Monday, February 28, 2011

Beware - Obama Is Tricking You on Facebook By Making Fake People to Sway Your Opinions

By Andrea She King 

An alarming report by Sean Kerrigan via Patriot Network shows that the U.S. government is offering private intelligence companies contracts to create software to manage "fake people" on social media sites and create the illusion of consensus on controversial issues.

According to Kerrigan, the contract calls for the development of "Persona Management Software," which would help the user create and manage a variety of distinct fake profiles online. The job listing was discussed in recently leaked emails from the private security firm HBGary after an attack by an Internet activist last week.

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ObamaCare - Watch This Video and Remember Why We're in This Fight

Watch Governor Cuomo - The Canary in the Coal Mine - New York Teachers Union Calls for Members to Agitate and Disrupt

By Thomas Ferdousi

Being an educator in Upstate New York I am forced to pay dues into the corrupt union structure, even though I am not a member nor intend to be. Among the many benefits of (not) joining one of the public employees unions in New York include the union taking nearly one percent of my gross pay to use towards political campaigns.
Among the "benefits" not immediately clear is a mandatory subscription to their monthly propaganda. This month's naturally rails against the cuts of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo as well as against Governor Walker's actions in Wisconsin.
In this era of civility in which the public employees unions want to appear reasonable and striving for the best for our children, the New York State Union of Teachers' publication NYSUT United's headline screams:

Obama and Wikileaks are Making Enemies in the Wrong Places - Goes After The Saudi Royal Family to Cause Unrest

By Gus Lubin
Feb. 28, 2011

Wikileaks just released a motherload of info on the taboo subject of Saudi Arabian royal rents.
The 1996 cable -- entitled "Saudi Royal Wealth: Where do they get all that money?" -- describes legal and illegal ways that royals grab money, according to Reuters.
For legal ways, there's the monthly allowance given to thousands of princes and princesses. This ranged from $800 a month for "the lowliest member of the most remote branch of the family" to $270,000 a month for sons of Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud.
For illegal ways, schemes include skimming $10 billion yearly from off-budget projects related to defense and infrastructure. One Saudi prince complained: "One million barrels per day" go entirely to "five or six princes."
It's nothing to start a revolution over, but the sheer scale of payments might anger the Saudi people. The big concessionary social-welfare package offered last week was worth only $37 billion. Big anti-government protests are scheduled for later in March.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vietnam Set to Explode - Dissident Detained After Call For Revolution

Borrowed from The Associated Press - Thank you

A state-run newspaper is reporting that one of Vietnam's most prominent pro-democracy dissidents has been detained after calling for a revolution to overthrow the Communist government.
Dr. Nguyen Dan Que posted an appeal on the Internet last week calling for the masses to launch an uprising to make a "clean sweep of Communist dictatorship and build a new, free, democratic, humane and progressive Vietnam."
Tuoi Tre newspaper reported Monday that Que was being held by police in Ho Chi Minh City for allegedly acting to overthrow the government. It said he was caught possessing and distributing documents Saturday calling for a revolution.
Police declined to comment Monday.

Christians - The Chosen People

Jews are the chosen ones because they are the ones doing the choosing, of each other. Like a multilevel pyramid program, their internal self promoting of each other gradually lifts all Jewish boats.
Maybe it's time for Christians to learn a lesson from these very successful people. Supporting and promoting your own kind can't hurt, right? - Nicholas Contompasis


"When your empire rules the world, you choose when and where the battle is to be fought. When you don't, well, let's say I don't recommend it, if you value your empire and your life."
- Nicholas Contompasis 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Obamas Nazi Black-Jackets Attack Patriot in Sacramento Demonstration - The War Has Started

Russia is Finding a Reason to Invade Georgia - Senior Russian Senator: 'Georgia Ordered Domodedovo Bombing

Tbilisi / 27 Feb.'11

Alexander Torshin, deputy speaker of Russia's upper house of the Parliament, Federal Council, said he did not believe Islamist militants were behind the January terrorist act at Domodedovo airport in Moscow and blamed Georgia for ordering  the attack.
He said in an interview with the Russian state newspaper, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, published on February 25, that Islamist rebel leader Doku Umarov, who said he had ordered the Domodedovo bombing, had either nothing to do with this attack or at most acted as a middleman between those who had really ordered it and those who had carried it out.
"I am sure the terrorist act was organized from outside... I will say from where, although I understand that my words may trigger wave of anger and misunderstanding, but I think, it was Georgia and its ruling regime [who ordered the attack]," Torshin said.
"Saakashvili is not hiding his animosity towards us. He has long turned anti-Russian attitudes into a competitive product, which he is selling.There is nothing else to sell; the Georgian wines are being sold poorly on the foreign markets... But there is a demand on Russophobia. The Saakashvili's regime had no need at all in Umarov to organize the terrorist act, because there is Ossetian traitor [Dimitri] Sanakoev [the head of Tbilisi-based provisional South Ossetian administration] and  his  network of agents," he added.
Torshin, who is a member of ruling United Russia party, led the parliamentary commission of inquiry into 2004 Beslan school hostage-taking tragedy and a commission to probe into the August, 2008 war. He is a member of National Counter-terrorism Committee (NAK), which is Russia's government body coordinating anti-terrorism policies.

Global Food Prices Have Risen 41% Since June and What Rising Food Prices Mean

"A Very Special Note"
"This article is from the State Department and fails to talk about Ben Bernanke's QE-1 and QE-2 which has caused oil and all commodities to rise 40% in the past year. Do they think we are stupid to think that food is rising because of weather and poor investment in the activity? It appears so...... They still treat us like mushrooms, keep us in the dark and feed us shit."  Nicholas Contompasis

By Robert D. Hormats - Thank You
About the Author: Robert D. Hormats serves as Under Secretary of State for Economic,Energy and Agricultural Affairs.

The United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization released figures this month showing that global food prices have risen 41 percent since June, primarily due to a combination of bad weather and an increase in global demand. The report has raised concerns about the possibility of a global food crisis, as occurred in 2007-2008. In response to that crisis, the international community, led by the G-8, committed to increase focus on food security and reverse the decade-long decline in assistance for agricultural development. That was the right solution then, and it remains the right solution now. The United States is a proud partner in this effort and is committed to supporting developing countries' efforts through our $3.5 billion Feed the Future initiative.

Teachers to Double Contributions to Democrat Political War Chest - That's Your Money

FEBRUARY 26, 2011


Amid substantial membership losses and a $14 million shortfall in its general operating budget, the National Education Association plans to double each active member’s annual contribution to the national union’s political and media funds.
Currently, $10 of each active member’s NEA dues is allocated to these special accounts. The more than $20 million collected each year is then disbursed to state affiliates and political issue campaigns – such as last year’s SQ 744 in Oklahoma. A portion of the money also pays for state and national media buys to support the union’s agenda.

It Looks Like the Lord of War Has Shown Up in Libya

Dictators and Tyrants Around the World Wait for Omar Qaddafi’s Saddam Hussein Spider Hole Moment

By Nicholas Contompasis

“In mid-December of 2003 U.S. military forces flushed out the dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, from a spider hole in the central region of the country. The photos of an unshaven dirty old man flashed around the world in seconds. But, no one could have understood the importance of that moment until know. After eight years we have come to realize that the people of the region were watching and about to judge the West on how they proceeded in the Middle East.

The importance of the photo in that moment in time humanized Hussein, the once threatening tyrant that was responsible for so many atrocities upon neighboring countries and even his own people. The photo showed the people of Iraq and around the world that tyrants are just people, and they can be stopped.

