Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prince Al-Waleed is No Friend of America or You

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Fox News the other day. I have included both parts of this interview at the end of my article, for your evaluation.
With that said, for the past two years I have been following the Prince and his various activities with great interest. One should not blow this guy off. That would be a huge mistake. He is the most influential and richest Muslim in the world. Based on my connections, I have on a daily basis examined who he meets and when. Its staggering the political influence he has around the globe. He’s not your typical Arab oil Prince who spends his time with blond western women, sipping fine wines and racing Ferraris. Although he does that too, there’s more to him than that. He is a social architect who was educated in the States with a Masters degree in Social Sciences. He has wasted no time in using this degree to mold the American people in his Muslim likeness.
As you watch the video you will find him warm and businesslike with claims of great love for capitalism and America. Don’t be fooled!
He mentions that he stays out of American politics. That’s not true! The Prince “is” the point man for Muslim Arab influence in Washington. No one from the Arab world has more creditability with our President than the Prince. As we are finding out, our President is more sympathetic to the Arab-Muslim cause than to Israel. During our last election, the Prince according to his own schedule met with many top ranking democrats and American fat cats prior to endorsing Barrack Obama. I have mentioned in past articles that Jimmy Carter, Warren Buffett and many more met in the spring and early summer of 2008 with the prince prior to endorsing the President. You should be concerned!
The Prince’s financial contributions to CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations are well known. This is the group that sues the FBI for not having enough Muslims in its ranks. It’s the group that now sues you, if you call Muslim men terrorists, while they’re being thrown off a plane for being disruptive. They are the group that threatens to sue the federal government for calling the Muslim terrorist who killed so many of our soldiers in Ft. Hood, a “Muslim.”
Prince Al-Waleed, with his billions in American media corporations has been instrumental in molding what you can and can’t say on our TV and radio shows. Prince Al-Waleed, along with CAIR holds the threatening discrimination sword on the necks of every news and entertainment corporation in America and with one whack could decapitate them legally.
With massive holdings in our largest bank Citigroup he already is well on his way to influencing our banking industry with offices in every small town and large city in America. Yes, he is everywhere and I bet you never heard of him before reading this article, right?
Now, the Prince is going after Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, the one last source of information not poisoned by his influence. The Fox News TV channel is now the most trusted news source in America. If Murdock losses this battle the American people will have only the secondary news sources to rely on. This would be a tragedy and will bring us another step towards Muslim domination.
Make no mistake; the Prince has every intention to Muslimize America, if we let him. He is no friend to America and no friend of yours.

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Anonymous said...

Wrong, I knew about Prince Al-Waleed a very long time ago.