Friday, January 22, 2010

Why is the Fall of McCain-Feingold Important to You

Why is the unconstitutionality of McCain-Feingold important to you? It’s simple, all one has to do is look at our last presidential election. If you were paying attention, which I know you weren't, millions of dollars of campaign contributions came from overseas. President Obama received millions in contributions from unknown donors mostly from Europe and the Middle East. The amounts donated were in small amounts and came from ATM and credit cards. Most of these payments flew under the radar of federal investigators. Many investigating the contributions concluded that the odd payment amounts (example - $ 23.38), were part of larger payments broken up as not to raise suspicion. One could conclude that someone or others with deep pockets, such as George Soros or Prince al-Waleed, had a hand in this highjacking of our Presidential election. Their interests are not compatible with most Americans. So, if you have these un-American foreign interests influencing our President's decisions, every American should be concerned.
After a year of the Obama Administration, it doesn't take much to recognize that his policies are anti-American, pro-Muslim and anti-Israel. His anti-drill and anti-natural gas policies also favor Arab oil interests, thus Prince al-Waleed. Obama’s playing to the world, as if he were “the leader of the world,” is a perfect example of the whore that he is looking for more foreign monies to fill his campaign coffers. He is simply selling out America’s interests for money and the promotion of his socialist ways. This is flatly not what Americans want, as most are realizing.
If you examine most liberal democrats' campaign contributions, you will see similar activity. One only has to observe Senator Schumer’s face yesterday after the high court’s decision. He knows “Change” is coming to his reign in the Senate. After two decades of liberal democrat demonization of our U.S. Corporations, corporations can now fight back. With the billions in corporate bank accounts these liberal democrats are not long for this world. If we don’t see a seismic shift in the attitudes of these democrats soon, they will become extinct in American politics.
So, one could conclude that with the help of our U.S. corporations, Independent and Republican voters can bring fiscal responsibility and pro American ideals back to the forefront of American policy. Never forget, U.S. corporations create jobs and pay taxes and that’s exactly what America needs right now -- not next year, right now.


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Cervantes said...

Well, I'm slowly coming back to an optimistic outlook for our nation. I keep hearing from people that never really cared about the machine that eats our money because the world is still turning, we're still working, nobody is in a panic generally speaking. Now, more and more people are picking up books and learning about our Founders, the Constitution, and many of the sources the Founders used to craft the second most important document in human history. POTUS, we are not illiterate serfs just yet, and I'll be damned if I allow my children to be conned back into that fantasy land that allows government to act in whatever manner they wish without fear of the electorate.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Thanks Isaac. Good comment.