Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obama Signs Secret Executive Order

Yesterday in the midst of the Rush Limbaugh heart attack scare President Obama signed another one of his stealth executive orders. Not 30 miles apart from each other on the small island of Oahu we have the two most influential people in American politics congregating under the same full “Blue Moon.” We have one in the hospital fighting for his life with the other telegraphing al-Qaeda’s next move to the world.
“ANTHRAX” is the next move by our Muslim friends from the east. Of course it is, after all, why would the President of the United States issue an executive edict to utilize the U.S. Postal service to deliver antidotes to citizens attacked by biological chemicals? That’s right, for some reason in the midst of his vacation out of nowhere he’s worried about “ANTHRAX.” Hell, I always think of “ANTHRAX” while I’m laying on the beach soaking up the rays. Are you kidding me Mr. President, are you kidding me!
Well, let’s see we've just captured a terrorist in Detroit trying to blow up one of our commercial planes and now not a week later he’s signing orders to deliver medicine to the dying people of America.
I don’t know about you but from now on, I think Ive got a damn good reason not to open my mail, what do you think?
From the New York Rag today.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- If the nation ever faces a large-scale attack by a biological weapon like anthrax, the U.S. Postal Service will be in charge of delivering whatever drugs and other medical aid Americans would need to survive.
In an executive order released Wednesday, President
Barack Obama put the Postal Service in charge of dispensing ''medical countermeasures'' to biological weapons because of its ''capacity for rapid residential delivery.''
While most likely unrelated, the release of the executive order comes less than a week after a man with alleged ties to al-Qaida tried to bring down a Detroit-bound U.S. airliner. In recent days, Obama has sought to assure the public that his administration is doing what it can to protect the nation from terrorist attacks.
Under the new order, federal agencies must develop a response plan that includes possible law enforcement escorts for Postal Service workers and gives anthrax ''primary threat consideration.''
Anthrax made headlines in the weeks following the 2001 terrorist attacks when letters containing the substance were sent to lawmakers and news organizations.
The spores killed five people: Two Washington, D.C., postal workers, a New York City hospital worker, a Florida photo editor and a 94-year-old Connecticut woman who had no known contact with any of the poisoned letters. Seventeen other people were sickened.
Obama says his decision to give the Postal Service a role in responding to a widespread biological attack won't supersede the authorities of other agencies.

New Network of Terror Schools in America ?

This is an article from Fox News Houston that speaks of possible contact points for terrorists in the U.S.
Al Maghrib (almaghrib) is a network of schools in the United States that seem to be strategically positioned around our major cities and points of interest. I did notice that they have a presence in Ontario Canada with boarder schools in Michigan and New York. Look out if your living in other states like California, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Texas,
Like I mentioned in past articles relating to the Ft. Hood attack by Major Hasson, the terrorist was attending a mosque that may have been networking with the Al Maghrib School in Houston. Let’s not forget that the kingpin to both Ft. Hood and the Christmas Day attack is the terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki who is now operating in Yemen. It will be very interesting to see who supports this school. It wouldn't surprise me if we see some friends of Barack Obama on that list.

HOUSTON - An Islamic Education Network with offices in Houston is confirming that terrorist suspect Umar AFarouk Abdulmutallab did attend an seminar here in August of 2008.
We now know something about Abdulmutallab's visit to our city. Perhaps more importantly, it's what we don't know about his visit here which could be of concern.
AlMaghrib is a not-for profit organization that provides courses on Islam throughout the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.
It's main headquarters is here Houston. But no one from the Houston office was available for interviews.
According to information emailed to Fox 26 News, by AlMaghrib's chairman Irtiza Hasan, Abdulmutallab did attend a conference in Houston the first two weeks of August 2008.
Hasan says records confirms that Abdulmutallab registered for the conference in April 2008, paid in July and then notified AlMaghrib of his flight arrangements. Those flights are listed as arriving in Houston from London Aug.1 and returning to London Aug. 17.
The conference was called the Ilm Summit and held at a local hotel. On-line documents describe the Ilm Summit as directed towards Western Muslims, teaching such subjects as Islamic history, sciences and managing Islamic Centers.
Local terrorism expert Mike Fjetland said federal authorities have a lot of questions to answer regarding Abdulmutallab's visit.
"What was he really doing? Who did he really meet while he was here? Was he checking out potential targets, for example."
According to Fjetland , Abdulmutallab had his U.S. Visa since June '08--just months before he arrived in Houston.
"Anytime someone like him makes a stop someplace it's for a purpose. And I think the purpose is more than attending religious school for two weeks," Fjetland said.
Hasad said his organization is working with all authorities on this and will continue to cooperate. Al Maghrib is not considered an accomplice to any terrorist organization or activity.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

UPDATE 12/31/09 - Rush Limbaugh - Heart Attack - Hawaii?

"Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh is in the hospital in Hawaii in serious condition according to Rush, 58, was taken to to Queens Medical Center from the Kahala Hotel complaining of chest pains.
According to TMZ the hotel took great pains to keep the matter quiet and took him out of the venue via a back exit of the resort.
Rush Limbaugh has had a history of health problems from addition to pain killers to his weight.
According to KITV in Honolulu, Rush Limbaugh said he was taking medicine for back pain. He was sitting in a chair in his ninth-floor hotel room when the Kahala Hotel emergency team arrived to help him. He will remain in the hospital Wednesday night. Reportedly, his closest friends and associates are at his bedside.
Limbaugh was seen golfing at the Waialae Country Club next to his hotel earlier in the week. "
From the San Francisco Chronicle

UPDATE 12/31/09

Doctors say he may not have had a heart attack. Rush is resting quietly in his hospital room. It looks like he's stable and doing well.

As I perused comments coming over twitter its astounding how many people from the left wish Rush would just die. I find this ironic since these same people want to run our health care system. Remember the majority of the employees in this system will be union members directed by the democrat party. Their feelings towards conservatives and other free thinking U.S. citizens are slanted. Who's to say that some day when this system is in force the socialist from the left order the termination of Republicans, conservatives or libertarians, so to slowly eliminate the opposition. Who's to say? More outrageous things have happened.

America needs Rush more now than at any time in his broadcast career. It would be a tragedy for conservatives in our country and all Americans if anything happened to Rush Limbaugh. Prey that he is well.

Sherlock Holmes - Do We Have a Friend in Hollywood?

