Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Low Information Voter L.I.V. - America's New Burden?

The Low Information Voter - America’s New Burden?
It could be said that the majority of Americans now can be considered Low Information Voters. In other words, the majority of Americans either cannot or will not gather and digest the proper information to make intelligent decisions regarding their vote.
Is this a new phenomenon for America? It’s possible but not likely. America, for the most part, has been blessed over the centuries with relatively peaceful times. There have been few periods in American history when it was critical for the American Voter to thoroughly know and understand the issues they vote on.
But it seems at this time our country is at a crossroad and all that has made us a great nation is now being tested by seemingly un-American forces. It can be likened to an invasion of ideas, strange to most Americans and yet many don’t even see it. 
The problem we as Americans face is, do we want to go down this road of change? Many who are reading and researching these new forces, ideas, their causes and effects, are concerned and shocked that the majority of Americans have no idea it’s even happening, enter the Low Information Voter – L.I.V.  
This L.I.V. seems to be on overload with a daily barrage of mass media smacking them in the face every moment of every day. In a relatively free society as ours the L.I.V. gets to pick and choose what they listen to or watch during the day. There is no strict government mandates laid down for the masses unless you’re young and in a public school, which is another matter. But for the most part in America you still have the choice to turn a channel or a web page when you want. Unfortunately, it seems that L.I.V.’s aren’t interested in finding out anything but the latest score, new movie or song that’s out.
Since 2008 our new leaders have definitely steered our society in a direction that makes a very large and near majority in our country uncomfortable. Many look upon the L.I.V.’s as un-American but I think there’s much more to the appearance of their complacency. You see, it’s “distraction” that has this new voting class in America in a fog. They are the Low Information Voter simply because they’re distracted and are floating over the burning coals we all have to walk through every day. It’s so frustrating for most to see them hovering up there be-bopping on their IPods, but it’s true, they have chosen not to care and frankly don’t.
With the internet now in full force any topic if Googled can result in a mind-melt-down of massive piles of information. Who can blame them for not searching for answers when there is at least 10,000 websites on just the word “it”- thank you President Clinton.
So it appears that the Low Information Voter has checked out on reality and is blissfully floating somewhere between the ionosphere and space never to wake until it’s too late! They are America’s new burden, a burden we will have to shake up if we expect to save our country.  - N.P.Contompasis 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Politics of Food – This is a Warning You Must Not Overlook

A big chunk of most household budgets goes towards food. Although budgeting 15 to 20 percent of your expenditures towards food is acceptable, food spending for most Americans is closer to 13 percent of their overall expenditures. At-home food consumption accounts for almost 60 percent of all food spending, while Starbucks and the local cafe eat up the remaining 40 percent.
Total food expenditures for all food consumed in the U.S. was $1,240.4 billion in 2010, a 3.4-percent increase from $1,199.8 billion in 2009.
With ObamaCare now the law, it’s more important for our government to nationalize the U.S. food industry by literally allowing anyone to apply and receive food stamps. Once the vast majority of Americans are on government subsidized food the government will take over and control what you eat, how much you eat and where you get your food. And all under the guise of better health and lower health care costs. Can you say U.S.S.R. or do I have to explain that one to you also??? – N.P.Contompasis

Gay Marriage - Barbie-wanna-bees!!!

Make no mistake about it, the gay marriage thing is nothing more then an attempt to falsely illustrate a bigotry of organized religion and that those religions must be marginalized for there fatal flaw. All false and misguided thinking. 
It's interesting that the most important part of this gay marriage debate is not spoken of! 
The vast majority of gays do not warm up to organized religion since religions for the most part, thousands of year ago, looked upon the birth defect that is homosexuality as unnatural.
So, with the help of a corrupt Democrat Party they have found a voice to unleash their built up hostility towards our religions, thus a debate that shouldn't even be in the arena.
This explains Justice Scalia's frustration, that this is nothing more than a temper-tantrum from a bunch of Barbie-wanna-bees. - N.P.Contompasis

North Korean BBQ

Surprisingly, our Socialist Godless leader in the White House just could smoke the millions of misinformed low information citizens of North Korea simply because he would gain support from the right in our country thus sweeping the 2014 midterm elections. I always liked Korean BBQ but not a mindless Liberal Congress! - N.P.Contompasis

Fear of Reprisal !!!