Of course, what I’ve said has been written and talked about for years, but it’s only now we find just how important that moment was with an eminent downfall of Omar Qaddafi in Libya.

Now, with the Middle East in uprising over the dictatorial police states that have been ruling them for decades, the tribesmen of many of these countries know that they can be beaten.

The standoff by Qaddafi & Son is being closely watched by all peoples in all countries and is developing into another watershed moment in Middle Eastern history, such as Hussein’s spider hole moment.

For when Qaddafi and his son are eventually hung by their balls in downtown Tripoli, there will be no hiding for any tyrant around the world, and that includes North Korea and Iran.

Of course, there are many hurdles that must be bridged before any of this in the Middle East has stabilized. Some countries may drift towards the dark side, but most will legitimize their revolution with a workable Democracy and meld with the rest of the peace loving world. This will mean that slowly the world of tyrants and dictators who oppress their peoples will become even smaller and hopefully in the near future, will drift into the pages of history.”

Green Equals Tyranny

"Remember, "Green" is the new "Red" (socialism) - The color "Green" that's being used by Leftists in America is not about the ecology, it's about the destruction of the Capitalist economic system thats given you the best living standard and freedoms found anywhere in the world.
The next time you see a green sign carried in the streets of America or people and union members wearing green while protesting, remember, these people whether they realize it or not are promoting a socialist doctrine which runs counter to the norms that have made America great." By Nicholas Contompasis      

Greek Riots Now Croatia - 15,000 Throw Stones at Government - Unrest in Europe Spreads - Did You Hear About This?

Borrowed from the AP - Thank you

Over 15,000 anti-government protesters rally in Zagreb; dozens throw stones and bricks at police; several injured, windows broken.

ZAGREB, Croatia — Some 15,000 anti-government protesters rallied in the Croatian capital on Saturday, and state television reported that some clashed with police, who used tear gas to disperse them.
Dozens of mostly young demonstrators charged at a police cordon preventing them from reaching a central square in Zagreb where the government headquarters is located, the Croatian TV said.

The Mental Disorder of Liberal Jews That Stops Them From Supporting Israel - Cowardice

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kiss Cheap Oil Goodbye

By Nicholas Contompasis
"Remember, the Middle East uprising didn't start in Tunisia. It started in Lebanon when Hezbollah, a minority, financed and supported by Iran, forced a coup de tête on the tiny country. President Obama's vacuum that was created by his lack of any foreign policy in the region was discovered and exploited by the one unifying force in all of these countries, the radical Islamic movement. It will be them that will end up controlling the hearts and minds of the peoples of the Middle East, not the West. So kiss cheap oil goodbye and prepare for the fall of Europe to Islam and a global religious war that will drag mankind into the gutter for decades."

The Forces of Change

"The day one American strikes down another for political cause will be the day our great Republic begins to crumble. With the forces of change now at the steps of every state capital, that strike is not a matter of if, but when. God help us all."  By Nicholas Contompasis  

Breaking News - Latest Videos Out of Libya - Death and Destruction

Just posted on Youtube

Breaking News - World Energy Agency In Panic - Pulls Oil Off the Market - IEA Governing Board Issues Emergency Order

24 February 2011

By Nicholas Contompasis

In its regular quarterly meeting, the IEA Governing Board discussed developments on the world oil market. Based on industry reports, it appears that between 500,000-750,000 barrels per day of crude oil, or less than 1% of global daily consumption, have been removed at present from the market. The IEA and its member countries continue to closely monitor and analyse developments in the current situation, which are evolving.

The IEA is also in close contact with OPEC and major producer countries and the Governing Board takes note of the reports regarding their willingness to draw on their excess capacity to ensure additional supplies if required.

Both consumers and producers have tools at hand to deliver adequate oil to the market. Producers hold ample spare capacity. The IEA is always ready to immediately activate its existing collective response mechanism when deemed necessary. Collectively, the IEA members have 1.6 billion barrels of emergency oil stocks at their disposal, or in aggregate 145 days of import cover for IEA members.

Muslim Saudi National Arrested for Attempting to Bomb Former President George Bush

By Jeanne Meserve and Mike M. Ahlers, CNN
February 24, 2011 12:14 p.m. EST

Washington (CNN) -- A Saudi national living in Texas was arrested Wednesday for allegedly researching and acquiring chemicals to make a bomb, authorities said Thursday.
Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 20, of Lubbock is accused of researching several possible targets, including the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush, and nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams.
Aldawsari was arrested in Lubbock on a federal charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction in connection with his alleged purchase of chemicals and equipment necessary to make an improvised explosive device, according to the Justice Department.
Aldawsari is expected to make his initial appearance in federal court in Lubbock on Friday morning, the Department of Justice said.
Aldawsari, who was admitted into the United States in 2008 on a student visa and is enrolled at South Plains College near Lubbock, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, officials said.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Qaddafi Kills His Own Soldiers For Not Killing Citizens

Honest Question Causes Nazi Tactics by the University of Central Florida In Discussion of Terrorism and Muslim Brotherhood

By John Guandolo - Thank you
Feb 23rd 2011 at 2:10 pm

If the President of the University of Central Florida (UCF), Dr. John Hitt, were arrested tomorrow for material support of terrorism, he might finally begin to understand the irresponsible and dangerous actions he continues to allow his university to take in giving terrorist supporters a platform.
We can begin this discussion with the UCF Muslim Students Association (MSA).  The MSA was created by the Muslim Brotherhood at the University of Illinois in 1963.  The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is an international revolutionary organization whose objectives are (1) the re-establishment of the global Islamic state (Caliphate) and (2) the global implementation of Islamic Law.  The MB creed includes the phrase “…Jihad is our way, and martyrdom in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration.”  Every leader of the Muslim Brotherhood since its founding has reaffirmed the creed, and (until recently) their English website ( contained the MB By-Laws which articulated their readiness to “fight the tyrants” in preparation for establishing the Islamic state.

Obama's Mystery Links to Gadhafi Uncovered

President fails to call for dictator's removal despite reports of attacks on citizens.
Posted: February 23, 2011 8:22 pm Eastern

Borrowed from Aaron Klein - Thank you
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – As pressure mounts on the White House to intervene to stop Moammar Gadhafi's bloody crackdown in Libya, many commentators have been wondering why Barack Obama has been cautious in his criticism of the dictator after the U.S. president so fervently supported the removal from office of U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.
But Gadhafi has been tied to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's spiritual adviser for more than 23 years.
The Libyan dictator also has financed and strongly supported the Nation of Islam and its leader, Louis Farrakhan. Obama has ties to Farrakhan and his controversial group.
Autographed! Get the book that finally exposes Obama and his team of anti-American radicals: Aaron Klein's "The Manchurian President" at WND's Superstore
So far, White House officials have called for an end to the violence but have seemingly ruled out any unilateral action in Libya. Despite Gadhafi's reported ordering of massacres that reportedly have killed hundreds of civilians in recent days, Obama hasn't called on Gadhafi to leave office.
Pressure has been mounting on Obama to take a tougher stand, with the chairmen of the House and Senate foreign relations committees calling on the White House to re-impose economic sanctions on Libya that were lifted in 2004.