I just saw the movie Sherlock Holmes and came away wondering, do we have a secret friend in Hollywood? To my displeasure I've found Hollywood to be a vast waste land of disinformation and subliminal leftist messaging directed at my conservative mind. It’s become downright insulting and if you’re not paying attention, they can be pretty successful with young kids, with minds full of mush. So I figured, what could they do to my childhood hero, Sherlock Holmes, after all he’s a character from the turn of the last century that solves mysteries with his “Monk” like deductive reasoning.
The movie is action packed with a villain by the name of Lord Blackwood (Obama) who’s intention is to control England by killing everyone in Parliament and utilizing his cult followers (leftist Democrats) to rule the country. The statements that Lord Blackwood makes are reminiscent of some of Obama’s. The Lord’s intention is to take over England and then rule the world as “a new order. “ To add to all of this, Lord Blackwood is resurrected from a death by hanging to the amazement of the country. Now, this God like figure has England mesmerized.
It’s Holmes job, played by Robert Downey Jr., with the help of Dr. Watson played by Judd Law to stop Lord Blackwood. As you watch this movie you can’t help but think that the guy who wrote it watches Fox News.
As the movie climaxes with the English Government about to be destroyed, hoards of citizens are rioting outside of Parliament, wielding Christian Crosses. This is hinting at the many angry American Christians who are feeling like Obama has abandon Christian America.
Downey’s energy eventually wins the day and saves England from the evil Lord Blackwood. Now, wouldn't it be nice if we had our own Sherlock Holmes to save the country?
I’ve embedded the trailer for your viewing. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

القاعدة هي "غاي توظيف الرجال المسلمين" عن "هجمات الإرهاب"

لا ، ليس هذا هو صورة عن جوهرة النيل الذى دور البطولة في فيلم عام 1980 الذي يحمل نفس الاسم مع مايكل دوغلاس كاثلين تيرنر. هذا هو مواطن امريكى وهو كاتب مسلم ، عفوا يعني الدين يزيد في اليمن التي جزء من "القاعدة". ويعتبر خبير في كيف نحن هنا في الولايات المتحدة تعمل. انه تم استهداف الولايات المتحدة الاسبوع الماضي بواسطة طائرات بلا طيار في اليمن. وذكرت التقارير الأولى أنه قتل بيد أحدث التقارير الصادرة إنه لا يزال على قيد الحياة و التشغيل. إذا قمت بالاتصال النقاط أنور بن - Awlaki المسؤولة عن الهجوم هود تلقوا الهجوم يوم عيد الميلاد في ديترويت. Al-Awalki من ما يمكن رؤيته هو بنشاط بتجنيد الشباب المسلمين مثلي الجنس على عمله القذرة. المهاجم في ديترويت يبدو من الواضح أن مثلي الجنس. وكما ذكرت في مسبقة المادة "غاي الإسلامية الإرهابية هود تلقوا." "العديد من المثليين في العالم الإسلامي نعلم أن حكم الإعدام على الاعتراف يجري مثلي الجنس. يجب إرسال بالذنب من غير المناسب في دينهم صارمة هؤلاء الرجال وحيدا و متباينة جدا إلى وضع ارهابية انتحارية كلاسيكية. هي كثير من الارهابيين الانتحاريين المسلمين المثليين الذين يبحثون عن وسيلة لإنهاء حياتهم بكل احترام في نظر الله. مع العلم أن هذا قمع مشاعرهم الداخلية يمكن يوما ما يعرض عليها ، فإنها تختار تقصير حياتهم التي تلزم نفسها في قضية اسلامية راديكالية. في نهاية المطاف يذهبون إلى مقبرة لهم مع العلم أن أسرهم فخورون التضحيات التي قدموها. هذا توازن الملتوية والمرضى جدا الرجل يحاول أن يكون جزءا من شيء وهم يعرفون انهم لا والطلب اعطاء واحد هو النفس له الله. "البحث عن مزيد من المهاجمين القادمين من هذا الجناح غاي المنظمة الإرهابية المسلمين القاعدة المعروفة باسم GWMATO. من يدري قد علينا فقط الهجوم القادم من توتو يرتدون وردي يرتدي الإرهابية مع قنبلة منقوشة paisley مربوطة إلى الخصر. عفوا ، وقد فقدت بلدي محامل الصحيح سياسيا أو ؟

Was the CIA Standing Down on Christmas Day?

Today, the Wizard of Oz (Obama) released an audio clip of his voice from Hawaii in between 18 holes of golf. I guess he’s now ruling by voice only. I hope the next tape is more uplifting.
He attacked the entire security network responsible for the protection of the American people. If he’s going to attack them, why isn't he attacking himself, since he’s their boss? I wonder how long the Wizard of Oz is going to continue to govern from afar. He can’t keep voting “present” forever, or can he? As President Harry Truman once said “The buck stops here” and he was a democrat! Maybe, this President feels no need to be responsible for his own actions and lack of action.
It’s maddening how this guy continues to coldly appear to be governing our country.
With that said, Obama’s tone today sounded more like ………. Drum roll please……… paranoia! Yep, the Wizard of Oz is now feeling like he’s being set up by the guys that had a long talk with him months ago, the CIA. If Obama feels that the CIA is standing down on terrorist attacks, is that not an attack on his administration, it sure is.
As you examine this fiasco of a terror attack, it seems that everybody messed up, even the terrorist. Do you really think the CIA and their friends just let this guy get through for no damn good reason?
If Obama is thinking right, which I know he is, he knows that his attacks on the CIA in the past, which prompted a visit to the White House by all past directors for 40 years, “are coming home to roost.” This is where the paranoia comes in.
Obama knows that if this is a message from the boys in the shadows, he knows they could stand down when it comes to his personal security and safety. It’s common knowledge on the” left” that the security network that protects the President stood down for JFK and we know how that ended, don’t we?
So, since the Wicked Witch of the North has it out, for the Wizard he might want to click his heals like Dorothy did to get him back to Kansas. Whoops, that’s a red state isn't it? Well, anywhere but here, right Wizard? I think the jig is up Mr. President! Maybe it's time to start acting like an "American."

The Mystery of the Christmas Day Terror Attack

Late last night while watching Fox News, a passenger on the plane of the failed Christmas day terrorist attack was being interviewed when he mirrored the statement shown below by attorney Kurt and Lori Haskell. Now, this is a second eye witness that said there was a second arrest from this flight. I’m sorry for not getting his name because it happened so quickly and Fox News is not listing the interview on their web site.
"FBI also arrested a different Indian man while we were held in customs after a bomb sniffing dog detected a bomb in his carry on bag and he was searched after we landed. This was later confirmed while we were in customs when an FBI agent said to us ‘You are being moved to another area because this area is not safe. Read between the lines. Some of you saw what just happened.’(The arrest of the other Indian man). I am not sure why this hasn't made it into any news story, but I stood about 15-20 feet away from the other Indian man when he was cuffed and arrested after his search."
OK, we have an second eye witness of a second arrest and a bomb sniffing dog targeting his bag, so where’s the news. Not even Fox News is adding to this interview, why? Why is the news not reporting these eye witness accounts from reputable sources?
Maybe the Obama Administration is getting such a black eye over the handling of this incident that they've shut down releases or expansion of the story that would fuel added criticism. They have to admit this whole thing has turned into a huge signal to the American people that this administration could care less about your safety. The lackadaisical attitude of the Homeland Security Administration’s head was very telling as she stumbled over her ridiculous disinformation. One thing is sure, Janet Napolitano must go.
By the way the Detroit office of the FBI has just issued a statement stating that Mr. Haskell and his wife don’t know what they’re talking about. Can you spell “Grassy Knoll?”
As for this unreported arrest something stinks. My fellow bloggers and I will stay on this story till it’s fully explained. By the way, whatever happened to that man who locked himself into the bathroom of the same flight two days later? Hum, another black eye the American people aren't supposed to know about? Not very transparent, Mr. President!

