Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Master Plan for Global Equality

By Nicholas Contompasis

Is there a master plan for global equality? I think so!
I'll try and simplify my suspicions of an international scheme to realign the inequities that exist between richer and poorer countries.
But first some rapid fire understandings that surround this idea.
Politicians create massive sovereign debt to maintain power by giving the people everything they want.
For decades more advanced countries have used capitalism, some call it the new colonialism, to exploit poorer more uneducated parts of the world.
With new wireless electronic devices people in poor countries can now see just how poor they really are creating additional resentment towards richer countries.
These new wireless electronic devices now enable people in poor countries to talk to each other and the rest of the world, helping them to solidify ideas of revolution and solution.
The United Nations which is unofficially controlled by poor more socialistic countries, has been exploring ways (Global Warming) to tax more prosperous nations and pass it through to poor countries, of course after taking their share first.
This would empower a new global governance with taxing authority, adding another layer of governance over the world, with teeth.
The G-8 and G-20 now talk to each other and try to coordinate as a global economic system, rather than a protect your turf agenda.
Our current Eurozone fiasco has proven that pure capitalism can be sabotaged and discredited to the world.
Smart investors are now investing in world currencies because they know it's not how much money you make but what that money's worth, that's important.

With that said, if you follow most of what I've presented so far you can see a fundamental change occurring throughout the world. This, as you can see is a multifaceted ever-evolving phenomena that the world has never experienced and how we deal with it could determine the future wellbeing of mankind.
I know that sounds a bit profound, but when you really think about it, we are at a fundamental crossroad and our decisions made today could either doom or benefit civilization for decades to come.
Now, I'm not a socialist, I believe in a pure capitalist economy that benefits all based on ability. I believe in taking care of the ones that can't take care of themselves and helping everyone by providing a path to success through education and training without discrimination.
Nonetheless, we now in the Western more prosperous countries face an ever present hoard at the gates. This hoard really isn't a mob, but people who just want what we have. Some would take what we have, but others simply want the opportunity to achieve on a level playing field. Who can blame them, right?
The question is, do we dare continue with the same dominate and control policies that have raised our countries to prominence or do we relinquish our control, equalize the inequities between us before the hoards at the gate crash through?
This is where a master plan for global equality comes into play. You cannot have equality without a master plan to "redistribute." Oh, that horrid word "redistribute."
That word sends shivers through every 1%re's spine! But one has to ask how long can you run and hide as the world pursues you for your share when the hammer comes down?
Regardless, there is a global plan to redistribute and as long as the poor outnumber the well-off this plan will advance till they win.
We can lie to them, we can go along or we can fight. Those are the three hard choices our next few generations face as the world gets smaller and we all get to know each other.

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