Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Americas

By Nicholas Contompasis

Sure, it's okay for America's population to shift from hostile overtaxed socialistic northern union controlled Democrat states to Right to Work states where the weather is better and jobs are more abundant. The more these northern states raise taxes the more they force their productive citizens South. The Democrat politicians of the North know of this population shift and approve of it simply because they are slowly weeding out their opposition, which gives them total control of the remaining union sheep and welfare recipients.
There is no future for independent free thinking people in these Northern states.
As an example, California once the juggernaut of growth, is now being drained by the state of Texas to the tune of four million residents over the past four years. New York is experiencing the same type of drain due to lack of jobs and very high taxes.
If this situation continues we will ultimately be faced with two Americas that hate each other. Is that what we want? Is this what our founding fathers expected from their future leaders, who now methodically teardown this beautiful creation?

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