Sunday, August 9, 2009

Is This a New Level of Fear for the American People?

In the late 60's and early 70's president's Johnson and Nixon both had enemies lists that effected the man on the street as did Obama's announcement last week of a web site that would take information from civilian spies on people that didn't agree with his policies.

Not even Richard Nixon did this.

To turn the American people on each other is not American and has been used in lesser governments that are more totalitarian than democratic.

Maybe Rush Limbaugh is correct about our new president. Maybe his intention is to divide this great country and create such strife that he would have to declare martial law to confiscate your weapons.

Seems far fetched? Not really, just look how fast he took over parts of our private sector when they were ailing.

My contention is that the recent surge in the stock markets have been a survival strategy by the private sector to save itself from the grasp of nationalisation by Obama and his crew.

Portfolio managers know that they must save themselves and the private sector or perish.

Are you looking over your shoulder? Why is that person looking at me so long? Is this American?

Are you feeling a new level of fear ?

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@Ancient_Warrior said...

My 'fear level' has been elevated since last fall when G.W. Bush began nationalizing the banks and auto industry, AIG, etc. This is not a Democrat/Republican issue. This is a government out of control issue. There is greed and corruption THROUGHOUT Washington. I would be very surprised to discover that 20% of all of them are real Americans who care about our constitution. If we don't watch out we are quickly headed for a police state here. I suggest that we are not much different at all than Iran in that when/if the public does finally rise up it will be put down in the same manner, using the same tactics that Iran used against their own people. Lock up all the dissidents possible as fast as possible while putting down civil, peaceful protests. The American PEOPLE need to unite to stop this. The hell with political parties and their favorite tactic of division.