Sunday, February 28, 2010

If They Pass The Health Care Bill, What Then?

Well, now we wait. The suspense is killing me. They say they don’t have enough votes. Maybe they do have enough votes. Who cares? Most in this country care and most don’t want it. Are we going to wake some morning to find a national health care bill passed and signed by the President? That seems to be the way this congress works, backroom deals, middle of the night meetings and on and on as though they know America doesn't want this hideous bill but they keep attempting to jam it down our throats.
Okay, let’s just say they have the votes and they pass this bill, what then? Does the world come to an end? Will there be a revolt? Will the American majority come together and think of a way to just piss the hell out of its government? Yea, I think that’s what will happen.
If you’re furious with the government over a bill like this, what would you do to get their attention, since for the past year they have continually looked the other way? How do you get their attention? National strike, hunger strike, drive with your lights on, don’t pay your taxes, have more tea parties, lie down In the streets and stop traffic, boycott the government in some way? You know it’s a long way to Election Day in November and even then who knows what will happen. I know that’s not going to be enough for many of you patriots out there. So what’ll it be? Name your poison. Whatever we decide to do it has to be big, nonviolent and lawful. Maybe we should start looking into the nonviolent peaceful resistance movements led by Martin Luther King and Gandhi. So let’s crack open those history books or just Google the techniques used by these great resistance leaders.
I for one don’t think a desperate act such as this should be left unanswered. The American people will have to do something. There will be a need to do something so let’s not lose our cool by doing something foolish. It’s time for plan B so if you have the time please leave your thoughts as a comment.
Throwing tea overboard in Boston Harbor was our forefathers’ idea of resistance. What say you in the year 2010?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GENERATION ZERO the Movie That Will Move a Nation

The documentary that was shown at CPAC last week sent a chill up every viewer’s spine. Generation Zero, the title of this movie, if seen by every American, has the ability to change the mood of all America. The movie shows the reasons why we are where we are and explains how we can solve the many dilemmas we are facing. It is now available on DVD at .
Tonight on Fox Sean Hannidy interviewed Stephen Bannon the director and David Bossie the producer. If you have a chance check out this very important movie. Your country depends on it. Remember the missteps we make today could take our country generations to recover from.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Marco Rubio at CPAC Last Night




How to Balance a State's Budget With a One Page Law

If you watched Glenn Beck’s Show today, his topic was the pensions paid out to retirees throughout America. As he pointed out many of them are receiving over 90% of their full pay when they worked. Since when have retirees been entitled to 90% of their pay? This seems to be a new concept that with benefits you retire at a higher income then when you worked. My God, how did this happen? At this rate you will never solve state budget problems. There is now close to a two trillion dollar gap the states will owe retirees but have no money to pay. This means that all states are now insolvent with no real hope of surviving.
There are two simple ways to solve this problem but they are both painful and I’m not sure if politicians have the guts to do them.
The first would be to declare bankruptcy by the states and local municipalities. You then crack the union contracts and rewrite the pensions and salary requirements to a level they can pay for. That would be considered major surgery and would be a worst case scenario. New Jersey is headed in that direction.
Now, the easiest way to rectify this problem would be to tax all state and local pensions. A tax of 50% of all pensions and a 25% tax on all current state and local employees pay would be mandated. That’s right current government employees would get a pay cut of 25%. This would immediately start paying back the money needed to states for their survival. If a state has no income tax, they would declare a special tax and withhold it at the state level. The balance would be sent to the retiree and employee.
The federal government through the IRS would do the same for federal workers and retirees. That’s right again a 25% pay cut for federal employees.
All of this could be done as a one page law, not like our 2,000 page health care bill and just could possibly save our country.
Thus, by simply at the state level in every state, the legislatures would pass a law taxing and instituting mandatory withholding at the source on all government employees and retirees. We then would have a fighting chance at saving our states and our country.

