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Wake Up America - Remember This One America? - They Were Right Obama Did Lie!!!

The Truth Behind the High Gas Prices

February 27, 2012
With the national average price of gasoline $3.60 or higher, many are wondering why gas prices have jumped 20 cents just one month’s time. Gas prices in California and New York have already surpassed the $4 per gallon mark and relief is not in sight.
Last week, President Obama addressed the issue of rising gas prices. He took many facts out of context and suggested he wants to micromanage the solution from Washington.
  • Half-truth #1: Oil production is the highest it has been in eight years.
  • Half-truth #2: Increasing oil production takes too long and would not impact the market for at least a decade.
  • Half-truth #3: Oil is not enough. America has only 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves.
  • Half-truth #4: Oil is not enough. The country needs an “all-of-the-above” approach to reduce its dependence on oil.
  • Half-truth #5: Speculators are driving up the price of gas, and they need to be reined in.
The obvious solution is allowing the markets to work and not micromanaging from Washington. Given the choice, consumers may switch to more fuel efficient vehicles and oil companies will increase their production to match demand. But only if the policies in place do not restrict oil exploration, refining and production. Policies that do so only artificially drive the price higher.
Are you feeling pain at the pump? 

The Real Secret They Don't Want You to Know About the Economy

Putin and His MTV Moment as He Tries to Win the Russian Presidency

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Know the Truth About ObamaCare - You May Be Surprised

For All You Nancy Pelosi Lovers - The Dismantling of Nancy By J.P.Morgan


Last week we had the mispleasure of suffering a subdural hematoma or 7 after reading CA Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's formal response to the gas price shock, in which it became abundantly clear that the amount of heavy metals in the California water supply is directly proportional to the insolvency of said state. Yet the only thing better than the resulting cathartic post, which had over 57,000 reads, and hundreds of comments, is JPMorgan doing the very same to what some allege is the most corrupt and incompetent legislator in the history of the US Congress. Which, to our and our readers' utmost delight, is precisely what happened today, when JPM Private Bank CIO Michael Cembalest decided to clinically deconstruct her argument into its constituent utterly insane components. Below we present the carnage.
From JPM Private Wealth
Output from the Congressional Centrifuge
...House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following press release:
“Independent reports confirm that speculators are driving up the cost of oil, hurting consumers and potentially damaging the economic recovery. Wall Street profiteering, not oil shortages, is the cause of the price spike. In fact, U.S. oil production is at its highest level since 2003, and millions of acres have been cleared for additional development. We need to take strong action to protect consumers from this speculation. Unfortunately, Republicans have chosen to protect the interests of Wall Street speculators and oil companies instead of the interests of working Americans by obstructing the agencies with the responsibility of enforcing consumer protection laws. They have also repeatedly opposed our efforts to end billions of dollars in outdated taxpayer subsidies for oil companies enjoying record profits.

We support efforts by the Obama Administration to expand domestic energy resources, including natural gas and renewable sources like wind and solar that create jobs in America and will end our dangerous dependence on foreign energy supplies. This can be achieved because today, the United States currently has more oil and gas rigs at work than the rest of the world combined, and imports of foreign oil have decreased.