Hey Union Members Do You Really Know Where Your Dues Go? Kennedy Crushed Hoffa to Take Over the Cash Cow - You - Get it Now - Schmucko

Anti-Shariah Legislation Filed in the Florida Legislature

Dear Florida Chapter Leaders,

Good news! The American and Florida Laws for Florida Courts (anti-Shariah Legislation) has been filed in the Florida Legislature. We have sponsors in both the House and the Senate.
The purpose of American and Florida Laws for Florida Courts is to preserve the sovereignty of the US and Florida and their respective Constitutions by preventing the encroachment of foreign laws and legal systems, such as Shariah law, that run counter to our individual constitutional liberties and freedoms.
We wanted to make you aware in case there is a need for grassroots efforts. At this point, things are running smoothly to get this bill passed; however, if there are difficulties we will need you to recruit your volunteers to start making calls to the legislators holding the legislation. We will keep you informed.
In the meantime, if you would like to track this bill it is Senate Bill 1294 (we do not yet have an assigned companion bill number from the House).
Please contact, Stephanie Terek, Executive Assistant to Kelly Cook, at with any further questions.

Stephanie Terek

Executive Assistant to the

National Field Director

Act! for America  (850) 912-8972 ext. 7

Video of Policeman Being Burned - Riots Are Spreading to Europe - Greek Unions and Anarchists are in the Streets Destroying Everything

By Tyler Durden on 02/23/2011

European Union Finland George Papandreou Greece International Monetary Fund and Wisconsin thinks it has it rough..."Youths wearing hoods ski masks hurled rocks and fire bombs at riot police  as clashes broke out Wednesday in Athens during a mass rally against austerity measures, part of a general strike that crippled services and public transportation around the country. Police fired tear gas and flash grenades at protesters, blanketing parts of the city center in choking smoke. Thousands of peaceful demonstrators ran to side streets to take cover. A police officer was attacked and his uniform caught fire in the city's main Syntagma Square, before he was rescued by colleagues. His motorcycle was burned. More than 30,000 protesters had attended the Athens rally, which had been calm before the clashes. Protesters chanting "Don't obey the rich—Fight back!" marched to parliament as the city center was heavily policed. A brass band, tractors and cyclists joined the rally."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hillary Clinton

"The slow deliberate style in your speech of late, cannot make up for your lack of experience and misdirection of our ship of State you recklessly guide. You are a failure, as is your captain." Nicholas Contompasis    

Al-Jazeera Wants to Be In Your Living-room - Talks With Comcast Over U.S. Distribution

By Sam Gustin February 22, 2011

Al-Jazeera is in discussions with Comcast about bringing the network’s English-language channel to millions of U.S. homes via the nation’s largest cable operator. It would be a major breakthrough, capitalizing on the network’s growing reputation here as a honest and steadfast provider of news from an increasingly tumultuous Middle East.

BEAKING NEWS - Gaddafi's Next Move: Sabotage Oil

Borrowed from Time - Sorry about that


There's been virtually no reliable information coming out of Tripoli, but a source close to the Gaddafi regime I did manage to get hold of told me the already terrible situation in Libya will get much worse. Among other things, Gaddafi has ordered security services to start sabotaging oil facilities. They will start by blowing up several oil pipelines, cutting off flow to Mediterranean ports. The sabotage, according to the insider, is meant to serve as a message to Libya's rebellious tribes: It's either me or chaos.

Omar Gadaffi Now is the Tony Montana of the Middle East

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thousands Killed and Wounded in Libya

Proof of Gaddafi's Genocide in Libya

US Warships Box in Iranian War Ships - US to Iran - Stay Out of Peoples Democracy Movement

Borrowed from DEBKAfile - Thank you

USS Enterprise parked opposite Iranian flotilla at Suez Canal entrance
The repeated delays and contradictory statements about the two Iranian warships' transit of the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean is accounted for by a standoff between the Iranian flotilla and five US warships deployed in recent days at the waterway's southern entrance and along its course, DEBKAfile's sources disclose.
Thursday night, Feb. 17, the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, escorted by missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf and the fast supply ship USNS Arctic, headed south through the canal. By Friday morning, they were through and taking up position opposite the Kharg cruiser and Alvand missile destroyer of the Iranian Navy's 12th Flotilla, which were waiting to enter the Suez Canal at the southern Red Sea entrance.
Furthermore, since the first week of February, the USS Kearsarge, another aircraft carrier, was posted in the Great Bitter Lake opposite Ismailia and the canal's main routes with a large contingent of marines aboard.

Gaddafi's Son - This Piece of Shit Looks Nervous - Civil War is Here In Libya

Meet the Press - David Gregory Cuts Off Rick Santelli When He Compares Current State's Budget Crisis to 9/11

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Huge National Tea Party Rally - Support the State of Wisconsin

By Michelle Malkin 

Get ready: SEIU’s Purple Army nationwide protest schedule; teachers’ unions pressure members to show “solidarity”
Attention, taxpayers and Tea Party activists. The Purple Army is coming to your town. Don’t let these Big Labor goons monopolize the protest square like they monopolize government workers.
Here’s their current schedule over the next four days nationwide via the SEIU website. All hands on deck:
2/21 – Helena, MT
2/21 – Carson City, NV
2/21 – Raleigh, NC
2/21 – Austin, TX
2/21 – Madison, WI
2/22 – Sacramento, CA

GET READY - A Disturbing Email I Just Received That I Think You Should Read

Brought to you by Nicholas Contompasis

By XXXX XXXX on Sunday, February 20, 2011 at 4:59pm.
From a friend: The email below is from a retired California cop to another cop.

From: XXXX XXXX Retired Police Officer.

We now live about 30 miles from Fresno. We are up in the Sierras and Fresno is the first big town we encounter when w...e leave the mountains. We shop there often.I received this from my ex-partner in homicide who is still active in law enforcement circles in the Fresno area. Excuse the language, but don't excuse the facts. Don't give up your guns, and buy extra ammunition if you can find it. Be cautious and alert. Be ready if – God forbid - we need to protect our families and loved ones. If you weren't at Rotary Friday, you missed the only decent speaker we've had in more than a year. LTC John Cotter is the 144th Fighter Wing's anti-terrorism officer. John had a two-part presentation. First part was describing his job as the unit's anti-terrorism officer. Pretty standard stuff. The second part was information that will curl your hair.

Analyst Warns of 2015 Bank Crisis Amid ‘Upbeat’ Davos

By Christine Harper

As politicians, executives and financiers networked at parties and panels last week in Davos, Switzerland, Barrie Wilkinson was in a nearby hotel, warning that a 2015 financial catastrophe may be looming.
“The fundamentals haven’t been addressed at all,” Wilkinson, a London-based partner at consulting firm Oliver Wyman, said in an interview at the Hotel Morosani Schweizerhof. “The things that caused the previous crisis -- loose monetary policy and trade imbalances -- they’re actually bigger now than they were then.”

The Pro-Democracy Rebellion Has Spread to China - China Tries to Stamp Out 'Jasmine Revolution'

Borrowed from the Associated Press  - Thank you

BEIJING (AP) — Jittery Chinese authorities staged a concerted show of force Sunday to squelch a mysterious online call for a "Jasmine Revolution" apparently modeled after pro-democracy demonstrations sweeping the Middle East.
Authorities detained activists, increased the number of police on the streets and censored online calls to stage protests in Beijing, Shanghai and 11 other major cities. Citizens were urged to shout, "We want food, we want work, we want housing, we want fairness" — a slogan that highlights common complaints among ordinary Chinese.
Many activists said they didn't know who was behind the campaign and weren't sure what to make of the call to protest, which was first posted on U.S.-based, Chinese-language advocacy website
Read more here*/Article_2011-02-20-China%20Jasmine%20Revolution/id-d3c71e32b934438bb4dfd8204b9d2afc

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mohammad Meets The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills

By Nicholas Contompasis

One day Mohammad started up his generator in an arid southwestern region of Egypt and sat down on the dusty floor of his mud hut to catch up on the latest prayer from his televangelist-Imam. But, on the way over to his TV he accidentally bumped into his satellite dish and pulled it five degrees to the left, pointing it straight at a U.S. commercial satellite that serviced the East coast of the United States.