Many wonder why I ask so many questions about Jews, both in Israel and the U.S. I tell them that Jews are important because my life could depend on my allegiance to the Jew relating to a possible war with Iran and most Muslim terrorist groups around the world.
They are also important in our governing, laws that are made, adjudicated and enforced in our country since Jews proportionately outnumber any other ethnic group in these areas including in our Congress, specifically the Senate, where they’re representation is at 16%. This can also be said of the capital formation industry, mass media and internet worlds.
So, I ask the tough questions that many shy away from in fear of being called anti-Semitic. It’s not anti-Semitic to ask questions that concern the wellbeing and future of your family and your nation. It’s American to ask question without fear of reprisal. – N.P.Contompasis


Is a U.S. President, that ignores and overrides our listed Constitutional rights for new international human rights, committing a treasonous act? - N.P.Contompasis

Listed Rights???

Are international human rights the same as our listed Constitutional rights? - N.P.Contompasis

Human Rights???

Is it now an international human right for anyone, no matter where they're from, to illegally immigrate to the United States or any other country they choose? - N.P.Contompaiss

North Korea

I know this may sound a bit abstract, but new added pressure and threats being exerted by North Korea could have something to do with the strain being felt by Iran through the ever crumbling of Assad's Syria. With Chavez dead now and the new axis of evil more vulnerable we could see some real stupid things in coming months. - N.P.Contompasis

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

9/11/01 Was It the Beginning of Our Decline?

Islam interprets the events of 9/11/01 as a turning point and the beginning of the decline of Western military and economic dominance around the world. Are they right?
The result of economic, political and military actions taken after 9/11, by the West, points to that conclusion. The West’s military actions in the Middle East and Asia have been effective in many ways, some good and some bad. But the overwhelming result has been an ever spreading hostility towards the West. Many point fingers at George Bush and Barack Obama, but that would be too simplistic. Most Western governments were and have been on board with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Now, after over ten years, even though the U.S. is out of Iraq and soon will be out of Afghanistan, this undeclared war has spread to over a dozen more countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to 9/11/01 you could say there was a relative normalcy in these areas, but not now. Why?
Whenever you connect the events of the past twenty years one cannot avoid the importance of 9/11/01. It seems that the actions taken that day and afterwards have led us towards a global collision with Islam.
The so-called Arab Spring across North Africa and most of the Middle East has ever weakened the West’s hold on the region. At this very moment millions of non-combatant civilians are desperately getting out of the way of this tectonic movement of cultures. There is an unreported migration of peoples who want nothing more than peace but are being dislodged from centuries old homelands into hostile new countries. Millions from Syria now live in Jordan and Turkey as they flee from a meat grinder that’s called the Syria Civil War. These people have nowhere to go except Europe. Western countries are now paying billions to keep these refugees where they are, but they eventually will end up in the West since there seems to be no real answer to this uprising of Muslim peoples. In addition millions of Christians in Egypt have and are now planning moves to anywhere there isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood.
This mass migration of Islam into a predominantly Christian world, while the countries left behind turn more radical, has so many ramifications it’s frightening to imagine.
There is no question that after 9/11/01 the West’s economic policies became reckless and self-destructive. With Europe’s economy now in recession after a weak recovery from the 2009 trauma and the U.S. economy in a constant near zero growth-pattern, it seems there’s no good news anywhere.
Yes, 9/11/01 was the beginning of the decline of Western military and economic dominance around the world, but can’t we also say that the rest of the world has declined in turn? There are no winners or losers, no shining stars rising from the ashes. There are just piles of ashes and they keep getting bigger…… – N.P.Contompasis 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hollywood the Censor - Amy Pascal - Sony Pictures

“How about next time, when any of us are reading a script and it says words like fag, or faggot – homo – dyke – take a pencil and just cross it out” – Amy Pascal Co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Last night at a sold-out LA Gay & Lesbian Center gala that raised $1 million for homeless gay and lesbian youth, honoree Amy Pascal asked the industry to scrutinize its depiction of LGBT characters in film and television.
So now censorship will be the order of the day in Hollywood. Remember Hollywood was a place where you did and said anything because it was looked on as an artistic license of expressing your true feelings, an uncensored freedom. Now Sony is basically saying they won’t put out movies that in any way smear “faggot’s, homos and dykes”!
Well, that’s very nice for those in their tutus and pink slippers but what about Conservatives in America who have been besmirched, denigrated, demonized and flat-out lied about for decades by these dream merchants. What about us???? Where’s that warm and fuzzy feeling Hollywood? You can’t go to a movie made today or the past ten or twenty years that doesn't have some negative reference towards Conservative thought or a past, present or future Conservative leader.
I had to laugh at the Left when they were shocked at seeing a lookalike of Barack Obama, their fearless leader of tax breaks and special privileges, when he showed up in the TV movie The Bible as Satan, PRICELESS!!!
How’s it feel, effective isn't it??? – N.P.Contompasis 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Trump - Burnett - Satan - Obama Connection