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio 2/19/10 Austin Texas Pilot Killed IRS Collection Manager

The Left Watch What They Do Not What They Say

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Obama Declares Martial Law on Capitalism By Executive Order

Based on this new executive order to be signed by President Obama tomorrow he will declare martial law on the American financial industry by over regulating it to the point of stagnation. This is what he means by eliminating the business cycles in capitalism. That is socialism plain and simple. This one order would destroy American Capitalism as we know it. Beware America and beware other countries that trade with America, for this could be the end as we know it.
[Federal Register: February 3, 2010 (Volume 75, Number 22)]
[Presidential Documents]
[Page 5481-5483]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access []

Presidential Documents


Title 3--
The President

[[Page 5481]]

Executive Order 13530 of January 29, 2010

President's Advisory Council on Financial

By the authority vested in me as President by the
Constitution and the laws of the United States of
America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. To help keep America competitive and
assist the American people in understanding and
addressing financial matters, and thereby contribute to
financial stability, it is the policy of the Federal
Government to promote and enhance financial capability
among the American people. Financial capability is the
capacity, based on knowledge, skills, and access, to
manage financial resources effectively. In order to
develop this capacity, individuals must have
appropriate access to and understanding of financial
products, services, and concepts. Financial capability
empowers individuals to make informed choices, avoid
pitfalls, know where to go for help, and take other
actions to improve their present and long-term
financial well-being.

Sec. 2. Establishment of the Council. There is
established within the Department of the Treasury the
President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability

Sec. 3. Membership and Operation of the Council. (a)
The Council shall consist of:

(i) the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of Education, who may
designate a senior official from each of their respective departments to
perform their Council duties; and

(ii) not more than 22 members appointed by the President from among
individuals not employed by the Federal Government, up to three of whom
shall be selected by the President on the basis of their experience in
academia or similar research experience related to financial education and
financial access.

(b) Members of the Council shall include
individuals with relevant backgrounds, such as
financial services providers, consumers, access
advocates, and educators. Members of the Council
appointed by the President pursuant to subsection
(a)(ii) of this section, may serve as representatives
of individual industries, trade groups, public interest
groups, or other organizations. The composition of the
Council shall reflect the views of diverse
(c) The President shall designate a Chair and a
Vice Chair from among the members of the Council
appointed pursuant to subsection (a)(ii) of this
(d) Subject to the direction of the Secretary of
the Treasury (Secretary), the Chair shall convene and
preside at meetings of the Council, determine its
agenda, direct its work, and, as appropriate to deal
with particular subjects, establish and direct the work
of subgroups of the Council that shall consist
exclusively of members of the Council.
(e) The Vice Chair shall perform:

(i) the duties of the Chair when the position of Chair is vacant; and

(ii) such other functions as the Chair may from time to time assign.

Sec. 4. Functions of the Council. To assist in
implementing the policy set forth in section 1 of this
order, the Council shall:

(a) collect information and views concerning
financial capability from:

[[Page 5482]]

(i) officers of executive departments and agencies (including members of
the Financial Literacy and Education Commission established under title V
of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, Public Law 108-159);

(ii) State, local, territorial, and tribal officials;

(iii) financial services providers and consumers, financial access
advocates, and financial literacy educators;

(iv) experts on matters relating to the policy set forth in section 1 of
this order; and

(v) such other individuals as the Secretary may direct;

(b) advise the President and the Secretary on means
to implement effectively the policy set forth in
section 1 of this order, including means to:

(i) build a culture of financial capability by promoting messages and
lessons about sound financial practices as broadly as possible;

(ii) improve financial education efforts directed at youth, young adults,
and adults in schools, workplaces, and other settings through innovative

(iii) promote access to financial services;

(iv) promote the private-sector development of financial products and
services benefitting consumers, especially low- and moderate-income

(v) educate consumers about effective use of such products and services;

(vi) identify the most important basic financial concepts and actions
individuals need to understand and perform to be financially capable;

(vii) identify effective financial education approaches and methods for
evaluating the effectiveness of financial education approaches; and

(viii) strengthen and enhance coordination between public and private-
sector financial education programs;

(c) periodically report to the President, through
the Secretary, on:

(i) the status of financial capability in the United States;

(ii) progress made in implementing the policy set forth in section 1 of
this order; and

(iii) recommended means to further implement the policy set forth in
section 1 of this order, including with respect to the matters set forth in
subsection (b) of this section; and

(d) where appropriate in providing advice and
recommendations, take into consideration the particular
needs of traditionally underserved populations.

Sec. 5. Administration of the Council. (a) To the
extent permitted by law, the Department of the Treasury
shall provide funding and administrative support for
the Council, as determined by the Secretary, to
implement this order.

