Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama is in Trouble

Today, President Obama spoke to the Vermont Avenue Baptist Church in Washington D.C. to commemorate the passing of the Reverend Martin Luther King. With the Presidents polls in the 40’s and 30’s, Obama is officially in trouble. With a Massachusetts miracle on the horizon, come Tuesday, that would derail his massive health care hoax and all future bills. The President needs to stop vacationing, playing golf and most of all dithering, which he seems to do best.
His speech today was very good and would be very convincing if you didn't know him. Mr. Obama’s theme was about faith, faith that he says, he has and what keeps him cool, calm and collected. Again, the speech was mostly about him and not the brave reverend who gave his life as he showed the world that you can right a wrong without violence. This is something that many in America at this very moment should remember. But back to "The Bama", who, says he has faith in God, but whose God? He never once mentioned Christianity or most of all his faith in Christianity.
This delving into faith by our seemly godless president is just another trick of his to boost his polls and correct the misstep of Martha Coakley in Massachusetts who trashed Roman Catholics in the health care industry, specifically in emergency rooms.
If you remember, the President, this past summer tried the same technique on the American people. I wrote an article about it titled, The Reverend Barrack Obama. It was short lived lasting only two days. They realized it wasn't selling. For him to resort to this again shows he is desperate. This president is very good at changing his persona at will and the American people should realize that they are simply watching a digital sign that can be switched on and off at will. One moment we have the reverend, the next we have a warm congenial Obama, then on to the serious Obama.
I think it’s time to unplug this polarizing Polaroid of a facade that’s destroying our country

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Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch the Weather Channel than listen to Obama.