The Trump - Burnett - Satin - Obama Connection
Follow this line of thinking. Mark Burnett has been producing Donald Trumps show The Apprentice for almost ten years now. Trump is a huge cash cow for Burnett right, of course! 
Now, Mark Burnett produced the TV movie The Bible correct, and he was also involved with the choice of Satan who happens to look just like Obama, right!
We all know by now that Trump has a huge problem with Obama, right, right! It's not to much of a stretch to think that Trump and Burnett chose an Obama look-a-like as a spoof to mock Obama and the Liberal community, now is it???? - N.P.Contompasis

Politics in America

Politics in America isn’t supposed to be all-consuming. American Politics isn’t supposed to be a daily threat to our liberties. Politics isn’t supposed to be an eventual life or death experience for Americans. Politics in America for the average citizen is supposed to be a four year event. You vote for President and get on with your life without worrying about being disrupted by some government finger poking you.
After nearly five years of a Leftists government, the constant barrage of attacks on the average contributing American, who actually is paying attention, is starting to show signs of weariness. One has to wonder how much longer these Americans will wait patiently for a return to normal.
This constant poking of the common man by the Leftist Barack Obama and his underlings is reminiscent of third world dictators, not a first world super power, like the United States. This could explain part of that unsettled feeling most Americans are experiencing these days. It’s insulting and it’s so unnecessary, unless you, who are doing the poking, have ulterior motives!   
Politics in America needs to get back to normal pretty quick or the end result will rear its ugly head and truly transform our country from that once mighty super power to a third world country where skirmishes with government forces and those patient contributing Americans are a daily occurrence. – N.P.Contompasis 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Being White in Philly - The Article Heard Round the World

by Robert Huber

My younger son goes to Temple, where he’s a sophomore. This year he’s living in an apartment with two friends at 19th and Diamond, just a few blocks from campus. It’s a dangerous neighborhood. Whenever I go see Nick, I get antsy and wonder what I was thinking, allowing him to rent there.

One day, before I pick him up for lunch, I stop to talk to a cop who’s parked a block away from Nick’s apartment.

“Is he already enrolled for classes?” the cop says when I point out where my son lives.

Well, given that it’s December, I think so. But his message is clear: Bad idea, this neighborhood. A lot of burglaries and robberies. Temple students are prime prey, the cop says.

Later, driving up Broad Street as I head home to Mount Airy, I stop at a light just north of Lycoming and look over at some rowhouses. One has a padlocked front door. A torn sheet covering the window in that door looks like it might be stained with sewage. I imagine not a crackhouse, but a child, maybe several children, living on the other side of that stained sheet. Plenty of children in Philadelphia live in places like that. Plenty live on Diamond, where my son rents, where there always seem to be a lot of men milling around doing absolutely nothing, where it’s clearly not a safe place to be.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Obama Imposes Bank Balance Tax of 8.75%

Breaking News - (API) - (Washington D.C.) March 17, 2013 - President Barack Obama has by Executive Order imposed a 8.75% tax on all U.S. bank accounts. This includes investment brokerage accounts and 401-K accounts. 
The tax will be calculated based on the account values at close of business on Friday March 15th 2013. 
The White House has been silent on this matter and has not responded to numerous inquiries from the press. - N.P.Contompasis*

This is how it happens. This is what it looks like. This is how it feels! This is the kind of article you could wake up to some morning. It’s happening right now on the island of Cyprus just off the Southern coast of Turkey. The European Union is demanding full payment of a billion Euro bailout loan to the island. All deposits in banks will be taxed nearly 10%. All wire transferred have been cancelled and the Cypriot people are furious. Can you blame them, to be surprised in such a manner. No one was asked, the President just did it and it appears it will go into effect when their Parliament votes on it tomorrow Monday.
Listening to the German Chancellor speaking in German about this issue must add salt to the wound of islanders and Russians who have laundered much of their illicit gains onto the small island they now call their second home.
Getting past the obvious irritations it’s clear that Cypriots don’t pay their taxes otherwise the EU would be more humane in collecting their money. The tax rates in Cyprus are so high no one pays them and with low tax revenue the government is forced to “clawback” the money by simply taking it from savings and checking accounts.
This is a big deal and the deal is if this little trick works anybody with an ounce of sense will take their money out of all EU banks in countries that are having financial troubles like Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and even France. With the EU in an official recession this won’t help matters and could help slide Europe into a depression unless this is reversed. The haunting problem is that this one time Clawback will happen again and again until the government of Cyprus cuts its spending which most likely won’t happen to the liking of the unelected members of the EU.  
Here in the United States we could benefit for a short time, but even our country is headed for the same demise based on our current fiscal insane policies. This is bad, very bad, because it points out how socialized the European countries of the EU are. They are applying non-growth policies when they should be helping private sector growth by lowering taxes and eliminating oppressive regulations. That’s the direction President Obama should be going but isn’t. You would think he would just look across the pond and see what a huge mistake they made, but no, he barrels straight into the abyss with destruction dead ahead!
Should you pull all of your money out of U.S. banks? I don’t know if you should, but I do know what’s going on in Cyprus is nothing more than “NAKED SOCIALIZM” something a dictator would do like Stalin, Hitler or Chavez. They are all dead now, but their techniques are still alive and well and living on a sundrenched island in the Mediterranean.  – N.P.Contompasis   

