Wednesday, December 23, 2009

World Markets Will Tumble On This News

Today one of the most anticipated leading economic indicators was released that will send the stock markets worldwide into a downward spiral.
I received this information in the form of an email from a rather astute financial analyst who called this economic decline three years ago. I thought it would be important to share his email with you and if I could ask you for your opinion of the data.
12/23/09 Email
"Just went out to give my garbage man his annual tip and some cookies my wife made. He brought up the economy so we began to chat.

He said over the past year his route has gotten easier and easier. We live in an area 25 miles outside of SF that requires one of the smaller trucks to drive up the windy hills. He drives a 4-ton Waste Management truck he used to offload 5x a day last year. Now he offloads 3x a day. I said "you mean you are transporting 40% less trash!?!". He said "that's probably about right". He said that just 4 months ago he was offloading 4x a day and trash doesn't usually drop going into the Holiday's. He said he won't know about the Holiday's until after Xmas but if Thanksgiving is any indicator, it won't be anything like last year. He said this Thanksgiving was a breeze compared to last.

Thought it was interesting."

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Anonymous said...

This is happening across the Nation. Due to the recession, households are buying less and therefore generating less trash than they were in the past. Residential waste, commercial waste, contruction waste (new and demolition) are all down. This in effect means less business for the landfills and the trash collection companies. And it's probably going to get a lot worse.