Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Tea Party and Its Members are in Danger

By Nicholas Contompasis
The United Nations, Multiculturalism, One World Order, Globalization, Internationalism, Agenda 21, Extreme Environmentalism and many more international organizations and movements are threatened by the American Tea Party. The movements first mentioned are global in scope, dangerous in reality. They threaten every concept of normalcy for most, of independent mind, in the West. This explains the pushback experienced over the past three years against the Obama Administration which have amplified the goals of these groups.  
These movements are no longer fringe groups scrounging for funding to survive. They now get most of their money and power from the Obama Administration. The money is supplied by, yes you the American taxpayer, foreign governments and wealthy dangerous individuals who have no country loyalty.
The rush for these groups to destroy the warm and fuzzy feeling of nationalism in the people of successful nations is dangerously insidious.  
The Tea Party in America does the opposite and is a counter force. They meet this new foreign threat head-on that’s out to fracture the American spirit and pride.
No borders, one world language, one currency, one economy and eventually one government with no preferential treatment towards wealthier countries are their goals. In the face of this stands the Tea Party, proud of America, proud of our history and proud of capitalism, the economic system that got us where we are.
The Globalization of the world is a noble thought but in reality most logical thinking people know it won’t work. Take the United Nations, “Please,” it’s a very rare occurrence when they all agree on anything, so why would this New World Order work?
The truth is that it can’t work, none of it will work, but many powerful people will make a lot of money off the destruction of successful nations while sending many countries into chaos with millions dead.
But the problem the Tea Party is facing this year at a pivotal moment of the Obama Globalization Movement is how hard the other side will push back? They need Obama in office to complete their mission. They have impressive resources and the will to do anything to stop the Tea Party resistance movement.
Let your imagination run, for the other side will look outside the box for the Tea Party’s Final Solution.  

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