Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Last Word on the Gates / Obama Affair, or is it !

On the night of President Obama's address to the nation to talk about his health care "take over" he at the end of his news conference invoked a racial element to the event concerning the Gates arrest.
Let's not forget that on that very day he was given information that his health care plan was running into trouble. I imagine he was quite mad about this. With the timing of the Gates arrest his comments were a pure streak of anger from a president who was not getting his way. The first thing out of his mouth was an amateurish comment that you would expect from a " typical angry black ".
Will we see this side of President Obama in the future as many of his plans are running into great resistance by the majority of Americans.
His anger could undo his presidency and could hurt average citizens who in the past have never been touched by the personal anger of a president.
This is a new level of fear that the American people have never felt. We have seen this from other less sophisticated countries. Is this where we are heading ? Is this the change you wanted ?

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