As he picked up his remote and settled in for his daily spiritual enlightenment, up came these painted women with puffed out breasts and lips that didn’t flap when they walked or talked. The clothes they wore were so brief he started to become aroused even though the lips were a turn off. Mohammad quickly ran out of his hut while stubbing his barefoot toe on his generator. He called out to everyone in the village to come see what he found on his television-adventure.

As the crowd of fifteen villagers gathered in the twenty by twenty foot hut, they watched as these women in the United States left food on their plates, spent more money in an afternoon of shopping than they made in five years on things they didn’t even need and argued all day about who had the best manicure.

The show quickly ended and up came another show with women that had butts the size of an elephant. This pleased Mohammad and the rest of his male villagers. The women from his village who were covered from head to toe were taking notes for some reason. This confused Mohammad, but he kept on watching anyway and waiting for these women with big butts to bend over.

Mohammad’s hut was getting smelly with all of the villagers who hadn’t taken a bath in two weeks. Amid broke his usual rank wind that caused two women to vomit which added to the smell.

Then a third show came on with starving women who did nothing but walk up and down a walkway never smiling. He knew right away where these woman came from. They were from further south of his village where there’s been famine for decades. But, he couldn’t figure out why the white women were so skinny. He thought maybe it was because the women from the first show never fed them their leftovers.

Anyway the show ended and the villagers left Mohammad’s hut with mixed emotions about these American women they had watched for six hours straight. The women found it hard to believe that so much could be had by so few. Why can’t we have that, the women wondered? It just isn’t fair, they thought, as they cut off their men from sex for two days and some two months. This news spread and within a month the entire country and region knew how women lived in the United States.

Mohammad and other men from other villages and other countries in the region became so enraged over these TV shows and lack of sex they headed off to Cairo and other capitals on their camels to overthrow their Presidents and governments.

So, that’s what happened in the Middle East. That’s how the governments have been overthrown. It wasn’t Facebook, Twitter or a great need for Democracy. It all started with a little show by the name of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.

Obama - Yes You Own the Lara Logan Rape

By Nicholas Contompasis

Animosity between Israelis and American liberal Jews has never been higher. Polls in Israel continue to point to a liberal Jewish-American abandonment of the homeland. The Israeli people knew when Obama was elected, with the help of 77% of Jewish-Americans, there would be big trouble, but they had no idea how big.

It was clear to the average Israeli that Barack Obama was not supportive of the homeland, but liberal Jews in America never saw it and if they did, they ignored it or just didn’t give a damn. Now, that Obama has had two years to decimate the American-Israeli relationship, the tiny but mighty democracy is becoming more of a lone voice in the region for freedom and democracy.

It's one thing to have a poor relationship with the United States but it's another when you have a regional disruption of the statues-quo. The tinkering by our U.S. State Department led by Hillary Clinton and blessed by Obama and other clandestine operations has with the use of social networking, Internet driven technologies and devices have upset the applecart for Israel and U.S. right wing alliances in the region.

While the American people were distracted by Obama and the Left’s attempt to nationalize our private sector, they were operating behind the scenes to dismantle the Middle East. In other words, they stirred up a pot that should’ve been left alone. The consequence of this folly could be catastrophic and far-reaching for Israel and the West.

The framework of dictators and police-states that kept a lid on this region was there for two reasons. Two reasons the Obama Administration had either forgotten or purposefully ignored.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the free flow of oil at market price was an obvious reason, but the primary reason was the ten ton elephant in the room that nobody talked about, radical Islam. Our right wing military and political leaders have known for decades how much of a threat it was to stability in the region, so it was paramount that the status-quo remains in place.

Obama’s attempt to tiptoe around the events in the Middle East has led many to wonder what the hell is going on. One day he owns the events and the other he doesn’t. But, the reasons are obvious to the trained eye. His policies and behind the scenes influence to the naive pro-democracy movements and pro-union groups in the region are responsible for the disruption of peace now spreading across the Middle East.

In conclusion, yes, President Barack Obama owns this uprising. He can’t run from it. He can’t hide from it. He owns every death, beating and rape. Yes, rape, Lara Logan! He owns the now mass migration of Muslims streaming into Europe on boats from Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, that will eventually swallow up the once Christian continent. He will own the destruction of Israel and the millions that will die. He owns the creation of a one Islamic nation, armed with nuclear weapons and delivery systems with no fear of death.

Yes, President Obama, as leader of the free world you own this, and let’s not forget the people who put you there.

Obama's Civilian Army 

When Obama talks about a "civilian national security force" "in order to achieve the national security objectives that we set ...", the man is NOT talking about securing our ports and borders against an outside enemy. It's less like an Obama Rorschach Test, and more of a breaking down and translating of the lies, deceptions, and mind-bending being practiced on the American people in order to remove our freedoms and rights to force our compliance to his version of 'national security objectives'. We are the 'enemy' to this man. We are the threat.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Breaking News - Libya Internet Service Halted

SAN FRANCISCO: Internet service was cut off in Libya on Friday as the regime evidently moved to strip anti-government protestors of ways to organise and communicate, according to Arbor Networks.

Libya "abruptly disconnected" from the Internet at 4:15 pm.(00:15 GMT Saturday), according to the US based tracker of online traffic.

Internet traffic in and out of the country halted suddenly after being throttled earlier in the day, according to an Arbor Networks chart titled "Libya Pulls the Plug."

The regime of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi vowed on Friday to snuff out attempts to challenge the Libyan leader, after an opposition "day of anger" became a bloodbath.

According to a toll compiled by AFP from different local sources, at least 41 people have lost their lives since demonstrations first erupted on Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Rape of Lara Logan – The Rape of America

By Nicholas Contompasis

By now most of America has heard of the rape of Lara Logan, or have they? News was released yesterday that a mob of pro-Democracy Egyptians beat and raped this stunningly beautiful reporter for CBS’s 60 Minutes. The tale is horrid, if you’ve taken the time to read up on it. The thought of this South African by birth reporter, being consumed by a sexually repressed male mob of Muslims should send shivers up every Christian or Jewish woman’s spine.

It appears that the pro-Democracy hoards in Egypt had other things on their minds and it wasn’t freedom. It was more like rape, beat and pillage. It’s been reported that the word “Jew, Jew, Jew” was yelled as she was continually raped and beaten. Hmm, could this be considered a hate crime? Where are all those ACLU lawyers when you need them?

Moving on, over the past few weeks I’ve had to endure gobs of adjectives from Liberals across the media spectrum who described this movement as a wonderful renaissance of the Middle East. Well, I wonder how they’re feeling today after this beating and rape of one of their own? It was bad enough when CNN’s Anderson Cooper and other male media talking heads were beaten, but when a beauty like Lara is raped by a pro-Democracy Muslim mob, it all seems to hit home for the average American.

As more information trickles out about the rape, I’m sure the American Liberal Left aren’t feeling so “warm and cuddly” about their experimentation with the new social networking tools on primitive third world peoples. It’s obvious that this story was held for several days with the liberal Left media-types scurrying around trying to figure out how to spin this tragedy.

Of course, the Logan family should have their privacy, but the symbolism of this rape speaks volumes to the radical Muslim movement that’s sweeping across the globe. It should be noted that the rape of Lara Logan could someday be the “Rape of America.”