We call on the Republican leadership to act on behalf of American consumers and join our efforts to crack down on speculators who care more about their profits than the price at the pump even if these spikes harm the American consumer and our economy.”
I am of course not going to comment directly on this, for many reasons, including not wanting to spend my days at California’s solar-powered detention facility in Chuckawalla Valley. However, for anyone interested in the specific points raised in this press release, I have included some charts on the unfortunately binding constraints of science and energy economics. Enjoy.
Now let’s get to the interesting part. The press release implies that natural gas and renewable energy can reduce American dependence on foreign oil (“end” is the word used). This is an appealing proposition, particularly with Brent oil prices now 5 times higher than natural gas prices on a BTU basis. So, let’s assume that the US wanted to cease all oil imports from Venezuela, Russia and the Persian Gulf. This would reduce oil imports by ~30%. If Americans still wanted to drive around just as much, absent an increase of 2.8 million bpd in US domestic crude production, electricity would have to replace the foregone gasoline. Ergo: how much wind power or natural gas would be needed, assuming electric cars at 200 watt hours per km? And what policies would be needed on fracking, eminent domain, and subsidies for high voltage direct current power lines to transmit electricity at acceptable loss rates?
Note: the charts below only account for the foregone gasoline component of the imported crude oil. Gasoline is only around 45%-50% of total refined products. The US would also have to come up with suitable domestic or foreign replacements for the rest of the barrel: jet fuel, heating oil, fuel oil, lube oils, asphalt, etc. This topic is often neglected in discussions about reducing reliance on foreign oil: we do a lot more with it than just drive cars.

IRS Waging War on Tea Party Affiliated Groups?

There is definitely something fishy going on at the IRS. There are two groups that are in bitter battles with the IRS over tax exempt status and an inappropriate questionnaire asking what involvement they have with Tea Party groups.

From The Weekly Standard:

Claim: IRS Won’t Grant Richmond Tea Party Tax Exempt Status

The Richmond Tea Party group is blasting the IRS for allegedly failing to grant tax exempt status to the pro-limited government organization. “The Internal Revenue Service has served Richmond Tea Party (RTP) with unreasonable requests to obtain a tax-exempt status, fitting the pattern of the Federal Government’s forcing liberty groups to spend inordinate time and money complying with their demands during this critical 2012 election year,” RTP claims in a press release.

According to the Richmond Tea Party, here’s the process that led to the “unreasonable documentation requests” from the IRS:

On December 28, 2009, RTP applied to become a 501(c)(4) organization. After nearly ten months, the IRS finally responded with a letter (dated September 17, 2010), requesting detailed documentation to satisfy 17 questions, giving RTP only a two-week window in which to finish. (As the response was curiously due on the opening day of the inaugural Virginia Tea Party Convention, for which RTP was a central organizer, we requested and received a two-week extension.) We fully complied, providing over 500 pages of documentation. We received no response for over a year. Eventually the IRS sent a letter dated January 9, 2012, thanking us for our “complete and thorough responses” from the first request, but then asking us to answer 12 additional questions in 53 separate parts, including the totally inappropriate request for a full list of our donors and volunteers. We were given the same two-week timeframe for completion. It should be noted that this most recent letter was issued on the same day that the IRS issued a new 45-section bulletin regarding applications for tax-exempt status.

The IRS did not immediately respond to THE WEEKLY STANDARD’s request for comment.

Columbus, Ohio - The Ohio Liberty Council today announce that it would refuse to comply with an IRS request for information concerning the organizations application for non-profit status which has been delayed for the past 18 months. The IRS was informed in a letter today from Ohio Liberty Council President, Tom Zawistowski, that said “We find that your requests are unreasonable, overly burdensome, intrusive and possibly politically motivated and that they have little to do with determining our organization’s qualifications for non-profit status. Instead we believe that your requests force our organization to either forfeit our First Amendment Rights to Free Political Speech and Freedom of Assembly or deny us the non-profit status we are entitled to under IRS regulations. Neither of which is acceptable.”

The letter went on to say “Therefore, we hereby refuse to comply with your request. We have asked our Congressional Representatives to investigate your actions and intentions and we are exploring every legal means available to defend our rights. We answered all pertinent questions about our organization in our detailed original 1024 application in June of 2010 and see no reason why non-profit status should not be granted. We hereby request that our organization be granted non-profit status on the basis of that application without further delay.”

Zawistowski closed by saying “I defy any American to read this list of demands by the IRS and not be outraged. This is the kind of personal information that this government is going to be demanding from your church, your doctor, your hospital, your business and your favorite charity going forward. This isn’t speculation, these documents prove it is actually happening and will continue – particularly under Obamacare. Like the Catholic Church, we will not comply, we will resist with all our might, and defend the Constitution.”

