Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Muslim's Plan to Build Mosque at Ground Zero

An unknown Muslim group has purchased a parcel of land next to ground zero where the World Trade Center once stood. Of course on 9/11/01 Muslims crashed jets into two of our tallest buildings. Now it seems that the Muslim Nation intends to build a huge Mosque next to the new structure replacing the World Trade Center.
You see the Muslim Nation wants to remind America by building a mosque as a memorial to the hijackers’s who took down our buildings and killed 3,000 U.S. citizens. How’s that going down?
Well, it seems that the wheels are now in motion to do just that. It looks like you can’t do a damn thing about it too.
These Muslims are in your face America. I wonder just how much longer you’re going to take this crap.
Can you imagine, visiting the WTC site once its completed and you have to look at the symbol of the religion, that took down our buildings and killed our citizens. Real nice huh?
Gee, do you think President Obama will dedicate the new mosque? I bet he will, don’t you think?


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Imam Faisal has called America and Christians the first terrorists. From the Sun-Herald (Australia):

Speaking from his New York mosque, Imam Feisal said the West had to understand the terrorists’ point of view.

In a move likely to cause controversy with church leaders, Imam Feisal said it was Christians who started mass attacks on civilians.

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At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that our tax dollars helped pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stimulus monies are probably backing the project.

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