Congressman Peter King: Al-Qaida Recruiting Killers Inside USA

Borrowed from Newsmax - Thank you   
By Henry J. Reske and Ashley Martella

Al-Qaida now is recruiting home-grown killers within the United States, declares House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King. That’s why he has set hearings for next month on the radicalization of American Muslims, the Long Island Republican told Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview.
It is “extremely difficult for them to attack us from outside,” as al-Qaida did on 9/11, because of increased security, he said. So al-Qaida switched to recruiting from within U.S. borders, he said.
“They’re taking people who are under the radar screen who are not on any terrorist surveillance list at all and they are recruiting them to fight against America,” King said.
Read more here

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

General Petraeus To Quit As US Commander in Afghanistan - Eye on the White House

Joe Weisenthal | Feb. 15, 2011, 5:39 PM | 937
Shocker from The Times Of London:
General David Petraeus, the most celebrated American soldier of his generation, is to leave his post as commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan. The Times can reveal that the Pentagon aims to replace General Petraeus, who was appointed less than eight months ago, by the end of the year. Sources have confirmed that the search for a new commander in Kabul is under way.
Remember that Petraeus took over last year from General McChrystal, whose Rolling Stone interview criticizing the President forced him to resign/be fired.
Read more at The Times >

Lara Logan Of 60 Minutes Raped by Pro-Democracy Mob In Egypt

CBS News says that correspondent Lara Logan was attacked and sexually assaulted last Friday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square while filming a piece for “60 Minutes.”

From the CBS News statement:

On Friday February 11, the day Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, CBS Correspondent Lara Logan was covering the jubilation in Tahrir Square for a 60 MINUTES story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration. It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy.

In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers. She reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering.

There will be no further comment from CBS News and Correspondent Logan and her family respectfully request privacy at this time.

Wake Up America - The Muslim Brotherhood is Taking Over Your Country

"The Tea Party Strikes Again" Obama Budget Plan Reveals Vastly Diminished Ambitions

By Peter Wallsten and Perry Bacon Jr.
Borrowed from Washington Post Staff Writers - Thank you

President Obama's new budget plan was quickly dismissed Monday by Republican leaders, but the document serves as a measure of his presidency - revealing vastly diminished ambitions and practical political calculations.

Read more here

Monday, February 14, 2011

Videos Just in Today From Iran - Thousands Demonstrate Many Killed and Injured

Dramatic video taken today in Iran of man being killed by anti-government protesters.

Video of thousands of protestors in Iran taken today.

Iran today protester killed on the streets of Tehran.

Video of burning of picture of Khomeini

We've Lost Turkey - The Rise of Radical Islam and Its Global Reach

By Nicholas Contompasis

While you were watching the Egyptian military take control of their country, in Turkey, their counterparts were being arrested and thrown in jail. Make no mistake about it, this is a big deal and the generals in Egypt should be taking notes on what happens when you let Democracy in and the people elect strict Islamists into power.
To put this in simple terms, the guys who did everything they could to stop the influence of a radical Muslim movement in Turkey have now been thrown in the clink.
These pro-western generals and admirals are now facing God knows what for conspiring against the new Islamist government in Istanbul.
Rumblings of discontent from this government towards the West have had many in European capitals and Washington worried that they have lost Turkey to the radical Islamist movement now taking over much of the Middle East.
Turkey, a NATO ally, is now at a crossroads. The action they have taken against these high ranking military officers is the template that will be used to neuter pro-Western militaries that still control some Middle Eastern countries like Egypt.
You are now watching the crumbling of the West's century old control of the region, to be replaced by a monolithic Islamic nation under the rule of clerics that follow Sharia Law. Some are now saying "How Turkey goes, so goes Europe."
In America, Congressman Peter King of New York will be holding special hearings on radical Islam in America. Let's hope he's able to expose this cancerous tumor that is spreading across the globe in it's attempt to dominate all, and turn the clock back four hundred years on a modern Western society.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Now That We All Can Talk to Each Other - What Next?

By Nicholas Contompasis

"Now that everyone can talk to each other - there will be no more lies - maybe - but it's a good start - don't you think?"

Something To Think About

"Remember the young faces you see on TV rebelling against their governments coming from the Middle East - those are the faces our children and grandchildren will be facing on future battlefields of a global religious war. God help us all if we don't stop them now." 

By Nicholas Contompasis

President Obama and Hillary Clinton Meet With Our Ambassadors and Instruct Them on How to Undermine American Right-Wing Allies – Read the Plan Here

Leading through Civilian Power

2010 Quadrennial Diplomacy

& Development Review

"To lead in this new century, we must often lead in new ways."
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton September 8, 2010

To advance American interests and values and to lead other nations in solving shared problems in the 21stcentury, we must rely on our diplomats and development experts as the first face of American power. We must lead through civilian power.

Presentation Contents

What is the QDDR? Trends Reshaping the Global Landscape QDDR Driving Ideas Adapting Diplomacy to Meet 21stCentury Challenges
•Building a New Global Architecture of Cooperation
•A New Approach to Working with the Interagency
•Organizing the State Department to Address 21stCentury Challenges
•Department of State Organizational Chart
•Engaging Beyond the State

Reforming Development to Deliver Results

•Greater Coordination and Focus
•High Impact Development
•Build USAID as the World’s Premier Development Agency

Preventing and Responding to Crisis, Conflict and Instability

•Deploy Robust Conflict and Crisis Capability
•Prepare State and USAID for a New Expeditionary Mission

Joys of Muslim Women

By Nonie Darwish
In the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as young as 7 year old , consummating the marriage by 9.  The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to use her as a toy
To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses.
Often after a woman has been raped.  The family has the right to execute her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their wives 'at will' and the man does not have to say why he has beaten her.
The husband is permitted to have 4 wives and a temporary wife for an hour (prostitute) at his discretion.
The Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life of the woman.

The Death of Israel and How It Will Happen

By Nicholas Contompasis

Believe me, I take no pleasure in writing this article about the demise of Israel, but it now seems so obvious to the logical mind that the country of Israel will soon be discarded as an idea that just didn’t work in the high tech age of the twenty-first century.

With the past weeks of Islamic rebellion in most Arab states surrounding Israel the die has been cast. I won’t bore you with the now well known use of Facebook and Twitter to stir up the natives, but it will be these very social tools that will destroy Israel.

These very social networks that have toppled President Mubarak after three weeks will be used to send out a call, for example on April 20th for all people of these Muslim nations to gather at their Israeli borders. When enough people have congregated, like a mob scene from hell, millions will simply cross over the Israeli borders and overpower the country by sheer mass. Israel’s modern military will be powerless in stopping this wave of men, woman and children as they spread across the land like a plague of locusts.

By a very conservative calculation expect two million to invade from Jordan, four million from Egypt, two million from Syria, one million from Lebanon, the Gaza will have at least one million and the West Bank will send two million.

Israel, with its mere eight million souls will be smothered by an invasion of twelve million Muslims, fifty percent greater than its total population. This twelve million is only ten percent of the one hundred and twenty million that could potentially cross over into Israel.

Some will be armed, some will kill, some will destroy, but the destruction of Israel will be complete, leaving millions of Israeli citizens slaughtered in the streets of every city throughout the land.

The Obama Administration will sit on the sidelines watching while the second holocaust of the Jews occurs. They will again be purposefully, a day late and dollar short in condemning the slaughter.

The pure act of violence by private citizens towards a people who they’ve hated for centuries will be condemned by their Islamic governments but will be greeted with signs of glory for the victorious hordes.

Israel will be no more.

