Monday, February 13, 2012

George Soros is Trying to Kill the Senate’s Attempt to Go Around the President on the Keystone XL Pipeline

By Nicholas Contompasis

This is an email that has been sent to your children’s teacher from George Soros’s organization Soros doesn’t want the pipeline to go through because he wants you to buy his oil coming from Brazil.
 All Union teachers are getting emails everyday on Leftist subversive movements that harm our country.

From: Robin Beck, Political Action []
Sent: Monday, February 13,
Subject: Undermining Obama's courage
"Senators: Block any efforts to revive the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline."
Sign the Petition!
Dear MoveOn member,
The U.S. Senate is about to undo one of our movement's biggest recent victories—and we only have 24 hours to stop them.
Last month, President Obama stood up to oil industry lobbyists, and threats from Republicans, by rejecting the permit for the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.
But as early as tomorrow, the Senate may vote to undermine the president's authority and greenlight construction of the pipeline without any environmental or economic review. As you read this, the oil lobbyists are tightening the screws on the remaining senators they need to get this thing passed.
To stop them, we need a remarkable response. That's why for the next 24 hours we're joining with dozens of organizations from across our movement to collect and deliver 500,000 messages to the Senate.
We don't have a second to lose. Can you sign the petition to the Senate right away and then share it with your friends? Click here to tell the Senate to say no to Keystone XL.
Twenty-four hours from now, a team in Washington, D.C., will march into the Senate with 50 giant boxes, each holding 10,000 signatures (or more!). It will be our voices against the dollars of the fossil fuel industry.
There is no way to build Keystone XL without accelerating production of the tar sands, and heavy tar sands oil creates three times more carbon pollution than conventional oil.1 In fact, NASA's top climate scientist says that the development of tar sands means "game over" for the climate.2
And when an inevitable spill happens, crude oil from Keystone XL would pollute the Ogallala aquifer, a critical drinking water source for American farms and millions of Americans in the Midwest. The truth is that the only people benefiting from this pipeline would be Big Oil—every single claim about the positive economic impacts has been proven false by independent review.3

That why for the next 24 hours, it's all hands on deck. Dozens of organizations are working together, and we will be joined by bloggers, media figures, and our celebrity allies to make our message unavoidable. But we also need to share this petition as far and wide as we can.
Click here to add your name:
Let's help make sure the Senate doesn't undercut President Obama's bold stand against the power of the oil industry.
Thanks for all you do.
–Robin, Elena, Carrie, Mark, and the rest of the team

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