The Ohio Liberty Council is a council of leaders whose purpose is to unite conservative grassroots organizations for greater effectiveness in the state and nation, and to provide resources for member organizations to strengthen their groups. The OLC currently has over 75 liberty-minded groups across Ohio who are members of its coalition.

The following is from Tom Zawistowski President Ohio Liberty Council:

IRS Document Shows Government Overreach
The document [below] is an actual letter from the IRS to the Ohio Liberty Council

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I am writing to share with you, and I am copying some of our state and federal “representatives,” so that everyone can get a first hand look at how our Government looks at our movement, and what they are intentionally doing, as a government, to stop us. First of all, I know that many Ohio liberty groups have been waiting for months and even years to get their 501(c) 4 corporation applications processed by the IRS. We need to incorporate to protect our groups from liability and 501(c) 4 is the legal category for which our groups best fit, because of the political nature of what we do and it’s nonprofit status. However, the government is not processing our applications which puts our groups at great financial risk until they are approved. As you will see below, this is no accident.

Many groups have filed what is called an IRS 1024 form to apply for Federal Tax Exempt Status so that we can do our income taxes. My own Portage County TEA Party has been waiting for over a year just to get a response from the IRS so we can file our 2010 tax return! In the attached PDF I share with you, the “Additional Information Requested” of the Ohio Liberty Council from our June 30th, 2010 application which we just received on January 30, 2012. Yes, they took a year and a half to respond to our application and they are giving us two weeks to respond back. As you will see, this is no simple request.

We have been told by people in Washington that the IRS is under specific instructions to delay and scrutinize any applications having to do with TEA Party or Liberty Groups. I ask our “representatives”, and your should be asking yours, when they are going to call the IRS in front of a Congressional Committee and demand to know if this is true, who has implemented this policy, and why?

I want you to share with all your friends and relatives, who think we are all paranoid about government intrusion into our lives, the attached PDF. Have them read what our government is asking from us, so that we, as a group, are able to have free political speech and be able to support the causes and individuals we choose to support. See if they think these requests are “reasonable”. Would they want me to share this information about them? These documents are real – not something from our imagination or from the Soviet Union. I have to respond to them if we want our tax exempt status.

It’s not just the absurd requests like “provide a hard copy printout of your organization’s website” and “list the social media outlets (you use to promote and publicize your organization) and provide hardcopy printouts of those outlets.” Take a look at how many pieces of paper that takes. They don’t just want the URL of our website, they want a hard copy, and yes they want us to fax it to them, not email a PDF – I am not kidding. How about asking us to provide a list of anyone we invite to speak to our groups, including their “qualification” and contact information, and provide hard copies of everything that was handed out, and a list of everyone who attends those events? You like that one?

How about wanting the “name, address, and corporate federal ID of all organizations that are members of our organization” or who attend one of our events? What does that have to do with our organization being classified as being not-for-profit? Do you think that is not government overreaching? Best of all, in the cover letter, they inform us that once we provide this information, they will then make it all public!!! Does this sound more to you like something the KGB would want to determine if you are a threat to the “cause” Comrade? You haven’t gotten the half of it. Print out the PDF. Then read it carefully, because it will scare you and then it will make you VERY angry.

These documents are what this Government has in store, not just for TEA Party groups, but for your business, your church, your boy scout troop, your gun club, your favorite charity, your doctor, your life. If we do not rise up and defeat Barack Obama and then REQUIRE the Republicans we elect to wake up and disassemble this big government machine that is bent on enslaving us all, we will all suffer the same fate of all the people in communist and socialist states throughout history who failed to demand and defend individual liberty. Show this to the people you know, who do not yet believe we should fear this government, in an effort to get them to join us in pushing our nation back from the brink of disaster, and on toward a renewed commitment to individual freedom and liberty. Together, we cannot fail.


