Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Phone Call Heard Round the World ! Rush Limbaugh Today !

This is a video link to one of the most riveting clips from the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show today September 30th 2009. The caller is an attorney and mother of 7 living in southern California.
As you listen to this caller you come away knowing that our side will win.
View all three videos.
Thank You.

Video part 1

Video part 2

Video part 3

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr. President - "Lead or Get Out of the Way "

We are in the 8th month of the Obama Administration. It might be a good time to look back over the long and trying months of this administration, to see just what the country received for the most expensive presidential race in history.

We start off with Mr. Obama alienating just about every ally we have, from showing the British Royal family disrespect to distancing the U.S. from the only true ally we have in the middle east, Israel.

He has given a global signal of surrender to all of our enemies that the U.S. isn't going to defend itself anymore and that our long standing foreign policy has been incorrect and illegal.

Obama now wants out of Afghanistan. I'm sure that wont go over very well with the Generals.

He has sowed the seeds for a trade war with China that will do nothing but hurt our economy and give a minimal amount of jobs to his union friends.

He is in the processes of reducing the footprint of America around the world and may ultimately destroy everything this country has created.
He has purposely divided the people of our country more than any other individual in American history.
Around the country we hear of potential violence and civil war if he continues his plan to socialize our country.
You see Mr. Obama is a " minimalist ".

If your not familiar with the term it means "a person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals or who holds minimal expectations for the success of a program".

Obamas vision of our country is of "minimal expectations ".

Is that what Ronald Reagan felt for our country ? Don't think so ! What a switch.
You see Obama is only comfortable indoctrinating our defenseless school children, expanding our government far beyond any ability to pay for it and dividing America so to take more control of the populous.

His shadow government of Czars do all the dirty work while he keeps campaigning for the next election trying not to soil his reputation.

We unfortunately have not elected a leader, a visionary nor an American.

Ask yourself, what American would look at our great country with all of its achievements and potential and have no expectations for its future.

I for one feel cheated by this man's lack of vision.

He has a vision but its not the vision Americans have seen before. Its the vision of failure. America very rarely fails and we don't take to it. Especially when it comes from our President.

Mr. Obama may have failure in breded in him but America doesn't. It will not stand for a president that will lead us down a rat hole, while the rest of the world moves ahead.

America is the past, present and future for the world with or without out you Mr. Obama.

Like you once said " Lead or get out of the way " , so which is it ?

Have You No Shame Mr. President !

Did you see that ? I did ! I know it was fast but it really did happen right in front of you and you missed it.

That's right today, President Obama lateraled off Afghanistan to Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the new Secretary-General of Nato.

Obama, the true liberal that he is figured a way to wiggle his way out of this war. He now plans on blaming its failure on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. That's right Rasumssen is now the fall guy for the Afghan War along with NATO.

Obama figures, it ain't our war ( US ), its more a European war, so you guys should be fighting it. I thought Europe loved Obama, well they did until today. It looks like Mr. Obamas honeymoon is over with the ever increasingly Muslim, European nations.

Obama knows they can't win the war and he feels the war is not Politically Correct for the 2010 elections and his reelection in 2012. Remember, he is a politician first and could care less about the containment of radical Muslim extremists.

After all he knows that when Afghanistan is retaken by the enemy we will have another terrorist attack and he will use it to consolidate even more power with actions of martial law.

The cowardice actions of this President is beyond belief and threatens America more every day not to mention our troops on the ground of which he is abandoning.

Have you no shame Mr. President !

Monday, September 28, 2009

No Truth To This Story As of 9/29/09 - Reports of Three U.S. Naval Ships Quarantined - Captain and 1st Mate Dead From H1N1 "Swine Flu Vaccine" !

Today the Internet opened up with horrific stories of US Naval ships over run with sick sailors from the vaccine for the Swine Flu. Reports are coming in from around the world of a least three ships being quarantined at sea with disabled crews.
All reports indicate that the Captain and his 1st Mate have died and others are in critical condition.

It is said that the crews are sick from the vaccine not the flu.
I have tried to find news from a reputable source but at this time I cannot. I would at this time classify this as a rumor. If true I'm sure news like this wont stay hidden long so I will keep you posted if I find something more substantive.
So at this time lets all keep a cool head !

Some Say the Last President That Played This Game Ended Up Dead !

President Obama is playing a dangerous chess match with the masters of the game. Some say the last President that played with these guys ended up dead !
If I have one message to send to the President it would be, concede as soon as possible. These guys play for keeps!
Yesterday's announcement by General Stanley A. McChrystal commanding General of the Afghanistan war said on 60 Minutes that he has only spoken to the President once since he took command.
This is a shocking proclamation to the American people and our enemies that Obama could care less about the war and most of all the troops on the ground. This was supposed to be the war that he said during the campaign was "where we should have been in the first place". Well, we're there and your not communicating with your General on the ground, SHAME ON YOU MR. PRESIDENT !
Also, yesterdays leak of a top secrete report relating to McChrystal's request for more troops, was another signal from the Defense Department that you better get your s**t in order Mr. President or else !
This looks like an attempt by the Defense Department to embarrass the President and it will work.
All of this is firing up the Right even more than they are already.
President Obama has no end game for the region thus his lack of concern. As more U.S. troops are killed on the ground in Afghanistan the President looks more like a killer rather than a Commander in Chief.
Obama could save himself by sending the troops requested by the General if he has the guts. But, unfortunately guts are something this president is a little short of..........

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bill Clinton What Are You Smokin ?

