Thursday, January 28, 2010

How To Kneecap a President in 364 Days!

How do you kneecap a President in 364 days? In other words, how do you cripple a President's agenda? You give him enough rope to hang himself and that’s exactly what the American people did. He got all the breaks in the world. He got an "affirmative action" pass at every turn. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Obama has run out of passes. Last night he stood in front of America for his first State of the Union Address, alone and trickless. For the tricks don’t work anymore. The people have finally had enough of the head trickster.
I imagine it must be disheartening for the President, considering his ego, to admit in front of the American people that his socialist plan for America has failed. Judging by the length and many contradictions of the speech, it spoke volumes of his desperation.
As he threw a bone to the gay rights wing of his party, the President went back and forth with a wishy-washy national agenda. He gave with one hand and took with the other, leaving America scratching their heads.
Popularizing is fine, after all, that’s how some of our greatest dictators rose to power. Someone needs to tell the President its 2010. This is the age of Twitter, Facebook and the Internet. The cookbooks he studied in college on how to take over a country are all pre-internet. They aren’t relevant anymore. People are connecting and getting involved. The revolution is not coming from the President, the revolution is coming from the people against the President, which is the way it’s supposed to be.
As a former revolutionary myself, the missing ingredients needed for a successful takeover by a President are hunger and despair. If the President continues on his current course, that just could happen if it were not for the American people, who won’t let it happen. It’s just that simple. The American people know freedom. The American people know prosperity. The American people are educated. This isn’t Bangladesh, it's America. This kind of takeover can’t and won’t happen to the America people.
If you scattered our 310,000,000 free spirited Americans to the four corners of the world, capitalism and democracy would sprout up like rays of light, rekindling and unshackling the human spirit. This president actually thinks he can change the human spirit itself. My God, how arrogant could he possibly be? Pretty arrogant!


Unknown said...

Hooah! Excellent analysis!

Sue said...

I imagine it must be disheartening for the President, considering his ego, to admit in front of the American people that his socialist plan for America has failed.

Didn't have the stomach to watch the speech..So this exeprt from your blog i did NOT know. NOW the people know. Him admitting this is a powerfull message to the people. Great post!

Anonymous said...

The man is so completely enamored with himself. I find him to be totally overbearing, self-absorbed and pompous. And as President, he's inept.

Michael said...

i think that congress should kick him out of the whitehouse do yourself a favor and look up rex 84 program you will find that people have been placed on a red list and a blue list obama needs to be out of the whitehouse before he causes any more damage he has done ehough to the AMERICAN PEOPLE that we can no longer stand by and let him destroy what we built