Sunday, August 30, 2009

John McCain - It Could Get That Bad

No one has more respect for Senator John McCain than I. That's why I'm sharing this observation with you.
While he holds his town hall meetings this August I've noticed when asked questions or confronting statements that could be viewed as hostile towards President Obama he seems to curl up like a turtle. He steps back from the crowd and says with a meek voice that President Obama is not this or that but he's a good American and we should take those thoughts from our minds.
What is compelling Senator McCain to make statements that are clearly deflective and passive in nature?
When I first saw this I was shocked and a feeling went through me that chilled me to the bone. It took me a few days to completely analyse this feeling.
After great thought, I realized what I was seeing.
It was fear !
It was the look of just how bad this could get. It was the look from someone who was in complete survival mode. It was the move by someone who has been there and has realized that it's more important not to fight but to survive to fight and conquer another day. It is the reaction of a survivalist. It is the look of a courageous patriot.
Our Senator is behind bars again but now it's not in Hanoi, it's Washington DC.
We should all pray that he survives this even greater challenge. The stakes couldn't be greater for all of us.


T said...

McCain is a brave, national hero who needs to retire gracefully. I will be financially supporting any conservative who runs against him. He is out of touch with the country's conservatives.

twistedmuser said...

I see nothing wrong with being scared. I think we should all be scared. They used to talk about Bush taking away our rights, but this guy makes W look lightweight!

Nick Contompasis said...

National hero yes. Retire not quite yet. We will need all the help we can get.
Scared is good but we need to act and soon.
I agree this guy makes Bush a lightweight. That's good. It will show the independent voters that they made a huge mistake and they need to correct by getting rid of him. Cross your fingers we last that long.

eono said...

What could McCain be scared about? He should let us know exactly what he is thinking so we can help bring up the rear with the tea party type efforts, armed with better knowledge of what can happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you are correct. I worked with a POW (he was held 8 yrs) and I saw him react this same way twice over 32 years. Both times, he perceived the CO to be threatening in a way that would hurt the command (this guy was the senior civilian). Both times he was right. I'm glad you pointed this out, cause I knew something was going on with him. My antenna went up the day the ole lady shared her fears at a town hall meeting (that BHO is a Muslim). What really threw me off though was the fact that he didn't go after the Bill Ayers connection. It was there all the time for the picking. If you've never visited the web-site you may want to. Make sure you have a few extra minutes, because the evidence is overwhelming.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

To the last comment, based on what you just said " this could be worse than we think ". You've just confirmed that. Frightening !

Wendy L said...

I supported John McCain. I was very saddened that he was not on fire to expose Obama during the election. Then in August to say he was a nice guy. If he had flash backs from Nam, he should have not run for office. We needed to beat this cockroach. Now look at us....look at our this what McCain wanted? We needed strength but instead got corruption and weakness in someone who has no expierience.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Your so very correct. Thanks for the comment.

PatriotsCharge said...

I for one voted for Mac but now I am actually glad the Kenyan won. Now maybe, just maybe, enough freedom-loving Americans will wake up, quit yelling at their TV's and FIGHT for their country before it is ruined!

Mac had his chance. Remember: he left the election trail and rode into D.C. on his white horse during the TARP procedings. When the people shouted "NO" and then the markets dropped, Johnny Mac caved and voted for a bill that included $150 BILLION in earmarks. I guess he didn't want the JFK treatment for dissing the banking establishment.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

I hear you friend. Unfortunately for John he didn't realize how pissed we were so early on in this process.
As the markets crashed after inagurition day millions of buttons were pushed and only a few like us noticed.
People thought I was crazy to starte organizing a tea party
in March of 09. Now, we're main stream.