Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Omar Kadafi the State Sponsored Muslim Terrorist Want's to Camp in Your Backyard

You have to ask yourself, would Omar " the Lockerbie killer " Kadafi dare come to America if President's Reagan or Bush were in office.
You know the answer to that question " hell no ".
But it seems that Muslim terrorists around the world now see our President Obama as a fellow sympathiser and they are now relocating their tents to America.
As I remember during the US Presidential race Kadafi stated on video (still on YouTube ) that Obama was a brother Muslim.
Well, it looks like Omar is on his way over to America for some of that " Obama Love ".
In the past I have not been very kind to the "Gang of 13" ( Jewish democrat's ) in the Senate on their lack of courage to resist the new Obama tough love policy with Israel.
I wonder if they will finally find their voices and sing in unison "God Bless America, Stay Away Omar" ?
Or have they completely sold America out again?

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Anonymous said...

Get outta my yard!