Monday, December 28, 2009

al-Qaeda is Recruiting Gay Muslim Men for Terror Attacks

No, this is not a picture of the Jewel of the Nile who starred in the 1980’s movie of the same name with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. This is a U.S. citizen who is a Muslim clerk, oops I mean cleric, over in Yemen who is part of al-Qaeda. He is considered an expert on how we here in the U.S. operate. He was targeted by the U.S. last week by drones in Yemen. First reports said they killed him but later reports issued stated that he was still alive and operating.
If you connect the dots Anwar al-Awlaki is responsible for the Ft. Hood attack and the Christmas day attack in Detroit. Al-Awalki from what I can see is actively recruiting gay Muslim youth for his dirty work. The attacker in Detroit seems obviously gay. As I stated in a prior article “The Gay Muslim Terrorist of Ft. Hood.”
“Many homosexuals in the Muslim world realize that it would be a death sentence to admit to being gay. The guilt of not fitting into their strict religion must send these very lonely and disparate men into a classic suicide terrorist mode.
Many Muslim suicide terrorists are homosexuals who are looking for a way to end their lives respectfully in the eyes of Allah. Knowing that this suppression of their inner feelings could someday expose them, they choose to shorten their lives by committing themselves to the radical Muslim cause.
In the end they go to their graves knowing that their families are proud of the sacrifice they have made. This is a very sick and twisted balance of men trying to be a part of something they know they cannot and a demand to give one’s self to his God. “
Look for more attackers coming from this Gay Wing of the Muslim al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization known as GWMATO.
Who knows we just could have the next attack from a pink clad Toto wearing terrorist with a paisley patterned bomb strapped to her waist. Oops, have I lost my politically correct bearings or what?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is Percy Sutton Another One of "Obama's Trail of Death?"

Today President Obama released this message on the passing of Percy Sutton the 89 year old attorney who was instrumental in getting him into Harvard. Remember, the school that won’t release his records. Sutton was friends with Dr. Khalid A-Mansour a fellow Muslim (who lives 140 miles from Ft. Hood in Texas and is a Black Muslim who defended Malcolm X) and Prince al Waleed of Saudi Arabia (ranked as the richest and most influential Muslim in the world).
Sutton spilled the beans on Obama during his Presidential election efforts by releasing a video on YouTube, which is included in this article, of him being interviewed. He explained how he helped Obama get into Harvard and helped him raise monies from Prince al Waleed. As you can see Obama has been strongly influenced by the Muslim community around the world. He is a Muslim sympathizer and possible enabler of its radical wing. Obama used al Waleed’s money and Sutton’s influence to get into Harvard. Why are all of these Muslims helping a supposedly Christian student get into Harvard? I think the answer is obvious. Of course, the mainstream media was missing in action on this story during the election.
I know Mr. Sutton was 89 years old but it seems that many people from Obama’s Chicago days and school days are ending up dead. Is Percy Sutton another one of “Obama’s Trail of Death?” Could it be that Percy Sutton was more and more a liability to the President? As you watch the video I’m sure you can see the problem President Obama had with Mr. Sutton.
President Obama :
“Percy Sutton was a true hero to African Americans in New York City and around the country. We will remember him for his service to the country as a Tuskegee Airman, to New York State as a state assemblyman, to New York City as Manhattan Borough President, and to the community of Harlem in leading the effort to revitalize the world renowned Apollo Theater. His life-long dedication to the fight for civil rights and his career as an entrepreneur and public servant made the rise of countless young African Americans possible. Michelle and I extend our deepest condolences to his family on this sad day.”

It's Time For Janet Napolitano to Go !

As President Obama “dithers” in Hawaii, his nonexistent war on terror seems to be inconveniently rearing its ugly head, again. Now we have a second possible terrorist attack in Detroit within two days and again a no show from “The Anointed One.” Where the hell is he?
I imagine he is just a little embarrassed about all of these attacks. I guess his friends over at Al Qaeda didn't get the memo about standing down against America since we, now want to kiss and make up.
Is this President a fool? As these attacks keep occurring, let’s not forget the non terrorist attack at Ft. Hood. This fool of a President and his foreign policies are becoming the laughing stock of the free world. This President has with his actions and deeds given Muslim terrorists the green light to attack with vigor. Terrorist know that when captured they will be treated with kid gloves, given three squares, a lawyer and let’s not forget a personal publicist.
He is now managing the “War on Terror” like he’s managing our economy, from afar.
This morning on CNN from San Francisco our “Lesbian” Head of Homeland Security, Janet Ann Napolitano slipped up by saying she took action within an hour and a half before the President knew of the first terrorist attack in Detroit. She also said that everything worked well to stop the attack. What the hell was she smoking over there in the Castro?
I find it interesting why it took so long for the President to be notified by even Napolitano. I didn't know Hawaii doesn't have phones.
Where was the President, that he couldn't be informed about the first terrorist attack in Detroit? Who was he meeting? Was he even in Hawaii? These are all questions that should be answered.
Maybe it's time for Janet to say bye bye and let's get somebody in there that can protect the American People.
As the clock keeps ticking on an Israeli attack on Iran this week, Iran wants to “bring it all home” for Americans, by funding and directing these continual terrorist attacks on our homeland. Don’t expect this to stop. There could be literally 100’s of similar attacks coming in the next few weeks. Iran has many operatives here in America which will be used to upset our normal business and civilian operations, so expect anything, anytime and anywhere

Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to Stop Muslim Terrorism in America !

Legally declassifying the Muslim religion is imperative to the security of America. As Muslim terrorism continues to grow and becomes more brazen around the world, we here in the U.S. have to change how we recognize this and any religion that allows, supports or does nothing to stop a radical wing of its religion.
Freedom of Religion is part of our bill of rights but gives these and any radicals of any religion the cover to operate and undermine our society. It should be unlawful for any religion to sit by idly as its radical wing continues to operate. It should be important that any religion that has such a maverick wing should police its own flock and work closely with local and national authorities in snuffing out said radicals.
If you sat by and observed a rape by your friends, of a woman, you would go to jail. The law makes you partially responsible for the act if you take no action. This legal logic should be applied to religions with punitive actions. By losing nonprofit status these groups would be legally declassified as a religion and relegated to a cult. At that point the cult would loss all protection under the Bill of Rights and would be treated as if it was a biker gang and could be prosecuted under the RECO Act.
This is the only way to stop what is happening in Europe where the Muslim populations are now a real threat in mass to most major European countries. We here in the U.S. have a growing Muslim population which is not yet a threat but as it grows it will grow faster than Christian birth rates.
Under the Obama administration many more Muslims are being allowed into our country, which should be stopped. Until new laws policing this out of control religion are made, no Muslims should be allowed into our country. Every Muslim is a potential threat either by their act or lack of action and Americans must stay vigilant.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas - Terror Alert - 12/25/09