Tom Zawistowski
Ohio Liberty Council

IRS – 1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Radtke Calls for IRS Investigation Over Tea Party “Assault”

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Michelle Obama says election is about "who we will be"

Joseph Gerth says Michelle Obama told a standing-room-only crowd at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage in Louisville Thursday that their vote in the November election is less about them than about their children and grandchildren.
"Truly, the choice we make will determine nothing less than who we are as a country, but more important it will determine who we will be," she said at the low-dollar presidential fundraising event for her husband, Barack Obama, in Louisville’s West End.
She added, that in November’s election Americans will "make a choice that will affect our lives for decades to come, and you’re here because you know that choice won’t just affect all of us, it will affect our children and our grandchildren."
In Cincinnati, Michelle said, "Who do we want to be? Will we be a country where success is limited to a few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off.”
She exhorted the supporters in the crowd to go to work for the re-election campaign.
"Will be let everything we worked for just slip away?,"" she asked.
Americans need to listen to these people. They will tell you what they are doing -- if you listen.
Michelle Obama clearly says the Obama agenda is to change who and what we are -- from Americans to Europeans -- from citizens to subjects.
And if Obama gets four more years -- to change his role to that of monarch.

Obama Movie Coming - Soon

Julianna Goldman is reporting that as Hollywood gathers this weekend for the 84th Academy Awards, President Barack Obama has recruited Oscar-winning documentary director Davis Guggenheim to again produce a short film for his campaign.
Obama’s re-election staff in Chicago spent $162,834 on the film last month, according to the January Federal Election Commission filing. Currently in post-production, the film focuses on the president’s first three years in office, according to a campaign official.
The film will be less than 30 minutes long and released in weeks, though the exact date hasn’t been decided, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The campaign is still considering how it will be used, the official said.
This is just the latest involvement with Obama’s campaign for Guggenheim, who directed "Waiting for Superman," a documentary about the U.S. education system, and won an Oscar in 2006 for "An Inconvenient Truth," which chronicled former Vice President Al Gore’s drive to raise awareness about climate change.
In 2008, the filmmaker directed a biographical film about Obama for the Democratic National Convention. He also was involved in a 30-minute advertisement that the campaign ran on three major broadcast networks in the closing days before the election at a cost of more than $3 million.
The money spent last month covers the major cost of the film’s production, though the campaign isn’t ruling out additional spending for the film, the official said.
The White House is denying rumors that the new Obama film will be called, "Superman Arrives," but admit they have selected the film's theme music.

Obama and Democrat Governors Conspire to Work Around the Constitution

Alicia M. Cohn is reporting that Barack Obama met with a group of Democratic governors on Friday and discussed plans to work around Congress toward policy goals.
Gov. Jack Markell, the Democratic governor of Delaware and the vice chairman of the National Governors Association, told The Hill that the meeting was "very good” and said many of the governors were responsive to ideas about bypassing Congress.
"There was a sense that none of us should wait, we can’t wait for things to happen in Congress,” Markell said of the meeting. "We’re going to do what we can do [now]."
Obama has positioned himself against Congress as he runs for reelection, arguing lawmakers are failing to solve the country’s problems. "Where Congress won’t act, I will,” he said in October when rolling out a series of executive orders aimed at creating jobs.
Obama has said that it would be so much easier to be the president of China.
"I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own." And in the same speech, "The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you."
This guy doesn't think like an American. He doesn't talk like an American. And he doesn't act like an American.

Libyan source warns of possible assassination operations against NTC (National Transitional Council) members

By Nicholas Contompasis
On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal's Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor's web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.
Emails can be found here on Wikileaks.

