Saturday, December 5, 2009

ObamaGate in Chicago Blago / Daley

By Nicholas Contompasis

Well, it looks like Obama’s trail of death in Chicago has now turned from murder/suicide to burglary similar to the Watergate break-in. This is a breaking story so much of the details are still coming in from Chicago. According to only three stories since the burglary occurred yesterday, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s attorney’s office was broken into and 10 laptop computers, many holding much of the former Governors confidential material are now gone.
This is just one of many strange things happening in Mayor Daley’s and President Obama’s home town. Make no mistake nothing happens in Chicago without their knowledge and approval.
I have stated in many of my articles that the Achilles heal for Barack Obama lies in Chicago and he is doing everything he can to wipe out any loose ends.
In the past three months two prominent figures in Chicago politics have surprisingly died of suicides, Chris Kelley and Michael Scott, both with strong connections to Mayor Daley and President Obama.
The wild card in all of this is and always has been former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich who is currently under indictment for selling President Obama’s Senatorial seat. “ Blago” as he is known in the land of Lincoln is sitting on a treasure chest of knowledge about President Obama and Mayor Daley and he plans to use it in his upcoming Federal trial.
So, why isn’t “Blago” dead, many in Chicago are asking? It could have something to do with his now “high profile”, by hosting his own radio show on WLS in the Windy City.
With yesterdays burglary we can now assume that most of “Blago’s” confidential information has been compromised and is now in Mayor Daley’s hands. This leaves the former Governor in dangerous waters and could panic Obama & Co. to do something drastic along the lines of death by suicide, “Chicago Style.”
The real story on Obama is not in Washington D.C. it’s in Chicago and the main stream media is doing everything they can to ignore these unusual occurrences. The people of Chicago know something stinks but they’re afraid to open their mouths for fear of retribution. They know Daley plays for keeps and they don’t want to end up like Kelley and Scott.
Whatever “Blago” knows, it’s big and it’s kept him alive, so far but for how much longer? “Blago’s” radio talk show this Sunday should be very interesting since he tends to run off at the mouth. His bumper music tomorrow should be one of Elvis’s favorites “Double Trouble” (Obama/Daley).

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