Friday, December 25, 2009

“The Horror, The Horror” - National Health Care from Colonel Kurtz

If you have no idea who Colonel Kurtz is, watch the YouTube video attached and see one of the most important scenes in film history.
With the Health Care Bill about to be part of the American landscape, good or bad, there will be many changes and they will happen quickly.
One of the most important changes that no one talks about but is looming out there like an impending storm, is the unionization of American doctors. These are the unorganized sheep of modern medicine who are laying on the tracks while a train is headed for them. They are sitting ducks for the professional Union bosses who are protected by their commander in chief President Obama.
I find it humorous that the media and the government expect to short change the doctors of America by cutting their reimbursements thus cutting their income. Not so fast, Mr. Obama, not so fast Union bosses.
What makes them think that American doctors will fall into line under the umbrella of democrat controlled Unions.
American doctors have the money and the influence to create their own Union, unaffiliated from other manipulated unions. They don’t need other unions to strike, all they have to do is "just do it" and the government will write the check and so will you and your bosses.
This is going to be “The Horror” of the new health care plan for the people of America. Now, that we have successfully alienated the one occupation that is suppose to be our friends, friends that have our lives in their hands, our government forces them to get tough.
So, nice job, U.S. Congress, nice job President Obama, thanks for “The Horror.” I’m sure Colonel Kurtz would be proud of you.

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