Today, Al Qaeda, from Yemen authorized an attack on America by attempting to blow up a US air carrier. A 23 year old Abdul Mutallab also known as Umar Farouk Abdulmutalib was apprehended by a passenger while he was attempting to ignite a liquid explosive. He is now with U.S. authorities being questioned. The White House finally has admitted that this is a terrorist attack. Of course this can’t be, since we no longer have a war on terror and any actions such as today’s is called something more mundane.
This seems to be a retaliatory strike against America, after last week’s attacks on Al Qaeda training camps in Yemen killing dozens of terrorists.
I feel that this is just the beginning of many smaller attacks against American interests. It is general knowledge that there are thousands of Muslim terrorists out there that will sacrifice their lives for this distorted religion. This person was on a terror watch list but did get through by boarding at a foreign airport destine for Detroit.
Things are about to heat up over in the Middle East this coming week with the imminent attack on Iran by Israel.
A very important piece of information was released today coming out of Saudi Arabia. It appears that the Kingdom has given Israel the green light to go after Iran’s nuclear facilities. Coupled with the shipping of the new US bunker busting bombs to Israel an attack is expected before the end of this year. That’s right within 6 days.
We all know that Hezbollah have people here in America and any attack on Iran will result in attacks on our home soil.

“The Horror, The Horror” - National Health Care from Colonel Kurtz

If you have no idea who Colonel Kurtz is, watch the YouTube video attached and see one of the most important scenes in film history.
With the Health Care Bill about to be part of the American landscape, good or bad, there will be many changes and they will happen quickly.
One of the most important changes that no one talks about but is looming out there like an impending storm, is the unionization of American doctors. These are the unorganized sheep of modern medicine who are laying on the tracks while a train is headed for them. They are sitting ducks for the professional Union bosses who are protected by their commander in chief President Obama.
I find it humorous that the media and the government expect to short change the doctors of America by cutting their reimbursements thus cutting their income. Not so fast, Mr. Obama, not so fast Union bosses.
What makes them think that American doctors will fall into line under the umbrella of democrat controlled Unions.
American doctors have the money and the influence to create their own Union, unaffiliated from other manipulated unions. They don’t need other unions to strike, all they have to do is "just do it" and the government will write the check and so will you and your bosses.
This is going to be “The Horror” of the new health care plan for the people of America. Now, that we have successfully alienated the one occupation that is suppose to be our friends, friends that have our lives in their hands, our government forces them to get tough.
So, nice job, U.S. Congress, nice job President Obama, thanks for “The Horror.” I’m sure Colonel Kurtz would be proud of you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Senator Baucus Drunk on the Senate Floor Today

Today the chief architect of the national health care bill was found drunk as a skunk on the floor of the U.S. Senate. As he slurred and schlepped his way through a barely stand up speech to the Senate. He seemed obviously drunk and almost repentant for the sin he is about to put upon our nation.
It’s interesting how the ghosts of our forefathers are watching over us as they slowly destroy these maggots called Senators, these Senators who say they represent the people, the maggots who very shortly will feel the pain of failure and the agony of defeat.
Watch as Senator Baucus reveals his inner most turmoil as he attempts to make futile arguments to justify this horrendous bill. Watch as you see the destruction of a Senator.

World Markets Will Tumble On This News

Today one of the most anticipated leading economic indicators was released that will send the stock markets worldwide into a downward spiral.
I received this information in the form of an email from a rather astute financial analyst who called this economic decline three years ago. I thought it would be important to share his email with you and if I could ask you for your opinion of the data.
12/23/09 Email
"Just went out to give my garbage man his annual tip and some cookies my wife made. He brought up the economy so we began to chat.

He said over the past year his route has gotten easier and easier. We live in an area 25 miles outside of SF that requires one of the smaller trucks to drive up the windy hills. He drives a 4-ton Waste Management truck he used to offload 5x a day last year. Now he offloads 3x a day. I said "you mean you are transporting 40% less trash!?!". He said "that's probably about right". He said that just 4 months ago he was offloading 4x a day and trash doesn't usually drop going into the Holiday's. He said he won't know about the Holiday's until after Xmas but if Thanksgiving is any indicator, it won't be anything like last year. He said this Thanksgiving was a breeze compared to last.

Thought it was interesting."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

National Strike January 20th 2010

Word is spreading over the Internet like wild fire of a National Strike on January 20th 2010, near the day President Obama is to give his first State of the Union address to America. People are being instructed to call in sick or just not show up for work as the anger towards America’s leftist government continues to grow. On that day many tea party demonstrations are planned to protest the Administrations continual denial that more jobs are needed for the masses.
Many Americans have been asking how I can make a statement to show my displeasure with this government. Why aren't they listening? How can we get their attention?
Well, this is the way. By not showing up to work on Wednesday January 20th 2010 you will be sending a clear and present message straight to the Oval Office. Congress will be watching also as services slow down and many come to a halt.
This is the technique that Gandhi and Martin Luther King used to get the attention of governments that ignored the majority.
You see, it doesn't take violence to change things when you’re the majority. Any majority is capable as long as they communicate and coordinate properly.
So, let’s get with it and spread the word to derail Obama’s mockery of our constitution and our heritage. Let’s make the headlines read “National Strike Sends Obama into a Tizzy.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Did you see that? Did you hear that? Did you see the exchange between Senator Joe Lieberman and Senator (I use this title loosely) Al Franken yesterday on the floor of the U.S. Senate?
One could almost feel the daggers piercing Franken’s slimy leftist lizard skin as Joe replied to Franken’s insulting comment.
“OH REALLY” he glared with a smile.
Also, did you see the first one to come to Joe’s defense? Here comes Republican John McCain to the rescue as he slams Franken and the far left in a direct statement condemning the new divisive tone in the Senate.
I sure wouldn't want to be Franken. Franken won his seat by using the corrupt organization ACORN to win his seat. This freshmen Senator has made a huge mistake for which he most likely will pay with his future in the Senate.
The democrats are now resorting to a totalitarian style in shutting up any opposition to their horrible health care bill.
Today Joe Lieberman, again is being attacked by MoveOn and again my operatives on the ground have forwarded me a new email from that sleazy organization in an attempt to raise money to defeat Joe in his home state.
Personally I think Joe is a hero and should be congratulated for standing up against his unprincipled democrat party.
I have included the email from MoveOn issued today and the video of the exchange between Lieberman, Franken and McCain.

