Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have You No Shame, Obama Administration?

Why is the entire Obama Administration using the death of Joe Biden’s mother, Jean Biden as a phony photo op? Is it because of their endless sinking polls? With our seemingly Godless president sitting front row center, wearing his typical indifferent smirk, one has to wonder just how low these politicians will stoop to boost their polls and image to the American people. As you looked at the front row in this little chapel in Wilmington Delaware, you saw gathered the main group of people who are taking America down. Obama’s smirk, Pelosi’s cheap smile, Holder’s clueless gaze and last but not least the constant fidgeting of our former president Bill Clinton. Bill was in a constant facial coverup. First hand to the cheek, covering half of his face, right hand then left hand, constantly hiding, hiding from, I guess Obama, who he tried to throw under the bus during the last election. Yesterday's revelations in the new book “ Game Change” slams Bill for making a redneck comment to Ted Kennedy, about how “if it was a few years ago Obama would be getting us coffee.” Wow, I can’t believe he showed up and all of this on TV world wide.
I love you Joe but this looks too obvious and you should be ashamed of yourself. A private ceremony would have been more dignified and most of all expected.
So, as the country's hypocrites gather in this beautiful house of God, in the eyes of God, would it be too much to ask for a miracle? Amen!


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Anonymous said...

Obama is a puppet. They use him to gain favor of a race. when he approved martial law he basically approved slavery for all man kind.martial law eradicates the first amendment. if we don't wisen up and prepare for the brutality that is about to befall us ALL,we will die. blind and ignorant to something that has been in our face for centuries ...Where is the best place to hide something? .....in plain sight.