Egypt's Army Dissolves Parliament and Constitution

BBC News (@BBCNews)
2/13/11 6:36 AM
Egypt's army dissolves parliament

Savage-Nation Caller Cleverly Connects the Obama-Soros Overthrow of Mubarak and His Plan to Overthrow American Rightwing Allies

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Once Great U.S. Economy Is Being Gutted, Neutered, Defanged, Declawed and Deindustrialized

Once upon a time, the United States was the greatest industrial powerhouse that the world has ever seen.  Our immense economic machinery was the envy of the rest of the globe and it provided the foundation for the largest and most vibrant middle class in the history of the world.  But now the once great U.S. economic machine is being dismantled piece by piece.  The U.S. economy is being gutted, neutered, defanged, declawed and deindustrialized and very few of our leaders even seem to care.  It was the United States that once showed the rest of the world how to mass produce televisions and automobiles and airplanes and computers, but now our industrial base is being ripped to shreds.  Tens of thousands of our factories and millions of our jobs have been shipped overseas.  Many of our proudest manufacturing cities have been transformed into "post-industrial" hellholes that nobody wants to live in anymore.

Friday, February 11, 2011


By Nicholas Contompasis

As the children of the Pharaohs dance with joy in the shadows of their ancestors' monolithic achievements, the world watches and waits for the final outcome of this eighteen day near, bloodless revolution. The dictator of thirty years is now gone, leaving the youth of this ancient land leaderless and with a future full of unanswered questions and dangers. But, the promise of hope was there, and for most, it was worth the risk of demonstrating day and night, through pro-government attackers and the intimidation of a modern army waiting in the wings. This is the first time in Egypt’s long painful history that the people could finally see real freedom and human rights, but like a desert mirage, I doubt it……..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spreading Democracy Around the World Obama Style - By Destroying It

By Nicholas Contompasis
The Obama Administration is attempting to spread democracy around the world without firing a U.S. bullet. This regime is now running counter to decades of foreign policy supported by our military. In years past when a country ran counter to U.S. foreign policy we would invade or pressure with military threats like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Billions have been spent and thousands of our troops have been injured and killed using this age-old method of intimidation. Right or wrong this is the way most countries have nudged other countries back into line that have gone astray.
The Administration with the help of American union leaders and 501-c-3 non-profit organizations, funded by your tax dollars are right now causing confusion, chaos and violence on the streets of most major cities in Egypt. With federal funding to these organizations, they have, with the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other similar high tech social networks, connected with the poor in the third world. Without putting boots or should we say Birkenstocks on the ground this administration is surgically manipulating these oppressed peoples.
Just yesterday on the Fox News Channel they showed a video from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka addressing the workers of Egypt and how he will always support them in their struggle for freedom against oppression. Also, on Sunday the New York Post released an article on how one of many non-profits that are funded by the U.S. State Department is attempting to use social networks to spread Democracy in the Middle East.
Of course, this is all well and good, but instead of spreading Democracy to our enemies, they're spreading it to our allies, leaving the leaders of these countries scratching their heads. The mixed messages sent to our allies in the Middle East now have them running to their central banks for money to quell the storm led by their naive, uneducated poor that are attempting to take them down.
A fact that has not been publicized, of course, is that Saudi Arabia issued the equivalent of $3,500 to every citizen in the country to short circuit any unrest after the Tunisian overthrow. It worked so far, but how long will it? Remember that’s where most of our oil comes from. Any disruption of that oil would send the price past $200 a barrel.
Nevertheless, there is a full court press by our State Department and Unions on the third world, and it seems to be backfiring on the Obama regime. He has let the socialists in our country loose on these unsuspecting peoples, with an end result that is leading to a disruption of orderly functioning governments in the Middle East. This policy of Tweeting and Facebooking to the youth of these countries can only cause more problems for these idealistic, easily lead young people.
This Obama experimentation on the third world could lead to more deaths and injuries in the region than the old method of military intimidation, and should be curtailed for the sake of even our stability.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bloated Pig That Teaches Our Children

By Nicholas Contompasis

"As the Teachers Unions and Teachers point fingers at each other for their bloated benefit plans around the country, these oh so dedicated people who teach our children, would rather see cuts in the classrooms than cuts in these unrealistic budget busting benefits. I set a pox upon all of your houses."

Monday, February 7, 2011

Economic Freedom vs Economic Slavery Obama Style

By Nicholas Contompasis

Slavery in America 150 years ago meant, if you were a black person, you worked day and night for nothing, that’s right, no pay, nothing! Slavery in America use to mean the slave master provided your daily food and shelter. That slave master controlled what you ate and where and how you lived.That was slavery for the black’s brought in from Africa under southern white ownership prior to the Civil War which ultimately ended this heinous practice.
No man, women or child should ever have to experience slavery, especially in America. It seems that slavery is starting to make a comeback though and this time the tables are turned. With new energy regulations and ObamaCare the word slavery is about to be resurrected from the ash heap of bad ideas. If both of these bad ideas come to fruition, you the working stiff will become the walking dead or in other words “SLAVES”.
Why sound so harsh, because it’s true and as these two socialist programs take hold you will gradually feel the tightening of the slave master’s collar around your neck.
So, maybe it’s time to ask, what is freedom to you? The amount of drugs you can do or how many men or women you can have sex with? Probably neither but if you’re normal, you work, you have families and frankly you want to be left alone to raise those families. To be normal means you want government as far away from your family as possible.
Now, let me tell you what freedom really is.
Freedom is simple to define. Freedom is simple to understand. Freedom is simply the amount of money you take home every payday. After taxes the take home pay you have is what buys you the life you have and without that take home pay you are a slave. It’s that simple. As taxes increase to support a bloated government, the amount of your take home pay will become less. With the over spending the government is now doing, even the value of that ever diminishing take home pay will buy less and less. That is the tightening of the slave masters collar around your neck.
When these two programs mature, by 2020 the government that you would prefer out of your life will be so in your life they’ll be everywhere you turn. From the food you eat or don’t eat to the type of home you live in to the lack of control over even your own family. Your life will change for sure and by that time a vast majority of your wages will go to socialist programs that continually destroy the value of the country’s currency and kills the incentive for many to work.
This is what freedom is. This is what slavery is. Which would you prefer? Is this the New American Slavery? I think so……

I’m Telling You, This Obama Guy is Not Real

By Nicholas Contompasis
"Okay, okay, okay, I know it sounds like paranoia, but this President and his pronunciation of some English words are sending me to the dark side. Just this morning, someone called up a national talk radio show and revealed that our President Obama, last week while attending a function at Penn State, mispronounced another word. This time the word was nittany as in nittany lion, the school’s mascot. He pronounced it nittaly. Where he got the “L” from, I have no idea. It’s as though he’s never heard the word before. Nevertheless, this obvious mistake has to be added to his two other major mispronunciations of English words while giving speeches.
Let’s not forget about the first word he mispronounced, “Orion” when he was addressing a green company in the Chicago area in 2009. Then there was “corpsman” which he repeated incorrectly at the National Prayer Meeting in Washington last year.
Most American’s would blow this off as just a mistake, but people like myself, who’ve been around many from overseas who’ve come here at different stages of their lives to settle, can tell how long they've been here by their use of the English language.
Anyone who mispronounces as many words as this President and throws a baseball like he does, sure wasn’t raised in America, it’s just that simple. It’s as though he was educated overseas and sent here later in his adult life. He was book-learned in English but didn’t live around it, so that he could be corrected when he used or pronounced a word incorrectly.
It’s all very strange and keeps on pushing and nudging me into that dark corner of my mind where conspiracy lives, a place that this President may have been created."