(b) The heads of executive departments and agencies
shall provide, as appropriate and to the extent
permitted by law, such assistance and information to
the Council as the Secretary may request to implement
this order.
(c) Members of the Council:

(i) shall serve without any compensation for their work on the Council; and

(ii) while engaged in the work of the Council, may be allowed travel
expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by law
for persons serving intermittently in Government service (
5 U.S.C. 5701-
5707), consistent with the availability of funds.

(d) The Secretary shall designate an official
within the Department of the Treasury to serve as an
Executive Director to supervise the administrative
support for the Council.

[[Page 5483]]

Sec. 6. Termination of the Council. Unless extended by
the President, the Council shall terminate 2 years
after the date of this order.

Sec. 7. General Provisions. (a) Insofar as the Federal
Advisory Committee Act, as amended (5 U.S.C. App.) (the
``Act''), may apply to the Council, any functions of
the President under the Act, except for that of
reporting to the Congress, shall be performed by the
Secretary in accordance with the guidelines issued by
the Administrator of General Services.

(b) Nothing in this order shall be construed to
impair or otherwise affect:

(i) authority granted by law to a department or agency or the head thereof;

(ii) functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget
relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

(c) This order shall be implemented consistent with
applicable law and subject to the availability of
(d) This order is not intended to, and does not,
create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural,
enforceable at law or in equity, by any party against
the United States, its departments, agencies, or
entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any
other person.

(Presidential Sig.)


January 29, 2010.

[FR Doc. 2010-2419
Filed 2-2-10; 8:45 am]
Billing code 3195-W0-P

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio 2/17/10 Press Red Title Below

The Left Watch What They Do Not What They Say

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

States' Rights - The New Battleground

As time goes by I’ve come to realize the importance of states’ rights to the American people. If you’ve noticed, Republicans are now winning the coveted gubernatorial seats of many states around the country. On the national scene these positions seem to be a bit mundane for the power brokers in Washington and have been overlooked by many who are seeking a higher power. But don’t be fooled by these somewhat forgotten positions. In the coming years these governors will be on the front line in the battle to dominate state governments by the centralized federal juggernaut.
These governors will have to resist federal dollars and programs that will try and draw them into a web of a more socialist government coming out of D.C. Our forefathers realized that an over dominant federal government will eventually destroy the country itself. Many historians have correctly pointed out that the United States would have imploded already if it were not for our states rights.
As Tip O’Neil once said “all politics are local” and so they are! The people now are voting for Republicans who hopefully will resist this new tyranny coming from an unsuspected place, Washington D.C. President Obama just may have overreached in his attempt to control the states. More people are waking up to this diabolical scheme to control every aspect of their lives. The federal government wants to control everything you eat to how you insulate your home. They don’t like salt in your food along with trans fats, what next, sugar, of course.
The congress is looking into passing the biggest destruction of states’ rights by passing a health care bill that will send tentacles into everyone’s financial and personal lives.
So it’s even more important for this new breed of governor, like the ones in New Jersey and Virginia to succeed. One should watch closely what happens in New Jersey especially as Governor Christie attempts to unwind one of the biggest messes any governor has ever been handed. For the brave governors and the people who vote them in will be the real heroes that will save our country. Make no mistake, we are all in trouble, and to overlook this very important part of our government would be a huge error. Just as the federal government swooped in and took over banks and car companies they are looking at our states as the next big takeover and you should be very concerned.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio Show 2/14/10 Press the Red Title, then Press Stream

The Left Watch What They Say Not What They Do

Obama Blows It Again

This information was just pulled off the News Wires. It appears that President Obama has had a breach in his security again. First the party crashers and now we have the President's candid emails besmirching Senator John McCain along with half of the American people and all of the military. He mentions in the included email that half of the American people are sniffing carbon monoxide. In other words, they are all high on fumes because they don’t think that gays should serve openly in the military. Something even the military agrees with. Hmm... interesting, I guess this means that the President thinks the military is high on the same fumes.
He also mentions John McCain’s crippled arms from hanging by them for days in the Hanoi Hilton handicapped him from defending himself in a snowball fight by the west wing staff.
Hmm... again, not very presidential, Mr. President and pretty damn stupid.

