Saturday, January 23, 2010

Obama Woke Up With a Blue Moon in His Eyes

President Obama could be fighting not only the American people but also the cosmos. As everything this man touches turns to sand, the president can do nothing right. It’s as though his luck has run out. Without getting into his philosophical difference with most Americans, I think the president is now fighting a losing battle with nature itself. That’s right, even Mother Nature is turning on our first “Green President.”
I have to admit I’m a bit superstitious in a mild sort of way, so, when I noticed our last full moon, being a “Blue Moon”, I started paying attention to trends and major events. As you may not know, this Blue Moon fell on New Year’s Eve. Being the 13th full moon in a normal 12 moon year, I was looking for shifts and changes in an already turbulent world.
I know this may sound a bit spooky but ever since this Blue Moon our President's luck has changed for the worse. Ever since the full moon his entire Presidency and agenda has come under question. Even people who voted for him are turning on him in droves. Legislation and Executive Orders are being shot down and questioned.
This shift in luck for the President is now being worn on his face and was particularly noticeable as he addressed a group of college students and professors in Ohio about creating jobs, something the President should have done a year ago but I digress.
Anger seems to be the new agenda for this President. His seemingly suicidal attack on our banking industry has sent the markets down nearly 10% in three days this week. With the election of Scott Brown to the Senate, any passage of banking regulations will never happen and that goes for any bills this President pushes. The only thing he is doing is angering America more, as they see their 401-k’s tumble in value, “AGAIN.” America, now realizes the destructive nature of this president and his purposeful and sadistic agenda to destroy America’s wealth.
This egocentric President will continue to react in this manner as he destroys all in his path, including himself, for this president has run out of luck. He has exposed his true nature. There is now only “the downfall” for this man, who is too caught up in himself to notice he is finished.
So, yes, Obama “Woke up this morning, with a blue moon in his eyes.”

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