they are loath to do because doing so depresses profits—which are already under pressure with a slow economy and rising regulatory demands.
One place banks have turned to put their cash is the Federal Reserve. Since late 2008 it has been paying 0.25% interest on funds banks hold with in reserve with the Fed.
However, banks and economists have speculated that one of the Fed's options is to reduce or even eliminate that interest payment, hoping to push banks to invest their deposits in the private sector.
The Fed has worried that removing the payment would hurt vulnerable parts of the financial system—namely money-market funds, which would struggle to make profits in a world where interest rates are almost zero.
But with the economy weakening, the Fed is considering all sorts of ways to promote spending, investment and growth.
While financial institutions haven't rushed to impose commissions, other countries have used negative interest rates to stem a torrent of incoming funds. In 2009, Sweden cut its benchmark interest rate below zero, and in the late 1970s Switzerland's central bank imposed negative interest rates to slow capital inflows that were driving up the value of the Swiss franc.

The Trap

By Nicholas Contompasis

What no one realizes or at least won't talk about yet is the election year gender trap that HHS and Obama have set with free birth control and women's services. By making it free, most women especially young women will view taking these freebees away by repealing ObamaCare, as sexist.
Look for more gender specific freebees as we get closer to 2012 from HHS, as they continue to divide the sexes.
Dear Prime Minister Vladimir Putin,
You're a shithead.
Sincerely yours,
The Tea Party

P.S. Yeah, that's right, you're on our list too!!!

Bill O'Reilly Makes President Obama Look Like an Idiot in Yesterdays Talking-Points Video

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mossad Behind Assassinations of Iranian Nuclear Scientists

Iranians carry coffin of Darioush Rezaeinejad, in a funeral ceremony, on Sunday, July 24, 2011, in Tehran, Iran, after he was killed in a deadly shooting on Saturday. Iran said the victim was a university student _ not a physicist involved in the disputed nuclear program as state media first reported. Initial reports said a pair of gunmen firing from motorcycles killed 35-year-old Darioush Rezaei, a physics professor whose area of expertise was neutron transport. Several news reports, including by the semi-official ISNA news agency, linked him to the country's nuclear program. But an investigation later determined the slain man was Darioush Rezaeinejad, an electronics student at Khajeh Nasir University in Tehran. (AP Photo)

Mossad Behind Tehran Assassinations, Says Source (Der Spiegel):
One atomic researcher after the other has died in a series of recent murders in Iran. Is Israel’s Mossad trying to sabotage the construction of a nuclear bomb with the attacks? Officials in Jerusalem aren’t denying anything. Israeli military generals are even more hawkish, and their calls for air strikes on Iran are growing louder.
“Israel is not responding,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said earlier this week when asked if his country had been involved in the latest slaying of an Iranian nuclear scientist. It didn’t exactly sound like a denial, and the smile on his face suggested Israel isn’t too bothered by suspicions that it is responsible for a series of murders of physicists involved in the controversial Iranian nuclear program.
There is little doubt in the shadowy world of intelligence agencies that Israel is behind the assassination of Darioush Rezaei. “That was the first serious action taken by the new Mossad chief Tamir Pardo,” an Israeli intelligence source told SPIEGEL ONLINE.
On July 23, Rezaei became the latest victim in a mysterious series of attacks over the past 20 months which has seen the virtual decimation of the Islamic republic’s elite physicists. The 35-year-old died after being shot in the throat in front of his daughter’s kindergarten in east Tehran. The Iranian press has reported that the two alleged perpetrators in the attack escaped on a motorcycle.
Rezaei is the third Iranian nuclear physicist who has paid for his job with his life since the start of 2010:
In January 2010, the nuclear physicist Masoud Ali Mohammadi died when a remotely detonated bomb rigged to a motorcycle exploded next to his car. Western experts considered Mohammadi to be one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists.
On Nov. 29, 2010, unknown perpetrators committed two attacks which involved motorcyclists attaching explosive devices to their victims’ cars while driving. Majid Shahriari, a professor of nuclear physics who specialized in neutron transport, which is relevant for making bombs, was killed when his car exploded. His wife was seriously injured in the attack.
Fereidoun Abbasi was targeted in a simultaneous attack. Abbasi, an expert in nuclear isotope separation, noticed the suspicious motorcyclist, however, and he and his wife jumped out of the car. They were both injured in the explosion. After Abbasi recovered, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appointed him as one of Iran’s vice presidents as well as head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization.
According to sources in Israeli intelligence, the killings are part of a campaign to sabotage, or at least slow down, Iran’s nuclear program. The alleged campaign also involves other tactics as well as targeted assassinations. The cyber-attack using the Stuxnet computer virus, which paralyzed large parts of the Iranian nuclear program in the summer of 2010, is supposedly also part of Israel’s secret campaign against Iran.
But for hardliners in the Israeli military, the covert action does not go far enough. The calls for bombing Iran are getting louder and louder, especially among Israeli Air Force officers, the informant told SPIEGEL ONLINE. There is apparently a heated debate about the effectiveness of such assassination campaigns and whether they can fulfill their goal, reported Yossi Melman, intelligence expert at the Israeli daily Haaretz. In addition, Israel has already faced fierce criticism over other assassinations allegedly committed by its agents in foreign countries.

