Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas - Terror Alert - 12/25/09

Today, Al Qaeda, from Yemen authorized an attack on America by attempting to blow up a US air carrier. A 23 year old Abdul Mutallab also known as Umar Farouk Abdulmutalib was apprehended by a passenger while he was attempting to ignite a liquid explosive. He is now with U.S. authorities being questioned. The White House finally has admitted that this is a terrorist attack. Of course this can’t be, since we no longer have a war on terror and any actions such as today’s is called something more mundane.
This seems to be a retaliatory strike against America, after last week’s attacks on Al Qaeda training camps in Yemen killing dozens of terrorists.
I feel that this is just the beginning of many smaller attacks against American interests. It is general knowledge that there are thousands of Muslim terrorists out there that will sacrifice their lives for this distorted religion. This person was on a terror watch list but did get through by boarding at a foreign airport destine for Detroit.
Things are about to heat up over in the Middle East this coming week with the imminent attack on Iran by Israel.
A very important piece of information was released today coming out of Saudi Arabia. It appears that the Kingdom has given Israel the green light to go after Iran’s nuclear facilities. Coupled with the shipping of the new US bunker busting bombs to Israel an attack is expected before the end of this year. That’s right within 6 days.
We all know that Hezbollah have people here in America and any attack on Iran will result in attacks on our home soil.

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