Friday, February 10, 2012

Remembering CNBC During the Obama 2009 Spring Offensive

By Nicholas Contompasis

In the Spring of 2009 Obama and his fascists tried to muzzle CNBC, the most watched financial channel in the world. They had already taken over its parent company General Electric and its incompetent CEO Jeff Immelt in a financial coup d'├ętat. Obama knew that by changing the format of CNBC he would be sending a message around the world to his socialist friends that capitalism was dead.
It was obvious to longtime viewers that he had injected his political operatives on the channel in an attempt to further sabotage the image of our capitalist economic system.
But many on the channel stood up against Obama's Soviet style tyranny.
Everyday you could see on certain talking-head faces the seriousness of their situation and ours. You could see their personal struggle in knowing that one wrong word against the regime could end their careers. It was obvious to them and many in the audience, that whatever was going on behind the scenes, was deadly serious.
So, after three years of the new American fascism and the emergence of the resistance that sprung up to meet this threat to our liberties, I think it's time to honor those brave talking-heads by mentioning their names.
I'm sure Louis Rukeyser was very proud of them.

Rick Santelli
Jim Cramer
Charles Gasparino
Larry Kudlow
Joe Kernen
David Faber
Mark Haines (God rest his soul)

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