Sunday, December 13, 2009

AVATAR - Entertainment or Politics ?

I promise you, this will be fun. At the bottom of this article is the trailer to the new movie by James Cameron. It’s called AVATAR and it looks like another great special effects movie from tinsel town. I plan to see it even though I did see some items in the trailer that switched my brain from entertainment to politics.
Most of what I see coming out of Hollywood almost always has a left of center theology. So, I’m asking you to watch the video and please leave a comment on what you see as a current event/political overtone to the movie? I know it’s just the trailer but it seems to ooze with politics.
Let’s see how you feel about this and thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment.

Official Avatar Movie

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Anonymous said...

I would venture to say this movie is criticizing America's policy on the War on Terror. Excuse me, "Overseas Contingency Operation". The Americans are portrayed as the militarized-industrialized force from planet earth who are invading another's country for a valuable and coveted resource. The exact mind set of the liberal Left who believe we invaded Iraq for its oil. Simply stated, it's anti-American.