Sunday, January 3, 2010

Michelle Obama, Nabbed Bag Man for Mayor Daley, Lost Law License? – UPDATE

This story about Michelle Robinson / Obama has been around for quite awhile but for some reason more people are talking, with more candid comments on the net. People connected to the incident are now releasing more details. Blogs like mine are now putting the pieces together and it doesn't look very good for our First Lady. The more I dig into this the more it seems that Michelle Obama may have been caught as a bag man/bag women for Mayor Daley of Chicago. She was hired by Valerie Jarrett to supposedly take over her dirty little job. This bit of information came off a CNN web site. It’s just one example of many comments on this matter. You know what they say where there’s smoke there’s usually fire and I think we have a firestorm brewing.


March 11th, 2009 7:48 pm ET
is jarrett a woman?
she was a bagman between chicago's daley and REZKO before she hired michelle robinson for that job."

As you know, Rezko mentioned in the comment, is a Muslim businessman friendly with the Obamas who went to jail and is still in jail. He went without divulging any details on the, who, what and where of his illegal activities, allegedly involving the Obamas and Mayor Daley. I guess he likes breathing! After all, in the past 4 months two high profile bag men of Kelly and Scott committed suicide by murder in “The Windy City.”
It’s evident that many throughout the country are not aware of the level of corruption in Chicago. The politicians coming out of Chicago are corrupt and are now in control of our country. We have a First Lady who may have lost her law license because of illegal activities involving a man already serving time in jail. Does that tell you something?
There are many other incidents Ive come across that seem to be common knowledge in Chicago but for some reason can’t get past the city limits. Things so outrageous, they would curl your hair but not fully substantiated like this issue of her law license being lost.
Now, we have a recession bordering on a depression, terrorists on the verge of attacking our country on a daily basis and we have corrupt government officials taking your tax dollars and pocketing it for their own enrichment. Could things be any worse for our beloved America?


Anonymous said...

Someone must have detail personal info. about Michelle's past when she was an attorney. For instance, I wonder who was the last client she represented.

Anonymous said...

In your article, you say Rezko was muslim. Could this be true?

Anonymous said...

OMG!! What a terrible picture. But somehow, I think her true personality has been captured. The camera never lies. hahaha

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, it's obvious that you have no clue about the Obama's! I have a friend just like you & she talks out her ass all the time. Name ONE thing Obama has done for our Country, except give our money to other countries, when we have our own starving children here. Let alone a debt that is just getting larger & larger because he doesn't know what the F**k he's doing & never has. Lets all just face the music here, the only reason he got elected in the first place is because he was the first balck man that had ever ran for president & that brought out all of the black people that normaly don't bother to vote so they made sure they they voted for him...... Have you read any of his books that he has written? Now in his own word he says, if the winds change & things start going bad. He will stand will Islam. Now does that sound like an American to you?????? I say it's time to take out the TRASH!!!!!