Today on Meet the Press Former President Bill Clinton felt that the 2010 elections couldn't be as bad as the 1994 massacre of the democrat party.
"Billy Boy" , "Billy Boy", what the hell are you smokin ? Do you have blinders on ? Are you so up somebodies girlfriends skirt you can't see whats going on in America ? Are you not looking at the polls ? The polls man, the POLLS !
The congress's favor ability polls are at a low of 16%. Hello, hello "Billy Boy" are you watching or is life so good now you've completely lost touch with reality. The American people Hate the Speaker of the House. The Presidents polls are dropping below 50% and you think it cant be that bad.
Well Mr. Clinton, I was around during the 1994 elections. I remember the feeling on the street towards his administration and the democrats and there is no contest when it comes to the anger and contempt for this Administration and the democrats in congress.
There is a unprecedented movement in the country RIGHT NOW to remove every politician in office.
In my many years of observing human nature in this country I have never seen America more fired up.
So, Mr Clinton, you keep rolling that dubby and why don't you let me light that bad boy up with the fire of the American People !

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Does Biden Have the Courage to Pull the Trigger ?

Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr 47 th Vice President of the United States is an old time democrat. You could almost say he is from the " Jack " Kennedy school of politics.

Joe and I both proudly call Wilmington Delaware our hometown.

Please bare with me as I quickly go down memory lane in explaining my most resent observations of Joe.

As you all know Joe's wife and very young daughter died in a pre Christmas auto accident in 1972. I remember that night as though it was yesterday. As a newly conformed Republican ( conservative ), even my heart broke when I heard the news.

As our careers moved on we found ourselves occasionally sharing a train to DC. Joe headed for capital hill and I on to meetings at the Urban Mass Transit Authority.

Joe is a regular guy, it's just that simple. That quality is what has kept him on Capital Hill for decades.

Joe is an American, he's a democrat but he's an American first and that's why I'm writing this.

In the past five months Ive noticed a change in Joe. His face seems more rigid these days almost stoic, even bewildered. What does he see that would put such a face on such a veteran of Washington politics?

Is Joe now starring in his own Hollywood political thriller where he the Vice President notices every day that his President is driving his beloved country off a cliff ? This confused and bewildered Vice President is than forced to confront the seated President in the Oval Office. As the conversation turns to a heated argument, Joe pulls a revolver from his stiffly pressed blue suit and points the cocked gun at the Presidents head. Does Joe Biden have the courage to pull the trigger ? For his country, I know he does !

Is this where Joe's thoughts are ? We don't know for sure, but I know there are many on Capital Hill that are facing a similar conundrum.

Don't Ignore These Two Stories, They're Much Bigger Than You Think

Today's announcement by the Department of the Treasury ( IRS ) of an investigation at ACORN is a big deal on all fronts.
At this point the attack on ACORN is two pronged, the IRS and the law suit brought by ACORN, against the film makers who exposed the many frauds of this non-profit organization.
Both activities have the potential of taking down most liberal inter-city democrats in congress. Over the many years of ACORN's embattled existence they have become sloppy with their financial dealings. That ultimately will expose the money trails leading directly to congressional democrats. Thus the amazingly swift distancing by every elected official from democrat lead districts.
As a side story there is a message floating around on the Internet via Twitter stating " deep throat says "FOLLOW THE ACORN MONEY AND THE FALSE GOD WILL CRUMBLE" .
Hum, "FALSE GOD" do they mean President Obama?
You can be sure that the federal investigators and disclosure attorneys from both activities will take down the many pawns in this high stakes chess game. One by one, as the underlings name names and disclose what was done, you will see many on Capital Hill and most likely the White House run for cover screaming, Deal, Deal !
You can be sure that by 2010 there will be plenty of dirt out there on many of these intercity democrats that could force them to either resign or forfeit an election.
This will take time but it will be like a Chinese water torture drip, drip, dripping away at some of the most corrupt congressmen and women that have ever taken seats on Capital Hill.
Deep Throat just may be on to something, again !

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The United Nations - The House of Clowns, Buffoons, Liars and Terrorists

Today's speech by President Obama at the UN left no one questioning his motives. He wants to be King of the World. It's just that simple !

So, everyone move aside and let the anointed one through to take his throne.

Well, Mr. Obama be my guest. It's all yours. You'll be in good company with the rest of the global fools that rein within the House of the UN.

His speech had wonderful overtones but wasn't based in reality. His unrealistic ideas that everyone is going to get along now that he has "arrived" was amazingly childish and amateurish.

My god the world must be looking at the leader of the free world as some type of sucker ready for the taking.

All you have to do is listen to the speaker just after him, Omar Qaddafi to realize how messed up this world is. Omar's ranting and rambling hinted of mental disorders of the highest level.

We in America are in big trouble, with our President announcing to lower our military guard as a show of peace to the world.

Mr. President, its time to wake up and smell the oil fumes, your now the biggest clown in a house of clowns.

It's obvious from your latest foreign policy decisions you have no foreign policy at all. Your leaving a once strong America vulnerable to the clowns that run ramped in the world and you have no real answers or should I say policies to guide your own country.

Time to take off the clown suite Mr. President and save your countries economy before its to late.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bill of Rights Are In Danger !

I have to do this article now before something happens in New York City. Today's ever expanding terrorist investigation of possible attacks on gathering spots in the City has everybody all a flurry. We also have many world leaders meeting in New York, some friends, some not. So, it wouldn't be far fetched for some showoff terrorist to try and impress one of our foes.

But, that's not what this article is about.

My brain has been exploding with the fear of what is coming down the road for our freedom of speech. OK, before you turn to another website, hear me out.