The Democrat Plantation

By Nicholas Contompasis

"Many wonder where the mafia went from most major U.S. metropolitan areas. You need look no further than the Democrat party. Over past decades the Democrat-controlled cities of America have edged out the mafia in most areas of illicit activities. Prostitution, loansharking, drug trafficking and sales, money laundering, gambling, voter fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, legal extortion and the rampant misuse of nonprofits are all now run or controlled by corrupt Democrat politicians from inner cities. The illicit funds they glean from these activities are all used to perpetuate this great cancer that is destroying any hope for the poor that are trapped on these modern day plantations."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Obama - O'Reilly Superbowl Interview

Obama and Clinton Fund and Promote Third World Unrest

By Nicholas Contompasis

I’m sure by now you’re starting to wonder what’s going on in the world. The release through WikiLeaks of hundreds of thousands of top secret cables from the U.S. State Department, seemingly spontaneous grassroots rebellions sprouting up around the world and the confusion and crisis that they bring, one would think that the world is coming apart at the seams.
Well, it is, and your tax dollars are paying for it. Before I go any further it should be understood that political decisions are for the most part illogical on the surface and what does seem logical are usually lies. Because of these secret agreements and understandings, much of what’s been keeping this world buttoned down, is now being exposed.
Just this morning in the New York Post, Isabel Vincent and Mellissa Klein wrote in their article that Hillary Clintons U.S. State Department shelled out over $220,000 to a small non-profit in the SoHo part of New York City. is using this money to basically start rebellions around the world using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the usual suspects.
Of course, by now you’ve heard that former Weatherman leaders, Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn close, maybe too close, friends of President Obama, fomented revolts in the Middle East over the past year by teaching local Hamas and union supporters how to use the deadly applications. They did more damage but we’ll leave that for another time.
One can only wonder how many other non-profits are being funded by taxpayer dollars to undermine the United States and for that matter the rest of the Western world. Isn’t this like taking a gun and shooting yourself in the foot, arm, and finally the head? One would wonder again, who would authorize such a thing and why? Is this an Obama end run around the U.S. military-industrial complex and the Joint Chiefs?
Many people laughed when an unknown candidate by the name of Barack Obama proudly stated that his occupation was a community organizer as he attempted to run for President in 2008. I’m sure that many who laughed aren’t laughing any more as they watch these seemingly passive high-tech non-profits stir up the caldrons of third world discontent and topple well placed authoritarians.
Now, back to the logical and illogical political decisions made to keep this world from rebelling against its leaders. To the average man or woman a politician or a country’s decisions must appear to be logical. If it isn’t logical the average person will question it. In the past those people that questioned the logic wandered around and occasionally bumped into each other sharing their displeasure, with no result.
Well, with the development of the Internet and now effective social networks the big question now facing nations around the world is “Now that everyone can talk to each other, what will they do with this new found power?”
That question has finally been answered with the recent developments in the Middle East and Asia. Along with the help of WikiLeaks, the unraveling of these complex global entanglements is eminent and the results could shake the pillars of most western countries.
In that now famous statement made by Jack Nicholson, in the movie “A Few Good Men,” “You can’t handle the truth.”
Well, can the world handle the truth when it’s finally unraveled? Time will tell.
Democracy, human rights and freedom are all noble causes, but all is not equal in this world. With natural resources and the world’s wealth centralized and controlled by certain powers, the peoples of the world, the once dismissed little people, are now on a head-on collision traveling at the speed of an electron with an outcome to be determined.
When these two forces finally collide in a colossal global fulmination, the world will never be the same. Of the eight billion humans that cohabitate our small planet, many could die or many could finally be freed from the shackles of lies, oppression and poverty. But if history is any indication, this could all end very badly.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Former President Bush Cancels Geneva Visit Amid Security Concerns

By Nicholas Contompasis
"While the third world tin horn tyrants of the world nuke up, the rest of the world thinks they can delegitimize war conducted to keep some sort of sanity and then hold duly elected leaders liable for those wars. Give me a f**k'n break. Sorry, this really pisses me off."

Borrowed from the Associated Press - Thank you

GENEVA  — A visit former U.S. President George W. Bush planned to make to Switzerland next week has been canceled because of security concerns, after left-wing groups called for mass protests and rights activists proposed legal action against him for allegedly ordering the torture of terrorism suspects.
Read more here

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood Assassination Attempt on the Vice President Omar Suleiman of Egypt?

By Nicholas Contompasis
Yes, it’s Friday night and that’s when the media lets out the bad news. It appears that the new Vice President in Egypt several days ago escaped an assassination attempt that killed two of his bodyguards. Now turn the clock back to a few days ago when Mubarak supporters just happened to show up on the streets of Cairo and kicked the hell out of the pro-whatever anti-government demonstrators. Could it be that the thugs’ representing the Muslim Brotherhood botched their assassination attempt and the Egyptian secret police along with the disbanded police force went into the streets to get revenge? Now that makes sense, but you won’t hear that from any news outlet. Yet, all media has held this very important bit of news till Friday evening when it would have less impact in the West. Remember the Obama Administration is touting this uprising as a pro-democracy movement that he started with his speech in Cairo almost two years ago. For this uprising to be categorized as a Muslim Brotherhood rebellion would diminish Obama’s stature in the region and in the West. Not to mention this entire incident could be a deal breaker in his 2012 re-election run.
Have you noticed that the White House Press Corp has become impatient with the President for not being available during this critical time? They even went as far as to issue a formal request for an explanation on what the hell is going on. Well, it just could be that the President has been shooting himself in the foot this past week. With a Muslim Brotherhood’s attack on the duly-appointed Vice President of Egypt it has made his attempts to legitimize the Brotherhood look amateurish and naive.
While this President tiptoes through the tulips of his mind, the Middle East is no place to be practicing foreign policy. You either know what you’re doing or you get the hell out and turn it over to someone who does. To be very frank, as an observation, if you’ve noticed, this past week the President didn’t look so hot. He looked disheveled, confused and tired when making personal appearances. This whole President thing just could be way too much for him to handle.

Egypt VP Target of Assassination Attempt That Killed Two Bodyguards, Sources Tell Fox News

February 04, 2011
A failed assassination attempt on Egypt's vice president in recent days left two of his bodyguards dead, U.S. sources tell Fox News, though that information has yet to be confirmed on the ground in Cairo.
Such an attempt on the life of Omar Suleiman would mark an alarming turn in the uprising against the government of President Hosni Mubarak, who only recently named Suleiman as vice president in an effort to quell the unrest and possibly line up a successor.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs declined to address the assassination reports when asked by Fox News.
"I'm not going to ... get into that question," Gibbs said.

Happy 100th Birthday Mr. President

A Tribute to Ronald Reagan - A Real President - A Real American

Obamas Blocking of New Power Plants Triggers Nationwide Blackouts - Obama's Green Program is Turning Black

Fury as hospitals hit with outages while post-industrial collapse of America accelerates

By Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson
Borrowed from - Prison - Thank you

The rolling blackouts now being implemented in Texas and across the country as record cold weather grips the United States are a direct consequence of the Obama administration’s agenda to lay siege to the coal industry, launch a takeover of infrastructure under the contrived global warming scam, and help usher in the post-industrial collapse of America.

Read more here

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Puberty and the Middle East Uprising

By Nicholas Contompasis

If you’re old enough to remember, back in 1969, here in the United States the median age was 26 and we had riots, assassinations, political turmoil and a crime rate that most thought couldn’t possibly get any higher. Since then, as our median age increased to now 37, our crime rate has tumbled, assassinations are mere talking points in history classes and riots, so far, can only be found on videos on the Internet.