Breaking News - US Troops Gathering for Attack on Iran

Sun Feb 26, 2012
A report has revealed that thousands of US troops have arrived in the Yemeni island of Socotra for a possible military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.
The troops built up comes a few months after the announcement of the creation of a US Army base near Yemeni waters, Islam Today website reported.
This is while Yemen had said that it rejected a deal with Washington for having a temporary military base in the island.
Socotra, which is situated 80 kilometers east of the Horn of Africa and 380 kilometers southeast of the Yemeni coastline, lies athwart the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.
The United States has been quietly building giant air force and naval bases on Socotra since 2010 with facilities for submarines, intelligence command centers and take-off pads for flying stealth drones.
The secret Socotra facilities are never mentioned in any catalogue listing US military facilities in this part of the world, which include Jebel Ali and al-Dahfra in the United Arab Emirates; Arifjan in Kuwait; and al-Udeid in Qatar.
The US and Israel have repeatedly threatened Tehran with the "option" of a military strike, saying Iran's nuclear program may include a covert military aspect, a claim strongly rejected by Tehran.
Meanwhile, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has never found any evidence indicating that Tehran's civilian nuclear program has been diverted towards nuclear weapons production.

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The Lady Tells it Like it is - No More Apologies

The Best of Nick on Facebook

By Nicholas Contompasis

Remember, as gasoline marches towards $6 a gallon and you actually think twice about getting into your car. The Congressmen who don't condemn or stay silent on the Presidents energy policies are in on the plan to fleece the American consumer for additional taxes. You see most of what you pay at the pump is tax not the product. The higher the price the more tax they collect from you. Don't let this happen to you America. Vote Nick for President in 2012. - This message was approved by Nick

We have a President that ignores existing laws, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, issues executive orders when he doesn't get his way with Congress and plays golf while millions are still unemployed. Yet, he will not take responsibility for his countless failed policies that keep America on life support while millions go through their savings trying to just survive.
This shouldn't be happening to our great America. Vote Nick in 2012. - This message was approved by Nick.

Valerie Jarrett: "Unemployment Stimulates the Economy"
- and to think this woman is Obama's first in command - she's either one dumb broad or she's the biggest Marxist that's ever hit the White House. - N.P.Contompasis

Conservative talk radio works because it’s based on pure logic. Congressional political compromises aren’t based in logic. The American people can no longer ignore the illogical decisions that now control every aspect of their lives. The American people want logical decisions from their government. Vote Nick for President, a simple man with logical solutions for America.

This is how the liberals work. They overload the private sector with regulations and FINES. They make it so expensive for small businesses to operate they’re forced to close down. The need for the service escalates; people demand that the service be provided by anyone, so the government steps in to provide the service by making government even bigger. The government than provides half the service at twice the cost. They win you lose. Don’t let this happen to America, vote for Nick on Election Day.

Maybe it's time to get out of Afghanistan since Obama has turned our country's efforts over there into a low-level police action, when it should be treated like a war. Nick for President.

Nick loves Jews, Jews that will defend Israel. Vote Nick for President.

Marie Colvin a brave U.S. reporter was killed by President Assad's troops in Syria. Over 50 reporters have died this year already covering the civil upheavals throughout Asia and Africa. - N.P.Contompasis

Not one CNN statement about Obama's disastrous economic, social and foreign policy record. Pathetic. GOP should pass next time.
Jerry Brown bound for Washington, will meet with Obama - Gee, I wonder why, since the state of California runs out of money next month....... - N.P.Contompasis

Did you know you have only 9 months to sell off assets to pay estate taxes when you inherit. Goodbye family farms and businesses. You have to borrow the money or the IRS will lien on the property where it could be sold off for taxes in a public auction.
Only an idiot would vote for Obama and Democrats that changed a no inheritances tax to now the highest it's ever been. Vote Nick for President.