Its been observed by yours truly that the far left is hell bent on passing laws that will outlaw what you can and cannot say in the media, including blogs on the net.

It never fails but I know on Sundays when normal people are at their place of worship or with the family, the godless disenfranchised left are busy cooking up the regular Monday morning attack on decent America people.

Last week quivery mouth Nancy Pelosi expressed her displeasure with the nasty discourse over the health care bill on the hill.

Now, we have former President Clinton expressing the same lines, without tears of course.

This technique is used by most politicians to float a trial balloon " an idea " to see what type of reaction you get before you move forward with legislation on that very " idea ".

The Left knows that Talk Radio is the "Rights" sword and they wield it well. If they could silence this penetrating and effective medium they would score a major victory in stifling the truth.

By passing a law outlawing certain speech or words and attaching massive fines for violations, they could effectively put Talk Radio out of business.

So, don't be surprised when on some rainy Monday morning you hear that our cherished freedom of speech is gone !
Is there no end to the Lefts "un-american activities". Hum, sounds like a good name for some senatorial hears, don't you think? Maybe it's time again to clean up this place !

Monday, September 21, 2009

Barack Obama The Anti-Semite

Holocaust is from the Greek meaning " burnt whole ". A rather nasty word now that its forever associated with the destruction of nearly 17 million Jews by the Nazi's during World War II. You know the story. You've heard it a thousand times but maybe we need to hear it again. Oh, did I say "we", sorry I meant 77% of the Americans that call themselves Jews who voted for Barack Obama.

It looks as though their "Great Black Hope " isn't a friend to their homeland and seems to have the same opinion as former President Jimmy Carter who at this juncture has become a pariah to normal decent thinking people.

The past months have exposed Obamas anti-semitic views to the world with his constant pressure on Israel to stop its expansion of settlements and his lack of support for an attack on Iran before they have a deliverable nuclear bomb.

Don't be fooled by all of the Jews in his administration. They are there to keep an eye on his Marxist black ass. If he had his way they would all be gone in a Chicago second. Barack Obama is anti-semitic and that's a fact so get use to hearing it because more and more writers will see through the facade.

In my last article "Afghanistan is Lost", I mention how Obama has already made up his mind to walk way from the region. This leaves Israel our strongest ally swinging in the wind.

As I stated in the article Iran will end up including within its sphere of influence Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and possibly Saudi Arabia in 4 years and, oh one more, a " burnt whole " land once known as Israel !

I wonder how, as the radiation dust cloud settles over the once proud homeland of the Jews, American Jews will be able to sleep at night knowing that they helped elect the man that allowed the second Holocaust of the Jews to happen ?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Afghanistan is Lost !

Afghanistan is lost. It's my belief that the Obama administration has already made the decision to back out of this war torn country.
The chess pieces are already falling into place with the Presidents pullback of a missile defense system for eastern Europe and Russia's announcement halting the installation of medium range missiles on their eastern front.
With Obama telling the media two days ago that he is delaying a decision to send more troops, he has all but sealed the fate of this fledgling democracy.
It is obvious that he has excepted a nuclear Iran and will allow a sphere of influence by Iran to include Afghanistan and Syria. The countries on the front lines will continue to be Iraq and Pakistan which most likely will fall within two to three years. Just in time for the US Presidential elections.
Obama is cutting and running from the single enemy in the world that everyone wants stopped.
Yet, he is doing it. Why, you ask? Well, whether you believe this or not our US foreign policy has been hijacked by strong foreign influences. Influences that are 180 degrees from the Bush administrations goals. I know, my neck feels wrenched too.
If you've been noticing Obama's foreign policy has been compromising on all fronts. He has abandoned the pro Democracy, pro western influence doctrine of the Bush Administration for the " you can have whatever you want, as long as you like us " doctrine.
It's my belief that this weeks round of meetings in the US involving many world leaders will include some startling announcements to digest. Some not so easy to get down.
After all we must remember, Obama is just a community organizer who got lucky becoming President of the United States. Global chess just isn't something he knows that much about, right ! He could win the war in Afghanistan but he doesn't want too. The reason why is to frightening to put in writing. God help us all.

Blago's a Dead Man Walking !

By Nicholas Contompasis

When I was a kid I lived just off the southwest runway of Midway Airport. On hot humid late summer days in the afternoon I would peer out at the airport with a clear view of encroaching thunderstorms. The black summer sky was a perfect backdrop for the frequent lightning strikes that would hit in and around the airfield.

Well, it looks as though the infamous Rob Blagojevich former Governor of Illinois is about to get hit with one of those lightning strikes.

Today on WLS Chicago talk radio, Blago on his scheduled Sunday show poured his heart out on the evils and corruption of Illinois government and political figures.

If you didn't know better you would think he was running for office instead of his life. If last weeks death of Chris Kelly was a sign for Blago to zip it up, he obviously didn't heed the warning.

You know that when the green light goes on in the studios of WLS for the show to begin, every recorder at the federal prosecutor's office is switched on, waiting for that moment, when Blago either slips up or intentionally spills the beans. The beans are his connection to Obama and Co.

As the pressure of the prosecutors noose tightens around his neck, this simple radio show may turn out to be his platform to spill the beans on Obama if prosecutors don't back off.
So, with everyone gunning for Blago, I wonder who will get to him first, an aspirin, a speeding car or that lightning strike ? Time will tell !

Don't File Your Tax Return, Go To Jail - Obama !