All the president's emails: Sasha Obama; Robert Gates; the White House staff
Oliver Burkeman
The Guardian Features Sun 14 Feb 2010 21:00 GMT
In a unique experiment in democratic transparency, Barack Obama – a BlackBerry owner, and the first American president to use email while in office – has agreed to copy G2 in on his otherwise highly confidential electronic communications. Each week, we present a selection from recent days:
To: Sasha Obama Subject: Re: Hillary
Sweetie, that was such a lovely thought of yours to send a little note to Hillary saying how pleased you were that Bill was out of the hospital in time for them to spend Valentine's Day together! I'm sure it'll be much appreciated. Now, just to explain about the Clintons, I'm not sure whether they actually will be spending Valentine's Day together, like your mom and me. But that's just because they're both very busy people, so sometimes it's hard for them to see each other as much as they'd like!
xx Dad
To: Sasha Obama Subject: Re: Re: Hillary
Yeah, that's a fair point – your mom and I are very busy people too. Look, I'll try to explain the difference sometime. Don't worry for now. xx
To: Robert Gates Subject: Re: New CBS poll on Don't Ask Don't Tell etc
Wait, wait, what? A much larger proportion of Americans support "gay men and lesbians" serving openly in the military than "homosexuals" serving openly in the military? That's ridiculous. Sometimes I think half the people in this country need to check their homes for low-level carbon monoxide leakages. So do you think we could push this through with 100% Republican support if we said it was about "confirmed bachelors" and "ladies with close female companions"? Jeez. BHO
To: All White House StaffSubject: Snow closures
All — We seem to be through the worst of this now, and I'll expect everyone to be at work as usual from tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, though I'm sure we all had a good chuckle at Harry's joke about how a bit of snow was no worse than the Republicans when it came to paralysing Capitol Hill – nice one Harry! – I'd also urge a return to the due seriousness of government. Whoever threw a snowball at John McCain out of the East Wing window yesterday was out of order: he can only throw underarm, so he could hardly be expected to defend himself. I know it's hard to retain one's composure when every other GOP senator is claiming that the snow proves Al Gore was lying about global warming. But we need to set an example, and calm down. The Dalai Lama is visiting next week, which should help – the world's two calmest leaders under one roof
Warmly (!), Barack

Friday, February 12, 2010

Leaders of Our Country Take Note

Leaders of our country take note. Do not mistake the good nature of the American people for an uncaring spirit. This would not be wise. For mild mannered people are only whispers away from the spirit of the tiger. The dangers we now face are of your doing and only you can undo them.
Our forefathers are now leaning on all of your shoulders, ever pressing. You must now undo the sinister web you’ve weaved around our great country before it’s too late for all of us.
We the people trusted you to use your judgment to guide our country and protect it. But unfortunately you have now betrayed America, yourselves and all who dwell within.
So, now is the time for all to redeem themselves, in front of all who trusted you. Yes, now you must fall upon your own swords or feel the cold steel of others.
“Once more into the breach, my friends, once more. We'll close the wall with our dead. In peace, nothing so becomes a man as modesty and humility, but when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger, summon up the blood, disguise fair nature with rage and lend the eye a terrible aspect.”

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bush Visit's Wounded at Ft. Hood - Obama Objects

The doctor had his TV on in his office when the news of the military base shootings came on. The husband of one of his employees was stationed there. He called her into his office and as he told her what had happened, she got a text message from her husband saying, "I am okay." Her cell phone rang right after she read the message. It was an ER nurse, “I’m the one who just sent you a text, not your husband. I thought it would be comforting but I was mistaken in doing so. I am sorry to tell you this, but your husband has been shot 4 times and he is in surgery."The soldier's wife left Southern Clinic in Dothan and drove all night to Ft. Hood. When she arrived, she found out her husband was out of surgery and would be OK. She rushed to his room and found that he already had visitors there to comfort him. He was just waking up and found his wife and the visitors by his side. The nurse took this photo.
What is even better is the fact George W. Bush heard about Fort Hood, got in his car without any escort, apparently they did not have time to react, and drove to Fort Hood. He was stopped at the gate and the guard could not believe who he had just stopped. Bush only asked for directions to the hospital then drove on. The gate guard called that "The president is on Fort Hood and driving to the hospital." The base went bananas looking for Obama. When they found it was Bush they immediately offered escort and Bush simply told them to shut up and let him visit the wounded and the dependents of the dead. He stayed at Fort Hood for over six hours and was finally asked to leave by a message from the White House. Obama flew in days later and held a "photo" session in a gym and did not even go to the hospital. All this I picked up from two soldiers here who happened to be at Fort Hood when it happened. This Bush/Obama/Ft. Hood story is something that should be sent to every voter in the US

