Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now It's Yemen Stupid - Obama !

General Petraeus yesterday cut the ribbon on America’s new war, in of all places Yemen. Along with today’s Presidential orders to send equipment and aid, the General met with the leader of this faltering arid land just south of Saudi Arabia. Yemen has been a thorn in the West’s side for years and it seems that the Saudi’s are on board with this new move into their southern flank.
OK, let’s see, we now have combat troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Yemen. Yemen if handled well could be considered “Afghanistan lite.” There is no doubt that when we move troops and equipment into a country that sends terrorists to kill us, the attacks stop or at least slow down.
But, there’s a problem, and the problem lies with our President. You know what they say,” stupidity starts at the top”, and that’s what we have. We have a stupid President. Yes, whether he knows it or not the terrorists just checkmated him.
No matter how much he tries to minimize the “War on Terror” the terrorists keep bringing the WAR home to this extremely inexperienced world leader. Why does he continually fight a WAR as though it’s a police action?
For years Europe has treated terrorist acts as criminal and look where it’s gotten them. Europe is in a constant state of intimidation by the every growing Muslim mass that are continually streaming into major cities of the continent.
Now, he wants to tie the hands of our security forces by limiting the amount of information we can get from captured combatants’ and affording them rights given to normal U.S. citizens.
Well, this is where the terrorists win the war.
You see the President is now engaging the enemy as a “war” in foreign lands and the same war on our home soil as a criminal act. It makes no sense, it contradicts itself. The policy is not a policy that has been properly thought out. It telegraphs’ confusion and weakness to the enemy and maybe that’s why we’re being attacked more frequently now.
President Obama’s method “doesn't seem to be a method at all.” If he expects to win this war or at least stop attacks on our country he better get his act together and start running this “War on Terror” like you know who “GEORGE W. BUSH.”


The Homeless Advisor said...

LOVE that picture! Was it taken at the snack counter at WalMart?

On my blog, I make the coment about the "I'm With Stupid" T-Shirts!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

President Obama does not accept that we are at war. Remember, it's been renamed the "Overseas Contingency Operations".

Anonymous said...

America has become a nation in which the fools outnumber the well-informed, at least in terms of active voters. Those who know nothing of history are dooming the rest of us to relive it.

The results are in—many Americans are indeed too stupid to remain free.

However, every citizen is not to stupid to be free, but are we smart enough to pull our once great nation out of this downward spiral, or are we too spineless to stop it?

For this reason, I want to remind fellow Americans that the future of this nation does NOT depend upon what a handful of Marxists in Washington DC do, but rather what millions of patriotic Americans choose to do about it in 2010 and again in 2012.

Show the morally bankrupt and irrelevant LIBTARDS and the Prez that you’re not as ignorant as they would like you to be by proudly displaying,


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