Today as part of the Obama Health Care TV Marathon, George Stephanopoulos cornered the sputtering President on his Sunday talk show " This Week With George S ".
George explained to the bewildered President that when you force people to pay for health care it is a tax. He went on to read Webster's definition of the word "tax".
Of course the President blew him off like he was some idiot reporter who just got out of college.

George is no idiot reporter and the President should remember who George is and his past
involvement in the successful election of Bill Clinton.
George is good and today's question opened a window on the Presidents health care plan that he may not be able to shut.
If the $ 3,500 fine for not having health insurance is a tax on all taxpayers over the age of 18 doesn't that make the President a liar?
I thought he told America that he would lower taxes on 95% of us. I did hear that, right ?
Let's not forget that all of this will be reported on your annual income tax return that will have to be filed every year or its a felony. FELONY ! That's right a felony if you don't file. It is a misdemeanor now but when this bill passes it will be a felony not to file your tax return with possible jail sentence.
Welcome to the world of Obama. I wonder how all of the young enthusiastic voters that voted for him like him now? Sorry, twenty somethings, you cant buy that new Iphone or that bag of pot because you have to pay your taxes, oops, sorry, you have to pay your health insurance or go to jail.
Now aren't you glad you voted for this guy?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

CIA To Obama - Back Off or Else !

In an unprecedented move by 7 past Central Intelligence Agency chiefs. The message was load and clear " back off or else ".
The former chiefs where discreet enough to release this unified message on a Friday afternoon so as not to get to much of a headline. But, it was hard not to recognize the forceful tone and the importance of this letter to the Obama administration.
The current administration is no friend to either the CIA or the US Military.
We should all know and understand the power centers in Washington. Two of which are the Military and the Federal Reserve. They override any public election. In other words no matter who is in office these two power centers will march to a different drummer. Thus, the retaining of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke.
This American tradition is what drives the " regressive left " crazy. The " regressive left " continues to attack our own defense agencies as though they where the enemy. Don't think the enemies of our country haven't been watching !
This is the fear that is going through the agencies. That an attack could happen now during this very confusing time for our country.
The United States is probably at its most vulnerable point since the days after the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan when our defense in the Pacific was nonexistent.
This show of force by the U.S. Military / CIA is nullifying the use of the Chaney / CIA interrogation investigation by the Attorney Generals office as a hostage for the real investigation in Washington of ACORN.
All in Washington know that the money leads to the intercity democrats in congress, both the house and the senate !
As each State and Federal agency investigates this criminal non-profit organization, people will talk to save their hide. You can rest assure that politicians both state and federal will be looking for a hole to crawl into. The speed at which congress pulled their funding proved that. They are so busted ! YOU BETCHA !

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nancy Pelosi - The Guillotine is Not Dead

Nancy Pelosi, the mousy congresswomen from California who is now Speaker of the House came out today crying on national TV about how the discourse over the health care bill reminds her of the assassination of mayor Moscone in San Francisco.
She actually for the first time looked scared.
Well, she should look scared.
Does she really think that the games she and her liberal friends are playing on capital hill, with American families will have no consequences?

HELLO, NANCY, HELLO, ARE YOU LISTENING? The people of America hate you. They know your screwing them and they are furious. Your attitude on TV is so aloof and insensitive, people can see right through your self serving, self centered, egotistical ways.
You see Nancy when people are losing their jobs, their homes and their savings, watching you in your $ 2,000 outfits and your overstretched face lift, telling them that their taxes are going up and they might lose their wonderful medical insurance, you better be scared, big time scared !
Her quivering voice was so pathetic to listen to I prayed that our enemies around the world weren't watching our third in line for the Presidency.
Nancy...., just a little advice from one who knows and has read a little French history. Tone it down baby !
I know you don't realize this because of your egocentric disorder but every time your on TV your screaming " let them eat cake ".
If you think the guillotine is dead, think again !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Former President Jimmy Carter is a Hemorrhoid on the Butt of America"

" And with no Preparation H in sight".
The former president announced yesterday that any opposition to President Obamas policies are racist based.
Interesting Mr. Carter is dragged out every time the democrats start going down in flames. This anachronism just seems to keep coming back time and time again with no real effect or influence on the issues. His comments are that itchy feeling that you wish would just go away, forever.
Mr. Carter has been properly labeled antisemitic with the release last year of his book "Palestine : Peace Not Apartheid" .
Last year I did a lot of research on Prince Al waleed of Saudi Arabia who is the wealthiest Muslim in the world and is very influential in world affairs including the election of Barack Obama. You can fill in the gaps on that statement.
I follow the Princes schedule of who he meets, when and where. Last year during our election year prior to the endorsement of Obama for the democrat ticket, I noticed that Prince Al waleed met with Jimmy Carter in Saudi Arabia around the time he released his controversial book. He spent almost two weeks at the Princes resort. He emerged from his little vacation to announce his endorsement for Barack Obama for President of the United States. Quite a coincidence wouldn't you say? The prince had the same type of meeting with Warren Buffett three days before he backed Obama. Interesting huh?
It is becoming evident that everything coming from Jimmy's mouth should be ignored for what it is, just 70's treasonous anti American rhetoric.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thank God For ACORN

