Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Castrated President of the United States

Just hours ago Howard Dean, former head of the DNC said”kill the Senate Health Care Bill now.” It’s all or nothing for this guy. He once said no matter how weak this bill is, it’s still good for the people. I guess not! Dean from the far left who is not necessarily on President Obama’s “A” list, is fueling leftist operatives to attack Joe Lieberman (Orthodox Jew) for successfully eliminating the government option. They are actually attacking his wife as head of a cancer foundation. Joe Lieberman has the dubious distinction of being the most conservative Jew in congress. So, this puts him up against his Jewish brothers and sisters from the far left, which are all of them (15 Senators). Hum, I wonder how it feels as the democrats start feeding off each other, painful I’m sure.
As the so called democrats start destroying each other fueled by their own deep seeded hatred for just about everything man made. The party is now in disarray and so are both of their two major bills. As the popularity of the President drops below 50% and the possibility of having no real bills for him to tout at his State of the Union Address, Obama is starting to worry. He knows that if both of these bills fail and the 2010 elections go the way everyone says, he looks more like the loser and the empty shell he really is. Obama than becomes the castrated President of the United States. He becomes a lame duck President after only one year in office. This will be a first for America.
The fragmenting of both the Republican and democrat parties is now moving into full throttle with the new Tea Party rising on the right to run moderate Republicans into the ground with their winning conservative values. Polls say that 40% of the country is conservative, let’s see next Election Day.
I’m very concerned with the lack of violence in this process. In most countries, people start dying when you see parties fragmenting like we have now. Maybe that’s coming soon. All I know is that we have all the ingredients for violence with SEIU and other unions available to the left for thuggery.

Values will rule at the end of the day. Values will win elections in 2010 and 2012. The side that has the most with the same values will end up taking back the country if we don’t implode first.

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