Logically speaking, the six islands that Obama gave away to the Russians look like they belong to them, not us.
Would you spill American blood over these cold-ass chunks of rock?
Congratulations America, you gave away the best medical care the world has ever had the honor of having. In the future they will say that the decline of medicine started in 2010. Yep, and you gave it away without as much as whimper.
Now, you still have a chance to get it back and stop the erosion, if you act fast. If you don’t, without incentives, in twenty years, hospitals will be old, rundown and attended by untalented technicians who will do the work that the best Doctors used to perform with accuracy. If you don’t, you’re condemning the next generation to a governmental meat grinder. – N.P.Contompasis

The solar energy industry in Germany is dead as a door nail. The German government has decided to end $120,000,000,000 subsidies to its failed green industry. America wake up before it's too late.
Remember every dollar your government takes from you, that's one less dollar for you and your children. Vote Nick for President

Why would anyone trust anything Liberals push when everything they've jammed down our throats has never worked? Save your hard earned money. Vote Nick for President!!!

Oh, and the rents to damn high!!!!
Democrat Congressmen George Miller from Northern California is a arrogant fraud who says he wants to save Medicare while voting to cut its funding by a half trillion dollars. He creates jobs only for his family members who now fleece the American taxpayers by taking millions from the federal government for their failing green energy companies. Energy prices are high now because of his Party's strangling of the domestic oil and gas industry, so to make green energy somewhat cost effective. It's all a big game to these guys is playing while the middle class is crushed. He should never hold public office again. - N.P.Contompasis

Obama kills domestic oil & gas exploration, because he need's higher energy prices to help his campaign contributors and family members of congress who are in alternative energy bilk the American taxpayer of billions!!! - Vote Nick for President

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The Tea Party and Its Members are in Danger

By Nicholas Contompasis
The United Nations, Multiculturalism, One World Order, Globalization, Internationalism, Agenda 21, Extreme Environmentalism and many more international organizations and movements are threatened by the American Tea Party. The movements first mentioned are global in scope, dangerous in reality. They threaten every concept of normalcy for most, of independent mind, in the West. This explains the pushback experienced over the past three years against the Obama Administration which have amplified the goals of these groups.  
These movements are no longer fringe groups scrounging for funding to survive. They now get most of their money and power from the Obama Administration. The money is supplied by, yes you the American taxpayer, foreign governments and wealthy dangerous individuals who have no country loyalty.
The rush for these groups to destroy the warm and fuzzy feeling of nationalism in the people of successful nations is dangerously insidious.  
The Tea Party in America does the opposite and is a counter force. They meet this new foreign threat head-on that’s out to fracture the American spirit and pride.
No borders, one world language, one currency, one economy and eventually one government with no preferential treatment towards wealthier countries are their goals. In the face of this stands the Tea Party, proud of America, proud of our history and proud of capitalism, the economic system that got us where we are.
The Globalization of the world is a noble thought but in reality most logical thinking people know it won’t work. Take the United Nations, “Please,” it’s a very rare occurrence when they all agree on anything, so why would this New World Order work?
The truth is that it can’t work, none of it will work, but many powerful people will make a lot of money off the destruction of successful nations while sending many countries into chaos with millions dead.
But the problem the Tea Party is facing this year at a pivotal moment of the Obama Globalization Movement is how hard the other side will push back? They need Obama in office to complete their mission. They have impressive resources and the will to do anything to stop the Tea Party resistance movement.
Let your imagination run, for the other side will look outside the box for the Tea Party’s Final Solution.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Best of Nick on Facebook

By Nicholas Contompasis
“These are the naïve words of a young college student by the name of Barack Hussein Obama in 1983, who is now about to gamble with the three hundred million soles of the United States, by demilitarizing and de-nuking our country. 
The ideals of youth should be left to one’s youth, for reality always trumps youthful idealism.” - N.P.Contompasis 