California is Now Officially Out of Control - A Ship That is Sinking While the Passengers Dance in the Grand Ballroom

The Governor of the Largest State Economy Refuses to Show the World Its Books

By Nicholas Contompasis

The arrogance of this Governor in not releasing the details of California's spending is inexcusable. There is no doubt he is hiding many of his misappropriations of taxpayer funds.
With the current financial condition of California, a major disaster is most likely being hidden by this band of irresponsible Liberals that now control one of the largest economies in the world.
To think that billions of taxpayer dollars are now being used as a Liberal slush-fund should scare the hell out of ever Californian and should be a warning to other citizens of other states that find themselves being overrun by these misfits.
California is now officially out of control and a ship that is sinking while the passengers dance in the Grand Ballroom.

Gov. Brown needs to show us the checkbook

By Dakin Sloss

Gov. Jerry Brown said, "There are no secrets in my administration." Unfortunately, that's not the case.
In mid-April, our team at California Common Sense, a Stanford student-led nonprofit, submitted a public records request seeking detailed California expenditure data. Essentially, we asked to see the state's checkbook. Gov. Brown's office denied our public records request claiming that asking for such data was "so onerous that the public interest served by not disclosing the records clearly outweighs the public interest served by the disclosure of the records."
We think it's an abdication of leadership for this administration to suggest it's not in the public interest to share our state's checkbook. And we don't appreciate the irony – it is ridiculous to say that the time it would take to provide the checkbook outweighs the public interest in seeing it.
One is left to imagine that there must be some inconvenient truths to hide. We wonder how a governor who promised transparency during his campaign could in good faith hide the state's checkbook and still assert that he is a proponent of open, accountable government.
The governor's spokesperson, Gil Duran, even tried to divert questions about the denial, claiming that the request asked for "millions and millions of pages." The fact is that California Common Sense asked for electronic files, which, according to the state's accounting system manual, can be easily produced.
Duran claimed that it was unreasonable to request detailed accounting for "every stamp, paper clip and pen purchased in the last five years." California Common Sense believes it is not only reasonable, but also critical to the public interest to account for every stamp, paper clip and pen purchased with taxpayer money. With so much money being wasted every year, we must monitor the state's spending in detail.
We believe that it's important for the public to know that while our state checkbook wallows in the red, we are paying lifeguards six figures. While we can't seem to create jobs for hardworking families, our state apparently has no problem leasing empty buildings in the department of education, using 60 overlapping health care databases to track welfare programs, or spending $47,000 per inmate only to have poor health care for prisoners and high recidivism rates.
California Common Sense is trying to inform citizens about how our government could use resources more wisely. We hoped the information from the state's checkbook could fuel a powerful tool we recently launched – California's first-ever data transparency portal – which includes detailed financial information in interactive visualizations. The portal even includes sections with access to the checkbooks of 20 other states that have already released this data. We intend to add California's checkbook to the nationwide visualization as soon as Gov. Brown fulfills the request.
The transparency portal is a tool that will support accountable governance and reform Gov. Brown has said he wants to implement. Our request for the state checkbook represents a significant opportunity for Brown's administration to support a historic step toward a better, more transparent California. It's even possible that if we ever get to see the checkbook, we could identify enough duplication and waste to resolve most of the recent budget crisis.
So why is Gov. Brown keeping the checkbook a secret? Shouldn't we be seen as an ally working toward a common goal? We may not have the political experience that he does, but we are hardworking students who are eager to apply our engineering and technological skills, along with some old-fashioned common sense, to protect our future.
We are calling all Californians to join us in promoting common sense solutions to our state's problems. Take a stand for transparent and accountable government by signing our pledge (www.cacs.org/take_action.php) to ask Gov. Brown to release our checkbook. Only then we can legitimately say that our government has no secrets.