Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christians and Jews in the US Senate

Ho Ho Ho, I can already hear the anti-Semitic sabers rattling in the background but take a deep breath and read on.
Per information provided by Wikipedia, 15% of Senators ( all Jewish democrat's ) in the US Senate represent 100,000,000 ( 34% ) of the US population from various states.
In the current Senate of 100 seated the democrats hold about 60 seats. The pure Jewish vote has the power to make or break any bill that the democrats write. This includes influence and leverage on a President's foreign policy. They actually can make or break a President at this very moment.
Now, let's talk about Israel and the new Obama administration's hardball policy towards our strongest ally in the middle east. I have been searching for a reason why the Jewish Senators have not pressured Mr. Obama to back off. Is it possible that the once fiercely proud and supportive Jewish Senators are no longer in love with there hard fought homeland. Is it possible they are selling out the one great democracy in the middle east for the visionary ideas of President Obama, where all people will forget the past and live happily ever after.
I wonder who is more naive the Jewish Senators or Mr. Obama.
Now, let's extend this thinking if it is correct to the now proposed national health care bill. If our Jewish Senators can sell out there own homeland, selling out the American people just might be a piece of cake.
If I could say one thing to our Jewish Senators it would be " SAVE YOUR HOMELAND AND SAVE OUR NATION ".

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