Riots, assassinations and general political turmoil come with the territory when your country is young. It’s just a fact of life that most mature nations are forced to put up with, as they gaze from afar, hopefully. This pubescent period unfortunately, can last as long as ten years. The fallout from this turmoil can get out of hand and lead to major wars both regional and global, so these new developments in the Middle East are indeed troubling and should be watched closely.

The Middle East and North Africa are currently experiencing a prominent youth-bulge. An illustration of this bulge can be found in the median age in countries like Egypt of 24, Tunisia 30, Yemen 18, Turkey 28, and Iran 26. That leaves an average for the region of 25 years old. Contrast this with a median age in the United States of 37 now, which is on average 50% older than the now turbulent Middle East.

It all sounds so simple when laid out in anthropological and statistical logic, but people are dying and more will die before this period in the Middle East has had a chance to mature. Of course, we all pray it doesn’t kill any of us in the meantime.

So, if you’re wondering what it’s like to be on the streets of Cairo this evening, just jog your memory, if you can these days, and take yourself back to the streets of Washington D.C. Remember how you felt marching down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the White House screaming “Stop the War.” I do. Remember the youthful bonding that galvanized your emotions along with the thousands around you. Or maybe you were in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles helping burn down local white businesses that charged twice the going rate for a loaf of bread, right after the MLK assassination. No matter, it comes with youth, the rage, the impatience and the demand for change.

Let’s all hope and pray that these days of Middle Eastern growing pains don’t kill us all before they pass on into adulthood.

Oh, and one last comment. Mexico’s median age is 27, so buckle up.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is Obama Using Ayers and Dohrn to Undermine U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East?

By Nicholas Contompasis
Is President Obama independently using Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn to undermine U.S. Foreign policy in the Middle East? Is the President going around the State Department (Hillary Clinton) and the Joint Chiefs to personally overthrow Middle Eastern leaders that support peace and cheap oil? Is this a game the President is playing, to disrupt the flow of oil so that his supporters can make billions? These seem to be the overriding questions that are now rising from the dust of the Middle Eastern implosion. Both Ayers and Dohrn have been reported in the region influencing unions and activists for just such an uprising. Of course, they have also been involved with the flotilla that attempted to deliver God knows what to the Palestinians and Hamas in the Gaza.
Reports are now coming in that Ayers and Dohrn have helped these organizations to understand and work social networks like Facebook and Twitter to coordinate and direct demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt in 2009 and 2010. We have found out through Aaron Kline, investigative journalist and radio talk show host that George Soros is funding such operations. Let’s not forget that George Soros was and is a large campaign contributor to the Obama run for President and is still around spouting how he helped undermine small governments for profit.
As more information comes in, it seems that the West’s careful balancing act in the Middle East is being undermined by Obama’s Chicago activists who have found a new home in the Middle East and possibly could be encouraged by the President.
Much of this information has been out there but few have connected the dots until the last few days. One would wonder why the F.B.I., C.I.A., Mossad or the Egyptian Intelligence hasn’t stopped their activities. Could it be that the President has given them a pass to do whatever they want, even if it threatened the security of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt?
Spreading Democracy is a noble thing but not necessarily in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the yoke of Islam will always deter any attempts to free these people of the desert.

This is a developing story and we will be updating.

You Are Kidding Right?

By Nicholas Contompasis

You are kidding, right? You’re surprised that Egypt has imploded along with most Middle Eastern countries? Well open your eyes people. On June 4, 2009 President Barack Obama delivered what I call his “Third World Liberation Speech.” I know, you missed it, right?
Look at the timetable of this reversal of thirty years of careful tiptoeing through the landmine laden Middle East. This President knowingly gave false hope to the millions of oppressed people in the region and walked away. Yes, he dropped the bomb and walked out of the room.
President Obama’s message reached even into the theocratic state of Iran where millions demonstrated just eleven days after his speech in Egypt. That demonstration against one of the most corrupt elections in history went nowhere, with people being hanged to this day for opposing the results.
This President has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, or the power of his position.
Now, follow the timeline of events. After desperate appeals from the Iranian people for intervention by the West, he did nothing while they were slaughtered on the streets of Tehran. The rest of the region wondered what was up. He pushed freedom from oppression, but didn’t back it up when the time came. So, the people of the region sat back and waited for almost two more years before attempting a move against the police states that ruled them, thus, the current implosion and future instability of the Middle East. Thank you, Mr. Obama for leading these poor people into the future ovens of radical Islam. Your nonexistent foreign policy and amateurish stunts just could kill thousands if not millions in the Middle East, destabilize the region and cause a massive Exodus of millions of Jews to parts unknown. Who will take them Mr. President, you? I doubt it, if your past lip service is any indication.

Is the Conservative Side of the Supreme Court Safe With an ObamaCare Decision Looming?

By Nicholas Contompasis

Where are all of the political mystery writers? The Obama Administration has generated so much material for freelance writers; you could fill the White House from stem to stern. The mysteries seem to be everywhere.

April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon explodes mysteriously and still without real proof of why and how. This gives the extreme leftist President Obama cause to close down all Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling and put a freeze on future offshore drilling within the continental shelf.

January 2011, the Middle East implodes tumbling most pro-western police states that have supported peace with Israel for nearly thirty years. This is interpreted by Saudi Arabia as a direct threat to its oil reserves that may fall into anti-west, fundamentalist Muslim elements. Anyone with half a brain can see that the Obama Administration has no foreign policy, which is now being recognized as a purposeful attempt to diminish the West’s influence in the region, thus oil.

March 23, 2010, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama pass ObamaCare that angers the vast majority of Americans and takes over nineteen percent of the U.S. economy.

This anger continues thru the year with a complete takeover by a right wing grassroots movement called the Tea Party in the midterm elections. The House of Representatives, most state gubernatorial seats, state legislators and a more balanced Senate was the result of this uprising.

With the continued friction between the President himself and the Right side of the Supreme Court, due to his misspeak during last year’s State of the Union, he is headed for a direct confrontation with the five-four right leaning court. With personal attacks on the wife of the only African-American Right-wing Justice, this only makes matters worse.

Now, with yesterday’s decision in Federal court that ObamaCare is unconstitutional, the Obama Presidency is now swinging in the wind and could be described as desperate and would stop at nothing to change the court itself.

Of course, this is where you mystery writers come in. Is the President that ego-driven, to violate the law, to get his way and save his Presidency? With the assassination of an Appellate Federal Judge in Tucson last month by a wacked out loner, who’s to say who’s next? The decisions that our high court will be making this year and next could either tumble or support the left-wing coup d’état that occurred in 2008. It seems that everything is on the line now for these misguided, disenfranchised Left-wingers as they watch their revolution smolder into the pages of history, or will it?

Top Obama Advisor Lies About ObamaCare Tax Hikes

Top Obama Advisor Lies About ObamaCare Tax Hikes

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Florida Ruling Requires Government to Stop Implementing Obamacare

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By Ilya Shapiro

As I continue digesting Judge Vinson’s ruling, I notice two key things beyond the facts that the “individual mandate is unconstitutional”:

1.  In performing his severability analysis — determining which parts of the overall legislation survive — the judge threw out all of Obamacare:

In sum, notwithstanding the fact that many of the provisions in the Act can stand independently without the individual mandate (as a technical and practical matter), it is reasonably “evident,” as I have discussed above, that the individual mandate was an essential and indispensable part of the health reform efforts, and that Congress did not believe other parts of the Act could (or it would want them to) survive independently. I must conclude that the individual mandate and the remaining provisions are all inextricably bound together in purpose and must stand or fall as a single unit. The individual mandate cannot be severed.