OK before you go off half cocked about the title, ACORN is an illegal organization that if investigated properly would expose just about every intercity democrat politician in the country. It's fair to say that besides the recent videos exposing mortgage and tax fraud activities you can rest assure that there is a hell of a lot of money laundering going on too.
This is how it works. The object is to turn federal and state grant monies into campaign contributions. That's what money laundering is in the public sector, turn an apple into a peach. You give the federal and state grant money back to the politician that first gave you the money but your converting it from public funds to campaign fund that the politician can walk away with after he or she retires or decides not to run again.
Can you spell payoff, I can, I just did.
This is corruption at it's worst.
Congressmen from the right are now insisting that Attorney General Eric Holder investigate ACORN under the RICO Act which would classify them as a criminal enterprise similar to the Mafia. Will he ? We will see.
Washington is a tangled web of deals and compromises that with every administration becomes more complicated as the issues become more important.
If you recall, about two weeks ago the Chaney / CIA investigations where picked up by the AG's office. The uproar from the right was thunderous.
Finally, this ACORN explosion has given the right an issue that could unseat many in congress and the left are running scared. I have never seen the congress unfund an organization this fast. I smell a deal coming down the road for the Cheney / CIA issue via ACORN.
It looks like there's a lot of guilt spreading among the honorable men and women of congress? "You betcha".


Does NBC, CBS AND ABC really think America is ignoring the ACORN scandal ? ACORN, a once $ 8.5 billion recipient of stimulus money has as of last night lost almost all of its government funding. That would be like a major bank such as Bank of America losing its government money and closing its doors.

Nevertheless, the three majors wont report this story. More and more the people in America are recognizing that these networks will not report the news that is important to them. Once this trust is gone they are finished as a news source.

Thirty years ago the three major car makers lost the American people by producing cars that just didn't work. They lost the trust of the American people just as the three major networks are doing now.

As the three major car makers know, once you lose the trust of the American people they don't trust you anymore and wont come back.

If they had a revelation and came back into the fold of good news reporting they could save themselves, but will they ? Time will tell, but as each day passes more and more people migrate to the cable news networks from the floundering once Big 3.

Obama Card Check Could be Off the Table in Todays Speech

In Pittsburgh today President Obama addressed a convention of the AFL - CIO. It was like watching Stalin addressing the members of the communist party. He was in his element.
If you want to see what Obama is all about just watch him in this environment of profit sucking unions that could care less about a companies making a profit and protecting investors investments a la GM/Chrysler.

He actually kept touting his tax cut to the middle class which I thought was off the table or at least something that wouldn't be prudent to mention at this time.

As he mentioned Senator Arlen Spector in this Pennsylvania town he almost received no applause. Interesting !
To be honest with you the speech was strong but the face of this embattled president looked haggard with almost a hungover look to it.
His style seems to be still stuck on the southern Baptist preacher. I guess he still thinks he's one step from God.
All in all today's performance was just another Obama bucket of lies and misinformation.
But, the comrades loved it as they kept sipping the Cool Aid.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't Worry at Least We'll Have National Health Care to Drain Our Radiation Tumors

As the nations thoughts are only on how to stop Obama and his leftist thugs from socializing and spending us into oblivion, the evil world is working over time to take us down.
This Obama distraction for the American people is obvious to the outside world and they are taking advantage of the distraction.
I think what raddled me most today, more than the ridiculous speech given to Wall Street by the worst friend to capitalism ever by Barak Obama, was the announcement by Hugo Chavez of his $ 2.2 billion arms deal with Russia. This deal includes lots of missiles to destroy Columbia and the start of a nuclear program that of course will lead to a bomb that will threaten the entire region.
As Obama experiments with our economic system and reprimands Wall Street of its excesses, Chavez has plans to make a bomb and float it into New York Harbor as our grand finale. But its OK at least we'll all have a national health care card to get our radiation tumors drained.
North Korea is planning another nuke blast and more missile tests to shake up the Japanese some more. Iran is, oh hell, you know what I'm getting at, this whole world is starting to become a free for all by the bad guys. They know with Obama as President they can do what they want.
I know the left wont like this but you have to admit, this kind of crap didn't happen when Bush was on watch.
Even Al-Qaeda took today to release a message to the world that they are still around and that they watch CNN.
One special note in their message that I found completely amazing was that they have observed that the American government is controlled by Jews. No, say it isn't so, Osama. He must be reading my blog too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Obama / Chris Kelly ( found dead today ) Connection "Chicago Style" Politics

By Nicholas Contompasis

What does the sudden death of Christopher Kelly, "main bag man" for former Governor Rod Blagojevich have to do with President Obama ? Well, if you know anything of politics " Chicago Style " they all seem to know each other.
After the ACORN exposure this past week and it's known connection with the embattled President Obama, we come away wondering if anyone from Chicago isn't corrupt.
Kelly was due to start his 8 year sentence for political corruption when he was found dead by an overdose of aspirins. The medical examiner said an autopsy would be performed. Hum, aspirins, you sure about that ? Didn't you notice the hole in the back of his head or maybe some needle marks from injections of poisons. Well, that would be to easy, right.
I guess Chicago has cleaned up it's act since I left in 1963. Hum, the year Jack was taken out, but I digress. Back than if you crossed the wrong guys you ended up in the Chicago river only to be found weeks later.
Kelly had secrets about Blagojevich and company and wasn't telling. It looks as though those secrets are gone forever or are they? Is it possible that Christopher Kelly made a note with names and information relating to his bag man activities -- this note would be made known if anything happened to him in a rather sudden manner.
Are those names part of the higher ups in the Obama administration? We sure know there are a lot of Chicago boys hanging around the White House these days don't we !
I bet there is a great sigh of relief over in that DC district, but did he leave a note ? Did he ?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Breaking News - Our New American Hero of 48 Hours May Go to Jail

BREAKING NEWS 9/11/09 11:00 PM PST
It seems that the very angry left are now attacking the new American Hero of 48 hours, Hannah Giles for her successful attempt in destroying ACORN this week.

