Friday, August 21, 2009

The Reverend Barack Obama a Man of God

Wow, watching the President yesterday speaking as if he had spent 20 years in a seminary, made me just want to head over to a church and light a candle for him. The words flowed from his silver tonged mouth like a well oiled machine.

He was acting and the world knew it. That's what made it all so surreal. We had a President switching from his atheistic persona to The Reverend Barack Obama all within hours of a TV appearance that depicted him as the far left radical he is.

The failed 24 hour approach to split Christians in our country over the Government Option on health care was amateurish.

Whoever is guiding Mr. Obama in this battle must have been reading the latest issue of Mad Magazine. You would have to be mad to take the view of a Christian and say it's OK for a godless government to run your health care a la abortion, elderly termination of life by denial of service and on and on.

Maybe it's time for the President to run as fast and as far away from this idea of Nationalizing the health care industry before his presidency is completely destroyed and he becomes a lame duck before his time.

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Dominick Bonny said...

It's true. Bush was a much better actor. Obama has a hard time relating. Most people couldn't tell Bush was playing dumb. Especially dumb people.