Dear MoveOn member,
It's outrageous: Joe Lieberman is single-handedly blocking our best chance at strong health care reform in years!
In less than 24 hours MoveOn members have donated an astounding $650,000 to send Lieberman home for good. That's awesome—thank you! Now we're aiming to raise $1 million together.
If we can hit that goal, we'll have the resources to make sure every voter in Connecticut knows that Senator Lieberman has been standing in the way of reform and to push Senate Democrats to take away his chairmanship.
That'll take at least 10 donations from your area—can you chip in $5?
Check out our original email below to learn more about Sen. Lieberman's efforts to block health care reform.
Thanks for all you do.
–Nita, Carrie, Wes, Steven, and the rest of the team

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Pain of 2010

2010 will be the hardest year for Americans in decades. With lack of help from the anointed one, President Obama, more hardworking Americans will suffer from foreclosures and job losses. Corporate America will still be gun shy when it comes to hiring back the millions of employees they've laid off over the past two years. With the Administrations ambitious attempt to destroy our private sector with a new health care plan and the taxing of energy, corporations will do the unthinkable. They will try to survive at the cost of the American people.
2010 will be the year that corporate America will put the screws to the American people. It’s not personal and corporations don’t have it out for us but it’s the last act in a very painful process the American voter has to experience. Corporate America understands that you voted in socialist and they, corporate America has had to put up with them for years while they were the minority. They realize that since you voted them into the White House it’s time for you to decide what you really want for America.
2010 will be the year you will go to the store to buy an item and come home without it. Why, because corporate America will have lowered their inventories so much that shortages will occur. The shortages are part of a normal economic phenomenon in a capitalist process. For corporations to make a profit with less employees they will have to make less and sell it for more. That means that many will do without. Many who have always had plenty will go without.
2010 will be the year that prices start to rise because of supply and demand. This year will be the crossover year where people will still be losing jobs while the cost of living is rising. This is the most painful year of them all in the correction processes.
2010 will be an election year, known as a midterm election. With shortages occurring, job losses and foreclosures still occurring the people will be furious with their government. I would imagine that if this President was more pro business, he would get a pass but since his apparent disdain for the private sector is so obvious, the American People could turn violent with a backlash against him and his governing bodies. This is the path the American People must follow to correct the mistake they made in November 2008. There is no in between when it comes to this. There is no half way to correct this. Only the pain of going all the way before the Glory!

Muslim's Plan to Build Mosque at Ground Zero

An unknown Muslim group has purchased a parcel of land next to ground zero where the World Trade Center once stood. Of course on 9/11/01 Muslims crashed jets into two of our tallest buildings. Now it seems that the Muslim Nation intends to build a huge Mosque next to the new structure replacing the World Trade Center.
You see the Muslim Nation wants to remind America by building a mosque as a memorial to the hijackers’s who took down our buildings and killed 3,000 U.S. citizens. How’s that going down?
Well, it seems that the wheels are now in motion to do just that. It looks like you can’t do a damn thing about it too.
These Muslims are in your face America. I wonder just how much longer you’re going to take this crap.
Can you imagine, visiting the WTC site once its completed and you have to look at the symbol of the religion, that took down our buildings and killed our citizens. Real nice huh?
Gee, do you think President Obama will dedicate the new mosque? I bet he will, don’t you think?

Muslim Death Camps in America - Now

A new video released by the Christian Action Network shows Muslim women at a compound in New York state practicing throat-slitting techniques and assault weapons attacks.
The video was distributed by the makers of the movie
"Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.," which documents how a jihadist group has developed dozens of training camps across the nation.
WND reported at the time how Jamaat ul-Fuqra has built 35 compounds – mostly in the northeastern corridor of the U.S.
Now the organization has posted on YouTube a "chilling" training video provided to CAN by an unnamed law enforcement source about the Muslims of America headquarters in Hancock, New York.

The Presidential Spanking

President Obama may have won the election to run the country but Joe Lieberman and John McCain run the U.S. Senate and that can make all the difference in the world. This week the dynamic duo single handily gutted the Health Care Bill that Obama has staked his entire Presidency on. These are two Senators you wouldn’t want to play chess against. Obama is now checkmated by these two and the left is hopping mad.
It looks like President Obama is about to be punished for his leftist ways. Joe Lieberman who is the last Jew in congress to support Israel wants Obama to pay politically for his missteps with his homeland and McCain echoes those same feeling. Paybacks can be tough Mr. President which you now understand.
The President may be able to read a good teleprompter but his D.C. strategy is a bit lacking.
Remember Mr. President you may be the second coming of Marx but you still have to get past the thin blue line on Capitol Hill. I know many in our country have felt that patriotism has been lost in congress but this action by Lieberman and McCain could be ranked right up there with one of John Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage”.

UPDATE : 12/16/09 8:00 AM PST
Now MoveOn is after Joe Lieberman in a big way. One of my operatives just sent me this email from MoveOn this morning attacking one the most intelligent and distinguished Senators in congress. They have every intention to destroy this fine Senator. As you can see in this letter they have a laundry list of complaints with Joe. I thought you might be interested in seeing the turmoil that the democrats are now in as they continually attack each other.
Yes, it is good that they are now attacking Joe, maybe next time he’ll caucus with the Republicans.

Dear MoveOn member,
First, Joe Lieberman helped President Bush invade Iraq, and the Democrats in Washington forgave him. Then, he endorsed John McCain, and they forgave him again. Then, he personally attacked Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention, and still the Democrats forgave him.1
Now, Joe Lieberman is single-handedly gutting health care reform. The time for forgiveness is over. It's time to hold Senator Lieberman accountable.
First, we're going to launch a huge ad campaign to make sure every last Connecticut voter knows that Senator Lieberman is blocking strong reforms. Then, we'll push Senate leaders to strip him of his chairmanship and seniority. Finally, we'll work to defeat him in his next election.
Our goal is to raise $400,000 in the next 24 hours, to send a deafeningly loud message that we've had enough of Joe Lieberman. That'll take at least 10 donations from your area—can you chip in $5?
Sen. Lieberman has been one of the biggest obstacles to real health care reform with a public option all year. But over the past two weeks, he's taken it to a dangerous new level.
First, he demanded that the public option be removed from the bill. Then, last night, he killed an expansion of Medicare—an idea that he himself championed just three months ago and that was added to the bill specifically to satisfy him.2
He's shown that he can't be reasoned with. Most of all, Joe Lieberman can't be allowed to stay in the U.S. Senate.
We can do this. Connecticut is a solidly blue state, going 60% for Obama in 2008. Polls in Connecticut show he's in trouble. Thirty percent of Lieberman voters in 2006 said they would not vote for him again, and, in another poll, he trailed one possible Democratic opponent by a whopping 44 points.3
We've had enough of Joe Lieberman. Please help raise $400,000 in the next 24 hours to send him home for good. To get there, we'll need 10 people in your area to help out. Can you contribute $5 right away?
Thanks for all you do.
–Nita, Carrie, Wes, Steven, and the rest of the team

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dylan Ratigan Slams Rep. Perlmutter on MSNBC Today