Baltimore city attorney is thinking of bringing charges against this 20 year old hero for illegal wire tapping.

It's time for America to stand up and protect this courageous hero. It's time for America to defend the people who risk their lives and reputation to make America a better place to live. It's time to send a message to the far left DON'T TREAD ON ME !

Hannah Giles American Hero - Takes ACORN Down Single Handed

In the old and dirty back east city of Baltimore, the hometown of Nancy Pelosi, a brave young women of 20 years took down one of the most powerful and influential organizations in America.
Destine to receive $ 8.5 billion for the US census and home lending, ACORN, a not for profit organization used by liberal democrats to register voters and get mortgages for low income individuals, blew it big time this week on national TV.
The courage of Hannah Giles and her young partner James O'Keefe is commendable.
She should be looked at as an angel for liberty.
After watching her on TV I don't think she realizes what she has done or the impact this act will have on America.
Today, Friday September 11, 2009 Hannah Giles turned the tide in an evil cancer that has been spreading into our electoral system. The fraudulent registration of people who vote many times for money and drugs has been growing more and more every year.
The integrity of elections for any Democracy is imperative. Signs of corruption could cause anything from law suits to a civil war.
ACORN on the verge of getting $ 8.5 billion from the stimulus package to do the US census and more mortgages was stopped this afternoon by the Federal Government from doing the US census. We are hoping that the government will pull the cord on their lending operation, also.
Since the announcement of the ACORN contract to do the US census the Republican party has lost many sleepless nights knowing that future elections could be lost due to bad numbers being supplied for determining congressional districts. It would have been one huge nightmare.
This sudden announcement by the Obama administration was a clear sign of surrender.
Yesterday, Fox News in a very subtle way said they would be releasing information from their own investigation of ACORN.
This attempt to distance itself from ACORN by the Obama administration was swift and done on a late Friday night, typical of a bad news release.
But as the dust settles in this mess, one person emerges as the hero and defender of democracy,
Hannah Giles a willowy college student disguised as a prostitute.

Breaking News - Acorn is Now Out of the US Census

Just in from Fox News, Acorn the much embattled non profit organization has lost its contract to take the US census next year. This contract was seen as a big problem by many in the country as a biased group that would skew the numbers in favor of liberal agendas.

Now we have to see who will take their place. Any guesses?

9/11 The Terror Timeline

In 2004 I bought a book called the Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson. He is a Stanford graduate who went to great lengths to compile as much information of pre and post 9/11 events. I found the book to be completely mesmerizing. I actually checked out some of his sources and found them to be correct.
Each page of this book's 568 pages gives so much information about the warning signs and the details of 9/11 that you come away scratching your head asking why know one in either the Bush or the Clinton administrations did anything concrete to prepare for this tragic day.
To this day I still use this book as a source to help connect today's headlines.
I tried to see if Mr. Thompson had a political side to his book but came away seeing only a real researcher looking for answers. Although many have tried to twist his finding, he has stayed true to his material. He reminds me of the old main stream media that went into the world to find the truth instead of pushing a political agenda.
Even after 8 years have past I highly recommend this book for a true view of what happened on September 11, 2001.
So, on the anniversary of that tragic day, it might be wise to pick up a good book we can learn from.

I have listed below YouTube addresses of the authors interview with Peter Coyote if your interested.

Video 1

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Stevie Wonder Can See This Coming" - Traficant - He's Back !

Only once in a decade comes a congressmen that talks so straight he gets tossed in jail. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) is back and he's pissed. I have to admit I have the biggest grin on my face while putting this story together. I can remember so many times watching his incredible speeches on the floor of the US Congress. He was better than watching Jay Leno of the Tonight Show.

Well after 7 years in prison he's back to even some scores with some of his arch enemies. It almost reminds me of Jimmy Hoffa after he got out. We all know what happened to him, well we have some idea.

We have to thank Greta Van Susteren for interviewing him tonight on Fox where he had a few words about America and where he thinks it's going.

He felt that America was about to implode and the foreign influences that put him jail are now a danger to America. In his very own words " even Stevie Wonder could see this one coming ". I tend to agree.

Yes, the past election was heavily influenced by foreign money. In the old days it was from Israel but now its coming from the Arab countries too. They have learned the hard way that if you don't get into the American election process you end up short on the stick.

I noted a degree of danger in his tone and expression when relating to the President. His comment that President Obama was walking a tip rope balancing the influence of Israel and the Arabs could be difficult.

I agree with him. This is a dangerous part of the world with some very angry people that would stop at nothing to keep the blood feud going. Taking out a US President by either side would not be cricket but who knows whats coming down the trail. Either way he looked pretty damn serious about it.

All in all it was refreshing to hear his straight shooting style and I hope we see more of him in the future.

He's Losing It - Obama !

As the President's speeches now surpass his days in office, today's pathetic attempt to regurgitate last nights failed attempt at turning the downward spiral of his health care initiative, "showed his desperation". With a nurses group that represents less than 5% of all nurses in America in the background we heard a half hearted audience clapping. I'm sure they are now on the permanent payroll of the white house.

In the Presidents speech today he mentioned that more people have lost their health insurance due to loss of job.

I have mentioned in the past that President Obama's lack of usage of the stimulus money to create jobs was an attempt to force more people out of their jobs and health insurance.

If you have lost your job in the past 6 months I would feel insulted and angry that a president would purposely force you out of your job for a talking point in a speech.

Is that what you are, a talking point ?