Monday, February 8, 2010

Obama, Iran and We The People

China and Russia are the West’s last stumbling blocks in forcing Iran out of their nuclear bomb plans. Even after Obama’s world apology tour these two other superpowers are doing nothing to stop Iran from acquiring nukes. After all they both sell everything to Iran while sopping up any and all oil profits the country makes. I find it fascinating that President Obama actually expects the two largest countries in the world to care about our interest in stopping Iran. Why would any logically thinking leader feel that they would agree to such a plan? It’s obvious to even me, an amateur at world domination, that these two thug countries only wish we would simply go away.
Wouldn’t the world be a much better place for Russia and China if we weren’t out there espousing human rights and civil liberties to their uneducated, unsuspecting populace. After all they then could abandon the fake capitalism they practice and go right back to pure grade communism and a totalitarian state.
This is the part that President Obama doesn’t understand and shows his naiveté about the world at large. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that godless people make godless governments, and godless governments have no respect for their own people’s lives. Thus the problem! Do you think either of these giant countries do, or have ever in history, cared about their own people? The answer to that one is made up of far too many footnotes in history of mass murder the world has ever seen. Both Russia and China have killed tens of millions of their own people over just an idea called Communism. Why would they stop now?
So, if the governments of the West, who are trying to stop these maniacs in Iran, really care about their own people they will stop Iran with or without China and Russia. I think that this is the part of the chain of logic that disturbs me the most. I can understand the thinking of Russia and China but not our government. Does our government, now led by leftist ideologues and progressives, not care about “we the people” ?It appears so if you follow the chain of logic which leads me right to the doorsteps of the White House.
This revelation should frighten every American. Has this new regime in the District chucked the value of human life out the window in favor of looking the other way while maniacs prepare to destroy us?
After all if you’re working on a percentage basis, which most totalitarian governments do, the loss of 50,000,000 citizens are a drop in the bucket in any nuclear exchange, right? Wow, when are the American people going to wake up? When it’s too late?

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Address to the National Tea Party in Nashville

To my fellow members of the National Tea Party who have taken the time to meet here in Nashville, I commend you. For you are the true lovers of liberty and the people who America can always count on. You’re the ones who unselfishly take up arms to defend our country in time of war. You’re the citizens who don’t need the government to tell you to live a responsible life. You’re the people who love our country with all your heart.
It has been a trying year for all freedom loving Americans and you have made the difference in a sea of political corruption, anti-American and anti-God rhetoric. All of the work you have done this year has sent the message loud and clear. You’re done with business as usual in Washington. The party is over. The mini monarchies of Senators and Congressmen with their endless reins in congress are over. They’ve set themselves up as false gods and this will end, now.
The majority of people too busy to join us but continue to raise children and work hard to support their families will be there when it’s time to vote these destructive politicians out of office.
Your hard work over the past year has not been ignored. You have shaken the marble halls of congress to its core. Every congressmen from the Senate to the House of Representatives who once mocked you, now fear you and rightfully so. For you are the people, you are the power that has been overlooked for so many decades. Now, is your time, now is the peoples' time to take the government back from the false monarchs and pompous egos. You are shining the cleansing light of day on the socialists, communists, liberals and progressives in our country.
Some say we are starting a third party and some say we will destroy the Republican party's attempt to defeat the Socialists in congress and the White House, but I say “we don’t need no stinking party.“ We are the people. You are the majority and you're now being heard and feared. You are overthrowing the political slave masters that are destroying your country. Good job America.
And I have a special message to all of the Republican congressmen and congressional hopefuls,”We are watching you.“ If you step out of line we will end your career in Congress. If you raise taxes we will end your career in Congress. If you don’t cut government spending we will end your career in Congress. We don’t care about your big ass tent, we will end your career in Congress. If you don’t follow the bible, we will end your career in Congress. If you don’t defend our country, we will end your career in Congress. If you think you will get rich off our tax dollars, we will end your career in Congress. For you serve us, not the other way around. So let’s get this straight you work for us or you are gone, gone in a New York minute.
So, I’d like to thank all of the patriotic delegates from around the country who took the time to be here in wonderful Tennessee. May God bless all of you and our country. Now go get em!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Obama Death Spiral

