Thursday, January 7, 2010

There’s an Assassin Shortage in Chicago

It appears that Mayor Daley’s city of Chicago has a police shortage. The Chicago Police Department is now short 2,000 officers with 1,000 more retiring next year leaving Mayor Daley with a big problem. Chicago is now listed as the most corrupt major city in America with many government officials now under investigation by a federal prosecutor. Everyone from the Governor’s office to the dog catcher is corrupt in the state of Illinois. Even our own President Obama and his wife Michelle, along with many now running our country, have ties to this corrupt machine.
Now, Daley in all of his wisdom has decided to drop the entrance exam to become a police officer, leaving the door open to every non convicted gang banger in the windy city.
Seriously, this will be the beginning of the deterioration of the caliber in law enforcement officers. The Mayor says the city will save money by dropping this effective character screening test but is he really after something else? With many of his alleged hit men retiring to Florida, Daley just may be looking for more willing officers that will step over the line to protect his turf.
The Mayor is now under the federal prosecutors’ microscope with many of his alleged bag men dying suddenly. There’s also pressure coming down from the Obama administration attempting to cover Obama’s trail of death in Chicago which seem to be leading to the infamous Mayor.
With that said, if this procedure is eliminated the people of Chicago will suffer with the added corruption and added lack of safety throughout the city. Could this be the model for the rest of big cities in America, opening the door for Obama’s “New Police Force” full of ragging radical racists? We will see, but in the mean time “Keep Your Guns Covered.”


lady di said...

Not a good idea. You will wind up with the same caliber of police as we got for a president

Anonymous said...

My exact thought lady di. Nothing worse than a corrupt police force. A bunch of hoodlums riding around town with guns cocked and the law behind them. And how opportunistic; can pull any citizen over for any hairbrain reason, just for grins, or better yet, to rob them. This is starting to remind me of the old 'Dirty Harry' movie. Which one was it...Magnum Force?

Anonymous said...

Somebody please tell Obama he's President. I think he's confused with Hollywood celebrity. Have you ever seen a President on TV as much as Obama? I mean, if he wants that much air time, somebody please offer him a leading role in a daytime soap or something.

spongedocks said...

Perhaps Interpol is hiring and they can put an intelligence office in Chicago and bring in their secret police. LOL

Kathy Bannon (NurseBannon) said...

I predict Chicago will be = to Detroit now. What he is wanting to do could really backfire on him. But I guess that would be ok. Chicago too liberal for me. That's why I will continue to stay right here in the Lone Star State. They will all die if they try to take our guns. TX is a big hunting state. My husband was told by a County Sherriff's employee that they will have to pry his gun(s) from his cold dead hands. Ditto that for me! Why do so many ppl want to trash the rights our forefathers faught and died to obtain? Why does our administration want to destroy our constitution? These folks are making me "Go Rogue".