The Castrated President of the United States

Just hours ago Howard Dean, former head of the DNC said”kill the Senate Health Care Bill now.” It’s all or nothing for this guy. He once said no matter how weak this bill is, it’s still good for the people. I guess not! Dean from the far left who is not necessarily on President Obama’s “A” list, is fueling leftist operatives to attack Joe Lieberman (Orthodox Jew) for successfully eliminating the government option. They are actually attacking his wife as head of a cancer foundation. Joe Lieberman has the dubious distinction of being the most conservative Jew in congress. So, this puts him up against his Jewish brothers and sisters from the far left, which are all of them (15 Senators). Hum, I wonder how it feels as the democrats start feeding off each other, painful I’m sure.
As the so called democrats start destroying each other fueled by their own deep seeded hatred for just about everything man made. The party is now in disarray and so are both of their two major bills. As the popularity of the President drops below 50% and the possibility of having no real bills for him to tout at his State of the Union Address, Obama is starting to worry. He knows that if both of these bills fail and the 2010 elections go the way everyone says, he looks more like the loser and the empty shell he really is. Obama than becomes the castrated President of the United States. He becomes a lame duck President after only one year in office. This will be a first for America.
The fragmenting of both the Republican and democrat parties is now moving into full throttle with the new Tea Party rising on the right to run moderate Republicans into the ground with their winning conservative values. Polls say that 40% of the country is conservative, let’s see next Election Day.
I’m very concerned with the lack of violence in this process. In most countries, people start dying when you see parties fragmenting like we have now. Maybe that’s coming soon. All I know is that we have all the ingredients for violence with SEIU and other unions available to the left for thuggery.

Values will rule at the end of the day. Values will win elections in 2010 and 2012. The side that has the most with the same values will end up taking back the country if we don’t implode first.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Watch FITNA the Movie - The Muslim Plan for World Domination

We all know the Muslim religion has gone haywire with its attempt to dominate the world, not unlike the Nazis in World War II. The movie your about to see is probably one of the most disturbing flicks you’ll ever see. It’s frightening to see what these crazy people are doing and have plans to do to all of us around the world. The next time someone says Obama the Muslim you better be concerned. These people are playing for keeps. Stopping them in their homelands is paramount to keeping the world free of this cancer.
As we lose more people in America from these Muslim terrorists it’s important for us all to make sure that we stop them from moving here from the Middle East and Asia. Political correctness is not for these people. They will use it to destroy our great country not unlike what our President is doing. Do you see the connection? If he’s not Muslim than why does he act like one?
I apologize for using the picture of a decapitated woman’s head who committed adultery. I felt it was important for you to see the true face of the Muslim religion. This is no joke, they are coming for all of us if we don’t stop them, now.

MoveOn Could Be MovingOn

Below you will find the latest SOS email, sent out to all members of MoveOn. It’s a letter from Robert Reich, the passed over economist who served in the Clinton Administration as Treasure Secretary. It seems as though Obama has no real need for him so you now can see him regularly on CNBC spouting is loser economic theories. He’s from Berkeley and teaches classes there, since he can’t find a real job.
Needless to say this letter is implying that the revised Health Care Bill by the Senate is without a government option which he thinks is a “gift to Big Insurance.”
MoveOn and Reich are furious over this new development and are attempting to rally the troops to show the world how wrong this is.
It’s interesting to note that almost 80% of Americans want to keep their health insurance, so I wouldn't expect to many street demonstrations.
The reason for this article is to assure all of you out there, that whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it, because it seems to be working and the opposition is running scared.
MoveOn is supported by Obama and George Soros and they will not stop till a Government Option is in this bill. So, keep the pressure on and if you can double your efforts, please do so. This is a fresh email that was just sent to me from one of my operatives so please pass it on to other conservative bloggers.

Dear MoveOn member,

Hi. I'm Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton and
currently a professor at the University of California.

You've probably heard about a possible "deal" in the Senate to do away with the
public option.

I'm here to tell you that this is no deal: it's a gift to Big Insurance, plain
and simple.

The details are sketchy. The only thing that's really clear is the deal would
drop the public option from the bill. With no public option, there's no
guarantee of real competition. And without real competition, health care costs
will continue to be out of control.

But the deal is far from done. If voters generate a massive outcry around this
and progressive leaders in Congress fight back, we can fix it.

Can you sign a petition to leaders in Congress and the White House right

Click here to add your name.

The petition says: "You must make sure health care reform includes a real public
option—it's what the majority of Americans want. Anything less is a gift to Big

With no public option, the Senate "deal" is a giveaway to Big Insurance—and
industry insiders admit it! One recently wrote "We WIN," in an email about the

What's in this "deal"? Like I said, almost no one knows the details. That means
that progressives who embrace it right now may be giving away the store without
getting anything in return.

But here's what we do know: First, it might allow some 55-64 year-olds to buy
into Medicare. Second, it might allow those without employer health insurance to
buy private insurance the way federal employees do.2

So what's the problem here? A system of only private insurers simply will not
control costs. Without competition from a public option, insurance companies
have no incentive to compete—just like now.3

Enlarging Medicare is no answer. The Senate bill slows Medicare's costs only if
they're rising faster than total health spending. But with private insurers
running the show, total health spending will still be out of control.4 Plus, we
have no idea how many people might be allowed to buy into Medicare, or if it
will be even close to affordable for them.

Health care reform must include a strong public option. It's key to controlling
costs, expanding coverage, and forcing Big Insurance to compete. Without it,
we'll end up with a national health care system controlled by a handful of very
large corporations accountable neither to American voters nor to the market. And
that is not even close to real health care reform.

Please sign the petition to House and Senate leadership and the White House
today. The deal is still up in the air. If congressional progressives hold
strong—and public demand for a public option is clear—then White House and
congressional leaders will have to do what they haven't: put pressure on the few
conservative Democrats to get on board and help pass real health care reform
with a public option.

Click here to sign your name.
Thank you for all you do.

–Robert Reich

AVATAR - Entertainment or Politics ?

I promise you, this will be fun. At the bottom of this article is the trailer to the new movie by James Cameron. It’s called AVATAR and it looks like another great special effects movie from tinsel town. I plan to see it even though I did see some items in the trailer that switched my brain from entertainment to politics.
Most of what I see coming out of Hollywood almost always has a left of center theology. So, I’m asking you to watch the video and please leave a comment on what you see as a current event/political overtone to the movie? I know it’s just the trailer but it seems to ooze with politics.
Let’s see how you feel about this and thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment.