The swearing in of Senator Scott Brown today is the official beginning of the end of the Obama Administration. For the last 12 months it was the American people who awoke every morning from the hangover of the prior day’s insanity, than to be faced with a new day of Socialist mismanagement and chaos. We thought it would never end as Obama and his fellow idiot congressmen rushed towards the edge of their own political cliff.
Now, it’s the democrats that are waking up with fear in their eyes. Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff is only days from resigning because of comments made about the hard-line supporters of the President, calling them “fucking retards” which no truer words have been spoken but nonetheless, not a very nice thing to say.
The health care and cap and trade bills look as though their dead for now, so the majority of Americans can breathe a sigh of relief. We now have the misplaced terrorist trials headed out of New York to most likely the middle of an Illinois corn field. Speaking of Illinois, based on primaries for the illustrious President’s senatorial seat, indications are, it could go to a republican. Big surprise, after all, most of the democrats running against the Republicans are either under investigation or soon to be. This was further proof that the Massachusetts miracle still had plenty of legs. To add to this, polls keep tumbling for all democrats in congress as more American people wake up.
What is now glaringly obvious to most Americans is the Presidents propensity to lie. This character flaw seems to be the final death nail in his political career. Not even his followers can tolerate this fatal imperfection that is now affecting their own credibility.
But the biggest development that most political analysts seem to be overlooking is the silence. The silence coming from the left is leaving the President swinging in the breeze. These supporters of the President are looking for the exits as on a daily basis the Administration fumbles just about everything. This silence is now becoming a problem for him. Up until now he’s had just about everyone supporting and promoting his agenda. Now they see his agenda and they’re not so sure that he’s the great messiah most expected. The President is now out there on his own, in a slow death spiral. He’s now alone and is running out of friends to blame his mistakes on. The President is now famous for throwing everyone he knows under the bus for his own missteps. So it looks like nobody wants to be the next victim of this inexperienced, egocentric, ideologue.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Question's About Your Country You Should Be Answering

Sometimes you can spark more interest by simply asking a question. So, what I’ve done is list a few questions that I think every American should be trying to answer. If you really care about your family and your country this exercise could help organize your thoughts. Many questions I know you can't answer. Just remember these are questions at the heart of our national debate which someday could turn violent. So, what you think about these issues matter.
Does the national debt matter to you?
Does who is holding our national debt matter to you?
Does the value of the US dollar matter to you, and why?
Does your standard of living matter to you?
Does the national debt affect your standard of living?
Does it matter to you how many workers are in the government and private sectors?
Does it matter to you how much tax you have to pay from your hard earned wages?
Does it matter to you who are the leaders of your country?
Does it matter to you how your children and grandchildren will live?
Do you care about the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and have you ever read them?
Do you care about your identity as an American and if so, do you feel it should continue?
Do you feel your government is protecting you against our enemies?
Do you feel happy about your government?
Do you feel our government is corrupt?
Does what’s being taught in public schools matter to you?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

President Barrack Obama is a Liar

Everything that comes out of this president’s mouth is a lie. What a sad thing to say about the leader of your country. Yes, but it’s true, he lies about everything. He lies even about his lies. I’ve actually lost track of all of these lies. I watched him and marked down his promises and visions for America during the campaign. I followed his promises during the first year of his Presidency and he lied continually over and over again.
When I listen to him during his speeches he says things that are flatly not true. I know because I’ve researched his statements and they make no sense in a world of factual reality. The lies just ooze from his skin, as he smiles and pretends, as though the country has no problems, well at least not his problems.
I think most Americans are now starting to figure this out and are watching him speak but not listening to what he says. After a while most people will eventually just turn to another channel. That will be the day and its coming soon enough, that this presidency will be truly dead, but will it?
This has happened to virtually all dictators and tyrants throughout history. The people simply stop listening because the promises are never kept and the lies keep masking the truth. But, when that happens something else occurs that’s not very pretty.
Historically, you the people will be ordered to listen to their crap. You, and I say you because, by that time I’ll be in the mountains smoking cigars, growing a beard and organizing the resistance, while you're being marched out to your local stadium for national simulcasts starring the Grand Poobah.
This may be the unfortunate future for the American people if we don’t stop this insane governing. Reality and truth must guide this country not greed and lies.