You wonder why so many people are angry. This man could care less about the American People. It's more important for him to create the biggest government agency ever.

Yesterday, I reviewed Senator Baucus's health care bill and noticed that the changes in the tax codes are massive.

To call this bill a Tax Bill would not be far off. How does the President tell everyone that he is giving them a tax cut when he's pouring his heart out to increase them.

I'm a professional in the accounting industry and I know what I'm talking about.

The Obama health care bill is more of a TAX BILL than a health care bill.

With every speech Obama makes he becomes less effective. Our foreign enemies saw this the first day he took office and now they're having a free for all around the world with their unbridled expansion.

The American People are becoming more and more disenchanted with this "MAN" a point that should not be forgotten.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hollywood - What Are We Going to do With You ?

The American people should be watching now that the cat is out of the bag. What cat, what bag you ask ?
For years the Hollywood left have hidden their true colors, well lets just say they haven't been as obvious. Since the election of the Socialist President Barack Obama things are changing very quickly in Tinseltown.
Ever since this historic election of a black man to the highest office in the land the suspected socialists in Hollywood are now popping they're heads out of fox holes they've been forced to live in for the past 8 years.
If you didn't notice Dictator Hugo Chavez attended the Venice film festival last night with a photo op with Oliver Stone as kissing cousins. Stone has been a known lefty for years but this promo of his new film about Dictator Chavez is about as un american as you can get.
Than this morning with my breakfast I got to wash it all down with a little comment from the fat ass Michael Moore, film maker of some sort telling America that capitalism needs to be outlawed in our country.
Interesting, I wonder where he made all of his millions, communist China ?
Who are these people to reap the benefit's of capitalism and turn around and criticize it in the same breath? Maybe they really don't understand socialism. Maybe they think its some sort of new fad that could never ever put them on the wrong end of a firing squad. Maybe they should watch some of the older movies made in Hollywood prior to the cold war with the communists.
Hollywood and Broadway have always had an anger towards the right in America after the McCarthy hearings rightfully exposing communists / socialists in American media.
I think the American people should get ready for a barrage of movies condemning the society and economic system that has made us the greatest society that has ever been.
More and more actors are repelled by the Christian religion. The religion that they have been brought up with as children. Brad Pitt just recently denounced Christianity on the known atheist Bill Mahr's TV show.
One thing Ive found interesting is that the Jews in Hollywood aren't renouncing Judaism. Interesting , hum. I wonder what that's all about ?
Anyway, let's all just remember, the $10 you spend next time for that great Hollywood extravaganza just may end up in the back pocket of some terrorist or tin horn dictator from South America.
But, what is more important about this very obvious trend is the indoctrination of your children and the unsuspected American people who just want to unwind at the movies after a hard week at work.
The American people must now be on guard for what TV news channel they are watching to the movies they see. Whats this country coming too? I think not a good place unless we can all stop it NOW.

Mark Lloyd Next on the Hit List ? You Betcha !

Czar Mark Lloyd appointed to the FCC as Associate General Counsel/Chief Diversity Officer by President Obama, days could be numbered like his friend Van Jones.
As this article is being published information on Mr. Lloyd is being gathered to help the American public understand the unvetted appointment of this unqualified socialist and others like him in the Obama Administration. More, much more to come. Stay tuned.

Boycott Your School Tuesday September 8th - Why ?

If you're upset over the Presidential address to the students of America get ready, more is coming.
Do you think a Marxist Socialist President is going to leave our children alone? You wish !
The whole idea of perpetuating a revolution is to indoctrinate the children. This technique is as old as the hills.
You see, President Obama, in his own mind thinks he is the leader of a revolution to Socialize America. It doesn't matter what the polls say, that's what runs through his mind every minute of every day.
He has every intention to use the Department of Education to slowly change the class rooms of America. Along with the teacher unions across the country he could be very successful if he is not stopped. As the new Secretary of Education said two days ago almost 30% of our kids don't finish school. They, the unions and liberal doctrine have been running our schools like most inner cities and now the US government by over spending and not getting anything done.
The President has just released his revised speech to our children. So what! He wont stop there. He has his people in place to carry out his agenda behind your back.
As a parent your only real eyes on the classroom is your children and what do they really know?
They can be fooled so easily on a daily basis and before you know it you've lost your kids.
Its not wise to let this potential problem go on.
If the parents of American students in public schools decided to boycott and protest against the way the schools are being used to indoctrinate, it would send a clear message that they are not happy.
By not sending your children to school September 8th you will be saying no to unions, no to the Presidents education policy, no to a godless government, no to the brain washing of your children.
The Power of the Parent must be recognized and respected by the government. Nothing could be more personal !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Van Jones is History

Today Van Jones the un-vetted czar of the new green jobs initiative has resigned under great pressure from the President - No - the congress - No - the democratic party - No - the republican party - No. Who pressured him to resign ? Van Jones resigned because of the "people".

As the people expose each and every one of President Obama's czar's and Secretaries with the use of the Internet, twitter and computers the eventual vetting process of the President himself will finally be accomplished. Something the mainstream media failed to do last year during the election.

So, the President should get ready, his day is coming. As we have found in the computer/Internet age everything happens fast, maybe not fast enough in this case, but eventually it will happen and he too will be gone.

I have learned from my sources that Mark Lloyd is next on the hit list. I give him about two week before he's cleaning out his desk too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Eagle is Watching - The Eagle is Coming

As the ancient warrior from the dusty pages of a long forgotten empire steps out into present days light his mission is one. This mission is as old as the history books from which he emerges.

