Saturday, December 12, 2009

The New Obama Smear Campaign

TWAP is what is seen at the bottom of this new picture of the President as part of another smear campaign on Obama. Just last week in Los Angeles operatives plastered on the walls of many banks this picture of the President as a court jester. TWAP seems to mean TWITTERING AMERICAN PRESIDENT which couldn't be more true.
I was made aware of this activity last week but waited to see what kind of legs it had on the net. What I’m finding out is that Obama’s little bed fellow, Google CEO Eric Schmidt seems to have made sure that any negative search of him lands you at the bottom of the pile. There seems to be a concerted effort to deep six anything negative about our President. Now, Schmidt is in hot water for daring to suggest that Internet privacy is an illusion. Let’s remember this guy has control of just about anything on the net, even this blog, wow, I hope he’s not listening.
Schmidt has the ear of the President and you can be sure trends on the net could be passing through his lips, since “privacy on the net is an illusion” right? I guess it’s an illusion as long as Schmidt is around. I wonder how the board and the stockholders of Google feel about this little slip?
Needless to say, look for this picture more on the net and on the streets of America as the court jester continues pull his pranks on the people of America.


Anonymous said...

It could mean "The Worst American President"

John Hampton said...

or "The Wimpiest American President" (from an international or foreign policy perspective) or,

"The Weakest American President" or,

"The Wasteful American President" or,

"The Whiniest American President" (from the "I inherited this mess and didn't have anything to do with creating it" perspective)