Official Avatar Movie

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The New Obama Smear Campaign

TWAP is what is seen at the bottom of this new picture of the President as part of another smear campaign on Obama. Just last week in Los Angeles operatives plastered on the walls of many banks this picture of the President as a court jester. TWAP seems to mean TWITTERING AMERICAN PRESIDENT which couldn't be more true.
I was made aware of this activity last week but waited to see what kind of legs it had on the net. What I’m finding out is that Obama’s little bed fellow, Google CEO Eric Schmidt seems to have made sure that any negative search of him lands you at the bottom of the pile. There seems to be a concerted effort to deep six anything negative about our President. Now, Schmidt is in hot water for daring to suggest that Internet privacy is an illusion. Let’s remember this guy has control of just about anything on the net, even this blog, wow, I hope he’s not listening.
Schmidt has the ear of the President and you can be sure trends on the net could be passing through his lips, since “privacy on the net is an illusion” right? I guess it’s an illusion as long as Schmidt is around. I wonder how the board and the stockholders of Google feel about this little slip?
Needless to say, look for this picture more on the net and on the streets of America as the court jester continues pull his pranks on the people of America.

FRAUD - The Movie That Just Could Take Obama Down

The movie trailer you are about to see was just posted on YOUTUBE 3 weeks ago. It stated that there is a movie coming out soon about the fraud we all know as OBAMA. This is something that most of us already know but to have a full length movie made about this fraud is refreshing. After Fahrenheit 9/11 and other Moore smear movies from the left it would be nice to see the commies do some squirming for a change. I hope this movie will be released but in the mean time I will be researching to see if even this movie is a FRAUD.
I have to admit as I watched the trailer about a thousand bells and whistles went off in my head. I feel there is enough anger in this country to make any movie about the many frauds of Barack Obama an instant hit and fill up every seat of every movie house in the country. Good or bad the movie would be a hit and in an election year, starting in January, what a perfect time to release such a movie.

Friday, December 11, 2009

3rd World Sleaze Balls Want Your Money

You see the 3rd world sleaze ball from India in the picture to the left. He’s one of many who will be in the food chain to receive billions of your hard earned dollars when this Cap n Trade bill is passed in congress. Breaking news coming out of Britain today is saying that the chairman of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change also known as IPCC will benefit by receiving millions of your dollars when the global warming initiative is enacted. Rajendra K. Pachauri who is the Chairman with ties to an Indian multinational conglomerate has plans to live the good life very soon.
Cap n Trade means your electric bill doubles and triples. It means that everything you buy will cost much more. It means that scum balls like this guy from Mumbai will live in luxury not unlike Al Gore on your money. While you and your families are huddling around a fire for warmth in the winter these opportunists will be eating caviar and drinking champagne on the Riviera. And to think its all one big hoax they pulled on us while we watched American Idol. Are you ready to do something? You better do something quick because these crooks in congress are ready to pull the trigger.
Full article below.
U.N. climate chief cashes in on carbon
Tied to conglomerate that stands to make hundreds of millions in emissions scheme
Posted: December 11, 200912:10 am Eastern
By Jerome R. Corsi© 2009 WorldNetDaily
Rajendra K. Pachauri
NEW YORK – A story emerging out of Britain suggests "follow the money" may explain the enthusiasm of the United Nations to pursue caps on carbon emissions, despite doubts surfacing in the scientific community about the validity of the underlying global warming hypothesis.
A Mumbai-based Indian multinational conglomerate with business ties to Rajendra K. Pachauri, the chairman since 2002 of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, stands to make several hundred million dollars in European Union carbon credits simply by closing a steel production facility in Britain with the loss of 1,700 jobs.
The Tata Group headquartered in Mumbai anticipates receiving windfall profits of up to nearly $2 billion from closing the Corus Redcar steelmaking plant in Britain, with about half of the savings expected to result from cashing in on carbon credits granted the steelmaker by the European Union under the EU's emissions trading scheme, or ETS.
Corus has accumulated 7.5 million European Union surplus carbon allowances, or EUAs, given the company free by the EU, after corporate officials lobbied EU officials aggressively in Brussels.
'Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!' Will kids' swing-set business stay afloat despite 246 czars, regulations, huge taxes?
The Corus-owned 7.5 million EUAs are estimated at up to $650 million; the company also anticipates "saving" 6 million tons of carbon dioxide by closing the plant and not producing the plant's capacity of 3 million tons of steel. The 6 million tons of carbon dioxide is worth an estimated $130 million at current rates and possibly as much as $325 million at expected market levels.
The British government also announced Wednesday it would auction off rather than cancel the millions of carbon permits resulting from the Corus Redcar steel plant closing The Corus Redcar facility is scheduled to be closed in January, and if the facility is to be closed more than 50 days, Corus would not be entitled to receive the permits, worth about $147.5 million per year at current market rates.
How does the closing of a steelmaker in Britain tie to the chairman of the U.N.'s global warming science committee?
In 1974, the TATA Group provided the financial resources to found the Tata Energy Research Institute, or TERI, a policy organization headquartered in New Dehli, India, of which Pachauri has been chairman since the group was formed.
Continued business ties between TERI and TATA are demonstrated by a press announcement on the TERI website dated Feb. 4 in which Jairam Ramesh, the Indian minister of state for commerce and industry as well as minister of state for power, announced a joint venture with TERI and TATA power to extract and use carbon dioxide for the propagation of micro-algae.
On Dec. 10, 2007, Pachauri shared with Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming. At the Nobel ceremonies, Pachauri in his Nobel lecture openly represented the U.N.'s IPCC.
The TATA Group decision to close the Corus steelmaking plant has caused the Labour government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown political difficulties. Manufacturing accounted for 22.5 percent of Britain's economic output when Labour came to power in 1997, while it accounts for little more than 11 percent today, according to the London Times.
Arguing that the Brown government needs to provide financial assistance to manufacturing in Britain, Kirby Adams, the chief executive officer of Corus told the newspaper, "Jobs paying £30,000 ($50,000) a year are only in manufacturing sectors or sectors where you are adding value – you are not going to make that flipping burgers."
He added: "In some way I hope that this [decision to close Corus Redcar] will be the final wake-up call or alarm bell to get things across to people in Whitehall and Westminster – we need to help other sectors of the economy, not just the columns of the Bank of England."
In July, thousands of steelworkers marched in Redcar, North Yorks, England, protesting the proposed closing of the Corus steelmaking facility.
The European Union Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading System began operations in January 2005, billing itself as "the largest multi-country, multi-sector Greenhouse Gas Emission
Trading system world-wide."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Economic Freedom vs Economic Slavery Obama Style

