Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Muslim Phallic Symbol - Burj Khalifa - Dubai

By Nicholas Contompasis

Yesterday, the island state of Dubai celebrated the final touches and the opening of the worlds tallest building. Standing 168 stories high (2,684 feet) the Burj Khalifa Building now stands as the symbol of “Muslim Superiority” in the world. This building that now stands twice as high as America’s last remaining skyscraper, The Empire State Building, houses the world’s highest mosque. As Allah is praised at new highs, all other religions should beware.
As America stumbles to reconstruct the “Muslim destroyed” World Trade Center after 10 years, the Muslim world continues to build bigger and higher buildings with the assurance that, “Christian terrorists don’t knock down skyscrapers.”
Tell me America, how do you feel about this? How does it feel that the Muslim world is now head and shoulders above our own buildings only because every time we build one, Muslim terrorists attempt to knock them down? I’m sure many cities in the non-Muslim world think twice about building a new high-rise for fear of some crazy Muslim with a plane full of jet fuel.
As President Obama continues to destroy America financially and leaves the door open for more terrorists to attack us, the oil rich Muslim counties continue to prosper on our oil and gas money.
So, as the Muslim world celebrates this architectural achievement as a propaganda tool to sway more unsuspecting peoples into its web of terror and mind control the rest of the world should take heed. I wonder how Muslims would feel if the U.S. sent 4 drones and leveled the Burj Khalifa in 30 seconds. “30 seconds over Dubai”, hmm catchy phrase.


Anonymous said...

It's (Dubai) been the sort of place that invests $7.6 billion subway system few of its 1.6 million people are likely to use, the sort of place that builds artificial islands in the shape of palm trees, the sort of place that builds the world's tallest skyscraper, the sort of place that sells designer seat-belts to encourage drivers to be safer in the very cars it wants them to trade in for a subway ride, and the sort of place where office buildings have been the Gulf's most copious crop of the decade.


The Dubai subway has been running since September, albeit to empty quarters. A quarter of Dubai's office space is vacant. Workers have taken salary cuts of up to 30%. The Emirati government is in debt to the tune of $80 billion to $120 billion. CityCenter? It's "worth about half of what it cost MGM Mirage and Dubai World to build the massive Strip development," the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in October. lost half its value. MGM Mirage took a $1 billion write-down already, Dubai World ate a $348 million loss (so far).
(authored by: Pierre Tristam)

Anonymous said...

Let's level it :-) that will make them pout! Where are our crusaders?

Anonymous said...

you mean the slaves they used to build these buildings have left because there is no work, no money.Where is your fearless leader when he is needed?

James Norcross said...

And as I recall, the people in Tokyo believed that they were safe. Jimmy Doolittle disabused them of that notion, did he not?

Anonymous said...

That's got to be the dumbest thing I've ever read. Give me back my 2 minutes.