Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to Stop Muslim Terrorism in America !

Legally declassifying the Muslim religion is imperative to the security of America. As Muslim terrorism continues to grow and becomes more brazen around the world, we here in the U.S. have to change how we recognize this and any religion that allows, supports or does nothing to stop a radical wing of its religion.
Freedom of Religion is part of our bill of rights but gives these and any radicals of any religion the cover to operate and undermine our society. It should be unlawful for any religion to sit by idly as its radical wing continues to operate. It should be important that any religion that has such a maverick wing should police its own flock and work closely with local and national authorities in snuffing out said radicals.
If you sat by and observed a rape by your friends, of a woman, you would go to jail. The law makes you partially responsible for the act if you take no action. This legal logic should be applied to religions with punitive actions. By losing nonprofit status these groups would be legally declassified as a religion and relegated to a cult. At that point the cult would loss all protection under the Bill of Rights and would be treated as if it was a biker gang and could be prosecuted under the RECO Act.
This is the only way to stop what is happening in Europe where the Muslim populations are now a real threat in mass to most major European countries. We here in the U.S. have a growing Muslim population which is not yet a threat but as it grows it will grow faster than Christian birth rates.
Under the Obama administration many more Muslims are being allowed into our country, which should be stopped. Until new laws policing this out of control religion are made, no Muslims should be allowed into our country. Every Muslim is a potential threat either by their act or lack of action and Americans must stay vigilant.


Anonymous said...

Hello - we're talking about an almost plane crash at the hands of Al Qaeda, and you're worried about your iphone crash?

Anonymous said...

So I guess we should outlaw christianity then, due to the "out of control" segment of the christian religion that is lobbying to criminalize homosexuality, gunning down abortion doctors and leading us into world war three over a non-renewable resource? you are a joke sir.