"Indeed, the most pervasive malady of the collegiate system specifically, and the American experience generally, is that elaborate patterns of knowledge and theory have been disembodied from individual choices and government policy. What members of Arms Race Alternatives (ARA) and Students Against Militarism (SAM) try to do is infuse what they have learned about the current situation, bring the words of that formidable roster on the face of Butler Library, names like Thoreau, Jefferson, and Whitman, to bear on the twisted logic of which we are today a part. By adding their energy and effort in order to enhance the possibility of a decent world, they may help deprive us of a spectacular experience--that of war. But then, there are some things we shouldn't have to live through in order to want to avoid the experience." - Barack Obama 1983
“History of this article - On September 11, 2008 this article was found republished by several news agencies not mainstream. It was obviously squashed by the mainstream media. It gained legs in January 2009 when he was about to take office. It appeared some were getting nervous. Nonetheless, this article was about a Barack Obama who at the time was siding with the communists in Central America and the Soviet Union while President Reagan was in the White House. OBAMA was one of the maggots in the streets working against his effective measures against communism. AMERICA WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???????????

“Now they have a sugar tax in Chicago......
Didn't this whole thing start, with a tax on TEA?
Didn't this whole thing start, in the middle of the night, with the dumping of that TEA from a ship into Boston Harbor?
Have we forgotten already why our country was founded, an oppressive government?” - N.P.Contompasis

“The main difference between the current Administration and myself is that I 
believe in the judgment of the American People. 
Have you noticed that you're now being treated like sheep? You can't even be trusted to feed your children properly. You have to be told how and what to believe, regarding your faith. You are now a danger to yourself and the general public. 
Your personal faith and confidence in yourself is now being attacked. 
This is dangerous territory America when a government treads into your personal 
value system. 
When a government feels its people can't be trusted to make proper decisions, 
"they" and only they decide who will govern. 
Vote for someone, who will insure that your better judgment rules our country, not 
some fraudulently elected tyrant!” – N.P.Contompasis

Federal Reserve policy is the only thing that stops this country from a default today, not tomorrow, today!!! If interest rates were allowed to float with true market forces our government would run out of money paying interest due on our debt. There would be no money left to run the country. Past and current governance has brought this financial calamity to the American people. Our society now lives on a day to day basis that's controlled by one man Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve. It's time for "REAL CHANGE.” – N.P.Contompasis

“Only from the Left will come an Adolf Eichmann, Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Dr. Josef Mengele PhD and an Adolph Hitler. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again America.” – N.P.Contompasis

“Oh I see Media Matters gets a tax exempt status which is the White House propaganda tool but little Timmy Geithner won't grant the Tea Party Tax Exempt Status. This is BULLSHIT.” – N.P.Contompasis

“If I was President I would keep Religion sacred, respected and out of the hands of government.” – N.P.Contompasis

“The greatest trick socialists in America ever did was to convince the American people they didn't exist! But they never fooled me. 
When I'm” President, I'll abolish the Department of Education and the Department of Energy. 
Oh and one more thing, I'll kick the United Nations out of New York. They can rebuild in Moscow or Beijing where I know they'll feel more at home.” – N.P.Contompasis

“Godless people make godless governments and godless governments have no respect for you, your family and your God given rights!!!” 
A President should protect you, your family and your God given rights from the government.” – N.P.Contompasis

“A Mom can feed anything she wants to her babies. There will be no Government Agents rooting through your children's lunch when I'm President. 
Mothers won't have to worry about the long arm of the government taking your children away from you because you put potato chips in their lunches!!!
Your children belong to you, not the STATE!!!” – N.P.Contompasis

“Gallup: Nearly half of small biz owners cite rising healthcare costs and gov't regulations as barriers to hiring.
“This is what I've been saying for three years. You ain't seen anything yet. Trust me many businesses will close down for being overly fined by the government. This is no joke.” - N.P.Contompasis

“Wake up Christians 
In attacking Catholic teaching narrowly on contraception, Obama seeks to divide the Church. And who runs Obama's campaign strategy, a Liberal Jew (Axelrod) and a Muslim (Jarrett)!!!! Dividing the church isn't a political move, it's just evil.”  - N.P.Contompasis