Friday, March 15, 2013

Illogical Thinking is Now Mainstream - It's Official

University of Colorado at Boulder names conservative-studies professor from Heritage Foundation.
Since when does "logical thinking" have to be labeled a study like some obscure subject? 
Since illogical thinking has taken over our country and our educational system! 
- N.P.Contompasis

Geithner to Write Book

Geithner to write a "behind-the-scenes" account of financial crisis - 
And it all would be lies Little Timmy, because if you told the truth you'd go to jail along with all your friends at the fed and the Obama Administration. So save us the time and expense of putting out another fiction to quell the anger that's building in America over the fraud that's now called the U.S. economy. - N.P.Contompasis

We Will Be Attacked

Russia, Red China, Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, Syria, North Korea and various Middle Eastern and North African countries want us gone, off the face of the world map. The first two are enabling the rest to do their dirty work. How hard is this to understand????? The deploying of a defensive missile system by the Obama Administration on our Liberal Mindless West Coast should wake every Birkenstock moocher from their purple haze!!!!
- N.P.Contompasis

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope To Be Assassinated Within a Year


On February 10, 2012 this article was posted. Within one year and a day on February 11, 2013 the Pope announced his resignation.

This article was posted in the English newspaper The Telegraph on 10:39AM GMT 10 Feb 2012 By Nick Squires, Rome

The Pope will die within a year: Vatican 'assassination fears' revealed –

The Pope will die within the next 12 months, a senior Vatican figure has reportedly claimed amid fears of an assassination plot.
The sensational prediction was allegedly made by Cardinal Paolo Romeo, the archbishop of Palermo in Sicily, on a recent visit to China.
Cardinal Romeo reportedly made the startling prediction of the Pope's death during a trip to China in November 2011.
He seemed so sure of the fact that the people he spoke with, including Italian businessmen and Chinese representatives of the Catholic Church, were convinced that he was talking about an assassination attempt.

CPAC 2013 Schedule of Speakers and Events This Weekend

  CPAC 2013 Schedule

Some Highlights

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is scheduled to speak at CPAC 2013 today March 14th beginning at 1:30pm ET. 

Donald Trump is scheduled to speak atCPAC 2013 today Thursday, March 14th beginning at 8:45pm ET.

Sarah Palin is scheduled to speak atCPAC 2013 on Saturday, March 16th beginning at 12:00pm ET.

Obama is Watching Everything You Do

Let’s see, our government listens in and records our phone conversations, reads and stores our emails, tweets and Facebook posts. Most cellphones now have GPS which allows them to not only follow you in real time but can listen in on our private conversations. Just this morning it’s been announced that the CIA and other federal law enforcements agencies will now have access to your private bank account information and any unusual money transactions.  
So, if the government can now violate your privacy by knowing where you are, what you’re talking about, who you’re with and nearly what you’re thinking, what’s left? The ability to stop you!!!
And that’s where a massive fleet of armed drones comes into play. The old Soviet Union and other tyrannical states in the past pale in comparison to what’s going on with the American people. Stalin, Tito and Hitler would be green with jealously if they saw the technology that’s simply at the fingertips of Barack Obama.
It was just a week ago when a very courageous Senator Rand Paul stood up in the Senate to proclaim enough is enough. “You mean, you can now kill Americans in America without due process?”  Why wouldn’t the Obama Administration simply say that it was unconstitutional to do just that?
That’s why all of this is making the American people very nervous. It seems that Senators McCain and Graham have missed the point with their condemnation of Senator Paul. It’s not just the killing of Americans in America but about the entire laundry list I’ve mentioned.
Remember, you may somewhat trust the leaders that now hold these powers but what happens when those leaders are gone and replaced by not so very nice people??? – N.P.Contompasis 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

America Recoups 98% of Recession Losses - BULLSHIT !!!!