By Nicholas Contompasis

Slavery in America 150 years ago meant, if you were a black person, you worked day and night for nothing, that’s right, no pay, nothing! Slavery in America use to mean the slave master provided your daily food and shelter. That slave master controlled what you ate and where and how you lived.That was slavery for the black’s brought in from Africa under southern white ownership prior to the Civil War which ultimately ended this heinous practice.
No man, women or child should ever have to experience slavery, especially in America. It seems that slavery is starting to make a comeback though and this time the tables are turned. With new energy regulations and ObamaCare the word slavery is about to be resurrected from the ash heap of bad ideas. If both of these bad ideas come to fruition, you the working stiff will become the walking dead or in other words “SLAVES”.
Why sound so harsh, because it’s true and as these two socialist programs take hold you will gradually feel the tightening of the slave master’s collar around your neck.
So, maybe it’s time to ask, what is freedom to you? The amount of drugs you can do or how many men or women you can have sex with? Probably neither but if you’re normal, you work, you have families and frankly you want to be left alone to raise those families. To be normal means you want government as far away from your family as possible.
Now, let me tell you what freedom really is.
Freedom is simple to define. Freedom is simple to understand. Freedom is simply the amount of money you take home every payday. After taxes the take home pay you have is what buys you the life you have and without that take home pay you are a slave. It’s that simple. As taxes increase to support a bloated government, the amount of your take home pay will become less. With the over spending the government is now doing, even the value of that ever diminishing take home pay will buy less and less. That is the tightening of the slave masters collar around your neck.
When these two programs mature, by 2020 the government that you would prefer out of your life will be so in your life they’ll be everywhere you turn. From the food you eat or don’t eat to the type of home you live in to the lack of control over even your own family. Your life will change for sure and by that time a vast majority of your wages will go to socialist programs that continually destroy the value of the country’s currency and kills the incentive for many to work.
This is what freedom is. This is what slavery is. Which would you prefer? Is this the New American Slavery? I think so……

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Obama - Rogers White House Affair ?

*** Breaking News - Up Date on This Story

OK, we are now into the 11th month of “democrat” President Barack Obama’s first and hopefully last term. Being the democrat that he is, we should all be asking the very obvious question, “who’s he doing?” Sorry for being so crass in referring to the President of the United States but history proves that if you have a democrat in office, odds are he’s doing somebody other than his wife.
I hate bringing Tiger Woods into this but see what I mean! Many marvel at how Tiger managed over 10 mistresses and still had time for a wife, kids and win major golf tournaments. One could say the same for the President. Squeaky clean means, organized that's all, not moral.
With that said one has to ask why Desiree Rogers the White House social secretary took her secretary’s hat off and attended, “as a guest” the state dinner for the Prime Minister of India last week.
Could it be jealousy? Could it be her ego? Ego, maybe, but being a women I’d put my money on jealousy. How many times have we seen and heard of that jealous female lover crashing the party or gathering where the married lover is accompanied by his unsuspecting wife. Like a million times, right?
Than we have the White House exercising the separation of powers doctrine by refusing to let Rogers testify before the House Homeland Security Committee in regards to the State dinner gatecrasher flap.
This is like nuking a country the size of Lichtenstein. Why, would the White House slam the gates on Rogers so hard, if they weren't afraid of her spilling the beans of her affair with the President? It all looks a little fishy to me and should too you.
Also, to be perfectly honest with you I have never seen much warmth in Michelle towards her man. Her body language looks more like indifference than love and affection.
How convenient for the President to have his divorced mistress from Chicago in the White House. Do we have another Monica slinking around the Oval Office again? It sure looks like it!

By the way, I just received this picture from one of my operatives with Obama and the party crashers taken two years ago while he was a Senator. They know each other and have known each other for years and it looks like the White House may have used them as a smoke screen to hide an incident that may have happened between Obama and Rogers the night of the dinner. Notice the man to the far left, can you guess who he is? Hint, he's a Czar. That's right Mark Lloyd the radical that's running the FCC. The guy that wants to shut down conservative talk radio.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Obama, Two Degrees of Separation To Terror and Murder

What do you get when you mix murdering corrupt politicians, plotting Muslim terrorists and angry restitution blacks? You get a town called Chicago and what’s more frightening, you get a President called Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval Office.
With Obama’s trail of death getting longer in Chicago and Watergate style burglaries an everyday occurrence one must stop and be amazed at the monumental job US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has in trying to clean up the Windy City. His, is an epic struggle not unlike the FBI’s Eliot Ness’s battle with organized crime in the 30’s. There is no question that many of the cases he’s investigating lead to the White House.
Today Daood Gilani aka David Coleman Headley was charged with the radical Muslim attack in India months ago killing just over a hundred people. Headley is from Chicago and is now being prosecuting by Fitzgerald for the attack.
Let’s not forget about President Obama’s visit last week from India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. We know all about the party crashers that jeopardized the safety of the two world leaders but what was lost in the flurry was “President Obama’s personal interest” in the now accused terrorist David Headley, during talks with Singh. He was so interested in the case that he immediately dispatched a special team of FBI agents to investigate Headley’s connection to the Indian attack. Now, just a little more than a week later, Headley is charged in connection to the attack. Again let’s remember Headley is from Chicago and changed his name from Gilani to Headley so not to draw suspicion while he traveled to Asia for al-Qaeda.
It’s great that Fitzgerald is doing such a good job in Chicago but the problem is that once he sets his sights on a target, the target seems to either die or commits suicide by murder and just this past week we have the former Illinois Governor Rod Blagovich attorney’s office burglarized with key computers taken relating to “Blagos” case.
Does President Obama know David Coleman Headley? Does Bill Ayers our own home grown terrorist who is friends with President Obama know David Coleman Headley? Does Antoin Rezko who knows President Obama “very well”, know David Coleman Headley, both being Muslim?
I hope you’re starting to get my point, that there are just a few degrees of separation between President Obama to Muslim terrorists and political murderers.
Chicago is the epicenter that houses all of Obama’s skeletons and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is slowly uncovering those bare bones.
The answer to the riddle known as Barack Hussein Obama will be found in his investigations and in the trial of Governor Rod Blagovich, if he ever makes it to trial "alive"…….
On "Blago's" radio show on WLS this past Sunday he mentioned that he's spilling the beans on everybody and plans to put Obama on the stand. That will be interesting! Obamagate just could be the biggest story of this century.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

American Street Riots Are Right Around The Corner !

Right now in Athens Greece we are witnessing the future for Europe and the United States. Riots are spreading throughout Greece on the first anniversary of a student killing by a police officer. To break this down in simple terms, the people that are rioting are European Anarchists who want a complete disruption of all European governments. They hate government and they want anarchy, thinking that anything is better than what they have now. After decades of Socialism in most European countries with most governments already bankrupt or near bankruptcy the people have had it and are taking to the streets.
The irony is that we here in America are being pushed towards the same failed style of governing as Europe with the obvious consequences staring us in the face.
Many people in America are now starting to think that way and could eventually take to the streets if they are not heard. The Tea Party people are not Anarchist and should not be confused with the Anarchist Movement. Many Anarchists are centered in most major cities in America from New York to San Francisco. Many are young and unemployed and have plenty of time with nothing to lose.
It’s very important to watch all of this 7 minute video to see the thousands of people in the streets. The commentator is speaking Greek but you’ll get the idea.
When people are not heard and lose hope in their governments they destroy their governments that provide nothing for them but pain and suffering. That is what’s happening in Greece and as our U.S. recession turns into a depression many here will violently gather in our streets and could kill and destroy all that we have built.
Is this really what President Obama wants for America? If so, it would be best to resist.