Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rahm Emanuel the New J. Edgar Hoover for Obama?

In the book " J. Edgar Hoover - The Man and the Secrets " by Curt Gentry the author goes to great length to show how Mr. Hoover who was head of the FBI for decades crafted the morality of America. He used his power and information he gathered from his agents to pressure both Presidents and Congressman. He was always against communism and socialism. By investigating elected officials and finding their Achilles heal he would use this information against them if they tended to lean to far to the left.

Since his death no one person in America has come close to this level of power until Rahm Emanuel now White House Chief of Staff.

When you hear in the press of the arm twisting by Mr. Emanuel of Blue Dog Democrat's you have to question what do they mean by the term arm twisting. If you look at the history of arm twisting "a la J. Edgar Hoover " you can feel free to include just about anything.

Threats and smear campaigns and fabricated evidence just could be part of that arm twisting.

At this time while the dust is swirling no one is talking but I'm sure many books will be written shortly of just how far the Obama administration will go to pass its Socialistic agenda.

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BlessedONE333 said...

yes did you see the latest comments from the muslim barry? He's like, "It seems like we here in washington aren't listing to you"
Yeah no kidding sherlock! He is trying to smooth us over with his rants again.

Hey can I sue a false president for giving me endless indigestion and migraine headaches? lol Because listening to this guy talk literally makes me sick!

thanks for posting info on the koolaid drinkers - they in the white house are setting us up for the fall