Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Suicidal Obama Administration

If you want to know what the Obama Administration is like, picture a mob of renegade revolutionaries with machetes flying, loaded ammo belts strapped from shoulder to shoulder, wielding AK-47’s while orders are being barked around the White House in 13 different languages with nothing getting done. This chaos is now being reflected in the many command decisions coming out of the Oval Office. It’s almost suicidal in nature. No matter how long they contemplate their directives they have no real rhyme or reason.
Example, take this underwear bomber who is now sitting in jail, silent, while his fellow terrorists are plotting to kill Americans. We all know that if he was sent to GITMO, as a combatant, we would be getting information that could help save American lives. Now, who do you think America is going to blame if we lose any Americans due to terrorism in the coming months? That’s right, President Obama! It’s like crossing a busy street with your eyes closed, you’re going to be hit sooner or later. That’s suicidal!
Example, the President is given over $700 billion to create jobs and doesn't do it. With unemployment now over 10% and with real unemployment at “the great depression” rate of 15%, that’s suicidal!
Example, President Obama’s polls continue to plummet as he and the congress continue to ram unpopular laws down the people’s throats. This has now put the democrat control of the House and Senate in jeopardy leaving only a small window of opportunity to pass these massive spending and socialist programs. That’s suicidal!
With that said, is it possible that the Obama Administration is acting more like a ghetto gang banger? He has little chance of a long life, so he lives his life as recklessly as a person crossing a busy street with their eyes closed.
That’s fine for Mr. Obama and his Chicago thugs but what about the American people who are passengers on this ship of fools? Will the passengers survive as this suicidal captain aims the ship at the center of the iceberg? Unfortunately, the rudder is stuck and the seconds are ticking away as the massive wall of ice grows larger for the 300 million people of the United States. Who will take the wheel away from this delusional egomaniac before he destroys the greatest country in the world? Who?

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Anonymous said...

Here’s my view: I'd like to see the media and other radio personalities pick up from Sheriff Joe in Phoenix! The white house has posted 2 documents that supposedly show that obozo is an American citizen. Both have been proven to be forgeries. I'm serious about this. I was never a "birther" but the more that comes out, the more I don't believe this guy was even born here. We the people deserve the TRUTH! I want our elected representatives to do a FULL investigation of this man who to this point can NOT produce even 1 valid document to prove his citizenship. That is astonishing! DEMAND PROOF!!! Here are some FACTS for you to ponder: 1)The hosp listed on his fake birth certificate had a different name in 1961 2)His race was listed as "African-American." Whoever heard of that in 1961? 3)He has a social security # that originally belonged to a guy who was born in Connecticut and died in Hawaii. 4)His grandmother volunteered at the ss ofc in Hawaii at the time of his birth. (Hummm...) 5)The records of flights coming into Hawaii are mysteriously "missing" from the microfilm roll for the dates of Aug 1 - Aug 7, 1961. 6)In order to attend school in Indonesia you must be a citizen. They do not have "dual citizenship." His mother would have had to RENOUNCE whatever citizenship he did have. 7)His grandmother plainly stated that he was BORN IN KENYA. 8)His Father's place of birth was listed on his fake birth certificate as "Kenya." Kenya was not even a country in 1961. It was a British territory. That's why his father held British citizenship. (Which also makes him NOT ELIGIBLE!) There's more but do your own research. Type in "Kenya" on a google search and see for yourself. It was founded in Dec 1963! This is a very serious matter. He thinks America owes the world and he's determined to collect the debt! DEMAND a full investigation now. Before it's to late!