America Recoups 98% of Recession Losses – BULLSHIT!!!
Today’s Fed report that proclaimed American households reclaimed 98% of their losses incurred during the great recession that started in 2007-8 is more of Obama’s bullshit.
Yes, the stock market is at a new high and yes home prices are gradually recovering, but I would have to say this is probably the biggest lie ever put out by our government since the Warren Report on the assassination of JKF.
What the report fails to say is that most individuals jumped out of the market in 2007-8-9 and felt there was no need in jumping back in since the fundamentals were lacking, and they were right. Their 401-K’s are still in cash and still near the 2008-9 value. Retail stock investors have been sheepish over jumping back in for years now. The low market volumes have been proof of this. Is the Fed counting this, no of course not!
As for the recovery of home values, let’s get real. Millions have lost their homes and jobs and the way things are going millions more will in the near future.
It could be said that this report is the most insensitive irrational garbage that’s void of rational thinking. Yes the stock market is up and yes housing prices are up but most of America missed the stock market surge and a huge portion of Americans are now out of their homes and jobs.
Millions of middle class Americans have slipped through the cracks into poverty while the Fed masks it with a fake recover and a President that doesn't give a dam about anyone but himself. – N.P.Contompasis 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obama’s Stealth Takeover of Your Burrito or Food Stamps Obama’s Nationalizing the U.S. Food Industry and You Didn't See it Coming

Did you ever think that if America allows itself to rely on food stamps to subsidize their annual food bill they are gradually helping Obama nationalize the entire U.S. food industry.
With nearly 50,000,000 people on food stamps in America just think if everyone in America decided to take food stamps, the Obama regime would in essence control your money supply to buy food.
Here’s how the takeover works:

  1. With America totally dependent on food stamp subsidies the Obama regime would have control over how much you spent on food.
  2. With America totally dependent on food stamp subsidies the Obama regime would have control over what food you could buy.
  3. With America totally dependent on food stamp subsidies the Obama regime would have control over where you bought your food.
  4. With America totally dependent on food stamp subsidies the Obama regime would have the ability to know what you buy and eat.
With total control over your buying power, the government would gradually set up government food stores, where only food stamps can be used. These government food stores would slowly put an end to private sector corporations from farms, food processing companies, distribution networks and retail food stores just as ObamaCare is doing to private sector hospitals, doctors and health insurance companies.
You would only be able to buy government grown and packaged products. Obama’s government would take over the rich farm land of America for the good of the people who would demand the takeover because after all you can’t let the people starve. As in the failed Soviet Union food production would decline because of typical government inefficiencies and people would starve. If you’re over 65 your food stamp rations would be cut since you are no longer a productive member of the brave new world. Lines would be long for loaves of bread just as in the old Soviet Union. Government store shelves would be empty because of unionized worker strikes.
It’s time to start connection the dots. All bad things have a beginning and this is the beginning of a very bad thing that could destroy every American.
You know what they say, when it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, it ain’t broke and here comes the government to fix it.
What I find so interesting is that no one in America sees the danger in this Obama giveaway and eventual take over.
Remember, when government gives you something they always want something in return and it could be your life or your vote. So when it’s time to make that choice of taking food stamps or not, remember this article, please.  – N.P.Contompasis 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who the F**k is Richard Blum???

Who the f**k is Richard Blum??? Let’s get right to it. Richard Blum is the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein who has inside information on just about everything that trades on Wall Street. Both she and her husband have a net worth now exceeding $1,000,000,000. That’s right one billion dollars. Here is just a short review of Richard’s stock performance over the past year.

Richard Blum’s stock picks of the last year are an unsung success of 2012’s challenging investing environment. Though official return numbers have not appeared yet, Blum’s positioning achieved the highest average return numbers in the last 12 months, at 40.33 percent, according to GuruFocus.”

Now America, did you get 40.33% rate of return on your 401-K last year. I doubt it! This is just another example of the fleecing of America’s common man. Black, White Latino and Asian while we’re fighting their contrived wars with each other these bastards are getting mega-rich right under our noses.
Wake up America, we’re all getting screwed by these political elites and they don’t even have the common decency to hide it. Wake up America.

Oh, one more thing. Let's remember the very rich Senator Feinstein wants your guns in her new law. I guess she's worried the American people will wake up and hang them by their toes in the public square. – N.P.Contompasis