His goal is to right the wrong. His mission is to save his people for whom he has fought for in far off lands, spending years in foreign soil and feeling the blood of many enemies.

His love for his land is full and true. A love that is felt to the core of his being. This love of empire is the common thread that links the people of the empire to him.

As the years pile up in his endeavor to save the empire from the menaces from afar, the storm clouds grow over his homeland.

The threat now is more from within than from afar and the Eagle is watching and waiting. The corrupt leader and senator's of the ancient forum have now pushed the people to the brink of existence.

But, the Eagle is waiting. As this ancient general of the loyal armies dusts off his shield and sharpens his sword and spear he sets his eyes on his homeland.
With a tear in his eye and the wind under his feet he will return to right the wrong, to free the enslaved, to stop the oppression and to ultimately heal the scars of his homeland.

For the Eagle is coming to save his land, to save his people. He is coming to save his America.
And when his mission is met he than can rest back into the ancient page's of history till it's time once again to emerge for the people.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

President Obama - Stay Away From Our Children

This Tuesday President Obama has a new indoctrination program to reprogram your children. He is expected to use the Department of Education to reach out to every public school student in America.
This will be his first attempt to brain wash your children who can be easily swayed.
This indoctrination will start next Tuesday and it is imperative that all American parents with children in public schools reject this Hitler like program to take over the hearts and minds of your children.
Please pass this notice on to all parents of America.
By pulling your children out of school next Tuesday this will send a signal to the administration that you want politics and politicians out of your schools and out of your children's lives .
This man is a danger to the children of America. Keep America safe for our children.

The Conspiracy of the Obama Administration Part I

The word "Conspiracy" conjures up crazy theories of anything from a rappers death to the JFK assassination. Many people love to dive into these theories and wallow in the coincidences and half truths that seem to be all connected, proving something that may or may not be true.
I for one have never been a follower of this practice but have been more amazed by the reaction of people to their conclusions no matter how far fetched.
So, not to add more fuel to the fires of major conspiracy theories swirling around the world "I think there is a conspiracy in the world to tie it into a "New World Order".
Is this a Conspiracy or is it a Plan? For the past 20 years the conspiracy theorists have been promoting a "New World Order", words uttered by President George Bush in the early 90's.
That was it, when he spoke those very words the theorists went spinning and haven't stopped since.
You have only to look at today's world events to notice that we are moving closer to a "New World Order".
The G-8 is now the G-20 and will soon be a G-35 (that's the world money people). As that area becomes more united we will come closer to a one world currency.
With the current near economic melt down major economies have rushed faster towards this new order. They could be right that a global regulatory system should be set up to enforce future economic activities.
But, the outpouring of an expansion of this "Order" is being heard from around the globe.
The battle cry seems to be an equalization of all economies, customs and with an emphasis on tolerance of all religions, cultural backgrounds and economic stratus.
To be honest with you this is a big deal and takes a lot of time to wrap your brain around. But, as
I do I find that maybe this is simply a money grab by the have not's from the have's, meaning we in the U.S. giving what we have to the third world.
President Obama is on board for this shift. The idea of what's mine is mine will change to what's yours is mine to give to them the oppressed and down trodden.
Does this all sound familiar, "Socialism"
President Obama with his ties to George Soros and others like him from Europe and around the world are in a break neck process of devaluing your standard of living. Making it more equal to the rest of the worlds standards. This as we all know is much lower than where we are now.
He is hiding all of this under the guise of environmental protection and energy conservation. Don't be fooled by this. Its all part of a Plan to grab more control from the people so the country and its resource can be amalgamated into this " New World Order".
Obama and his friends are planning to make a boat load of money during this transition. George Soros has already walked away with billions on the Petrobras oil deal in Brazil.
I could go on more about the details of the ever expanding web that Obama is weaving in this massive endeavour but that would take more of your already valuable time.
The one thing that you must take away from this article is that, this Plan is not new. It's been tried in individual countries and has failed. It was called communism/socialism.
Underneath the health care bill lays a massive unconstitutional maze of violations of your privacy and civil rights and you must do anything and everything to stop this bill from every seeing the light of day as a law.
This bill will just bring us a step closer to a "New World Order" that we know won't work.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

H1N1 Swine Flu is an Obama Far Left Plan ?

On January 20 2009 Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. His goal of taking over almost 16% of the US GDP was #1 on his hit list. A take over of the U.S. medical industry would be a major feather in his cap.
With so much at stake for the left I wonder just how far they would go to accomplish this goal.
Well, let's look at some facts.
As the U.S. economy slumped into the deepest recession since WW 2 the congress gave the President almost 3/4 of trillion dollars to stimulate the the economy and help hold down unemployment. Now after almost 6 months only 20% of the stimulus money has been spent.
As more and more people lose their jobs they also lose their health insurance. By adding more people to the ranks of the uninsured you add more fuel to the argument of a national health care option.
Mr. Obama has purposely caused an increase in the uninsured to better serve his cause for this health industry takeover.
The second part of this takeover strategy could be found in the evolution of the H1N1 ( Swine ) flu. If you've been paying attention you will see that medical doctors have determined that the Swine flu started between the dates of January 23rd 2009 and February 15 2009 in the country of Mexico.
President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in on January 20th to defend and protect the American people from enemies foreign and domestic, just 3 days before the first infection of H1N1.
This fall as millions of U.S. citizens go to hospitals for treatment of the flu and possibly die the far left will continue to cry for a need for this takeover. You need to understand that the left is capable of anything, yes anything. It's time to start connecting the dots.
I find all of this a little to obvious, don't you?