Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why the Stock Market Keeps Going Up

Why is the stock market going up, up, up? Why is the value of the U.S. Dollar not falling like a rock, like it should, with all of the money being printed by the Federal Reserve? Why are the bank stocks going up even though everyone knows they’re insolvent? Why is the daily volume on our markets so low? Why is Ben Bernanke when attending congressional hearings saying no, no, no when asked to reveal the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve?
The answer to these puzzling questions can be found at the feet of Mr. Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve.
You see, Mr. Bernanke seems to be buying stocks of U.S. Corporations in the open market. He is loading up with shares of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Microsoft and many more. He is buying stocks that have the most weighted effect on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW), Standard and Poor’s 500(S&P) and the NASDAQ.
That’s right the Federal Reserve is propping up the U.S. stock markets. That’s right the current prices of stocks are up because of the artificial buying of the Federal Reserve in a low volume market. It’s been determined that much of the markets activity is occurring in pre-market moves. Thus, when the market opens the stocks are already up for the day. That’s right its rigged, rigged, rigged!
But, is it wrong, wrong, wrong? I say no, no, no.
If you recall right after President Obama’s inauguration in January the stock market fell like a rock and scared the hell out of everyone. There was no doubt that the Presidents fiscal and economic policies were the reason, which I can’t disagree with. But, what made the market come back? Who was crazy enough to buy this crashed market? With a President who looked more like Karl Marx, than the first mixed blood President, at the helm of the American economy. It was obvious this guy was going to be no help to Wall Street and every citizen with a 401k and investments in equities?
It was obvious to Bernanke that every time the market dipped lower and lower more companies came begging to the Federal Government for a bail out with strings attached that would seal their death as a private sector industry. In other words President Obama was nationalizing any industry that asked for money. There for, expanding his socialist hold over more of the U.S. economy.
So, Ben, in all of his wisdom, strength and patriotic gusto started buying, buying, buying and hasn't stopped buying. By pulling the private sector out of the grasp of this very evil President, Ben Bernanke, years from now will be heralded as a “True American Hero.”
So, I say no to President Obama grabbing more of our private sector and so does Mr. Ben Bernanke the real Hero in this story of corruption, power grabbing, political deception, unionization, socialization and on and on and on.

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