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A List of Obama's Many Lies

Lies During Third Year

I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever
Obama aided Islamic Extremists take over of Egypt/ Libya – Weapons pour into Gaza
Virtually every Senate Republican voted against the tax cut last week
“Every idea that we’ve put forward are ones that traditionally have been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.”
Like Raising taxes?
Obama met highly qualified out of work teacher Robert Baroz
He wasn’t out of work and Obama never met him.
GOP Responsible for Obama Jobs Bill Not Passing
Dems Rejected Jobs Bill
You have 80 percent of the American people who support a balanced approach. Eighty percent of the American people support an approach that includes revenues and includes cuts. So the notion that somehow the American people aren’t sold is not the problem
Gallup Poll: Only 69%
These are obligations that the United States has taken on in the past. Congress has run up the credit card, and we now have an obligation to pay our bills.
Looks like it’s been incurred mostly in the years of Obama

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best of Nick on Facebook

By Nicholas Contompasis

You see America; it’s going to be like this. As in the old Soviet Union, government will put so many regulations in place you won’t be able to move. When the web is finally finished they let out only the ones that agree with the spider. Want a good education at the spider’s university where you learn what he wants you to learn; the spider makes sure you have it. Want a good paying powerful job, the spider makes sure you have it. Want a nice house in a good location as long as you keep working for the spider and keep that web up, you get it.
But, if you step out of line and speak or act up against the spider, back you go with the rest who refuse to follow the spider, back to poverty and no hope for you or your family.
I’ll die before I let that happen to my country!!!!  - N.P.Contompasis 

Wake up America! This morning President Barack Obama met with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, the next President of China and this afternoon Obama announces a cut of 80% of our nuclear arsenal. 
China said we’ll continue to carry your massive debt as long as you disarm and Obama in an election year sold out our country’s security for himself by grabbing at the carrot on the stick. 
When will someone stop this madness? – N.P.Contompasis

Mark my words, if Barack Obama is reelected, by the end of his second term, he will outlaw homeschooling, he will force your children into his public schools led by the socialist Teachers Union, the SEI-Union will feed your children all three meals with Michelle Obama’s new organization overseeing its activities while she makes millions from it and you will have lost your children forever. – N.P.Contompasis

Mark this post - The Obama Administration is ruling as though we are going to lose two members of our Supreme Court. If I were the director of the FBI I'd triple the body guards on our conservative justices. No bullshit!!!! - N.P.Contompasis

Today President Obama described his budget as something "with a lot-ta lot-ta numbers."
This comment is so telling of the man's ignorance of financial matters and their importance. He speaks of the most important issue facing our country like a child just out of a sandbox. 
How can America recover from its second depression if the leader hasn't graduated from elementary school yet? - N.P.Contompasis

If Greece was armed to the teeth with nukes, would the EU be jamming austerity policies down their throat??? 
And when U.S.'s creditors come a knocking for their money, will they go away after we threaten to neutralize them? Is this our endgame??? - N.P.Contompasis

As you drift off to sleep tonight, ponder the things your government now won't let you do while it puts guns in the hands of Mexican drug-dealing killers at our border.

Let's call a spade a spade. Obama is a rogue President who ignores the Constitution, brakes the law, while doing damage to our institutions and wellbeing. He knows his decisions can only be changed by adjudication and that takes time, precious time, time which he uses to cause more damage to our country. He's wrong, he knows he is wrong, but he keeps doing it, why?
America, your number one enemy isn't in Tehran, Moscow or Beijing, he's sitting in the White House. - N.P.Contompasis

President Obama, stop lying to the American people. It takes 51 votes in the Senate to pass a budget, not 60. So don't blame not passing a budget for the past 1,000 days on Republicans. 
Oh and one more thing! You have run this country into the ground and will go down in history as the only President not to have passed a budget in his entire term in office. Our financial situation is out of control. Our country is out of control and you're out of control. - N.P.Contompasis