Friday, January 29, 2010

Update - Obama’s War On Toyota and Honda – You Could Be Next

UPDATE 2/1/10
Today the state run media has attacked the CEO of Toyota and accused him of covering up the malfunctioning gas pedal problem on millions of his autos. This is the beginning of the Administrations’ assault on the non-union auto workers of America. As CBS, ABC AND NBC continue their relentless attack on foreign auto makers in the U.S., look for this situation to escalate to a full fledge attack by Eric Holder the U.S. Attorney General in the form of criminal charges. Why isn’t this being reported on the Fox News Channel?
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I’ve been getting tidbits of information regarding the who, what and why Toyota and Honda are recalling so many cars. Rumor has it, to coin a phrase, the Obama Administration has declared war on the non-union auto workers of America. He, along with his lapdog Attorney General Eric Holder, has threatened foreign auto makers that have plants mostly in our south. It’s alleged that they have threatened legal war if anything goes wrong with their products. This is why Toyota and Honda have pulled and will pull more products from the market.
This is protectionism, plain and simple! These southern plants flourish in right to work states and undercut Ford, GM and Chrysler in manufacturing costs. This is something the auto makers in the northern union states have been fighting for years. Now, with President Obama’s help, he will make it impossible for non-union car makers to sell product in the U.S.
This should scare the hell out of you. This means that the Obama Administration will reshape any industry that falls into their sites. They are moving in on health care and the auto industry today. What’s next, your industry? If this isn’t creeping socialism I don’t know what is. Every American should be very concerned.
All this is is the projection of anger from the Obama Administration as it finds that the American People are checkmating him at every turn. He knows he will lose his congressional majority in November so he is now using these annoying tactics to fight the American People. The problem with this strategy is that it’s too obvious. It can be used in future elections to defeat the offender, if there are future elections. Remember without elections he can rule indefinitely and so can his socialist congress.
If you’ve been paying attention to what Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela you’ll notice that Obama is taking the same path. He has slowly nationalized every industry in his country. He knew he needed more time to nationalize so he got rid of term limits for the Presidency. Now, I wonder how long it will take Obama to create a situation that will cause that to happen.

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